Season 6 Episode 6

Day 6: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack forces Graem to take him to McCarthy's office in the hopes of finding a lead to their father's whereabouts.

Lennox plays a trump card that removes Karen from his path as he prepares to implement more extreme policies.

The FBI's sting operation with Walid goes terribly awry, while Nadia finds herself impeded by new security measures at CTU.moreless

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  • No quality (and no Donald)

    Now here's your standard filler episode—nothing all that interesting anywhere. Lennox scoops up some dirt and blackmails Karen out of the White House, continuing his weaselly ways. Will this ever be brought up again, if only for the sake of plot progression? Who knows?And so begins one of the most weirdly handled subplots ever: Milo's unrequited crush on Nadia. For now, all we get on this is his illegal act of logging her in under his ID thanks to some racial mandate thing whatever. Will THIS ever be brought up again, if only for the sake of plot progression? Let's wait and see.The villain plots give us absolute zip; Fayed lounges around and Darren McCarthy remains barely above cannon fodder.And Jack's progress here amounts to a father-son reunion. Followed by a little turn-the-tables maneuver by Graem. Now that we have an answer to "Who the heck is Graem?" the question becomes, "What the heck is Graem up to now?" Yeah, that's all well and good, but it doesn't really serve the story well to save a second-rate twist for the end and fill the first fifty-five minutes with navel lint, does it? Especially when the payoff isn't even going to be seen until the next hour, DOES IT?Hourly Highlight:Walid getting beaten up?moreless
  • Great show

    Another good show.

    .wonder what episode will reveal that Jack's "nephew" is actually his son. Has nothing to do with the terriost plot.

    Hope it gets better....needs more Jack. Powers Booth should be an interesting add to the show. i"m still typing now because it says I need to type 100 words...still now enough words.......etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

    I have 412 character count and it stil won't send!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • All cards on the table..

    So.. Jack is trying to find is father and with his brother they go to McCarthy's office and they do find that but then some new cards from his brother is put forward - it is not what it looked.. or it is like it always looked from aside.

    Nadya gets flagged and Milo helps her.. mm.. this storyline has two possible ways to go and it is yet unclear...

    And ok.. Karen Hayes.. she is out.. the speech Wayner gave him.. it was beautiful.. but it was better for her to get off... Now we can be quite sure there is going on something in the administration.. question is - is there another mole in CTU this season too..moreless
  • Ok

    This wasnt the best 24 ever. One of the interesting aspects of 24 is the action mixed with outstanding performances by the actors .I won't spoil anything about the plot but the performances in this episode by Mccrane, Sutherland and Cromwell and all the cast are really great.I have been following the series by DVD cause I live in Spain but this episode surprised me even being a loyal follower of the previous seasons of the show. Some of the strong points of the show are the acting and the writing. In my opinion they take risk too and that keep the show alive up to this 6th season .The character of Jack Bauer is very complex and with several dimensions, for the good of these TV series.moreless
  • Interesting development of Jack Bauer!!!

    This episode could have been worse...One fact I did like, and that was this new face of Jack we are shown...He tortures his brother and threatens to hand him over to the authorities unless he helps him find their father...Karen Hayes is blackmailed to resign by Tom Lennox...This leaves Pres. Palmer surrounded with people who only want to eliminated the Muslims from America...Walid steals a telephone from a prison mate and though successful, it proves a dead end...Unfortunately for him, he is discovered before he can escape...Graem Bauer leads Jack towards his father's whereabouts...But he has another agenda and he takes his father and Jack prisoner, and kills two CTU members.moreless
David Hunt

David Hunt

Darren McCarthy

Guest Star

Scott William Winters

Scott William Winters

Agent Samuels

Guest Star

Missy Crider

Missy Crider


Guest Star

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

Phillip Bauer

Recurring Role

Paul McCrane

Paul McCrane

Graem Bauer

Recurring Role

Harry J. Lennix

Harry J. Lennix

Walid Al-Rezani

Recurring Role

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    • Jack: We're going!
      Graem: I'm not leaving my family Jack, not today.
      Jack: Oh yes you are!

    • Lennox: I'd like you to tender your resignation, Karen.
      Karen: My resignation? What are you smoking?

    • Jack: Dad, there are four more bombs out there. I cannot-- I will not--
      be responsible for thousands and thousands of lives just to try and protect this family.
      Graem: Wrong! Protecting family is everything, and I think your dead wife would agree.
      Jack: You son of a bitch!

    • Jack: If you lie to me again, the bag goes back on.

    • Karen: Do you want to get in the ring with me, Tom? You've got skeletons in your closet, and I will not hesitate to pull them out.
      Lennox: We've all got our skeletons, Karen. It's proof we don't all have. I've got mine. How long before you get yours?
      Karen: You're a son of a bitch.
      Lennox: I never claimed otherwise.

    • Jack: Well, unfortunately for you, Grae, right now you're going to have to trust me.
      Graem: Trust you? After what you
      did to me at the house, all I trust in is your sadistic tendencies.

    • Graem: If you give CTU McCarthy's name, they will eventually come after the family.
      Jack: That is not necessarily true. CTU is interested in finding these bombs, not networking a series of indictments.
      Graem: Oh, will you not be so simple-minded for once in your life!

    • Karen: Is it that you think I'm some bleeding heart liberal preaching civil liberties - is that it?
      Lennox: I'll tell you what I think. The Constitution is a wonderful thing, Karen, but back in the days of the Founding Fathers, the weapon at hand was a single-shot musket. It took a half a minute to load and fire. Fayed just killed 12,000 people in less time without even taking aim.I love the Constitution, but I won't be ducking behind it when the next nuke goes off.

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