Season 6 Episode 19

Day 6: 12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2007 on FOX

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  • Crap 24 season is a crap of poo

    I like this episode so much that I didn't watch most of it I hated it I hated it and I hate this season of the twenty four 24. The only good part of this showing was the clocky ticking tock all time I likeid that very much so. Why must they continue a pointedless story? I purpose they kill off every charcter excepting the Jack Bauer and end season with Jack Bauer doing de thngs that Larry David did in season one of the Curb Your Enthusiasm show. I would watch that with my friends laughter and ha ha.
  • "I am a federal agent in pursuit! I need the vehicle!"

    Doyle "commandeers" a private citizen's car on the grounds that "I am a federal agent in pursuit! I need the vehicle!"

    If America stands for anything, it stands for the human rights and individual liberties of its private citizens, not the privileges of its public officials. Public officials are supposed to ordinary citizens' "public servants," not their lords and masters.

    A stranger in a costume with a badge and a gun shouts, "I'm a federal agent!" then deprives a private citizen of his motor vehicle against his will. The fact that many Americans consider this perfectly acceptable reveals just how far America has degenerated since the Framers authored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    This sort of meek obedience to government officials may be acceptable for the cowed subjects of Third World dictatorships. But it is not acceptable for American citizens, who are supposed to know and demand their rights.

    Government officials like Doyle and Bauer are supposedly defending Americans' rights and liberties. In fact, they are violating Americans' rights and liberties even as they purport to defend them.

    Ron Paul 2012!
  • In Soviet Russia, rogue goes YOU!

    The three main points of focus: CTU hunts for Jack, Karen faces a legal dilemma, and Chloe & Morris bicker. Guess which one's the dumbest?
    Chloe's hack into Morris' system has sparked some animosity between the two, which leads to her snapping about how he armed the nukes for Fayed. It's nice to reference events that occurred more than two hours ago, but still, the hell with idiotic so-called drama that amounts to meaningless filler.
    While Daniels keeps enjoying the Oval Office, Karen's dilemma involves testimony from Reed Pollock that Buchanan indirectly allowed Fayed's attacks. So she reluctantly fires Buchanan from CTU to cover her own hide. Now that's a better way to make us care about side characters, and it utilizes another reference to more than two hours ago. Nice-o!
    But the biggest issue here is Jack's plan to save Audrey and then incinerate himself, Cheng, and the Russian component that's driving the plot. This plan, of course, fails stupendously. Jack's latest death postponement comes when CTU catches up and starts a shootout. Can't reveal much about the outcome, so I'll instead mention there's a missile launcher. This episode isn't amazing, but it's far from crap. Y'know, barring the Chloe/Morris crap.

    Hourly Highlight:
    How could it be anything but that warm, magical, not-at-all-disgusting kiss between Daniels and Lisa?
    …but I think I'll go with the missile launcher. Just 'cuz.
  • Will Jack save Audrey?

    So, the best part was Jack trying to get read of CTU following him, get to Audrey save her and blow him up - of course it did not worked that way. He is alive, Audrey is safe but she is not herself anymore and Cheng get away with that chip - so almost everything went wrong.

    On White House side we have really nasty storyline where Karen Hayes have to choose between her career and Bill's and of course he is sacrificed - so now Nadya is on the command in CTU.

    In overall - I think there was action, quite much nerve wrecking moments on Jack side but the other storylines - not too good.
  • While Bill is forced to leave office, by his own wife, Jack implements his plan..

    This was a very good episode, having both unpredictability and a lot of action...The final scenes, especially the attempt to shut down of the chopper was a strong point of all this...Jack goes to his meeting with Cheng , followed by a close Doyle...Jacks plan is to sacrifice himself before handing that circuit to the Chinese ...Unfortunately Doyle interrupts them , and Cheng escapes...Karen his in a very though situation, having to sacrifice either Bill or herself...She decides to sacrifice her husband ,and Bill is forced to resign CTU and he places Nadia in front...Apart from the last part this episode was i think, a little dull, full of events that i didn't found quite attractive.
  • Still excellent, still the best show around, bizarre about the insults for it.

    Ok, so looking back in hindsight, this season is 24 is the first one where i know it won't be my fave. I've always had difficulty ranking the seasons, however it's probably fair to say as it stands, season 6 will be last (but there are 5 to go in the U.K). BUT...this does not make it a bad season. I find it baffling when people give it a 2\10 or say it's bottom of the barrel. In comparison it may be slightly lacking the oomph of past years, but this by no means makes it bad. The only insults i can have about Season Six is that there has been too little of Jack, and too many attempted main CTU characters. anyway, onto this episode..

    A slow start, and by the time Daniels were acting like a perv, i was wondering whether this would infact be a low point of the entire show. however, it turned around. Chloe and Morris' bickering was tedious until Chloe said that one sentence that changed everything in a positive manner. The Bill and Karen storyline at last means Bill is given a decent plot he deserves (and a reminder he is in fact married to Karen) but ends with him leaving. i wasn't sad as I’m certain we haven't seen the last of him, but it played out well. (another thing to those who say the show is predictable, who saw Bill leaving CTU at the start of the episode?)

    Doyle I am liking more and more, better than Curtis and if he keeps going could rival Chase who i always liked to partner Jack. As for Jack himself, his emotional conversation to Bill and his distress at seeing a messed up Audrey were awesome. Kiefer only needs to use his face without saying a word to show the pain Jack is feeling. So the next episode should be great.. We'll see how messed up Audrey is; What Cheng does next; and whether they intend to send Jack down. either way, this season is no-where near over yet.
  • Boring

    This episode is not a good episode.

    Barely anything happened and is by far my least favourite episode of the season. SPOILERS AHEAD

    The story is now beyond believable, I know 24 is meant to deal with extreme situations but this time it's taking it too far.

    The Chinese shooting down a US government helicopter on Us soil? Reed blows up the President so the Head of CTU is blamed?

    The story is silly and is fast becoming my least favourite season of the show.

    The story isn't interesting anymore because there is no longer a threat to America and so there's no reason for the show to continue and it feels long and dragged out.
  • Jack prepares to trade a vital component to the Chinese in exchange for Audrey. Meanwhile, Daniels reassumes control of the Presidency while Karen is forced into a corner.

    "They're millions of lives hanging in the balance and I can't stop thinking of you"-President Daniels to his assistant. LMAO.

    Daniels is not only scum but a horndog. You gotta love this guy he is a typical type A Personality hung up on power. His assistant is nothing more than a barbie doll that would do anything for me. They make quite a couple.

    Anyhow, most of this episode made and continued the storylines from this season. It was great to see Doyle trying to foil Jack's plan. Bill's sudden exit is a bit surprising. How long will it last I wonder.

    Just when you think the terror is over it begins again. The vital component that Cheng has adds another major villain this season. Then you add in Daniels who despite his words seems to make anything worse and you have a volatile situation. Although people can nitpick this season, I found it to be very enjoyable.
  • This week on: "Who's Going To Screw Up Jack's Plans?"

    After 6 years and god knows how many times he's saved the world, it's still impossible for anybody to trust Jack. And now we're at that point that's happened quite often this season, where Jack is in trouble for something that his own side screwed up.

    As much as I'd hate to say it, I would rather have seen Jack's sacrifice work as opposed to the predictable screw-over we got. That's twice now this season that Daniels has gained control of the Presidency just in time to mess up everything Jack had going. That's not just bad timing, that's deus-ex in full force.

    So now Jack's going to have to explain himself...again, and get back on the right side...again, and save the day...again. And by the time its all said and done, he'll probably wind up dead or in trouble with some other country.

    After one of the best premiers in the show's run, its just failed to pick up the momentum and get anything interesting going on. We've suddenly shift gears from the Russian threat to the Chinese, and now what? The change in direction was too sudden, and to have to handle to "Jack's gone rouge" story arcs in one season is just too much.
  • I don't understand why I keep watching this crap.

    The plot sucks! Ehh, what plot. Everybody is incompetent, execept Jack. Oh, wait he's not doing to well either. The chinaman got away, he had to or the series would end 5 episode short. The series has completly left the time aspect. There is more back and forth in half an hour than in a presidents lifetime. Maybe the producers have hired the writing staff of Dallas, and demanded one season of Dallas is the amount of stupidity we want in one episode. Please shut this series down . 24 is no longer a HDTV-show, it's reduced to PDA-show on the subway.
  • From 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., 24 continued the water-treading that has become pandemic to Season 6.

    For all of its entertaining and often brilliant run, 24 has been plagued by the occasional moments of tedium. This fact should not be surprising. Because of the nature of the show's format, the writers must compensate not only for having to complete two extra episodes per season than standard series but also to keep the events plausible to the timeframe while keeping the audience interested and somehow managing to forward the plot. While the brilliant minds of 24 have generally been up to the challenge, there have been the occasional two or three-hour stretch when desperation (Teri Bauer's amnesia in Season 1), writing-oneself-into-a-corner (Season 2's We exploded the nuclear bomb halfway into the season, now what the heck do we do?") or simple stalling (Season 3's bad guy dies, meet even badder guy rotation) has been quite evident.

    Season 6, unfortunately, has been the inverse of past seasons. When the water-treading occurred at isolated moments in Seasons 1-5, it would finally break open with either surprising/shocking moments or, as in Season 4, just solid, fast-paced storytelling. Not so, Season 6, which after a wonderful first four hours has relied on the plot retreading and that great standby of television drama cliche--family crisis--to get us through a creatively-plagued day. Let's count the big "been there, done that"s of this season:

    Terrorist threat is nuclear..again. In season 2, the explosion of the nuclear bomb was chilling and heartbreaking to watch...a truly shocking moment of great television. In Season 6, the nuke was set off in part two of the season premiere. Shocking? You bet, but not with the emotional impact of Season 2. What did it lead to? Find more nukes. 24 fans have now been witness to two nuclear explosions, which effectively numbs their impact and threat potential, yet this became the Macguffin of the season. Yawn.

    Good guy killed by Jack. In Season 3, it was Chapelle. In Season 6, it was Curtis. Turn the gun on Chloe, and you might have something, but Curtis's ancillary role in the past couple seasons made this a ho-hum development.

    The 25th amendment. While I give a lot of credit to the producers for hiring Powers Boothe to chew the scenery in his unique style, it comes at the expense of yet another Palmer at risk of being declared incompetent and losing the presidency. Sure, Wayne's gone down for real now, and Daniels has taken over, but that was a Season 4 development, as well.

    About the only unique angle of Season 6--the introduction of Jack's family--was wrongly executed. Bringing back Paul McCrane as Graem...good idea. Making him Jack's brother...ok, but too soap-operish for 24. Kill him in Hour 7 and WASTE such a great actor...BAD idea, albeit a great scene to watch (wouldn't this season have been SO much more lively had Graem remained uber-bad guy until the end, and THEN the interrogation scene between him and Jack occured?). Bringing in James Cromwell as Jack's father...not a bad idea. Making him a bad guy in PLACE of Graem...VERY BAD idea, especially since you could have played Phillip Bauer on the fence between two sons.

    So, in this glorious season of plot repeats and bad moves, what did 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. contribute? Deja vu all over again:

    Bill gets fired by Karen. We're back in Season 5.
    Jack goes rogue. Season...well, all of them.
    Jack puts a loved one above his loyalty to the country. Season...well, all of them, again.
    Audrey has amnesia (it appears)...dear God, are we that desperate?

    You may ask why this lengthy rant is attached to a "7" score on the review. Think back to the Let It Be album by the Beatles. Compared to the rest of music, Let It Be is still a great album with great songs, but compared to the rest of the Beatles albums, it is considered sub-par and maddingly inconsistent. While this season of 24 has definitely shown those two qualities, the show is still preferable to 99% of all television. As tedious and even chore-inducing as it has become to watch, it still manages to entertain. I will continue to watch, hoping that some great epiphany will snap the writers and producers back into top form and manage to save what is left of this year.

    During Season 6, 24 has found itself in times of trouble, but apparently it's still waiting on Mother May to speak some words of wisdom.
  • great episode

    Jack drives to a location where he can meet up with Cheng. Doyle tracks down Jack and zeroes on his location. Vice President Daniels assumes office and works out his issues with Tom. Karen is forced to fire Buchanan to save the administration from any incriminating evidence. This episode is action packed, Doyle is a really great character. Chloe and Morris end up having difficulty dealing with each other at work. This little dramas that occur within an even bigger drama works so well for the plot, each minute that goes by isn't wasted. This episode is riveting from the very first minute until the very last.
  • i wasnt expecting this

    24 was so shocking....normally i see whats coming but i wasnt expecting this.....Audrey doesnt remember Jack....shes going crazy.....i was like wow....i thought that they would of course loose the chip thing but crazy audrey blew my mind.....poor jack......she is a great actress....
    Isnt jack supposed to be injured badly? I mean they said that he was internally bleeding....he shouldnt be so active....by now he should be really tired....thats why 24 isnt realistic.....
    When do they sleep? When do they eat? When do they go to the bathroom? When do they fill up there cars with gas? And when they make public announcements its like at 1 in the morning.....no one is awake....wait till like 7.....
  • 24 becomes more and more predictable each episode!

    I love 24- I have since season 1- but I have to admit it's starting to lose me. This season has had some good times, and some good twists, but this episode was a good example of how predictable it has gotten.

    Obviously Jack isn't going to die by blowing himself- if he dies, obviously it will be in the season finale.

    Also, Audrey lives and Change gets the chip- gee, sure didn't see that coming! (sarcasm).

    I think in general there is only so much 24 can do with the series which is why it's beginning to get predictable and repetitive. I still really like the show and I'll continue to watch it, but I hope the next season finds a way to reinvigorate the series with some huge, new ideas!
  • Getting tired of CTU politics

    I don't know if anyone agrees with me and I am sure that as writers it is hard to maintain suspense week after week. But all the silly bickering at CTU makes me feel that if half that energy were spend on tracking down the terrorists, that they would have captured them long ago.Also iof Jack was able to rig the part that the Chinese wanted to explode why did he not rig it so if it got into the wrong hands then he could remotely destry it?
    I suppose then there would be nothing to chase for the next episode.
  • Doyle tracks down Jack, spoils his suicide, Cheng gets away, Bill gets fired and the VP is a creepy perv.

    This was an average episode. Once again, Jack is right but no one listens to him. Chloe should get up and say, see I told you so. I trust Jack implicitly and all of you are idiots for not trusting him.

    The scene with VP Daniels and Lisa kissing must have been the most vomit-inducing scene in all of television this season. It made my skin crawl. Daniels now lead the administration and all he can think about if boffing his chief of staff. Anyone here thinking sexual harassment suit? Impeachment hearings in the future?

    Doyle's character development is coming along nicely. His ability track down Jack was quite impressive. He's able to see Jack hidden vehicle but what gets me is that no one see the three black hummers or humvees parked nearby. When did they arrive? We see the limo drive up, there were no other vehicles escorting the limo. Just a little plot hole.

    The Chloe/Morris and the Karen/Bill relationships seem to be deteriorating and it seems rather late in the season to be doing this but after being awake throughout this whole crisis, it's not unbelievable that this would happen. Nobody thinking clearly is good for the show I guess. I wonder if the message he left on Bill's phone will have any relevance in future hours.

    Anyway, average episode but now it leads to the chase, which can only get better, right?
  • Plot: Doyle botches Jack's handoff with Chang. Audrey is rescued, but doesn't appear quiet right in the head. President Daniels prepares to make sweet, but disgusting love to his chief of staff. TV reviews at www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Doyle botches Jack's handoff with Chang. Audrey is rescued, but doesn't appear quiet right in the head. Karen has to fire her own husband to protect the administration and President Daniels prepares to make sweet, but disgusting love to his chief of staff. At this point I'm just going to sigh and do a half hearted shoulder shrug for the rest of the season. How can you not end on the high note of hanging the bad guy up by a giant medal chain? The Chinese story, while interesting should be its own self contained season, instead of an awkwardly tacked on ending. Jack is back to being a rogue and evading his co-workers as per usual. Jack goes to meet Chang at some random abandoned shack on the highway, blissfully unaware that agent Doyle is hot on his trail. How does everyone manage to make it on time for these bizarre meetings? Abandoned factories, warehouses and off the road shacks, all must feature prominently in their GPS kits. Chang arrives and exchanges a mentally disturbed Audrey for the Russian chip. Audrey is now only capable of uttering the same stupid phrase over and over again. Jack quickly puts that gag back in her mouth. Jack is unable to blow himself up as planned because agent Doyle arrives and starts a firefight with the Chinese. In the ensuing melee, Change and his Chinese cohorts escape in what appeared to be military style humvees. Homeland Security, you really got to start monitoring this **** better. Jack is placed under arrest, but not before making sure Doyle knew that he was on his death list. Doyle, you totally ruined my unauthorized, reckless plan. Feel the scorn radiating from my intense stare and hoarsely whispered words. Back in Washington the political drama continues, but nobody cares. DOJ shows up with evidence that marginally implicates Karen and Bill. They want a scapegoat and would prefer to use Bill, in order to distance the Fayed situation as far away from the administration as possible. Karen is distraught but seeks the guidance of her new best friend Tom and is convinced that the best course of action is to fire her husband. This should make for some awkward, yet passionate, make up sex. This fits in nicely with my next point of contention: creepy President Daniels and attractive chief of staff. Their kiss was by far the grossest thing I have ever seen, on all seasons of 24 combined! The censors should have been all over it! This was way worse than that time Jack bit that guy's throat out. Parting Thought: The chief of staff said she would only sleep over provide she could borrow a warm sweatshirt for her walk home.
  • A fairly good episode.

    I really don't know what all the fuss is about this season. This episode was very enjoyable for a number of reasons. I mean who was not shocked when Bill got fired? I can't believe it. Also that stupid Doyle messed up the whole of Jack's plan. Now Audrey seems to be seriously messed up from what the Chinese have done to her.

    I think now the episodes a going to be great. They have five episodes to get back the chip, so they are going to be action packed. I thought Karen was very harsh to Bill. Also yet again Jack was willing to give up his life to save Audrey. Chloe and Morris continue to be hostile towards each other. I am not too sure about putting Nadia in charge but i wonder who will be the new runner of CTu from devision? Will Bill be back? Now they are bringing Jack back to CTU, but he has to get out there and get that chip. Well i'm still addicted.
  • It's getting worse people.

    I totally agree with mr. 'yank112ees', but the 8.0 score is a bit too high for me. This season is just as exciting as watching grass grow. Apart from the first 4 episodes and the one where Jack kills every bad guy in the room (episode 17 if I'm not mistaken) this season is really about nothing. I was pleased to see Morris be a regular this year, but the more serious he gets ('please take me off com, because my ex looks at me funny, please Bill, please?') the less appealing he becomes. He had a rough time after he did something with some component of the nuclear bombs (trigger mechanism?) so they'd be armed (it seems the writers have been watching season 2 all over again), but his 'guilt' is going nowhere. Chloe sits at her desk, gets calls from Jack to help him out (season 3), gets caught and... she goes back to sit at her desk.

    Great to have Milo back, 5 seasons later, but he has a strange crush on Nadia (where's the chemistry guys?) and a strange grudge against Doyle, which will probably be revealed in the last few episodes. He had a hard time with Morris, but they're okay now. Bill. Going strong, going dull. He really doesn't have anything to do this year. Doesn't make big decisions, it all just seems to go smoothly. NO DRAMA. He's out of the picture now, because of a bogus reason, and because he's such a great guy he will take the fall. He and Karen could've just fought back, but no.

    Jack. A lot of episodes just had one or two scenes with him (Kiefer's not shooting a movie in the meantime is he? He sure could've made more than one), but he's been far away from any relevant action. He's under arrest. The only thing left for him to do is create some kind of diversion on the way back to CTU. That will probably be next week's cliffhanger. Jack taking Audrey somewhere, to figure out what the Chinese have done to her. When are all the loose ends being picked up? The whole conspiracy Reed Pollock was a part of (and I think Noah is too). Phillip Bauer (might be the mastermind behind everything, including the attempt on Wayne Palmer's life, who knows). I hope they don't serve him up like the rabbit out of the hat at the end, it would be too predictable and far fetched, but that seems to be a criterium this year, so...

    A 5.7 (how can anyone give this episode a 10? That doesn't do the former 5 seasons any justice) for the cinematography.
  • It wasn't until Cheng escaped with the circuit board that I realized that the new plot line for the rest of the season is focusing on the wrong thing.

    24 Episode 6.19 "Day Six: 12:00AM-1:00AM"
    Airdate: Monday, April 23rd 9:00PM-10:00PM

    Suspenseful, plot developing, intense and emotionally stimulating through life/career endangering situations to multiple characters-- the usual traits that construct a quality episode of 24. But it wasn't until Cheng escaped with the circuit board that I realized that the new plot line for the rest of the season is focusing on the wrong thing. Obviously this is going to cause an international incident between the U.S. and Russia, but the real question is why hasn't the U.S. ALREADY started an international incident with China? Instead of the White House wiping their asses with issues such as firing one of the best CTU directors ever and recording conversations of the dirty old man now leading the country and his ho-bag co-conspirator while panicking in fear of what's going to happen when Russia finds out what information they just gave away, how about calling up the Chinese government and saying "Umm... yeah... you kind of kidnapped, tortured, and apparently brain damaged the daughter of the former Secretary of Defense, threatened to kill her through blackmail to illegally obtain secret technology, and just shot down a U.S. military helicopter-- oh wait, what's that? The U.S. gets raped by China in 24 and doesn't do anything about it? Ok, right, got it. Thanks." Funny how breaking into the Chinese consulate for the sole purpose of capturing the only man who could prevent a nuclear disaster was considered an act of war and landed Jack in a Chinese prison, but the Chinese might as well have been the ones to nuke Valencia and our retaliation would probably have just been to use it as an excuse to try to assassinate our own president again. Ridiculous, but onto the episode...

    Karen: Bill, you released Fayed two years ago even though there was no real evidence to hold him. But we need to keep this as far away from the president as possible. I need to fire you.
    Bill: Keep far away from the president? You mean the man who was stupid enough to think that the attacks would stop if he sacrificed Jack, paid Fayed $25 million and released a terrorist from a military prison that in doing so both funded and equipped the nuclear attack on Los Angeles a couple hours later? Oh, ok, that's fair.

    I'm assuming this isn't the last we've seen of Bill, though with the frustrating path this season has taken I wouldn't be all that surprised if it was. But either way, I'm actually hoping Division sends over some a$$ hole replacement real soon. Nadia really just doesn't give off any type of leadership qualities to me, though I guess for the sake of not having a director who gives sarcastic remarks to the White House or one who leads through arming nuclear bombs for terrorists (that was low Chloe, but probably one of the best comebacks ever), I guess Nadia was the ideal choice.

    Meanwhile, the annoyingly pestering yet operationally effective Mike Doyle was giving Jack a run for his money in terms of intelligent and bad ass behavior. Running in front of incoming traffic on the freeway before carjacking an innocent was almost as awesome as his methods in tracking Jack down. Of course, this still couldn't top Jack Bauer having the magical knowledge that despite being in a Chinese prison for nearly two years, there was still an abandoned motel on the road he chose to rendezvous with Cheng. In any event, everybody got screwed cause Doyle and CTU intervened just before Jack was going to ka-boom himself, the circuit board, and lots of Chinese people. Naturally, things going wrong opens the door for various new aspects to the story; ie Cheng has the technology, Russia's going to be pissed, Jack's under arrest (would it really be a day of 24 if he wasn't), and Audrey's about as functional as the writers who have depicted the Chinese and United States governments in such a poor manner. The only thing more unacceptable than the Chinese virtually being portrayed as international terrorists is the fact that the U.S. is ultimately just sitting by and letting it happen without doing a damn thing. Unless the White House is waiting on takeout or something, I just don't get it.

    So yea, this makes it kind of hard to constitute the rest of the season as being even remotely credible, but maybe there's information we haven't gotten yet that can shed some light onto this. All I know is that it just really looks like the writers are grasping at straws with no real idea where they're going. Everything in this season just seems so out of place from other seasons. It's also practically reached the point that everything at CTU and the presidential setting has been so played out that there's really nowhere to go other than recycling and far fetched plot lines. But who knows, we'll see where the story goes from here in the final episodes leading to the season finale. After two straight strong episodes though, a bit of a letdown this week in terms of both the episode on its own and the hope it leaves for the rest of the disappointing Season Six.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.0
  • Yet another great episode in a continuously great season. Plenty of people will be complaining about this episode, and are refusing the enjoy the season. Too bad for them. I'm going to enjoy it.

    Season Six is showing that 24 still has all the proverbial muscle to show off it did five years ago. All right, so Heroes is a great show and all, Lost is really cool, whatever. But no where else can you see characters like this. 24 shows off its ability to show what happens to people in crises packed into small periods of time. The deterioration of three major relationships stole the show last night, as far as I'm concerned. Morris asks for a transfer because of Chloe, Karen fires Bill, and Audrey doesn't even remember Jack. Not only is the acting top notch, but the bucket loads of humanity you receive in what amounts to such a small period of time is the true reason why 24 is so great.

    Not only that, but the action was great. Mike's pursuit of Jack is another supplement to his character, which I'm starting to like more and more. Cheng is a great villain, and we had some great action towards the end of the episode. And to all of the season's naysayers, I say whatever. I'm enjoying the season immensely, and that you're not is your opinion, but also your loss, if you ask me.
  • stunning, and awesome

    This was a great epsisode. Many things happened that were ment to happen. One, why would Jack think that cheng would actually give him audrey back in the same sense that he wouldnt of done something that critically hurt her....in this case her memery was gone...cheng is a chineze terrist, he would never keep his word on a solid exchange. Anyway, I think fireing bill buchanan in that kind of situation was dumb...still i think that Nadi is a good replacement for that kind of job
  • just like the classification. NOTHING HAPPENED!!! the story is so slow and predictable!! after all, season 6 is not as good as before. it is a poor episode

    just like the classification. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!

    the story is so slow and predictable!! after all, season 6 is not as good as before. it is a poor episode

    the story is amazingly slow. it's unbelieveable!!!

    the link to logan was dull and slow. Gray should be the link to logan, not phillip. the new director has effectively ruined the season and disppointed all the fans.

    it seems chase should be in season, but so far nothing. no signs connect to him whatsoever. he seems to be jack's last person who can trust. Fayed and Gredenko should be arrested ages ago, and there is no person who is behind the attack. both the writer and director are boring!!!

    i hope season 7 could have re-born, otherwise, 24 will be taken off air.

    from a big fan of 24.
  • Great episode...

    This episode was better than last weeks. It was funny when Doyle was in the middle of traffic trying to get a car. Tom said that he isn't going to use the tape against Daniels. What and idiot if I wre him I would use it and then they could get a different guy in there. It is getting hard to tell which side Tom is on because one week you think he is good and another week he could be bad. That is what I love about this show. I didn't think Karen would do what she did to Bill, I thought she would allow herself to be put in and not tell Bill about it, but I should know better. Jack finally confronts Cheng and loses the Russian component, but he got Audrey back which is good. The bad news is though he is kind of arrested for stealing the component. Later...
  • A very good episode tonight. One of the best of the season and I am looking forward to the stretch run of Season 6

    A couple of things do not seem right to me. I really do not like Bill getting fired. He was one of few characters that has been on the show a while. I don't understand why he was fired becasue he said he was doing everything by the book when interrogating Fayed. Secondly I think Doyle did the right thing. Think about it all you 24 fans if he did not engage in the firefight the chinese either A) get away with the switchboard(eventually they did but Doyle thought he could stop them)or B) Jack would have gotten Audrey out of there safely and Jack would have died. I don't think all you 24 fans including me would want that now would you. Lastly I hate Noah Daniels. He is a little weasel. That little make out scene with blondey was so horrible.Besides Logan and Reed Pollack he is one my most hated politician on the show, while Tom Lennox begins to grow as one of my favorite.
  • Another tremendous episode!

    I thought this was an excellent episode!

    I really liked the CTU scenes tonight. The interaction between Chloe and Morris was especially great. It was nice to see good old sarcastic Chloe again when she was explaining the 50-50 thing to Morris. When she threw in that "point 5" I nearly lost it. You gotta love Chloe. And then she nails Morris with that blast about arming the nukes. Wow! They went from playful banter to utter seriousness in 2 seconds flat. Tremendously done by both actors and the writers. Those kinds of scenes are what make 24 more than just your standard action/drama show. I also really liked the dynamic between Bill and Karen. What a tough position for her to be in but I thought she was going to stand by her man. I think she regrets her decision already. Bill was right. His name is going to be attached to the deaths of all those people for the rest of his life. Does Karen really think that he can just "get over it" and go get a job as a landscaper or something? C'mon Karen, I expected more loyalty than that. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of Buchanan and he can at least clear his name. He deserves at least that much for all that he's done for his country. The best parts of the episode, I thought, was the whole Jack/Audrey/Cheng thing with Doyle doing his best Jack Junior impersonation trying to find him. Doyle proved that he is indeed a worthy CTU agent as he did that pretty much all on his own, a la Jack. He didn't know that Jack had a backup plan so he did what he could to try to diffuse the situation. We all got to see Jack in action again - which we all love. And we got to see the softer, emotional Jack in his brief time with Audrey. Hopefully he won't stay in custody because he needs to be out there tracking Cheng during the final 5 hours. The only part I didn't like was the Daniels/blondie stuff. Makes us all hate the guy even more so I guess that's why it was done. Lennox was great again tonight though and I hope that weenie Pollack does get the death penalty. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out with Audrey too. She did a nice job in her limited screen time I thought.
  • Jack meets with Cheng. Karen finds herself in a tough position regarding Bill. Doyle and CTU try to stop Jack.

    For myself personally it was one of the better episodes this season and really pushed ahead the storyline of the russian technology component. Doyle in a very much Jack-esque way steals a random car from a citizen with basically no repricuson. Very humourous if but flawed scene there. Jack makes contact with Cheng and agrees to a meeting location. CTU tries to disifer their phone call while Doyle tries to track down Jack. Back at the white house Lennox assures Daniels that he will not use the evidence against him and he fully supports him. More creepy scenes though with Daniels and the woman from Invasion. Probably my least favourite part of the episode. Anyways Reed Pollack breaks down during interrogating and spills the beans about Buchanan capturing Fayed 2 years ago and letting him go since he had no charges to hold him and that Karen made it disappear. The White House is looking for a scapegoat due to the disastrous events of the day so they want Karen to fire her own husband Bill Buchanan. Karen obviously crapples with this situation. Eventually Bill despite his anger and frustration complies and for the time being appoints Nadia as acting director of CTU. Kind of a strange choice if you ask me but hopefully it is only very very short time. We also get some interesting nasty disputes between Chloe and Morris. However back to the main plot Jack has in place a plan that they let Audrey far enough out of sight so that they cannot hurt her. Then following that he will implode himself along with the component. But Doyle and CTU have other plans Doyle engages in a premature shootout when the CTU teams have not arrived in time. Through all this choas Cheng escapes with the component but not before taking down a CTU helicopter with a rocket launcher. Jack is visibly upset with Doyle over what has transpared and begins to realize the consequences for doing this his own way. A very exciting and enjoyable episode. Once again can't wait for next week.
  • Tough choices that could have tough consequences

    Tough choices that can have very tough consequences in the road ahead to stop terrorism. As our hero Jack goes to visit Cheng as the CTU Doyle helps him as well. We see Hayes fire Buchanan for the second time and maybe even more if Buchcanan keeps this up. As Karen needs to save the administration before it is doomed for good. Great show once again!
  • 24 really is the greatest show to grace gods earth. Who needs Lost and Heroes, here we have a show that continues to deliver week after week. Yes the show is better to watch on DVD but it does the job week after week of satisfying my taste buds,great

    This episode of 24 was one of my favourite episodes. Yes there wasnt much action but who needs action when you have such great characters and great dialogue. The storyline between Karen and Bill was good. I felt very sorry for Karen, i really dont know what i would do in her situation, which makes it all the better to watch. The next thing i adored about this episode was the short scene between Noah Daniels and his secetary. When he called himself a "dirty old man" he made my night, just one of the best lines ever. Then we went to CTU where as always the magic happens. Chloe and Morris had a big argument and i felt quite sorry for Morris and for once felt Chloe was in the wrong. Carla rota who plays Morris really is a great actor and i thought the way he handled his chacacter during those scenes were perfect. We have a new CTU director but whats even more exciting is that we know someone new is coming but who???. Finally the end was fantastic. I have to say i felt so sorry for Audrey. Kim Ravers acting was great and i'm glad shes back as Audrey. I felt really emotinally involved with her character during this episode, so much so that when the chinse brought her out of the limo at the end, i wanted to just crack them in the fact for handling her this way. Its great the way 24 can get you so involved with these chracters, that you actually feel that thier your family. 10/10, not the most action packed episode but still had some great moments. Cant wait to see what the final 4 episodes hold in stock and then the long wait until the 2 hour finale. Well done 24.
  • Jack goes against the government to help the people he cares about. Sound familiar?

    Not a bad episode, but not a great episode either.

    The big twist with Audrey is both heart-wrenching and genuinely suprising. I can't honestly say I'm 100% down with it, but I'm not going to complain - the writers have stopped doing what they've been doing since the nuke exploded - playing it safe. That's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned, so I'm willing to see where this takes us.

    The Karen/Bill stuff was pretty heavy as well, but I honestly think it would've had more impact if the two characters had actually been together. However, if the two were together physically, then Karen wouldn't be firing Bill because she wouldn't be working for the President anymore. I suppose it's a trade-off.

    However, I've got to say that I don't understand why it was necessary that someone take a fall. Were they worried what the American public might think? My question to that would be - why would the public at large know anything about it? It's not like they make these kinds of things public all the time - especially when the prisoner is seemingly innocent (as Fayed was at the time of his arrest). I dunno. Seems kind of silly to me and to an extent, I think it's just a way to generate some interpersonal drama between Karen and Bill. But I'll take that over Milo being irrationally jealous of Nadia and Doyle.

    You know, really - not too much to say about this episode. It's keeping up a level of quality that the middle of the season didn't really have. I'm glad to actually be enjoying 24 again...
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