Season 6 Episode 9

Day 6: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on FOX
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Marilyn gives Jack a lead that will help him find Gredenko, but they hit a wall as Phillip takes steps to cover his tracks.

As Lennox learns more about Reed's plan, the Vice-President pushes Wayne to reconsider his dialogue with Assad.

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  • What's with the "2pm - 3pm" hours, man?

    With two down and three to go, you think things might be a little more dramatic and exciting than this. Okay, everyone's recovering from the insanity of "1pm - 2pm," and I guess it seemed only right to follow it up with a downtime full of quiet conversations and villainously sneaky maneuvers.Nothing momentous happens in Wayne's house. Lennox and Pollock scheme some, and Wayne gets flak from VP Noah Daniels for consorting with Assad. Over at CTU, a depressed Morris needs a little cheering up from Chloe, or at least her version of "cheering up."The second Bigbad of the day shows up to steal Fayed's screentime and keep the story moving. Once CTU finds out about Dmitri Gredenko via some kind of plot device, Jack goes to question him and brings his sister-in-law Marilyn along to point out the house. Might as well make these characters useful.Yes, the Bauer Family is back in the limelight, sans Graem. As Jack enters remorse mode over his brother's death, Phillip broods evilly, later using Josh to blackmail Marilyn and continue concealing his involvement in the terror plot. What do we get in the end? An exploding house, a two-bit vehicle chase, and an exploding van. I wish I could be more thrilled and less unthrilled. They sure cut their work out for themselves with that mushroom cloud.Hourly Highlight:Jack literally jumping through the window of opportunity.moreless
  • Much of taking but stunning end...

    I most say most part of this episode was just a big talk, talk and talk - nothing much going on. Just so many people with their emotions and problems but they did not managed to get the feeling trough - so it looked quite lame.

    But the ending was getting better from the moment Marilyn said she might know where the Russian general is. So from that on it was a hunt - but not the way they wanted as Jack's father get into the play - took Marilyn's son and lead them to trap.. Great ending for.. Exciting to see the next one.moreless
  • This was a great episode.

    After watching this episode i have to say how much i enjoyed it. I cannot see why people constantly complain about this season, as this episode was really great. Basically what happened was Marilyn gives Jack a lead that will help him find Gredenko, but they hit a wall as Phillip takes steps to cover his tracks. Overall i thought this was a very good episode, and so far it looks to be a promising season. I can see why people are saying there are similarities with other seasons but isn't there always. Almost half way though season 6... Will Jack be able to stop his father...moreless
  • Phillip Bauer does the worst mistake of his life...Wayne is in danger...

    This episode was great...it had both adventure and unpredictability... Jack return to CTU where he is placed in a tough situation due to his involvement in his brother's killing...Phillip does everything to cover his tracks...Marilyn seems to remember a possible encounter between Gredenko and her late husband...On their way there, Phillip does the biggest mistake he could make, in the sense that he threatens Marilyn with killing Josh , if he doesn't say what he wants her to...In my opinion this is a grave mistake, cause it's only a matter of time before Marilyn will gave in...Also, in this episode we are made aware of the plan of Gredenko...to get his revenge on the Americans by using the Arabs...Another important part, was the plot to kill Wayne...Although Lennox seems to be on the plotter's party, i think that this is only an appearance on his behalf.moreless
  • Started off slow and emotional, ended with a lot of action.

    It's been a few weeks since I last saw an episode... I have to say it took me a while to get back into the story of this season. I've been watching the first part of season five with some friends, so the two seasons are a bit mixed up in my mind. I can't remember if Gredenko was part of season five or is new for this season... That's part of the thing with 24, names are repeated so often each season that you feel like they've always been part of the show.

    My favorite scene of the episode was when Jack returned to CTU and talked to Chloe, asking if she was alright. I loved seeing him be sweet to her and show that he cares for her. I don't see the two as couple material in any way, but I think that's what I like about them. They're male and female and they make a great team, but we don't have to have the romance storyline. He's earned her trust and she's earned his, and now that Tony's gone she's the one person he can rely on. The show needs someone like Chloe to always be there for Jack, and it's great to see that he appreciates her. The one thing I miss though is Chloe's social awkwardness. She seems to be much more well adjusted in this season, and while that might simply be character development it means her role as comic relief is gone. And Chloe was the perfect comic relief for this show, since her awkwardness was funny without being in the way. This season she doesn't seem to have that anymore. Her "I'm glad he didn't kill you" comment to Jack could have been very Chloe-awkward but it wasn't, and her first scene with Morris wasn't awkward either. And why is Chloe wearing a skirt? It doesn't seem like her to me. Although she was kind of back to her old ways when she told Morris he was pissing her off. That's the Chloe we know and love!

    Daddy Bauer is one mean potato, isn't he? He was really milking the conversation in the morgue for all it was worth, trying to make Jack feel as guilty as possible. I wonder what Jack ever did to piss him off like that. I'm a bit surprised that he showed his true colors to Marilyn so quickly. I hope he doesn't hurt Josh. Frankly it's getting a bit annoying that every season has a teenager that Jack must save.

    The first ten, fifteen minutes were quite uneventful. No one seemed to be too busy with work, they were just kind of walking around. Personally I don't mind that, though. It kind of gives the show a stronger touch of reality. Nobody can work super hard for 24 hours straight, there will be slower moments. And it was effectful that they placed several scenes dealing with character emotions right after each other, instead of breaking them up with more action-esque sequences.

    People at CTU insist on having personal or incriminating phone calls in the hallway. It really makes no sense to me.

    Something else that doesn't make sense to me... When Daddy Bauer gave Graem the last injection with the pentatol he just sort of left it lying there. Wouldn't Burke realise that the needle just appeared out of nowhere? Wouldn't he keep track of how many injections he had used? And above all, wouldn't he have removed the pentatol from the scene when he was done using it? I mean, who leaves stuff like that lying around?

    What exactly is the vice president hoping to achieve? He makes it sound as if they must apprehend all arabs in order to stop the three remaining nukes. How are they supposed to do that in time? It's got to take days, if not weeks. I'm glad this season takes a stand against persecution. I just hope that Assad won't turn out to be working for the terrorists after all. It would make the whole point they're trying to make this season seem pointless, and it's not.

    Tom Lennox is a very interesting character. I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again. He fits the characteristics of a villain on a show, since he's activly working against the protagonists. But he doesn't come across as a villain. Through great writing, and some amazing acting by Peter MacNichol, he comes across as a good guy who's just on the wrong trail. He seems to have good intentions and like he truly wants what's best, only he's got the wrong ideas about it. Even now, when he's drawn into this conspiracy against Palmer, he comes across as someone who's a good guy inside.

    It was great seeing Milo out in the field. His driving stunts were quite impressive. I sure hope they don't kill him off though. Not only is he a great character, but it's so nice to have a character from the first season back on the show. With Palmer and Tony gone, the show could really use a character from the old days.moreless
Adrian Neil

Adrian Neil


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Maury Sterling

Maury Sterling


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Natalija Nogulich

Natalija Nogulich

CTU Doctor

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James Cromwell

James Cromwell

Phillip Bauer

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Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe

Reed Pollock

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Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

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    • Chloe: Morris- I know you've been through a lot today, but you're really starting to piss me off.
      Morris: Well, add that to my list of failings. (Chloe slaps Morris) Why did you do that?
      Chloe: I didn't want to.
      Morris: Look, if you're gonna try and save a bloke, save someone who's worth it.

    • Chloe: I'm really glad Fayed didn't kill you this morning.
      Jack: Yeah, me too.

    • Jack: I lost control.I tried to tell you I didn't think I could do this. This job. I wanted to kill my brother. I wanted him dead. I was standing over him...and I looked up and I saw my father in the doorway...and everything just stopped.

    • Jack: You cannot cover this up. I ordered Agent Burke to administer the hyocine-pentathol. I killed my brother. Whatever the consequences are, I accept them. Bill...do this right.

    • Assad: As someone who has alienated followers by choosing the unpopular course, I suggest you tread carefully among your people.
      Wayne: Mr. Assad, our cultures are very different, sir.
      Assad: It's not just a cultural issue, Mr. President. It's simple human nature. They will come after you. I assure you of that.

    • Daniels: (to Wayne on the phone) There's a thin line between conviction and stubbornness. You can stand firm, but just know that...you're standing alone.

    • Assad: You are paying a very high price for doing this.
      Wayne: Not as high as my country will pay if I'm wrong.

    • Phillip: Do the right thing, Marilyn. I already lost a son today. Don't make me lose a grandson.

    • Phillip: (to his man on the phone) We've got to get to him before they do. If Gredenko implicates me, everything-- the company I founded and spent my life protecting-- it's over, you understand?

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