Season 6 Episode 21

Day 6: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • The Most Politically Absurd "24" Episode Ever Written

    A Chinese diplomat from the Peoples Republic of China Consulate General masterminds a commando raid on the Los Angeles Office of the US Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). The private military contractors he hires are all Chinese, clearly giving away the identity of whoever is behind the raid. The mercs infiltrate this elite counter-terrorist organization through the sewer system and shoot it out, mano a mano, with CTU agents on American soil, in the corridors of CTU headquarters.

    Are you f**king kidding me???

    In what alternate reality would something this politically absurd happen?

    What idiot wrote this episode?

    Whoever he is, he needs the Milo Pressman sudden bullet to the head treatment. Either that or he needs to return any Emmy Award for Best Original Teleplay he might have received before this.

    "Invasion USA," with Chuck Norris defending sunny Florida shopping malls from invading Cuban Communists was ridiculous enough.

    Top this all off with the xenophobic "China is overtaking the US" Phillip Bauer subplot, and this episode of "24" really takes the cake.
  • We were doing pretty good there for a couple of weeks, 24. But much like the disgruntled husband who stumbles in after one too many beers, you've abused us yet again.

    Here's the thing.

    Sometimes, I think the writers of 24 have their hearts in the right place but they get themselves in trouble when they think too much about it.

    For example, when you have a show that's set up in this way - with one set of characters who do field work and get all of the action, and another set of characters who pretty much sit around and spout exposition - it's natural to occasionally want the characters who sit around a chance to get involved with the main plot head on. It shakes things up a bit and reminds audiences that anything can happen.

    But if you do something too often, it stops becoming suprising and it instead becomes routine.

    When it comes to CTU, there are generally two tools that the writers utilize to bring the action closer to home - leaks within CTU and attacks on the CTU building and staff.

    Season 1 had Jamey and Nina. Season 2 saw an explosion within the walls of CTU. Season 4 revealed that an ex-flame of Curtis' was in on the plot, and Season 5 had both the misguided Spenser Wolf and a nerve gas attack on the building.

    We were doing well this season. We had a bit of a red herring with Nadia earlier in the day, but in all, it looked as though CTU would make it through without being invaded in one way or another.

    And then we have this episode.

    There are so many problems with this episode it's not even funny. It really is ludicris. What I was getting at before was the biggie - at this point, "Terrorists hijack or otherwise incapacitate CTU" doesn't work as an exciting plot twist. At this point, it's so tired that it's uninteresting and boring. I don't care WHY the terrorists are invading or planting nerve gas or explosives (the fact that this time it was for simpy, whiney Josh Bauer didn't help) because the execution is boring. It also doesn't help that the writers have failed miserably at making me care about these characters or what they're going through, so putting them in a perilous position that I know MOST of them are going to make it through doesn't really get my blood pumping either. It's more along the lines of "ho hum, can we finish this so we can get on with the actual plot?"

    Secondly, Josh Bauer? Ridiculous. This plot would've been fine if it was chiefly about Jack Bauer's pursuit of Cheng and the component; adding the widely-panned Bauer Family Drama into the mix does nothing more but rob the story of more credibility than it had already lost.

    There's also the problem of killing off characters. Now, when it comes to 24, it's natural that some of the characters that die are going to do so simply to add shock value or poignancy to whatever is going on. Here they tried to do both with Milo and failed horribily. Aside from the aforementioned fact that I don't give a lick about what's happening with these characters, there's also the fact that it makes no sense. Oh, so you want to kill the head of CTU to make a point, Angry Chinese Guy? What about leverage, and the fact that people are going to be calling CTU to give and recieve updates, hm? What then? Oh, what's that? The guy that you killed wasn't REALLY the head of CTU, but now that you know it was a lie and you've made your point you're willing to let it slide? That's fine, except that it doesn't make ANY sense. Admit it - the only reason you killed anyone was so that afterwards the event will have some semblance of "meaning" and it'll give the characters a chance to explore their feelings. Isn't that right, Angry Chinese Guy? I knew it.

    And also, what about security? I mean, sure it was a suprise attack, but you'd think SOMEONE other than Jack would manage to take out a few or mount a defense? And shouldn't everyone on the CTU floor have some kind of self-defense training and a firearm at the ready, ESPECIALLY after 9/11 AND the numerous times they've been attacked in the last decade or so (show time that is)? I'm also extremely agitated at the fact that nobody in the White House seems to be able to recognize the fact that everything that's going on is China's doing. Certainly it was partially America's fault for allowing one of their agents to go rogue and steal the component and hand it over to the Chinese, and they should definitely help retrieve it. But what about the fact that the China illegally detained and tortured an innocent woman and then used her to coerce said agent into compliance? What about the fact that a small squadron of Chinese mercenaries illegally invaded an American government building, killed numerous government employees, and then kidnapped a teenage boy? What about the fact that all of these events are personally overseen and orchestrated by a man who works for the Chinese government? Why isn't anybody - Russia, America, anyone - pointing out the fact that CHINA is chiefly responsible here? CHINA is the country committing what are essentially acts of war? Why is President Suvarov whining and complaining at the United States and holding THEM responsible while the Chinese government gets a pass? And why is President Daniels LETTING him? It doesn't make any sense at all, ESPECIALLY after this episode.

    What a ridiculous episode. It seriously fails on all counts. At this point I'm done even hoping the remaining episodes will yield any positive results.
  • Old ideas...

    Mm.. so overall, we had to storylines - woman pretending nothing have happened with a man who is traitor and CTU under attack - and is it surprising or not - we have had quite the same storylines in previous seasons.

    The only shocking and maybe new thing was that they were after Josh Bauer - I was thinking about Milo or Morris again but not that boy.

    Other than that.. oh.. I most say - it all was to clear and visible and somehow even the Josh storyline was given away in "previously on".. they reminded us Jack's dad and Josh.. and to be honest, the connection was too visible.
  • Big Trouble in this little place that's not China but a crappily guarded US government building where Chinese dudes show up and cause big trouble anyway

    As if we haven't had enough "Die Hard" homages this season, Cheng sends a bunch of mercenaries to infiltrate CTU and retrieve an important item that'll somehow help him with the damaged sub-circuit board. We don't find out what/who this item is until late in the hour, and we don't find out why Cheng wants Josh (uh-huh) until the very last scene. But this is both a very fun episode and yet another great exposé on the dangers of working at CTU.
    The only good that comes out of Audrey's information from the last episode is that Doyle and the CTU gunmen are gone when Cheng's men arrive. Once they do, it's up to Jack to kill as much of them by himself as he can. Fun, fun, fun! The commando invasion also helps end the messy would-be relationship between Nadia and Milo. Despite my personal experiences with unrequited love and involuntary celibacy, that was getting grating.
    How did Tom Lennox go from advocating unconstitutional detention to observing impromptu pornography? Oh, well.
    I suppose that the return of the extended Bauer Family was inevitable; better this than to just drop the characters entirely. And is the final reveal farfetched and plot-convenient? Soytenly. The writers may have kinda screwed this season up, but at least they're trying to do some full-circle thing as we turn towards home plate. Plus, a little bang-bang always makes for easier consumption of ridiculous plotting.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Milo getting owned.
  • Shocker! You never know who will be next.

    Wow! One I like about this show is that you never know who will be next to get killed. You have characters that have been around for maybe 2-3 seasons and then BAM, dead, and your sitting there with your jaw hanging open in shock!
    In this epsiode the only thing I don't understand is why is CTU so easily accessible from underground. I'm sure banks are even fortified underground so why is a place that is so sophisticated and classified as CTU so vulnerable from below? And what's up with Nadia? She likes to throw her weight around with people in the office but when it comes down to some danger she cowers. Lead by example! Other then that she is a good character and very pretty.
  • A siege is lied on CTU, that makes the situation very tensioned...

    I found very exciting this episode...The main interest was the attack on CTU...I like a lot these types of episode because it shows the boldness in events...I remember a same episode in Alias, which was also great...So Cheng decides to attack CTU, in order to make the component operable...He sens a select group of people, who manage to take all CTU members captive...Jack is realised and eliminates some members of the commando before being capture...One finds out that behind this is Phillip Bauer , who wants to recover his nephew...The other even was that of Lisa who goes to meet with her boyfriend, with the mission to convince him of the fact that the situation is under control.
  • Better than last week but still recycling stories SPOILERS

    This episode is definitely better than last weeks, there's no doubt about that but it is so unoriginal and unbelievable (not in the good way).

    The story is basically Cheng launching an attack on CTU to get Josh Bauer out. He does this for Grandfather Bauer who is fixing the Russian circuit board for the Chinese.

    The story is unoriginal, CTU has been attacked so many times now it's just stupid. There's no way such an important government agency is that badly protected. It took Cheng's men about 2 minutes to get in and kill all the guards and take control. That part is very unconvincing.

    Jack's part is fairly small and for some reason he is suddenly a very bad shot. It's almost as though sometimes he can shoot straight and others he can't.

    The story seems to be taking very small steps in each episode and nothing really happens. If you missed this episode it wouldn't matter a huge amount to the overall plot.

    I would have thought that if CTU issued a "Code Red" Doyle would be notified and he would be sent back. Also, the camera work gave us the impression Doyle knew what had happened but again, that didn't happen.

    I suppose the only pivotal part is Milo being killed.
  • Am I the only one who's pissed that they killed off Milo?

    If you're looking for a summary, look away. I'm no one to judge the quality of the action in this episode, since I think that 24 has such outstanding suspense & action scenes that I only comment on it if they're bad. But hello! I don't know about anyone else, but I liked Milo. He was a jerk from time to time, but I could see that he totally cared about Nadia. He knew there was a possibility he would die if he did what he did, and he did it anyway. I mean, can't ONE PERSON on this show have a happy ending? Nadia and Milo could've been cute, if they could get it straight. But no, they had to have the whole so-obvious-one-of-them-is-gonna-die scene where they didn't get a chance to finish their conversation. The whole we've-got-time-to-sort-out-our-feelings deal. Time Shime. Hostage situation, Milo saves Nadia, bang. He's dead. Poor Nadia! Just like the whole Edgar thing last season. Let SOMEONE be happy for once!
  • Wow, when Heroes is lacking somewhat on Monday nights, you can always count on 24 to pick up the slack with an hour that truly goes back to the show's roots. Sick, dramatic, thrilling, action-packed, and revealing, this episode defined the series.

    Byline: Tommy S.

    Seriously, the annoying critics who've been complaining about the way this Day has been progressing pretty much got their mouths shut after this episode. Or, at least, should have. Important events that occurred during Hour 21 of Day 6:

    • CTU got their butts completely owned by the Chinese as Cheng's men, led by the mercenary Zhou (Ian Anthony Dale, who played Avatar Gamma in "Charmed," great to see Gamma back on TV) led a completely successful infiltration and raid (and pretty much annihilation) of the Counter-Terrorist Unit in its entirety. • Continuing from the last point, this was the first actual hostile takeover of CTU since 24: The Game, which took place chronologically after Day 2, in which Madsen and his men (under the orders of Max, of course) lured Jack, Tony, and most of CTU's resources away from the building before infiltrating it and taking Michelle and Kim hostage. Ahhh ... the good old days. • Milo's swan song. Wow ... umm, two days ago I didn't understand why everyone was so worked up over Milo's death. I mean, it's "24," people are expected to die. But yeah, after watching the headshot go down for myself, now I understand. Sick. The effect probably would've been even greater if I hadn't been spoiled about it happening ahead of time. So much for anyone besides Jack making it out alive on this show. In the end, I'm confidant that everyone on Earth in the "24" universe will be dead except for Jack Bauer.

    • Like I said earlier in the week, Rena Sofer made her return in this episode as "Marilyn Bauer" as well as her return on "Heroes" during the same hour as "Heidi Petrelli." But yeah, her role here was far more important than it was in her one scene on this week's "Heroes." • Lisa Miller and Mark Bishop had sex (which for some reason had to be shown on-screen) for 45 minutes while Tom Lennox listened in on behalf of President Daniels. Not exactly the highlight of the episode.

    • "Heroes" can shock people with its twists and turns every week, but so can its competition. Phillip Bauer returned before the Day was even over, turning out to be once and for all, the real "big bad" of the season and more than likely, next season as well. Uhh, I'd say "24" still has loads of potential and has set itself up well for the next two seasons. As for those of you who keep ranting about how much you hate the show right now, those of us who actually ARE continuing to enjoy what is still the best show on TV encourage you to stop watching. -----------------------------

    My only beef with this hour? WAY too much drama for "24." I mean seriously, with the Morris/Chloe crap, and the Jack/Marilyn stuff, and not to mention the Daniels/Miller/Bishop "love" triangle (can I hurl now or later?), thank God for the Asian mercenaries killing people left and right, or else this episode would have turned out more like tonight's One Tree Hill than an hour of *still* the best show on TV, 24.

    Jack Bauer will be the easter egg in my "Heroes" Volume 1 Music Video.
  • Exciting ending! Edge of the seat!

    Absolutely super! Had me glued to my seat AGAIN, hating the interruption of the commercials. Hated/loved the shocker at the end. Milo was a likeable character, but that's 24 for ya! You never know what's coming! This show, more than the others, showed "real" people with "real" emotions. Lots of variety, the whole range! One complaint only: they could lose the Milo and Chloe connection. Seems a waste of time when there is so much EXCITEMENT running through the rest of the show. They don't seem well suited, anyway, and ages, worlds, and experiences apart. Despite THAT, I still love this show. It's the only thing on TV that takes me out of this life into another dimension.
  • Ah the sewer system the only weak spot to any counter terrorism unit building

    Ah the sewer system the only weak spot to any counter terrorism unit building.I mean really? Ah well i will try and forgive that and Jacks dad involved again in some zany scheme (bad guy? good guy? does anyone care about that any more) At least some good has come of this episode Mylo is gone Hurray!! Got bored of him a few episodes back, didnt really add anything to the show for me. Although it seems like im completly hating on this episode i was impressed with Chengs men storming CTU and then Jack kicking some ass (as usual)
  • Back To Its Roots!

    This episode was a serious piece of kick-ass material! After this episode I realised one thing. 24 is at it's best when Jack Bauer is rogue. All this team work crap doesn't work well with him. Although I should say, when we was with Chase that was awesome, I reckon Doyle and Jack would make an acceptable team. But they need to be out saving the world. Away from boring old LA. Season 6 has been very up and down, more so than any other season. If Season 7 wants to be better than Season 6 it needs to take a lesson from the best episodes of this season so far; Episode 1, 4, 17 and 21. They all have the pure essence of 24 and make excellent TV.

    Now back to the review.
    It was an absolutely riveting episode. CTU gets breached and fellow CTU personal are killed. Including Milo Pressman. Much to Nadias Dismay. Jack Kicks gets out of holding and kicks some ass (He takes out close to half the team lol). Kick some ass jack! OWN IT!
  • great episode

    Audrey Raines is taken away from CTU by her dad. Her dad gets CTU to work out a restraining order for Jack to make sure he doesn't get anywhere close to her. A tac team goes to Bloomfield where they might be able to find Cheng. Lennox instructs Lisa to work undercover in hopes of getting Russia to withdraw their threats. Things go really crazy in this episode, the adrenaline is raised for the anticipation of the end of this season, just a few more hours to go but the action and the drama isn't dying down, it's only getting really rough.
  • Started out as one of the better episodes but by the end was the same old stuff.

    Ok starting with the episode,it seemed like a move back to the roots.24 got back to what it was good at... some old style action.But it was pretty easy to deduce what the writers were trying to arrive at.So in the end the episode turned out to be nothing more than a whimper.

    Like some have pointed out this season ended with the death of fayed.But anyway it was starting to lose the plot much before that.

    In retrospect 24 suffered from familiarity. too many things rehashed too many times meant the viewers were gonna get fed up of it sooner rather than later.

    What 24 needs is a change of city ,may be even a change of country.After last years finale I was really looking forward to 24 hoping we would finally see bauer in a country outside the USA.Unfortunately that didn't happen and bauer ended up here doing pretty much what he has for the past 5 seasons.

    If the producers of this show hope to revitalize 24, they seriously need to take a look at the ambience of it .probably they could blow up the CTU office and move it somewhere else or they could change jack's role from that of a CTU agent to a CIA or an NSA one .However if they intend to dish out the same old crap next season I am pretty sure that could be jack's last day.

    P.S:- I wouldn't mind seeing jack die too. After all the show is bout a day in a CTU agent's life. Why not bring in a new agent. Probably a character like Doyle,but we need someone else to play that character cos the person doin it now makes me yawn
  • Plot: Cheng and his men attack CTU to capture Josh. Jack kills a lot of dudes, but is unable to defeat his Asian counterpart. Lisa goes undercover to convince the Russians that she isn’t a slut. She fails. For TV reviews www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Jack’s father returns and hires Cheng and his men to attack CTU to capture Josh. Jack kills a lot of dudes, but is unable to defeat his Asian counterpart. Lisa goes undercover to convince the Russians that she isn’t a slut. She fails.

    The season plods on with yet another mediocre episode. 24’s bombastic ad campaign refuses to admit this. Promising us an action packed adventure even though we all know we are going to have to suffer through thirty minutes of Chloe and Morris in couples therapy.

    With Audrey’s help, CTU is closing in on Cheng’s location. Doyle and random squat guys break into the supposed hideout but they are too late. The Chinese are nowhere to be seen. However, they did leave a nice pile of assorted heavy weaponry. I guess they packed a few extra bazookas just in case.

    It becomes clear that the Chinese are planning a major assault, but who could they possibly be after? This is the question you would be asking yourself if you had the deduction skills of a four year old. CTU gets attacked every season, its like a mathematical constant, just accept it. Did Edgar die for nothing people! That security system leaves a lot to be desired. Cheng must have learned a lot from his time with Jack because he has created the ultimate Chinese counterpart. Asian Bauer takes over CTU in minutes and does the world a huge favor by putting a bullet to Milo’s head. Nadia was going to get with Doyle anyways, but now she can feel guilty forever about it. It’s the best Milo could have hoped for. It remains to be seen why Jack’s father is helping Cheng or why he is so obsessed with his grandson. Parting Thought: Milo you were too much of a tool for this world.
  • WHY???

    How could they kill off Milo? Wmy? I really liked him! The moment that he stood up and said that he was the acting director of CTU I knew what was coming. Nadia must feel like a total jerk for treating him like crap and then he pretty much saved her life. I knew that they would probably kill off a major character this season but why did it have to be Milo? This is as random as when they killed Edgar last season! And I feel bad for Josh. He's so confused about what's happening and now he's being taken to his Grandpa who he's not going to be happy to see. I still can't believe they killedd off Milo! So Sad!
  • While there are certain plot twists that 'hit big' even for the 6th time they're used, their shock value lessens. This episode is a good example of that.

    CTU's under attack... again.
    Yet another plot twist in season 6 that has been used in season 2 - then in season 3... and in season 5. While rehashing plotlines/twists isn't neccesserely a bad thing, it definitely makes the episode less surprising.

    The chinese' agenda is, by the end of the episode revealed. Again, not a big surprise, but good to see that the writers didn't forget about the early plotlines they opened earlier this season.

    Unfortunately, the episode fails to shock most of the auidence by killing off a cast member. Milo's death was either:

    -- 'neutral': the geeky guy from season 1, reappeared in season 6 just to be killed off? Yeah, he had a bad-ass moment in the seasons, but other than that, he was just serving the well deserved to be hated love triangle story.

    -- way too cold: and for those who liked his character... this was way too cruel, even for 24. No silent clock, nothing. Instant headshot. A life ended. So quickly. And no one really seemed to care. I expected Nadia to be a little more sad about it.

    Overally, decent episode, much better than the previous one, but 24 doesn't quite deliver still.
  • That's more like it. Action, a death, a twist at the end, and oh yeah, and a government sting operation. Contains spoilers if you haven't watch it.

    This was one of the better episodes with Jack taking out a good number of hostiles. The storyline has moved along nicely as we find out Philip Bauer's shocking involvement on the assault of CTU by providing the security codes to Cheng. We also find out that he's repairing the sub-circuit board for Cheng in exchange for Josh. What does he want with Josh?

    Wow. Another assault on CTU and another death. This time Milo. Shocking? yes. And he did it to save Nadia. His death didn't have a much impact on me as Edgar's, though.

    I'm glad they're slow-playing the Lisa/Bishop sting operation. Lennox should have known that you can't expect it to go according to plan.

    Overall, great episode. Enough action and a well-paced episode with the Lisa/Bishop thing not taking up too much of the episode at the end. Go get em, Jack!
  • Jack is back!

    Man, this season sure has been a lot slower and less important than past ones. The only season that it has been better than is season 1. However, this episode brought back the joy that is 24. CTU is under attack, and it's up to Jack to take out as many as he can. Unfortunately, Milo won't be so lucky, as he gets shot in the head. Poor guy. I was really starting to like the guy.

    But the most important thing is Jack is back!!! I don't think I can say that enough. His fight from the holding room to the main area was intense. We really needed more of this for season 6. And what a wonderful thing to have Rena Sofer back, offering to "be there" for Jack when this is all over. Let's hope she survives, because - to be honest - I would rather be comforted by the lovely Rena (I've liked her ever since Saved by the Bell: Hawai'in Style) than be with Audrey. I know he loved Audrey and everything; but, dude, it's RENA SOFER!!!

    I just hope the rest of the season bring back the awesome action this episode promises.
  • Hrmmm... Very interesting. Definatly very good. CTU is attacked - as usual.

    Why on earth does Phillip need to break into CTU, kill Milo and steal Josh??? That makes no sense. The chinese need to die this season.

    CTU's regular attack was well done. So far, we have seen:
    - Bomb S2
    - Nina on the loose! S3
    - Nerve gas S5
    - Armed nutters with big guns S6 + Game

    This is something I have wanted to see for a while. Jack shooting people at CTU.

    Mike Doyle is becoming more likeable, and I hope he comes back next season. Nadia... the jury is still out on her. Morris, I actually expected him to kill himself after Chloes little "Don't go arming nukes for terrorists!" quip a few episodes ago.

    Where is Bill??? I can't understand why he can't make it through a day without being let go!?! Same with Audrey... This had better not be the end with her... I mean.. "shes dead. Shes alive. Shes nuts. Shes gone."

    The last 3 episodes had better be really good to make up for some dodgy ones.

    This episode overall has been rather good.
  • A solid episode, even though the continuing recycling of plot points finds me experiencing deja vu over and over again...over and over again...over and over again...over and over again

    Goodbye, Milo, we hardly knew ye! Good, fast-paced episode tonight, even if some of the old 24 tropes are getting a little moldy: Highly-placed White House staffer gets pumped (hehe) for information by enemy agent. Good guys find out, and she is sent back to entrap agent

    A CTU perimeter fails

    A CTU tac team arrives at the obligatory warehouse hideout of the bad guys, 15 minutes after Elvis has left the building

    A satellite image feed has to be rewound to find those elusive ole bad guys

    CTU is attacked

    Jack, who is in custody (again), is released from his cell by a soon-to-be-dead CTU guard (by the way, who trains these guys- did any of them even get a shot off?) You get the idea- been there, done that. Still, it was a thrilling episode, and I can't wait to see how this season ends. The Josh Bauer angle really surprised me, and in no way did I see Milo's demise coming, even though I was getting sick and tired of his hangdog moping around. So, BadDad is returning next week to whisk Himberly off to China? I'm anxious to see what's in store for Philip Bauer, even if the plotline is a little iffy. And Jack is on the move again next episode...Man, Cheng is sushi, dude!
  • This whole Chinese thing is getting to me...

    I started out thinking this was a 9, but the more I thought about it the lower it went - so I figured I better review this now while it was still an 8. Tomorrow it might be a 7.

    The episode on its own had some good moments with Jack blowing away bad guys, but I still keep getting the hollow feeling that Day 6 really ended with Fayed hanging. Jack stole that move from Die Hard, then again last night he did it again by using the machinegun to jam the venilator fan so Josh could escape(temporarily). It just seems like Day 6 is a mishmash or recycled plots for Days 1-5; alot of people are saying this and theyre right.

    The whole storyline about the Whitehouse, Daniels, Lisa and everything else is getting stale. Even Shanks guest spot is lost in the cloud of smoke - in fact I hardly noticed him. The whole plot with the Chinese storming the CTU is a bit ridiculous - the Whitehouse crew led by wild eyed Daniels seem only worried about fooling the Russians! Why not just call up the Chinese and tell them if they dont get their goons out of the CTU and the country and pay reparations - theres going to be serious consequences - if the Russians attack US bases, then the equivalent damage will be visited on China. Plus its hard to figure that the Russians would actually risk all out war (possibly going nuclear) over encryption methods that could easily be changed. Seeing Milo take a bullet was shocking but at the end of the Day, nobody really like Milo.... so it was no big loss.......

    I really want to say 24 rocks like it used to, but it just doesnt. It still good, its just need some fine tuning and a new direction. Send Jack to kill Hitler or John Wilkes Booth! Ok, that may be a little extreme, but things need to change for Day 7. Just changing the city isnt going to be enough. Maybe he could go to work for the CIA to stop worldwide 24 city nuclear bombing terrorist plot against America... over the course of 24 days rather than 24 hours. Sort of a combination of Jericho's Robert Hawkins and the Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy movies. Whatever they do with Jack Bauer, he needs to evolve.
  • Milo is dead, Chinese take over etc...you can read the other reviews for the summary

    I'm extremely disappointed with the this season of 24. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of 24 watching since the first episode with the 2nd and 5th season being the favorites. This season is just cut and paste. THats all the did this season. THe first four episodes were classic. The best opening sequence for any 24, but it just went downhill from there.
    This particular episode was just poorly paid out. I think 24 has run its course and needs to be finished maybe next season should be the series finale before they spoil this great show.
  • Overall, this episode is a relatively solid attempt at giving the season a reasonable conclusion, at least until the final act descends into needless shock tactics.

    As the episode begins, Jack has been ordered by Secretary of Defense Heller to leave Audrey alone, and the legal documentation necessary to enforce that order is in the works. Jack is looking for a way to clean up his mess, despite Daniels’ order to keep Jack out of it. Nadia, already worried about her authority, sticks with the presidential order. It’s not the kind of situation Jack typically finds himself in, and it leaves him feeling helpless. All in all, a good start. With Jack still in custody, Doyle is once again placed in his typical role as Jack’s stand-in.

    Out of nowhere, Marilyn and Josh return to the story, after disappearing for a huge chunk of the season. Josh is disgusted with being a Bauer, especially after watching endless footage of the near-forgotten nuclear blast from the premiere. Why Chloe would choose to tell Marilyn about Audrey is hard to understand; it’s a fair guess that it was a way to weave them back into the story to tie up loose ends.

    Similarly, Marilyn is given access to Jack, despite the fact he’s in custody, and she’s even allowed to bring Josh into the detention room. Why this is permissible is hard to reconcile. Considering how the rest of the episode plays out, it’s clearly a plot convenience, designed to explain why certain characters are in certain locations when the time comes.

    Back at the White House, Lisa is used to draw her ally, Mr. Bishop, into a sting operation. Daniels feels betrayed by Lisa, which is certainly understandable. The sting operation itself is a bit overlong, especially since there seems to be little point to it all, beyond making things difficult for Daniels and sexing things up a bit.

    The episode was going strong until, once again, things get ridiculous with a horribly written scene between Morris and Chloe. The writers have all but butchered her character this season, and right now, it’s hard to imagine how that mistake will be corrected. The only thing more awkward is the ridiculous mess between Nadia and Milo. As usual, the agents at CTU pick the worst possible time to resolve their personal issues. Perhaps it would be harder for terrorists to assault CTU if more time was spent on national security instead of the dating pool.

    It’s hard to care when Milo is killed, because his character was poorly established and his role this season has been all over the map. It’s certainly not on the same level as Michelle, Edgar, or Tony, and this is practically the definition of “shock tactic”. It serves no purpose other than to make this plot twist appear edgy.

    The return of Philip Bauer, in association with Cheng, could lead to some answers to lingering questions from throughout the season. At this point, the various confusing interconnections are so vast and contradictory that a satisfying set of answers may be impossible to provide. At this point, the writers should have the chance to use the final three episodes to explain themselves and attempt a reasonable conclusion, even if there’s little chance that it will happen.
  • Things are beginning to make sense

    Things are picking up after a slow start to the season and when they pick up, they only will get better with time. Jack is held hostage at CTU as Cheung prepares to launch a missle. Morris & Chole try to maintain a professional relationship knowing that their break-up is making it harder for them. Lennox uses as a decoy, Lisa for the Russians. Really good show again!
  • Very good episode, so things are starting to sum up.

    This was a great episode. I really liked this one especally because of the attack on CTU. The Chinese take over CTU looking for Josh Bauer under Jack's fathers orders. I liked how this episode went together. And what a shock Milo's death was. I really was not expecting that. With a good episode like this we can only hope that the the last few episodes this season will be great. The White house story is a little week ut the Jack story is going strong. I wonder how this day is going to end. Overall i think this was a well written episode. Nadia and Doyle are definatly getting closer, but where is Bill. Chole cannot handle the break up well so this may show more in the next few episodes. So overall i realy liked this episode cannot wait for next week.
  • Well that made no sense whatsoever!

    This was possibly the most pointless episode of 24 ever made. It was almost interesting to watch but the ending didn't make any sense.

    So, Jack's dad helped the chinese fix 'the component' in exchange for help extracting his grandson from CTU. Am I missing something here? Josh and his mother were going to leave CTU anyway so why not wait until they walk out the front door?

    How easy was it to break into CTU? The chinese mentioned that Jack's dad gave them security information, where did he manage to get all the codes to completely disable CTU, none of it was explained! And obviously the only way into CTU is through the barbaque grill at the end of the public sewer. Once you are inside, the world is your oyster.

    Season 6 of 24 is almost over, let's hope they don't make another. If they do then let's hope they try and write something original.
  • Ok on my marks: one, two, gooooo

    Ok 24 has went and just done it again, last night episodes was one of the most exciting i've watched in a long time, great 24 with a little touch of die hard going on as well. There is so much to say about this episode, however it saddens me that yet again we have people trying to bring down this seasons sucess. Ok so people have gotten into CTU before and yes ctus security may not be the best, but who cares, its 24 these things happen. I dont complain everytime i see a new death on CSI for the past 170 episodes, 24 have really taken this show to a new level, and as the final draws ever nearer i hope the season can keep up the pace it was able to create in this episode. Great stuff.
  • Finally some action

    My wife and I were calmly watching this episode and saying that it getting a bit boring and not edge of your seat exciting like in the old days. Well 3 quarters of the way through we sat up with a jolt as CTU was attacked and Mylo was shot. How nice of him to save her life by pretending he was running CTU. THen good old Jack trying to save the day and his Dad coming back into the picture. We are breathlessly awaiting to see why he wants his grandson. And how the Chinese villain is going to get his come-uppance. Bravo!!
  • Review

    The first parts of the episode were pretty bad, with everyone getting into position and Jack remaining in custody. The attack on CTU was a bit reused and you would think there would be no way for any terrorist cell to infultrate such an important US building, but I still liked the action even if it was a little unreal. Jack being in custody for so longis really bringing down this season. He was in trouble for almost 30 minutes before he was finnaly able to get out. I hope the writers keep him out of handcuffs next year and have him be more involved. Lisa Millers storlyine was kind of boring, as she all ready messed things up the second she stepped in the door. I thought that part of the epsiode was very filler and overall pretty boring. The Jack Bauer scenes once again save an episode, you would think the writers would pick up that Jack Bauer is 24 and they should include him more.
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