Season 6 Episode 21

Day 6: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack is held in custody at CTU, while Cheng prepares to launch a surprise attack.

Lennox uses Lisa as a plant to send a false message to the Russians in hopes of defusing a tense situation.

Morris' decision to end his relationship with Chloe begins taking its toll on her as they struggle to maintain professionalism, and Josh shows signs of guilt over the role his father played in the day's terrorist attacks.moreless

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  • The Most Politically Absurd "24" Episode Ever Written

    A Chinese diplomat from the Peoples Republic of China Consulate General masterminds a commando raid on the Los Angeles Office of the US Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). The private military contractors he hires are all Chinese, clearly giving away the identity of whoever is behind the raid. The mercs infiltrate this elite counter-terrorist organization through the sewer system and shoot it out, mano a mano, with CTU agents on American soil, in the corridors of CTU headquarters.

    Are you f**king kidding me???

    In what alternate reality would something this politically absurd happen?

    What idiot wrote this episode?

    Whoever he is, he needs the Milo Pressman sudden bullet to the head treatment. Either that or he needs to return any Emmy Award for Best Original Teleplay he might have received before this.

    "Invasion USA," with Chuck Norris defending sunny Florida shopping malls from invading Cuban Communists was ridiculous enough.

    Top this all off with the xenophobic "China is overtaking the US" Phillip Bauer subplot, and this episode of "24" really takes the cake.moreless
  • We were doing pretty good there for a couple of weeks, 24. But much like the disgruntled husband who stumbles in after one too many beers, you've abused us yet again.moreless

    Here's the thing.

    Sometimes, I think the writers of 24 have their hearts in the right place but they get themselves in trouble when they think too much about it.

    For example, when you have a show that's set up in this way - with one set of characters who do field work and get all of the action, and another set of characters who pretty much sit around and spout exposition - it's natural to occasionally want the characters who sit around a chance to get involved with the main plot head on. It shakes things up a bit and reminds audiences that anything can happen.

    But if you do something too often, it stops becoming suprising and it instead becomes routine.

    When it comes to CTU, there are generally two tools that the writers utilize to bring the action closer to home - leaks within CTU and attacks on the CTU building and staff.

    Season 1 had Jamey and Nina. Season 2 saw an explosion within the walls of CTU. Season 4 revealed that an ex-flame of Curtis' was in on the plot, and Season 5 had both the misguided Spenser Wolf and a nerve gas attack on the building.

    We were doing well this season. We had a bit of a red herring with Nadia earlier in the day, but in all, it looked as though CTU would make it through without being invaded in one way or another.

    And then we have this episode.

    There are so many problems with this episode it's not even funny. It really is ludicris. What I was getting at before was the biggie - at this point, "Terrorists hijack or otherwise incapacitate CTU" doesn't work as an exciting plot twist. At this point, it's so tired that it's uninteresting and boring. I don't care WHY the terrorists are invading or planting nerve gas or explosives (the fact that this time it was for simpy, whiney Josh Bauer didn't help) because the execution is boring. It also doesn't help that the writers have failed miserably at making me care about these characters or what they're going through, so putting them in a perilous position that I know MOST of them are going to make it through doesn't really get my blood pumping either. It's more along the lines of "ho hum, can we finish this so we can get on with the actual plot?"

    Secondly, Josh Bauer? Ridiculous. This plot would've been fine if it was chiefly about Jack Bauer's pursuit of Cheng and the component; adding the widely-panned Bauer Family Drama into the mix does nothing more but rob the story of more credibility than it had already lost.

    There's also the problem of killing off characters. Now, when it comes to 24, it's natural that some of the characters that die are going to do so simply to add shock value or poignancy to whatever is going on. Here they tried to do both with Milo and failed horribily. Aside from the aforementioned fact that I don't give a lick about what's happening with these characters, there's also the fact that it makes no sense. Oh, so you want to kill the head of CTU to make a point, Angry Chinese Guy? What about leverage, and the fact that people are going to be calling CTU to give and recieve updates, hm? What then? Oh, what's that? The guy that you killed wasn't REALLY the head of CTU, but now that you know it was a lie and you've made your point you're willing to let it slide? That's fine, except that it doesn't make ANY sense. Admit it - the only reason you killed anyone was so that afterwards the event will have some semblance of "meaning" and it'll give the characters a chance to explore their feelings. Isn't that right, Angry Chinese Guy? I knew it.

    And also, what about security? I mean, sure it was a suprise attack, but you'd think SOMEONE other than Jack would manage to take out a few or mount a defense? And shouldn't everyone on the CTU floor have some kind of self-defense training and a firearm at the ready, ESPECIALLY after 9/11 AND the numerous times they've been attacked in the last decade or so (show time that is)? I'm also extremely agitated at the fact that nobody in the White House seems to be able to recognize the fact that everything that's going on is China's doing. Certainly it was partially America's fault for allowing one of their agents to go rogue and steal the component and hand it over to the Chinese, and they should definitely help retrieve it. But what about the fact that the China illegally detained and tortured an innocent woman and then used her to coerce said agent into compliance? What about the fact that a small squadron of Chinese mercenaries illegally invaded an American government building, killed numerous government employees, and then kidnapped a teenage boy? What about the fact that all of these events are personally overseen and orchestrated by a man who works for the Chinese government? Why isn't anybody - Russia, America, anyone - pointing out the fact that CHINA is chiefly responsible here? CHINA is the country committing what are essentially acts of war? Why is President Suvarov whining and complaining at the United States and holding THEM responsible while the Chinese government gets a pass? And why is President Daniels LETTING him? It doesn't make any sense at all, ESPECIALLY after this episode.

    What a ridiculous episode. It seriously fails on all counts. At this point I'm done even hoping the remaining episodes will yield any positive results.moreless
  • Old ideas...

    Mm.. so overall, we had to storylines - woman pretending nothing have happened with a man who is traitor and CTU under attack - and is it surprising or not - we have had quite the same storylines in previous seasons.

    The only shocking and maybe new thing was that they were after Josh Bauer - I was thinking about Milo or Morris again but not that boy.

    Other than that.. oh.. I most say - it all was to clear and visible and somehow even the Josh storyline was given away in "previously on".. they reminded us Jack's dad and Josh.. and to be honest, the connection was too visible.moreless
  • Big Trouble in this little place that's not China but a crappily guarded US government building where Chinese dudes show up and cause big trouble anyway

    As if we haven't had enough "Die Hard" homages this season, Cheng sends a bunch of mercenaries to infiltrate CTU and retrieve an important item that'll somehow help him with the damaged sub-circuit board. We don't find out what/who this item is until late in the hour, and we don't find out why Cheng wants Josh (uh-huh) until the very last scene. But this is both a very fun episode and yet another great exposé on the dangers of working at CTU.

    The only good that comes out of Audrey's information from the last episode is that Doyle and the CTU gunmen are gone when Cheng's men arrive. Once they do, it's up to Jack to kill as much of them by himself as he can. Fun, fun, fun! The commando invasion also helps end the messy would-be relationship between Nadia and Milo. Despite my personal experiences with unrequited love and involuntary celibacy, that was getting grating.

    How did Tom Lennox go from advocating unconstitutional detention to observing impromptu pornography? Oh, well.

    I suppose that the return of the extended Bauer Family was inevitable; better this than to just drop the characters entirely. And is the final reveal farfetched and plot-convenient? Soytenly. The writers may have kinda screwed this season up, but at least they're trying to do some full-circle thing as we turn towards home plate. Plus, a little bang-bang always makes for easier consumption of ridiculous plotting.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Milo getting owned.moreless
  • Shocker! You never know who will be next.

    Wow! One I like about this show is that you never know who will be next to get killed. You have characters that have been around for maybe 2-3 seasons and then BAM, dead, and your sitting there with your jaw hanging open in shock!

    In this epsiode the only thing I don't understand is why is CTU so easily accessible from underground. I'm sure banks are even fortified underground so why is a place that is so sophisticated and classified as CTU so vulnerable from below? And what's up with Nadia? She likes to throw her weight around with people in the office but when it comes down to some danger she cowers. Lead by example! Other then that she is a good character and very pretty.moreless
Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Mark Bishop

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Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzie

Agent Hollister

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Kenneth Choi

Kenneth Choi

Cheng's Operative

Guest Star

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Noah Daniels

Recurring Role

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

Phillip Bauer

Recurring Role

Evan Ellingson

Evan Ellingson

Josh Bauer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • GOOF: In the 31 minute mark, when Jack grabs the assault rifle from the fallen Chinese soldier, there's one second when you can see that the magazine is off, and the next there's a magazine on, and the next second again there's no magazine, and the next there is one.

    • Cheng tells his team that CTU is only 153 metres from their position, however it takes the team about 15 minutes to go that short distance.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Doyle: And there's something else. We found a whole bunch of empty weapon crates.
      Nadia: What kind of weapons?
      Doyle: Large calibre rifles, military-grade C4, grenades. Enough of an arsenal for a small army. Looks like the Chinese are planning to launch a major assault.
      Nadia: Assault on what?
      Zhou: We're at the junction point.
      Cheng: Good. Head East 153 meters. That will put you directly beneath CTU and the entrance point.

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