Season 6 Episode 5

Day 6: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Wayne prepares to talk to the nation as L.A. deals with the fall-out from the nuclear blast.

Fayed tries to set up a deal with a new trigger man who can help with the four remaining bombs.

Sandra is outraged when the FBI forces Walid to wear a wire in the hopes of gaining information from his fellow inmates.

Assad provides CTU with a lead, but Jack finds that it takes a personal twist when he learns that the terrorists may have connections to his estranged family.moreless

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  • Hermano Romano

    Yes, I just made a Paul McCrane character reference and I feel quite ashamed.Disorder has reached LA. We don't see it for very long, but it'll apparently last for a while. Jack's spirit is rejuvenated and ready to continue fighting terrorism. Curtis' death actually did serve a purpose—the still-alive Assad gives CTU a lead: Jack Bauer's father. Sort of a contrived purpose, but a purpose!After that comes the twist to end all twists: Jack's brother happens to be none other than our beloved mysterious S5 mastermind Graem. Oh, brother! …sorry.Wayne gets a change of scenery as he moves down to the redecorated, ballsier-looking White House bunker. This new warlike atmosphere certainly doesn't convey the same feel as the Oval Office; as far as the DC storyline goes, the environmental semiotics are in full swing.The writing here seems willy-nilly. And that's barely taking into account the reveal of Graem's identity, which I guess even makes sense in a way (what way? Tell me what friggin' way!!). But watching Jack interrogate his own flesh and blood is among the pluses. Hmm, unfriendly helicopters and Jack Bauer; McCrane's life is difficult indeed.Please get Sandra Palmer off my TV screen.Hourly Highlight:Speaking of helicopters…moreless
  • Some great clues...

    Ok.. We have seen Paul McCrane's char before but we had no idea that he was Jack's brother.. that was a shock, I most say.. And with the last episode nuclear plast and Curtis.. they are really turning everything upside down.

    Other than Jack and his family - it was chaotic episode. I most say some of the create rythm was lost and the whole thing going on in president office - it did not caught me.. ok, the speech in the end was nice, but that's all.

    It was much better in Jack side and we saw him getting his will back and start helping CTU again.. the helicopter was great visual effect..

    And bad guys are still out there.. so much to do..moreless
  • May contains spoilers.

    Great! ack's back on hour 5 of 24. He has new incentive to fight, which is great. So after helping a couple of civilians get their helicopter out of a house he is back on the road with CTU. Back at HQ Assad is being questioned about his knowledge of all the situations that are going on. I mean there are still four nukes out there we think. A few names are thrown around and we finally have a lead for Jack.

    Here's the twist. Our newest suspect happens to be Jack's father, Phillip Bauer. Wow! I didn't see that coming. It's far fetched to believe that now the only guy who can really fight terrorist was brought up by one, but we'll have to wait and see if the writers can pull it off. Jack gives a ring to his Dad and gets stonewalled. But it turns out Jack has a brother. And it's someone we know from season five. Graham "Gray" Bauer was given to us in the late hours of Day 5. He leads a group of Bluetooth Bandits in the basement of some facility. An odd fact about the brothers are that they are both on opposing sides of good and that during season five Graham Bauer had a telephone relationship with, then president Charles Logan, the same way that Jack Bauer does with the current president, Wayne Palmer.

    We find out that Jack's brother and father both regret not killing Jack and that they are responsible for him behind kidnapped by the Chinese. With the chance of Jack's father being a suspect in a terrorist plot Jack has all he needs to get even with his kin because I'm sure he is wise to their disloyalties. The show ends with a torture seen in the office of Graham and leaves us wondering what does Jack's estranged family have to do with the purchasing of nukes. Even more will Jack kill his brother? I think not yet. But he will. I'm sure Phillip Bauer will show up soon. Hopefully we can close the gaps soon.

    Not a whole lot else went on tonight. Fayed needs a new part for his bombs to work and we find out who he is dealing with to get the hardware. Walid al-Rezani is now an FBI insider while being incarcerated. I believe that to go sour real soon. The president is in a bunker and has sent for Assad to go there. So I guess next week we will have a very calm flight from LA to Washington. Even in the fighter jet it is like a half hour. No? That's one of the problems with show. Continuity needs all the integrity it can acquire. Although they do not leave many questions they do make it far less believable. That is fine because I'm not looking for someone I can relate to in 24. I will leave that up to The Office.moreless
  • Helicopter Explodes. Whitehouse plays out like a Junior High production. Bauer's Brother twist further plunges the show into a male Soap Opera.

    How long can people keep watching this trite? As the action grows emptier and the drama grows campier the viewers throw their arms up and celebrate how "riveting" it is.

    Ever since season 2, the writers have been operating on borrowed time. All we are left to wonder now is who is Season Six's version of Kim "Oh S--- a mountain lion" Bauer is and will sexual tension once again allow this season's CTU mole in(CTU has got to be the most easily infiltrated government institution).

    This last episode does nothing to eschew the suprisingly minimal amount of critics. Even after we were subject to a nothing but laughable hour where a hopelessly enraged federal agent suddenly goes "vigilante" allowing our Wonderagent to be burdened by another hollow and impromptu moral dilemma. That's the problem all these moral choice and moral consequences are tied up too neatly, have little impact, and are wholly hackneyed. We find ourselves sitting and having all our irrational suspicions affirmed again and again while our Christlike hero stumbles into another situation that always leaves him decidedly right, even when he is very, very wrong. Heil Bauer!moreless
  • not the best episode so far

    i think this episode is prepering the ground work for a much high tension seasson. The actors are doing a good job filling in their roles and they are developing into key roles to uncover the plot that has benn given to them. Jack is struguling in coming back into CTU standatr form but the nuclear blast has renuew his valor and has gone after his brother to find his father. Only time will tell how deep the father is into thio terror operationmoreless
David Hunt

David Hunt

Darren McCarthy

Guest Star

Al Faris

Al Faris


Guest Star

Haaz Sleiman

Haaz Sleiman


Guest Star

Harry J. Lennix

Harry J. Lennix

Walid Al-Rezani

Recurring Role

Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

Recurring Role

Alexander Siddig

Alexander Siddig

Hamri Al-Assad

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The call letters on the crashed helicopter, KPKV, is the flight identification call sign for Calhoun County Airport in Port Lavaca, TX.

    • On 3:55 - 4:00 we see a mistake by the camera and actor DB Woodside. It shows him walking to the bunker on a split screen. However, one split screen shows DB walking with no hands in his pockets, yet the left-hand split screen shows him walking with his right hand in his pocket.

    • In the contacts list Morris compiled regarding Gredenko (in which Jack's father Phillip appears), all the other names are production crew members of 24, starting of course with Jon Cassar as an obvious hint.

    • President Palmer is seen delivering his speech in front of the camera near the end of the episode. However, if you watch the TV behind Jack and his brother the news is still showing coverage of the explosion instead of the speech.

    • In two shots during the first scene, the scrolling news feed at the bottom of the president's television screen starts on the exact same word.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Karen tells President Palmer that she just got off the phone with Bill at CTU, and he told her about the other four nuclear bombs. Then, a few minutes later, she rings Bill and asks how he is making it sound as if it was the first time she spoke to him since the bomb went off in the last episode, but she says that she has already spoken to him.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • McCarthy: (yells at Rita) Stop talking...now!

    • (Jack interrogating Graem)
      Jack: One more thing comes out of your mouth that I don't want to hear and this is going to start to hurt!

    • Assad: Mr. Buchanan, I know you see me as your enemy. But today, I assure you I am not.

    • Wayne: Tom I can't let the American public see how scared I am.
      Lennox: No you cannot. But then we just got hit by a nuclear bomb. Bravado would be no more appropriate than fear.

    • Graem: How did you get out?
      Jack: Some sort of exchange.
      Graem: For what?
      Jack: I'm not really sure.
      Graem: It must have been one hell of an exchange.

    • Liddy: If I were you, I'd expect a call from Jack. Your name came up.
      Graem: Dammit. We should've killed Jack when we had the chance, instead of handing him over to the Chinese.
      Liddy: We tried.
      Graem: This isn't good. My brother has a way of digging things up that need to stay buried.

    • (Jack begins to interrogate Graem, with a firm grip on Graem's throat)
      Jack: You try and raise your voice, I will rip your tongue out. Are we clear?
      (Graem attempts to nod)
      Jack: Graem, people in this country are dying, and I need some information. Are you going to give it to me, or do I have to start hurting you?
      Graem: (barely audible) Actually, you're hurting me now.
      Jack: Trust me...I'm not.

    • Graem: It is the truth, I swear to you on my family's life!
      Jack: Not good enough.

    • Lennox: The latest terrorist incident? This was a nuclear bomb!

    • Agent Jennings: (to Walid) You don't ask questions, you son of a bitch, I do!

    • Lennox: The president is talking, Admiral. Do not interrupt!

    • Jack: How bad is it?
      Bill: It took out a square mile.
      Jack: Do we know if this was Fayed's endgame?
      Bill: It wasn't. There are four more nukes out there.
      Jack: You need to pick me up.
      Bill: You said you were out.
      Jack: Not after this.

    • McCarthy: Dammit, Fayed! I sold those weapons to you, the least you could have done was warn me before you blew them up in my city!
      Fayed: I told you, it was not supposed to happen the way it happened.
      McCarthy: A little late for apologies, don't you think?

    • Chloe: I just got a really bad feeling about everything.

    • Chloe: We got massive packet loss. Do you want to help me boot up routers?
      Morris: Who wouldn't?

    • Morris: It's a lot to process.
      Chloe: So many people...
      Morris: Yeah.
      Chloe: I mean Curtis...I can't believe this.
      Morris: I know him and you were friends.
      Chloe: Why do people I know keep dying?

    • Reporter: The unthinkable has happened. Terrorists have exploded a nuclear weapon on our soil. Over one square mile of Valencia, a suburb of Los Angeles, has been destroyed by the most devastating attack, in a series of terrorist activities that began 11 weeks ago, and one can only imagine the loss of lives and the suffering of survivors.

  • NOTES (2)

    • David Hunt replaced Eddie Izzard in the role of Darren McCarthy.

    • When Jack is talking to Bill about his dad, he mentions that he hasn't talked to his dad in over 9 years. If you do the math on time between seasons, it adds up to over nine years. That means that Jack stopped talking to his dad after his wife died, probably, as with Graem, after her funeral.


    • Admiral: I guarantee you that if each of these countries have sustained three major metropolitan nuclear strikes they'd no longer have the time or the resources to play in our sandbox any more. These people want to live in the Stone Age. I say let's put them there.
      An echo of the famous quote by General Curtis LeMay during the Vietnam War: "Tell the Vietnamese they've got to draw in their horns or we're going to bomb them back into the Stone Age."