Season 6 Episode 17

Day 6: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Wayne continues to risk his health as he takes a stand that will force cooperation from the Middle East.

Jack realizes he won't be able to break Fayed, so he and Doyle concoct a scheme to force Fayed to lead them to the location of the remaining nukes. But Fayed's ally engages in trickery that places the plan in jeopardy.moreless

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  • About this episode

    It had great sound editing.
  • President Palmer continues to put his health at risk while trying to get the answers he needs to solve the new crisis that grips the US. Meanwhile Jack and Agent Doyle devise a new plan in an attempt to break Fayed.moreless

    Accept for the scene at CTU between Nadia and Milo that looked like it came from an episode of Days of Our Lives, this episode is by far the best of the series. Here the audience finally sees a lot of the elements that make 24 the great show that it is. Once again the President is willing to take whatever risk necessary and Jack does what he does best: get the job done. I was hooked throughout this episode and the suspense never let up for a second. I hope this trend keeps up from now on.moreless
  • Okay!! This time i found it perfect!

    Season six of 24 is the worst season of the show yet. It manages to maintain the entertaining and the atention until the end, but its last episodes from the 13 were truly bad until now. So, when the season is having so dull episodes and harsh moments, a episode like the present is perfect for this time.

    I have no problems with this episodes and, for me, is the truly best episode of the season yet!. Amazing, with a couple of surprises and a exciting battle between Jack and Fayed. Also it´s great the "Die Hard" line: "Say hello to your brother".

    Perfect done this time: Pure 24. 10/10.moreless
  • Jack Bauer, how I missed you so...

    Well, this season got off to a great start. We introduced a new story line, our reluctant hero, Jack, was more damaged than ever and the fate of the world once again rested on his shoulders. But then that all changed. The show became a White House saga filled with so much political drama that I might as well have been watching a rerun of the West Wing. Although well scripted, it lacked the action that we had grown to love and Jack Bauer was put on the backburner. This episode, however, brought the show back to true form and proved the old adage to be true. Actions do in fact speak louder than words. The storyline was exceptional (although they almost lost me with the Milo tangent), the action was superb, and there was a great cliffhanger at the end. Somewhere along the way, the show's team was reminded of what made the show great to begin with and in my opinion, they couldn't have done it any sooner.

    I think I speak for all the loyal 24 viewers when I say, "Welcome back, Jack Bauer."

    We missed you.moreless
  • Yippee-ki-yay, Brother Fayed

    The greatest episode of S6 swiftly ditches the absurd aura and resolves the previous episode's ridiculous cliffhanger. A power play from the seemingly healthy Wayne reels in new information from [Fayed's country] and plays a big role in ending the suitcase nuke story, whose quality hasn't quite justified its fifteen-episode quantity. And surprise, Wayne isn't all that healthy.

    But the writing, directing, and music still ensure that the midseason climax will be one to remember. All eyes are on Jack as he hatches a sting operation plan to find nukes 4 and 5. As for CTU…I don't care and neither should you. It's Jack and Fayed all the f***ing way! If only those two had shared more screentime, their showdown might have been the spectacularest of the spectacular. We'll just have to settle for pretty damn spectacular.

    A few small twists in the sting operation lead up to the most violent fistfight you have ever seen on this program. Regardless of their lack of interaction, Jack vs. Fayed MAKES this season. It's a downer that we won't get anything that mindblowing again in the seven episodes to follow, and it's also lazy that the writers decided to quickly wrap this story up with not one but two nukes left, but dammit, that final clash played out even better in the actual show than it had in my mind since the premiere. I barely care what kind of crap is coming my way at this point. Something about a Chinese guy and a resurrected girlfriend? Bring it! Wait, wha…?

    Hourly Highlight:

    See review title.moreless
Ajay Mehta

Ajay Mehta


Guest Star

Ismail Kanater

Ismail Kanater

Mohmar Habib

Guest Star

Merik Tadros

Merik Tadros


Guest Star

Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

Recurring Role

Tzi Ma

Tzi Ma

Cheng Zhi

Recurring Role

Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes

Dr. Welton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As Jack and Doyle are following Fayed after Fayed's staged getaway, if you look out the window behind Jack it's daylight for a few seconds and then quickly changes to night.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Wayne: (to the Ambassador) I am fully aware of how your country treats political prisoners so don't you dare speak to me of barbarism.

    • Fayed: (snickers) Do you honestly believe you can manipulate me by playing on my vanity? I serve the will of God!
      Doyle: No, you don't. And if you don't believe me, ask him when you meet him. (draws gun to Fayed's head)

    • Audrey: Jack are you there? Can you hear me? Help me Jack. Please help me.
      Cheng: Hello Mr. Bauer. Yes, Miss Raines is alive. If you wish for her to remain that way, you will call me back in 10 minutes at 310-597-3781 on a secure line. If you make any attempt to find our location, she dies.

    • Wayne: Ambassador. Your government has known about this man for quite some time haven't they?
      Ambassador: Mr. President, this development has come as a shock...
      Wayne: (slams fist) Stop lying to me! That missile will hit in less than two minutes, Mr. Ambassador, so please don't try my patience again.
      Ambassador: You must understand the fragile political climate of my country. General Habib is a high ranking military commander.
      Wayne: I really hope protecting this man was worth pushing us to the brink of World War Three. (pauses and looks at Lennox)
      The missile will be aborted Mr. Ambassador.

    • Ambassador: Mr. President, my government has alerted me of the nuclear weapon currently headed toward my country.
      Wayne: Yes, that's correct Mr. Ambassador we've made good on our threat.
      Ambassador: For God's sake, I implore you to stop it.
      Wayne: On what grounds?
      Ambassador: We have uncovered new information regarding your situation.
      Wayne: I'm listening.

    • Jack: (prepping Fayed for transport to CTU) Now we're going to have some fun.

    • Doyle: (looking around at the bloodied bodies of terrorists Jack single-handedly dispatched) Damn, Jack!

    • Jack: (about to kill Fayed) Say hello to your brother.

    • Fayed: Are you enjoying yourself, Bauer? As much as you enjoyed butchering my little brother?
      Jack: (torturing Fayed) Your brother was responsible for the death of dozens of innocent lives. Now you're responsible for thousands. Trust me, I haven't begun to enjoy myself yet.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Jack: Say hello to your brother!

      Most likely taken from the movie Die Hard With A Vengeance when John McClane (Bruce Willis) aims his weapon at a nearby neon light to take down a helicopter carrying antagonist Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons) and McClane says "Say hello to your brother" referring to the antagonist in the first Die Hard movie, Hans Gruber, (Alan Rickman, Simon's brother) also killed by McClane.
      Also, when Jack hangs Fayed, it is very similar to the time John McClane hangs Karl with a chain in the first Die Hard movie.