Season 6 Episode 19

Day 6: 12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack sets up a meeting with Cheng, while Doyle tries to track him with CTU's help.

Buchanan's career is placed in jeopardy when Karen is forced to make a damning choice to save the administration.

Daniels seeks comfort from his assistant as he assumes the presidency.

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  • Crap 24 season is a crap of poo

    I like this episode so much that I didn't watch most of it I hated it I hated it and I hate this season of the twenty four 24. The only good part of this showing was the clocky ticking tock all time I likeid that very much so. Why must they continue a pointedless story? I purpose they kill off every charcter excepting the Jack Bauer and end season with Jack Bauer doing de thngs that Larry David did in season one of the Curb Your Enthusiasm show. I would watch that with my friends laughter and ha ha.moreless
  • "I am a federal agent in pursuit! I need the vehicle!"

    Doyle "commandeers" a private citizen's car on the grounds that "I am a federal agent in pursuit! I need the vehicle!"

    If America stands for anything, it stands for the human rights and individual liberties of its private citizens, not the privileges of its public officials. Public officials are supposed to ordinary citizens' "public servants," not their lords and masters.

    A stranger in a costume with a badge and a gun shouts, "I'm a federal agent!" then deprives a private citizen of his motor vehicle against his will. The fact that many Americans consider this perfectly acceptable reveals just how far America has degenerated since the Framers authored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    This sort of meek obedience to government officials may be acceptable for the cowed subjects of Third World dictatorships. But it is not acceptable for American citizens, who are supposed to know and demand their rights.

    Government officials like Doyle and Bauer are supposedly defending Americans' rights and liberties. In fact, they are violating Americans' rights and liberties even as they purport to defend them.

    Ron Paul 2012!moreless
  • In Soviet Russia, rogue goes YOU!

    The three main points of focus: CTU hunts for Jack, Karen faces a legal dilemma, and Chloe & Morris bicker. Guess which one's the dumbest?

    Chloe's hack into Morris' system has sparked some animosity between the two, which leads to her snapping about how he armed the nukes for Fayed. It's nice to reference events that occurred more than two hours ago, but still, the hell with idiotic so-called drama that amounts to meaningless filler.

    While Daniels keeps enjoying the Oval Office, Karen's dilemma involves testimony from Reed Pollock that Buchanan indirectly allowed Fayed's attacks. So she reluctantly fires Buchanan from CTU to cover her own hide. Now that's a better way to make us care about side characters, and it utilizes another reference to more than two hours ago. Nice-o!

    But the biggest issue here is Jack's plan to save Audrey and then incinerate himself, Cheng, and the Russian component that's driving the plot. This plan, of course, fails stupendously. Jack's latest death postponement comes when CTU catches up and starts a shootout. Can't reveal much about the outcome, so I'll instead mention there's a missile launcher. This episode isn't amazing, but it's far from crap. Y'know, barring the Chloe/Morris crap.

    Hourly Highlight:

    How could it be anything but that warm, magical, not-at-all-disgusting kiss between Daniels and Lisa?

    …but I think I'll go with the missile launcher. Just 'cuz.moreless
  • Will Jack save Audrey?

    So, the best part was Jack trying to get read of CTU following him, get to Audrey save her and blow him up - of course it did not worked that way. He is alive, Audrey is safe but she is not herself anymore and Cheng get away with that chip - so almost everything went wrong.

    On White House side we have really nasty storyline where Karen Hayes have to choose between her career and Bill's and of course he is sacrificed - so now Nadya is on the command in CTU.

    In overall - I think there was action, quite much nerve wrecking moments on Jack side but the other storylines - not too good.moreless
  • While Bill is forced to leave office, by his own wife, Jack implements his plan..

    This was a very good episode, having both unpredictability and a lot of action...The final scenes, especially the attempt to shut down of the chopper was a strong point of all this...Jack goes to his meeting with Cheng , followed by a close Doyle...Jacks plan is to sacrifice himself before handing that circuit to the Chinese ...Unfortunately Doyle interrupts them , and Cheng escapes...Karen his in a very though situation, having to sacrifice either Bill or herself...She decides to sacrifice her husband ,and Bill is forced to resign CTU and he places Nadia in front...Apart from the last part this episode was i think, a little dull, full of events that i didn't found quite attractive.moreless
Terry Savage

Terry Savage

CTU Guard #1

Guest Star

Andrea Grano

Andrea Grano

Ellen Price

Guest Star

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Peter Hock

Guest Star

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Noah Daniels

Recurring Role

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Audrey Raines

Recurring Role

Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe

Reed Pollock

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • With this episode, Jack Bauer has thus far failed to sacrifice himself three times. He left Fayed's hideout when CTU tried to trade him for Assad, Philip didn't pull the trigger when Jack traded his life for his nephew, and in this episode, CTU prevented Jack from blowing himself up while trading Audrey for the nuclear component.

    • This is the second time Karen Hayes has had Bill Buchanan fired from CTU.

    • Jack leaves a message on Buchanan's phone with details of his location. He also says that Bill "has been a good friend".
      Jack first met Buchanan on Day 4 when he took over from Michelle as head of CTU. At the end of the day, Jack's death was faked so he could hide from the Chinese. He returned (18 months later) on Day 5, where Buchanan was still running CTU but at the end of Day 5 he was captured by the Chinese and put in prison for another 18 months. When he returns on Day 6, he works with CTU for a few hours.
      So just when did Jack Bauer and Bill Buchanan have the time to become "good friends"?

    • When the agent talks to Karen about the fact that Fayed had already been in custody, the agent shows a video with Tom's ex-chief of staff making his confession. On the video, a timer shows its progression, starting at 4:40, and the agent says that the conversation went on for 20 minutes. Yet when he shows the incriminating part, the timer on the screen, less than a minute had transpired. (5:33).

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jack: (referring to Cheng) Is he gone?
      Doyle: Yeah. I gotta take you under custody, Jack.
      Jack: I had this handled. Why the hell didn't you listen to me?

    • Doyle: Nadia, did you get that? Cheng escaped with the sub-circuit board. We've got a chopper down, we need those other choppers ASAP.
      Nadia: I know, the choppers should be there in five minutes. Listen, before they went down, they reported seeing Cheng and his men traveling in three black hummers, in the mountains, offroad, traveling north.
      Doyle: Copy that.
      Nadia: Now place Jack under arrest!
      Doyle: Understood.

    • Doyle: Where's the sub-circuit board?
      Jack: Cheng's got it. I was set to blow the building and destroy the component until you engaged us in a firefight. Here's the detonator.

    • Morris: (after Chloe asks Milo for help) That's a really good idea. You should work with Milo, you know-- get cozy.
      Chloe: Will you please stop acting like this? I really hate it.
      Morris: Why don't you write down the way you want me to act, put it in a file, tab delimited, the way Milo loves it, and... shove it.
      Chloe: Okay, I'll write it down. The first item on the list would be "Don't be such a jealous jerk".
      Morris: Okay, um, the day I'm jealous is the day I kill myself. Is there anything else?
      Chloe: How about "Don't arm nuclear bombs for terrorists"?

  • NOTES (1)