Season 6 Episode 20

Day 6: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on FOX
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Nadia approves an interrogation technique that might prove fatal to Audrey. Doyle covertly aids Jack in the hopes that he can save her from further mental trauma.

Daniels discovers that he may have a leak in his administration when he is confronted by the angry Russian president.

Chloe and Morris's relationship hits the rocks, while Heller delivers Jack a stern warning.moreless

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  • This episode scored very high for the human dynamics and relationships. A refreshing change up !

    Loved this episode because they did a good job achieving something interesting and compelling to watch to do with the human relationships vs just the guns and explosions. A lot of what they have attempted in this season in this regard fell short but I was riveted watching how the events in this one played out and Jacks love for Audrey was very touching. It was also nice to see a human side to Doyle in letting jack take him out so he could help Audrey. I was very skeptical at first about Ricky Schroeder as a badass CTU agent but he's gradually winning me over.

    I like how the new president is very aggressive and effective in his negotiations but I felt he overplayed his hand so far when he accused his cheif of staff of treason. That's just ridiculous. Having a boyfriend is NOT treason. She had no knowledge that he was a spy so what did she do wrong? If you work in the whitehouse are you not allowed to have relationships outside of work?

  • quite usual...

    So.. we have Audrey now safe and she is in CTU and they need information from her but she is not even talking much, not mentioning making sense - so Nadya goes along with something fatal - and Jack comes in right time to get Audrey and then she says out the right thing - a clue, what they can work on.

    On White House - some drama going on. That staff person.. what ever her name is - she is playing a double game and more dangerous than she first realize and thanks to her Russians learn that Chinese have the chip..moreless
  • I need a four-letter word for "battlefield"…

    Moving on to one of the better episodes of these final seven, Audrey's gone catatonic, and to make her better, new CTU Director Nadia allows some injections that may instead kill her. So Jack stops the doctor and tries to make Audrey talk via his own gentle methods. Inner-CTU drama usually isn't this good.

    Take the O'Brian couple; after Chloe's remark last episode, Morris dumps her. I wouldn't feel invested in this breakup even if it lasted long enough to actually count as a breakup. If you're miffed that I spoiled that, learn the art of prioritization!

    Let's talk bigger: Suvarov threatens action against the US because he knows about the chip. Lennox finds out how: Lisa is sleeping with a secret Russian spy. Now it's Daniels' turn to become a sympathetic character, and the transformation is effective even if derived from an utterly moronic plotline. And it's bound to become even stupider, I tells ya.

    The biggest thing to splendor is CTU. Though Audrey's info doesn't pay off that well (thank you, spontaneity), we get great moments with her, Jack, Doyle, Nadia, and James Heller. CTU-wise, this may be the season's finest hour. Plus, the theme of love is all over this episode. I can't say it works as well as it could have, but Jack and Audrey locked in a room with guards trying to break in? Worth it.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Heller giving Jack the verbal smackdown? Worth it.moreless
  • Jack manages to make Audrey talk , and offers CTU their only lead towards Cheng's whereabouts.

    After Cheng manages to flee, Doyle brings back Audrey and Jack to CTU...here they face a dilemma, about which treatment to give to Audrey to make her talk...Seeing the danger , Jack convinces Doyle to let him escape and do what he must so as to make her speak...Interesting development of the character Mike Doyle...At first he is presented as a ruthless professional, willing to take any steps necessary to get results...These last episodes present him as a person with a heart..Jack manages to make Audrey speak, and gives CTU their only lead to capture Cheng, and recover the nuclear component...VP Daniels secretary turns out to be involved with a guy who is a known Russian spy...So Daniels must take the necessary steps to avoid a another World War.moreless
  • I'm beginning to lose interest completely

    This season has been my leat favourite of all time and it just isn't interesting anymore. The story is too farfetched even for 24 and actually the story should have ended 3 episodes ago.

    Audrey is brought back to CTU and the ever weak Nadia approves an over zealous psychiatrists very dangerous treatment. Jack and Doyle work together to stop this and the the Russians find out about the Chinese because of a leak in the White House. That's it for one hour...not joking at all.

    This season has been full of episodes where absolutely nothing happens and somehow the characters are all uninteresting - even the ones that were last season. Very odd. This episode is just another in the season, nothing special and nothing lost or gained.

    A few positives though. The character development with Doyle is very good, he is becoming one of my favourite characters on the show. Chloe and Morris finally come into the open and that's good as well, Chloe's reaction is fantastic. Kim Raver's acting is fairly good at playing a catatonic woman. Problem is, this is all stuff from House, not 24.

    Some of the die hard 24 fans who will say it's a fantastic show even if Jack shows up with a sword and shield will disagree with my review but it's true.moreless
Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Mark Bishop

Guest Star

J.C. MacKenzie

J.C. MacKenzie

Dr. Bradley

Guest Star

Ray Proscia

Ray Proscia


Guest Star

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Noah Daniels

Recurring Role

William Devane

William Devane

James Heller

Recurring Role

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Audrey Raines

Recurring Role

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    • Doyle: You can't let him do this, not without even giving Jack...
      Nadia: Doyle, he has jurisdiction.
      Doyle: To hell with jurisdiction.
      Nadia: There's nothing I can do.
      Doyle: You can do what you know is right. That's what Buchanan would have done.
      Nadia: And that was uncalled for.
      Doyle: Well, I'm sorry. What I meant to say is since you're acting director, you can't be afraid to step on toes. Does that go down better?
      Nadia: The part of being acting director is respecting the chain of command. But thank you for your advice.

    • Jack: (To Audrey) I love you with all my heart.

    • Daniels: (to Lisa) You didn't just betray me, you betrayed your country!

    • (Jack is pressing Dr. Bradley's neck against the wall.)
      Jack: (shouting) What have you done to her?
      Dr. Bradley: Nothing... nothing.
      (Jack pushes him onto the ground.)
      Jack: Consider yourself lucky.

    • Lennox: Well so far we've found credit card records that show Ms. Miller and Bishop staying at the same hotels on the same nights several times over the past year. Now I think if we dig a little deeper, I'm sure that we will find more evidence that shows these two are sleeping together.
      Daniels: Then we have a bigger problem than you think, Tom.
      Lennox: Why is that, sir?
      Daniels: Because I'm sleeping with her, too.

    • Heller: You're cursed, Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode made use of the Cisco Telepresence, a product that appears in both the first 10 minutes of this hour and in the following commercial breaks.