Season 6 Episode 17

Day 6: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • About this episode

    It had great sound editing.
  • President Palmer continues to put his health at risk while trying to get the answers he needs to solve the new crisis that grips the US. Meanwhile Jack and Agent Doyle devise a new plan in an attempt to break Fayed.


    Accept for the scene at CTU between Nadia and Milo that looked like it came from an episode of Days of Our Lives, this episode is by far the best of the series. Here the audience finally sees a lot of the elements that make 24 the great show that it is. Once again the President is willing to take whatever risk necessary and Jack does what he does best: get the job done. I was hooked throughout this episode and the suspense never let up for a second. I hope this trend keeps up from now on.

  • Okay!! This time i found it perfect!

    Season six of 24 is the worst season of the show yet. It manages to maintain the entertaining and the atention until the end, but its last episodes from the 13 were truly bad until now. So, when the season is having so dull episodes and harsh moments, a episode like the present is perfect for this time.
    I have no problems with this episodes and, for me, is the truly best episode of the season yet!. Amazing, with a couple of surprises and a exciting battle between Jack and Fayed. Also it´s great the "Die Hard" line: "Say hello to your brother".
    Perfect done this time: Pure 24. 10/10.
  • Jack Bauer, how I missed you so...

    Well, this season got off to a great start. We introduced a new story line, our reluctant hero, Jack, was more damaged than ever and the fate of the world once again rested on his shoulders. But then that all changed. The show became a White House saga filled with so much political drama that I might as well have been watching a rerun of the West Wing. Although well scripted, it lacked the action that we had grown to love and Jack Bauer was put on the backburner. This episode, however, brought the show back to true form and proved the old adage to be true. Actions do in fact speak louder than words. The storyline was exceptional (although they almost lost me with the Milo tangent), the action was superb, and there was a great cliffhanger at the end. Somewhere along the way, the show's team was reminded of what made the show great to begin with and in my opinion, they couldn't have done it any sooner.

    I think I speak for all the loyal 24 viewers when I say, "Welcome back, Jack Bauer."

    We missed you.
  • Yippee-ki-yay, Brother Fayed

    The greatest episode of S6 swiftly ditches the absurd aura and resolves the previous episode's ridiculous cliffhanger. A power play from the seemingly healthy Wayne reels in new information from [Fayed's country] and plays a big role in ending the suitcase nuke story, whose quality hasn't quite justified its fifteen-episode quantity. And surprise, Wayne isn't all that healthy.
    But the writing, directing, and music still ensure that the midseason climax will be one to remember. All eyes are on Jack as he hatches a sting operation plan to find nukes 4 and 5. As for CTU…I don't care and neither should you. It's Jack and Fayed all the f***ing way! If only those two had shared more screentime, their showdown might have been the spectacularest of the spectacular. We'll just have to settle for pretty damn spectacular.
    A few small twists in the sting operation lead up to the most violent fistfight you have ever seen on this program. Regardless of their lack of interaction, Jack vs. Fayed MAKES this season. It's a downer that we won't get anything that mindblowing again in the seven episodes to follow, and it's also lazy that the writers decided to quickly wrap this story up with not one but two nukes left, but dammit, that final clash played out even better in the actual show than it had in my mind since the premiere. I barely care what kind of crap is coming my way at this point. Something about a Chinese guy and a resurrected girlfriend? Bring it! Wait, wha…?

    Hourly Highlight:
    See review title.
  • Some great turns

    Oh.. what can I say.. This episode was good put became even better in the end - it was the final try to get the nuclear bombs and somehow it was not looking great - they were attacked while transporting Fayed but soon we realize it was a trap, a setup but Fayed gets it too - so he kills agents and gets away but Jack is after him and they get there in time, get nukes.. game over for Fayed..

    And so you start to wonder.. what next.. they have Fayed, nukes.. but there is still many episodes until the end.. and then the phonecall from person you would not believe is alive - Audrey.. those chine man again.. oh.. I am so glad Audrey is alive.. but I am tired of that China storyline.. do they ever get enough?
  • Jack and Doyle stage Fayed's escape to follow him to the nukes but the plan goes sour.

    Though not the best season of 24, this episode definitely goes in my top 5. There was great dialogue throughout the show and Doyle's line after seeing all the terrorists Jack took out single-handedly was full of win and exactly what I would have said. Jack's fight with Fayed was brutal and pure awesome. This was one of Jack's most badass moments of the entire show, and getting in a nice one-liner about Fayed's brother right before hanging him must have been fulfillimg. Most people watching were probably thinking Fayed was going to get away since there were 7 episodes left. Twists and turns abound with the biggest shocker of the season at the end.
  • Jack destroys Fayed...Palmer is risking everything on a card, but this pays off.

    The last episode ended very surprisingly...Wayne had given his OK for the nuclear attack...In this episode, one learns that it was all a bluff, that although very risky payed off...It is reveled that a general from Fayed's country had coordinated this terrorist attacks...CTU elaborates an inventive plan in order to make Fayed lead them to the whereabouts of the bombs....Fayed is tipped off and he escapes, but Jack follows him and manages to eliminate his entire team , kill Fayed and recover the bombs...A lot of action in this episode, with a lot of memorable scenes...I think this is one of the best episodes until now...A surprise for me was the fact that eliminating the terrorists wasn't on the last episode of this season.
  • Great Episode ! - Nuff Said !

    Audrey is alive everyone !!!!
    Audrey is alive everyone !!!!

    Jack Kills Fayed - Yes !

    Jack gets the 2 remaining bombs ! - Yes !

    This episode was soooooo much better than the last couple of episodes this season.

    The main bad guys this season r dead - i guess now the china jerks will be the new villans this season.

    Loves it

    great episode !

  • Thank goodness, a magnificant shot in the arm.

    Throughout the years of watching 24, I have become truly obsessive, and not necessarily in a healthy way. I have told so many people to watch this incredible show who had never previously heard of it, and so when it is a little off the boil, i almost take it quite personally, and it can be genuinely annoying when a show you've invested so much time in does start to dip. I've said all along though, if Season Six had been say, the 2nd season of 24, there would be no critics, just sheer praise. but anyway, as much as I have enjoyed season six despite all of that, THIS is the episode that should define it (this and episode 4)

    This was the episode that combined some incredible action sequences with some genuinely good character building. It came too late for Fayed, who has been the worst villain in 24's history purely for being so under developed. .Tonight, his performance was excellent. As for Wayne, for the first time I looked at him without thinking of his brother. He said it himself he is no David, but he has been living in his shadow both within the context of the show and the audience. Here, by doing things David wouldn't do (allowing the threat of Habib's family to be tortured) and throwing us all with his nuclear ruse, all whilst potentially dropping dead any minute, he went up many notches.

    And then, there's Jack. There was a time where 24 was criticized for having TOO much Jack in. .Now a days, we're lucky to see him for 10 minutes. If ever there was proof that 24 remains firmly about Jack Bauer, last night proved it. As fantastic as the political storyline was, it was all about Bauer. The fight sequence at the end really was reminiscent of the Drazen dock sequence (to be even comparable with it is something) and everything from his one liners ('say hello to your brother') to the fight sequence itself was incredible. And then..the Chinese... I would have been gutted if they have been left in the background. Cheng is one of the most sinister characters 24 has ever produced, especially in light of not appearing very much. I for one am glad Audrey is alive, it's given something Jack to fight for again, and fight it he will!

    The only complains i had about season 6 was that a) Not enough Jack
    b) Not personal enough to Jack (episode 4 and Graham aside)
    c) CTU has gone down the pan (Season 1 we had Nina and Tony as the mainstays with bits from other characters. .now we just have too many, i.e. Milo and Nadia)

    all points were rectified in the last episode, which gives me hope it will continue.

    In general, if you were to show someone who had never seen 24 an episode that summed up what it's all about, this would be one of them. It left me drained just watching it, and Hopefully this will prove to be the catalyst for the rest of the season, not just a one off.
  • After the decent episode 16 last week this was a return to form for "24".

    Episode 17 was great tonight, but it seemed too neat and tidy how Cheng called Jack just after the suitcase nukes had been recovered and Fayid was dead. It was a bit convenient how that chain happened to be where Jack was fighting Fayid in the warehouse.

    However....this was a return to form for "24". After the quiet intriguing second half and thrilling second half of episode 16 at the Santa Monica Pier, episode 17 continued this promising part of the season. There were so many good things about this episode (the things I said at the start of this review are minor criticisms if I don't dwell on them too much). But I'm not going to go overboard as I could end up thinking in hindsight that the episode had plot holes. I don't like to dwell too much on plot holes, but with the season up till recently there was a lot to criticise, which I hadn't done as much until season 6. But these last two episodes have been much better, and I do hope the last 7 episodes continue like this, otherwise this season will certainly be the worst to date. Fingers crossed this good run continues up till the end of the season.
  • Jack Cuts Sick!

    So ever since there was an attempt on the president's life the season had gone a bit down hill. But this is the one to stabilize it and perhaps start the climb back up!

    I thought it was clever how they staged the break out with Fayed. I thought it was just gonna be another one of those terrorist cell breaks out Main Terrorist and it continues on until the last episode where Jack finally owns his ass, but I was wrong I'm pleased to say. Jack cut sick on a whole team of men, strategically using cover and working his way through them until he took them all out but Fayed. Then they had a final fist fight which turns dirty (the use of steel bars and chains). Then Jack, seeing that the bombs were secure and seeing no further use for Fayed finishes him off. Hunbg by the chain and raised up into the air above. Nice touch jack.

    So It's near the end of Episode 17 and people are wondering when that realization or in this case phone call is going to hit to shake Jack's world yet again.
    He recieves a distressed call from Audrey. Whom everyone had thought dead. Now that Jack's dealt with the bombs he can finally focus on getting his own with the Chinese. He already wants a ton of payback for the 20 months of hell they put him through, but now it's double the anger with Audrey in the picture. They.messed.with.the.wrong.person.
  • One of the best. Perfect episode wedged in between the under par episodes of season 6. If only they were all like this.

    This episode of 24 is probably perfect. It contains every element that I wish every episode of 24 could contain.

    The plot in the episode was not simple in the slightest, in fact it was quite complex and VERY well written. There were many unexpected twists, great action scenes, some of the best 24 music ever and THAT cliffhanger.

    The Plot: When you tell yourself what happened in this epidoe, each event, its amazing how it was actually crammed into the short space of 42 minutes! The Action: A great car "crash" and the following scene was very well played out, particularly Jack "popping up" in to view of the camera.
    The final action sequence "Jack Bauer Vs Everyone" was amazing and was the ultimate scene to show what a character Jack really.

    The Music: Sublime, Sean Callery composed some spectacular music for this whole episode, particularly the "rebirth" of Jack Bauer at the end, it kicked in right as Jack rememebred who he used to be and kicked some Fayed butt.

    The Ending: Unexpected? No. A few reviews ago I predicted the Audrey is "Dead" plotline would bring this about because it seemed inserted for no reason. Hopefully this is played out ok or it could send season 6 plummeting again!
  • The best episode of the season so far.

    As the missile enters its target airspace, Lennox tries pleading with Wayne to put a stop to it. He emphasizes that the ambassador pledged that Fayed’s actions were not state-sponsored.
    Karen calls Buchanan to ask whether Jack has broken Fayed. Buchanan cannot give her any intel on the suitcase nukes that would make the President end the attack.
    Wayne refuses to wait for Jack to come up with answers. The American missile gets picked up by the other country’s radar.
    The ambassador urgently calls Wayne and says his country has “uncovered new information.” General Habib in their central command has been arrested for helping Fayed orchestrate the attacks. Wayne accuses the ambassador of lying about their knowledge of Habib. With two minutes left to the bomb’s impact, Wayne aborts the nuclear attack but demands the ambassador come to the White House and provide intelligence on Habib.
    The Joint Chiefs Commander stops the missile, dumping it into the Gulf. Wayne was proven right when he had suspected the ambassador was covering up knowledge about the terrorist threat. So he bluffed. There was no warhead in the missile. Wayne was using force to get cooperation without risking lives.
    Jack beats up Fayed, who won’t tell him where the bombs are.
    Buchanan fills in Jack about General Habib, but they still don’t have a location on the bombs. Buchanan wants Fayed transported back to CTU in order to do something more drastic.
    While Jack’s on the phone, Doyle tries his hand at manipulating Fayed. He notes that Fayed’s number two guy will detonate the nukes and become the hero. “I serve the will of God,” Fayed snarls. Doyle raises his gun to Fayed’s forehead and Jack quickly intercedes, ordering Doyle to lower his weapon. Doyle asks Jack for more time with Fayed. Jack refuses.
    Lennox apologizes to Wayne for doubting his strength and leadership. He realizes that he was wrong for backing Daniels.
    Wayne asks Lennox if he has something over Daniels that convinced him to not go through with the Supreme Court challenge. “I’m here to inform you and also protect you,” Lennox says as he leaves. Wayne’s right hand starts twitching. He senses his own deteriorating condition.
    In the SWAT van headed back to CTU, Doyle questions Jack about the use of Burke’s methods. He has never found pharmaceutical torture effective. “I have,” Jack says. Doyle tries to threaten Fayed, but Jack commands him to stop. Suddenly, an armored truck lunges into the path of the van, sending it toppling over. Gunmen emerge from the armored truck and descend upon them.
    Jack knocks out the front windshield and shoots. Doyle goes out the back, returning fire. Doyle is hit in the chest and goes down. Jack is also hit. The gunmen grab Fayed, take him into their truck and speed away.
    As a number of CTU cars pull up, Jack, Doyle and the downed field agents wake up unharmed. So do the “slain” gunmen. Jack radios Buchanan that their cover team has Fayed. “Do you think he bought it?” Buchanan asks.
    As they drive off in a follow car, Jack notes that Doyle is bleeding on his neck. “Mike, do you need medical assistance?” Nadia radios. He thanks her for her concern, but he is fine. Milo looks over to Nadia quizzically.
    Chloe patches in video from the cover truck to Jack. The pretend terrorists explain to Fayed that General Habib sent them. They say that Habib found him through his government spies. Fayed asks for a gun. The men hesitate, but then give him one. Fayed checks to see if it has ammunition, then he demands to speak to Habib. He refuses to give his hideout to the gunmen until he does.
    Buchanan tells Jack that he doesn’t know if they can make Habib happen, but he will call the White House.
    Buchanan tells Wayne and Lennox about the fake rescue. Jack believes Fayed won’t lead them to the nukes until he speaks to Habib. Wayne says he will pressure the ambassador to make the call to his countrymen interrogating Habib.
    Lennox questions whether they should try other means to get Fayed to talk. “If Jack Bauer says that’s a dead end, then it’s a dead end and I believe him,” Wayne says emphatically. Wayne appears woozy and stumbles. Lennox helps him, but Wayne assures him that he is OK.
    Wayne greets the ambassador in the bunker with a stern demeanor. They cannot get General Habib to talk, and Wayne suggests they shoot one of the man’s sons in front of him. America needs Habib to call Fayed immediately.
    Buchanan asks Nadia to translate the conversation between Habib and Fayed. She asks Milo to upload the link because he has a higher security clearance, but he blows her off. Milo can’t understand why she suddenly is nice to Doyle -- the guy who just threatened her. They argue, but Milo gives in.
    Fayed instructs the armored truck to pull into a garage. Jack and Doyle tail them. Fayed will not move further until Habib calls, and he questions why he’s never heard of this terrorist cell before. Listening in, Doyle is nervous that their cover has been blown.
    The cover team’s cell phone rings. The agent gives Fayed the phone because Habib is calling. From a middle-eastern holding cell, a bloodied Habib tells Fayed that he failed to detonate any of the bombs. Habib orders him to get the other two nukes ready and he will give him a target soon. Fayed accepts this, and directs the cover team to his safe house.
    Karen notices that Wayne is considerably weaker, but he tells her he’s merely tired. Lennox notifies them that CTU is being led to the bombs. Wayne unexpectedly dismisses the ambassador from the White House. He gasps for air and begs Lennox to lock the door. “No one can know,” he wheezes as he collapses to the floor.
    Buchanan orders no raid of the safe house until Jack confirms the nuclear warheads are there. Nadia realizes that, in the conversation with Fayed, Habib referenced a former colleague named Sameer who has been dead for years. She thinks it might be a signal from Habib that he was speaking under duress. Buchanan alerts Jack.
    Jack dials the agent in the armored truck and warns him that Fayed might know this is a setup. Suddenly, CTU loses video and audio from the truck. The truck had gone into a short tunnel and stopped in the middle. Jack has the TAC teams seal the other end.
    Jack and Doyle head into the tunnel and stop where the truck is parked. The cover team has been hit and Fayed is gone. Jack sees a door in the tunnel that is opened. He goes in alone to a boiler room.
    Jack spots Fayed, who has just killed a sanitation worker and has taken his cell phone to make a call. “I’m on my way to you now,” Fayed tells the person on the line as he gets in the sanitation truck and pulls out.
    Jack is clinging to the undercarriage of the truck, just inches from the asphalt that speeds past his head. He radios CTU but they can’t hear him and lose the signal. Doyle reports that he found a dead sanitation worker but that Jack is missing. Chloe starts a satellite backtrace on the site from the past few minutes.
    The White House doctor checks Wayne. His blood pressure has significantly dropped and the adrenaline shots have caused him damage. Wayne refuses to go to medical, demanding another injection of adrenaline. The doctor will not give it to him. Undaunted, Wayne gets up even though it is painful. He wants to go back to work, and asks for updates from CTU.
    Fayed drives the sanitation truck to a warehouse, where he is met by Halil and the other men. He orders them to quickly load up the bombs in order to attack downtown Los Angeles. Jack slips out from the undercarriage and sneaks inside the warehouse.
    After he spots the suitcase nukes, Jack starts firing and takes out some of the guards. He hides behind large boxes, shooting to get the men away from the nuclear weapons.
    As both Jack and Fayed empty the rounds in their guns, Jack lunges at him and they engage in a fight. Jack manages to wrap Fayed’s neck in a heavy chain dangling from a mechanical draw. “Say hello to your brother,” Jack whispers as he turns the draw on. Fayed is hanged. Jack winces in pain as his ribs are injured once again.
    Doyle and the field teams arrive at the warehouse. They tracked the sanitation trucks by satellite. Doyle radios CTU that the bombs are secured. Buchanan and the team heave a sigh of relief.
    As Doyle starts to take Jack to medical, he gets a call on his cell phone and hands it to Jack. The woman’s voice on the other end stops Jack in his tracks. It’s Audrey Raines. Cheng Zhi grabs the phone from her. He instructs Jack to call back on a secure line if he ever wants to see Audrey alive.
  • Pretty much everything 24 should be...... *no spoilers*

    After the dive of previous episodes little was being expected of this one, fortunately it was an excellent episode; it has and excludes things summering to me, what 24 is all about.

    The incompetent ctu staff with there interrelationship melodramatic dribble was capped to nigh on null; the main focus was on the field and the presidential story, both of which were very interesting and seemed extremely entertaining, it even managed to get me to forget about the mess of the previous over convoluted non coherent episodes.

    The episode for some odd reason felt longer than the average episode, so much is crammed in without you being consciously aware of anything being rushed, a great balance of lingo and action with an extremely satisfying conclusion towards the end, as well as a plot twist to keep you enthralled, like a mini-movie, in many respects, better than a movie, good solid episode.
  • Plot: Palmer tricks the nameless Middle Eastern country to do his biding by pretending to fire a nuclear missile at them. Just kidding guys. Jack is a killing machine. For more TV reviews www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Palmer tricks the nameless Middle Eastern country to do his biding by pretending to fire a nuclear missile at them. Just kidding guys. Jack uses Fayed to lead him to the rest of the suitcase nukes and then kills every single person in the room without even breaking a sweat.

    Wayne, when did you get so smart and slick? He must have learned some new tricks while he was in that coma three episodes ago. Despite massive swelling in his brain and dangerously low blood pressure, you can’t keep a good Palmer down. By firing a dummy nuclear missile, Wayne forces the ambassador to bend over a take it. It seems they were aware of a rogue general that had been supporting Fayed, but it took one pissed of black dude to force them to do something about it. After taking the general into custody and subtlety intimating that they would murder his family, the general agrees to help out. That’s how I role.

    Jack and Doyle can’t break Fayed with physical intimidation. However, with their powers combined they can summon Captain Planet to beat the living **** out of him. At long last, a being that is capable of fighting international terrorism in an environmentally friendly manner. In a matter of minutes, Jack sets in motion an elaborate plan to trick Fayed into believing that the general’s men have rescued him.

    Now here is where the episode gets a little crazy. The general manages to secretly warn Fayed that he is being setup. Fayed takes advantage of a conveniently located 100-meter long tunnel to hide from satellites. While hidden, he uses the agent’s guns that are filled with blanks mind you, to kill four trained officers and escape in a garbage truck. Terrorists know how to ride in style.

    Rather than hitch a ride on the back of the truck like a normal garbage man might do, Jack clings to the undercarriage. At list point, Jack is just going out of his way to get an adrenaline high. Fayed meets up with the rest of crew and once Jack sees that the rest of the nukes are there he springs into action. Jack single-handedly kills all of Fayed’s men and then goes after the momma bear. Fayed really couldn’t go on living after his rather embarrassing attempt chuck his empty gun at Jack’s head failed, so Jack hangs him to death with an iron chain. Didn’t this happen in one of the Die Hard movies?

    Parting Thought: Damn it Audrey, Jack could have wrapped everything up early this season if it wasn’t for you! www.lifereviewed.com
  • Exciting!

    This was probably the most exciting episode of the season. If there's anything 24 is good at is keeping you on the edge.

    Washington: It turns out Wayne was just bluffing about nuking Fayed's country (why can't they name it? They name China and Russia all the time...) in order to get their goverment to cooperate, and it actually works. They arrest some general who is like Fayed's boss and force him to cooperate by threatening to kill his family (just like in season 2 with Syed Ali). Everyone, even Tom, is impressed with Wayne's new assertive attitude, but his health starts to deteriorate...

    LA: Jack and Doyle try to get Fayed to confess. Remember that Jack tortured to death Fayed's brother years before the show started. When that doesn't work they stage an escape in order for him to lead them to the two remaining nukes. Fayed demands to talk to the general before going anywhere, but he gives him a duress code and somehow he manages to kill all the undercovered agents by himself and steal a truck. Jack follows him to the nukes location and manages to kill all of his men by himself. Then they both run out of bullets and they fight until Jack manages to strangle Fayed with a chain, adding another murder to the list. Heck, even Doyle is impressed at Jack's sadism, and that's saying something.

    Just in time Jack recieves a call from the former chinese head of security at the LA embassy (Current Agent in Charge of Making Jack's Life a Living Hell)telling him that Audrie is alive and to call him in ten minutes at Logan's number... whatever...

    I don't know, it will be interesting to see how this plays out but it's just to convenient and has nothing to do with the original plot to be remotely believable...
  • Good to have you back, Jack!!

    Finally an episode descent and thrilling to watch, and the bad news, there are only 7 episodes left for this season and will they be as good as this one?

    Jack obviously is the super hero but Fayed is really dispointing. Although the whole episode is good and full of surprise, it is still a pity to see the bad guy get caught so easily.

    But well, we never know, maybe the chinese agents are the toughest for Jack and hope he will not be caught again ;-).

    By the way, I don't think he and Audrey will not make a good couple and maybe she will die at the end of the season........
  • The day super-human powers appeared on 24

    I'm not a big fan of the current season of 24, and this episode just takes the biscuit. Yes, the storyline was an improvement on the previous 10 weeks but what are these characters made of? Fayed has been beaten by an angry mod and then tortured by Jack and Doyle, yet he still has the strength to kill four federal agents in the back of a truck (as well as the driver who was behind a metal mesh) with a gun that fires blanks!! All this with the perfect timing so that the truck stops in the middle of a 100ft tunnel. Come on! It's just ridiculous.

    Jack has been beaten so many times yet it only effects him for about 5 minutes. Morris, who has now disappeared from the story making his initial escapades completely irrelevant, was tortured for 50 minutes to the brink of death, yet wonders back in to work after 30 minutes like nothing has happened.

    And as for President Palmer, he was also on the brink of death one and a half hours ago. But now he just battles through the low blood presure and swelling in his brain!

    Despite all this, the most annoying part of the episode was with Milo and Nadia. These people are meant to be stopping a nuclear attack on their country, yet their storyline this week was probably based on the experience one of the writers had in infant school. Milo: No Nadia, I'm not going to open a channel for you to help find the nuclear weapons because you were talking to Doyle. Why are you talking to him, I'm your boyfriend. Pathetic writing!

    Ah well, only seven episodes of this drivel left.
  • I'm convinced, Jack is Superman, not Clark Kent.

    Seriously, that was a wicked cool episode. I haven't enjoyed 24 that much since I started watching and I think this is the best episode to come out yet. Jack let the animal out of the bag on this one. For those of you who want this to be a review and not just a conduit of kudos to Jack I will get back on subject. Fayed may be able to run, but he can't hide from Jack. Jack outsmarts him again and takes out an entire terrorist cell and recovers the two remaining armed nuclear weapons. Is there anything Jack can't do? Well in this episode we once again receive a reminder of Superm... oops, I mean Jack Bauer's weakness. This weakness I am refering to is his enemies ability to manipulate him using the women that he loves. Nothing is off the table when it comes to protecting the ones he loves. Will he do something stupid? Absolutely. But he wouldn't be Jack, and we wouldn't love him if he didn't. Go get em' Jack
  • awesome episode

    Wayne continues to risk his life by continuing his work as president. He is forced to launch a missile against the middle eastern country. This ploy forces the government of that country to surrender a high ranking general that is coordinating the attacks against the US. Jack and Doyle force a confession out of Fayed. It doesn't work, CTU come up with a plan to get Fayed to give up the location of the nukes, but that backfires and ends up getting him loose of the streets again. Jack goes after Fayed, he covertly gets to the secret hiding place of Fayed's teammates. This is one awesome episode.
  • Jack Is Back....

    What a great episode, "Dam Jack", I guess Doyle might have heard of Jack but he has now seen him in action and realized all the stories are true, this guy is a bad ass. It was the best episode of the year, it brought the intensity back to the show. The season was good but lacking an emotional tie that kept you on the edge of your seat. This episode delivered, from the fake nuke attack to Jack single handly wiping out the terriosts and then the big bombshell, Audrey is alive. Of course we all kind had a feeling. Plus now Jack will finally get to settle his score with Chinese, "oh Mr. Bauer". A true classic in 24 fashion....
  • Wow...

    This show continues to surprise me. I know that most people right now are saying that this season has been lackluster and truthfully, that statement has had some truth about the last four episodes. The episode started with a thrilling last minute talk between the ambassador of the no-name middle eastern country and Palmer. The missile was rocketing towards it's destination when the ambassador gave up vital information. It turned out that the missile was just a bluff to get them to talk. From there, the episode just got more intense. A fake rescue team was sent to get Fayed. They were really CTU agents, and it was a last-ditch effort to get Fayed to give up the location of the bombs. Fayed is skeptical of the "terrorists" veracity and wants to speak to the general from the no-name country. The general was implicated in the terrorist cell Fayed belongs to. As Fayed and the general(under duress)talk, the general secretly gives Fayed the code for duress and Fayed kills the agents and escapes. Fayed gets into a gigantic truck and drives off. He however was unaware of the fact that Jack Bauer was holding for dear life to the bottom of the truck (you heard me).

    Jack goes psycho-terrorist-killer on their a**es and A bloody fist fight with Fayed ensues. Jack brutally Murders Fayed and secures the bombs. The episode isn't over yet, and the only thing I can say about the final minute is Whoa...what just happened!
  • Best. Episode. This. Season.

    Definitely the best episode this season. All of you out there who think that this season isn't up to par compared to the last 5 seasons, Think again! This episode had everything the beginning of the season didn't have. Jack Ditched the whole Guns and talking idea and went straight for the Heroic Hand to hand Combat Idea. I never imagined a better way for Fayed to die and as of right now, can't figure a better way. Bravo to the producers of 24 for perhaps the best episode of 24 this season. And I love how they are reinstating the chinese Sub plot. A great idea for the last 7 episodes.


    Sonic80 reviews 24, Day 6: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM.
    Rating - 10.0/10.0
  • Now we're gonna have some fun....

    Aye carumba!!

    That was amaaazing, perhaps the best episode of the serious, only episode 4 can compete with it.

    I too suspected that Fayeds 'rescue' was a set-up but well, we're so obsessive as viewers would we really miss it?? Still though, it was good, and Im continuing to like Doyle and Jack working together, hes like a much better Chase.

    As for Wayne, my faith restored. Not only in him but in the 24 writers. Not only did they deliver a huge shock with his actions at the end of 6x16, but 6x17 see's them follow up that shock by showing their hand, they'd been bluffing. And nobody saw that, so despite our 'obsessive' viewing, the writers still know how to get us. And yes, my faith in Wayne well and truly restored, especially when he threatened to kill the family. Memories of David denying Jack permission to do as much when torturing Sayed Ali in s2, David did the right thing, Wayne did the necessary thing. Really well written in my opinion. The fight scene at the end was amazing, edge of your seat stuff, the music was fantastic too, and we all love Jack when he's at his so-stupid-its-almost-suicidal mood when it comes to taking on bad guys!! And hanging Fayed like that was cold, but brilliant. Also loved his 'Now we're gonna have some fun' line earlier, though we all know thats gonna be trotted out on every single advert from now on, lol. As for Audrey, great twist but it was thoroughly spoiled by the fact I noticed Tzi Ma on the credits at the beginning of the episode, shame cos otherwise it would've really shocked the sh!t outta me!! Still though, good setup for next week, what on earth could he want from Jack?!?

    Oh and it continued the '11pm is a sh!t time for Bauer' theme. lol.
  • One of the most explosive episodes of 24 season 6, oscar worthy, emmy worth, golden globe worthy are only some of the words that spring to mind when i think of this episode of 24. Lost and Heroes have nothing on 24 and this episode provesitexcellent

    This episode of 24 was absolutely magnificant, it should blew so many theories out of the water, and also put so many peoples doubts at rest. 24 proves yet again that in its 6 year run 24 hasnt jumped a beat. This episode and this season if i may has continued to deliever even down to the most tiresome episodes, which trust me were very few. The acting in this episode was outstanding, the entire cast proving yet again that they have the power to pull together an excellent episode. Whats even better is that shows such as lost, prison break and heroes will never ever be able to produce such well written, well acted and a well suspense episode like 24, and by the way this season is shaping up 24 wont have to worry about being cancelled, this show can easily go another 2, 3 or 4 years. I am so proud to be a 24 fan. Well done cant wait for episode 18 which i'm sure will be as excellent as always.
  • Do.Not.Mess.With.Jack.Bauer.....ever!!

    A fantastic episode of 24 possibly best of the this season in my opinon. Everything held up in this episode, the tense setting with tracking fayed, the escalating problem with the president with his health and actions and the battle between fayed and jack. The way the fight was going (plus the way the music changed) i thought jack might of been finished. However in true bauer style he kicked ass and took names once again with a very cool demise of fayed. Great episode with a brilliant ending, i didnt know what was going to happen at the end considering they have basically saved the day. Cannot wait for the next episode
  • Felt like a season finale

    The last half of this episode felt more like a season finale than the 17th hour of the day.

    Jack may have been MIA the past few hours, but in this one, Jack Baur, Man of Action (tm) was back. In the course of an hour, Jack is able to trick Fayed into giving up where the nukes are, chase the guy down, hang onto the undercarriage of a moving sanitation truck, take out an entire warehouse full of terrorists using only a pistol and smack-down Fayed. Oh and he tells Fayed to say "Hello" to his brother for him after the two beat each other senseless in the warehouse. and Jack has hung Fayed with some conviently dangling chain. Did I miss anything? And with that, the Fayed and the nukes plotlines is over. The threat is gone and as the final five minutes unfolded, I kept wondering--OK, so now what?

    I wondered if there was a secret nuke somewhere or if there was some super-top-secret other agent out there who had another nuke that Jack would have to somehow track down. And then, the phone rings. And it's Audrey...who is being held by the Chinese. They want something from Jack--and will tell him exactly what it is at the start of the next hour. Until this, we're left to realize that the Chinese have no chance since Jack can take on anyone and win, esp. when he's determined. If Audrey is his great love (ummmmmmm, did we forget about Terri? I am guessing so at this point), then no matter what the Chinese send at Jack, they are doomed. I almost feel sorry for them going up against the might that is Jack Bauer. Yeah, that really was a way to pull a cliffhanger out of left-field wasn't it? I'm not sure where all this will go, but I do wonder if this could be the point at which the boat speeds up as we head toward the shark tank....

    Meanwhile, pumping Wayne full of adrenaline has made him start to go bad-ass himself. Seems the nuke was a bluff to get Country-that-shall-not-be-namedistan to stand down and give up Fayed's connection in their government. How gutsy was it to see Wayne ask the ambassador if the interrogators had threatened the general's family yet and if they hadn't what were they waiting for? Wayne finally realizes he has to make a bold move or two and be assertive in the office...and he does that. I'm still not sure I buy this new Wayne or not. His actions here seem a bit too reckless. But he does get the job done...I guess he's taken a page from the Jack Bauer book of leadership.

    And then there's CTU, where poor Milo is jealous that Nadia said something nice about Mike. Is it just me or is anyone else a bit creeped out by stalker/jealous-boy that Milo has become? I talked two weeks ago about how aggressive his kiss was and now we've got him getting his nose out of joint that Nadia said something nice about Mike....yeah, and we wonder why Chloe dumped the guy. I think it's becoming abudently clear.

    So, we've got seven hours left and a new plotline to pursue. I wonder if the show would have the guts to kill off two of Jack's great loves--Terri in season one and Audrey in season six.

    That could make for a good ending to what has been a rather uneven day for the show
  • Jack Bauer tails Fayed in a complex plan involving cooperation between agencies, governments and even ennemies. The final scenes see a face-off between Bauer and Fayed, with a gritty but relieving conclusion. As always with 24, the cliffhanger is intense.

    A reminder of what made 24 so exciting in the first place. Bauer once again proves himself as an anti-hero, a devout patriot but haunted by the past. It is definitive that he has seen and experienced too much, yet his interaction with field work can almost be considered an addiction. He can no longer take it, but forces himself because he is, after all, a badass who lives off adrenaline and who has nothing to lose (really - his friends are all dead, his family destroyed, and his sanity is beginning to lose grip too). Never has the rift between Jack Bauer and Agent Bauer been so obvious. He's tired, but it's not over yet as it appears that the Chinese have something he wants, and we're only on episode 17. I have never enjoyed myself so much off one poor man's demise.
  • Doyle has got a Steve McQueen quality to him, but he's far from playing in the same league. Let alone in Kiefer's.

    But... Finally, finally there was some 24 magic in this episode. Sure, the CTU field team pretending to be a terrorist cell... Old wine in new bottles. But I must agree, with all the speculation about Doyle maybe taking Jack's place next season, it ran through my mind Jack could've been really shot. A little sidenote: the shootout on the street was poorly directed.

    Finally an episode where Jack was on the frontline, chasing the bad guy, taking out the bad guy's team and finishing it. And - contrary to last week's - the cliffhanger was great! When Jack got a call in the last minute I thought, no, I knéw it had to be Jack's father, being a piece of the puzzle that was left to play a part. I thought of Marilyn when I heard her voice, but Audrey... wow.

    I guess this season will be all about the first 4 and the last 4 episodes. Anyway, hopefully they can keep it up from here. Jack's on a roll, so leave the Wayne Palmer story where it is. There's nothing to gain there anymore.
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