Season 6 Episode 10

Day 6: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Marilyn tells Jack the truth about his father's involvement in the day's conspiracy. Jack uses her in an attempt to get to Phillip.

Chloe covers for Morris when he turns to an old vice after reaching the breaking point, while Milo finds himself over his head in fieldwork.

Lennox takes a hard stand as Reed's deadly plan to shift presidential control moves forward.moreless

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  • Bauer vs. Bauer

    A two-bit foot chase is quickly over with, and the episode mainly focuses on a sting operation to rescue Josh and capture Phillip, which ends up only half successful. Marilyn also gives Gredenko's real location to CTU, but alas, he's already gone by the time they get there. And Morris comes close to an alcoholic relapse. I did say "MAINLY focuses," did I not?Only in the second half does the presidential assassination plot start to juice up. Turns out that Lennox is secretly planning to stop Pollock and redeem his weasel self. Too bad Pollock learns of this almost at the same time we do and knocks Lennox out. This is an annoying episode for the good guys.As ludicrous as Phillip Bauer has proven to be, he is an entertaining character, and he makes this episode very much worth it. In the span of an hour, he points a gun at both his son and his grandson, demonstrates Batman-esque vanishing prowess, and decides to help CTU out by giving Jack a link to an old friend…actually, enemy—or maybe friend now? Confusion abound, but such is on-the-fly telewriting. At least they managed to come up with a great way to get people to tune in next time.Hourly Highlight:Jack and Phillip's rooftop confrontation. Sucks that this is the closest to a showdown they'll ever have.moreless
  • Danger.. and great turns in story

    Again - they seems to build episode is quite same schema - they have exciting start to continue last episode end (this time Jack coming in last minute to save Milo and Marilyn), then they have a lot of time nothing happening, much talking.. oh.. I really most say all the Morris down did not caught me much and his char.. ok - we get he made a mistake and he suffers but somehow it does not look believable on the screen.

    Best part of this episode was Jack's struggle to get to his father and then free Marilyn's son.. and I like the end - when Jack makes that call.moreless
  • Really outstanding episode.

    Wow this episode was really something to talk about wasn't it? So Jack finally finds out how far his father is involved and how far he willing to go to protect the 'families legacy'... whatever that is.... I have to say though that i feel for Jack, but we really got a taste of how ruthless his father can be so maybe Jack is right to be concered about him. As for the nukes, i really don't know where they are going with that story. A lot of intresting things happened this episode and i am keen to find out what is going to happen next.moreless
  • Phillip Bauer plays a very bold and dangerous game...

    Very enjoyable episode this one...Unfortunately a lot of my suspicions came true...Marilyn spilt out everything and Jack found out the truth about his father...Phillip gives the impression of being fooled by Jack at first but he manages to outsmart him...he plays a dangerous game in trying to protect his company and surrendering his family instead...In the plot to kill the president Tom's position is revealed, Reed managing to prevent him from making this plot public...A wonderful surprise was the return of Charles Logan who promises Jack some information...I must admit i was surprised to see Philip managing to escape...i thought he would be eliminated, either by Jack or Marilyn,but although he was one step from killing Jack he rather escape.moreless
  • Surprising

    This episode was kind of slow, until the end. The surprise ending lifted the episode IMHO.

    Why is it that the characters can travel to any LA location within 15 minutes, but when you need backup the teams are always ten minutes away?

    Marilyn is completely useless. Ugh. Do we seriously need another Kate Warner on this show? Wasn't Sandra Palmer enough? I hope Marilyn is gone now.

    Jack found out about his father soon enough. I thought it was going to be a big secret throughout the season. Glad I was wrong. The end scene between them was quite good.

    The new storyline with Morris is interesting. Almost anyone would have done what he did in that situation; people who aren't trained to withstand torture probably will break. Somewhere he knows that, but that doesn't stop him from feeling guilty, which is also something I think most people would feel. His emotional turmoil probably started when Jack said "you gave him something that WORKS?" It didn't seem to have dawned on him until then that he could have given them something that wouldn't work. I wonder where they'll go with this storyline. I'm guessing he'll either get to redeem himself (possibly by sacrificing his life) or that he will committ suicide before the day is over. The alcohol problem seems unnecessary though.

    Just when I was about to cheer for Lennox' decision, that rat he's been talking to comes out of nowhere and whacks him. I had not expected that.

    As for the plot twist at the end... wow. I can imagine that a lot of people considered it a bad twist, but personally I really liked it. Great seeing Logan again. Is he finally going to prove capable of anything?moreless
James C. Victor

James C. Victor

Agent Hal Turner

Guest Star

Will Radford

Will Radford


Guest Star

Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzie

Agent Hollister

Guest Star

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

Phillip Bauer

Recurring Role

Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe

Reed Pollock

Recurring Role

Rade Serbedzija

Rade Serbedzija

Dmitri Gredenko

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Jack asks Hacker to dial Phillip's number, but what we hear is the sound of automatic dial.

    • When Morris O'Brian is at the store, he puts a Red Bull and pack of cigarettes on the counter and then ask for a pint of whiskey. However when he leaves the store all he has in his hands is the whiskey and some mints.
      The clerk at the store only mentioned that he was leaving his change and not the Red Bull and cigarettes.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jack: Don't even think about trying to warn my father. Once he sees that you brought me here, he's more likely to shoot you than I am. You understand me?

    • Store owner: (Looking at the TV) Hell of a day, huh?
      Morris: Yeah, you could say that.

    • Kozelek Hacker: Drop your weapon!
      Jack: Let her go!
      Kozelek Hacker: Drop your weapon or I will kill her!
      Jack Bauer: If you wanted to kill her she'd be dead by now. Now drop your weapon, or I will use mine.

    • Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. Who am I talking to?
      Logan: You must've exhausted all your options to find Gredenko.
      Jack: Who is this?
      Logan: It's Charles Logan, Jack.

    • Phillip: I'm a patriot, Jack. I never wanted any harm to come to this country.
      Jack: You want to lie to yourself, you go ahead, but stop lying to me! You let all of this happen just so you could cover up what you did!
      Phillip: You have all the smarts that Graem never had.

    • Jack: (to Marilyn) You know how to use this? Point and shoot.

    • Milo: Has he been drinking?
      Chloe: You smelled it on his breath?
      Milo: Yeah.
      Chloe: I did, too. I already talked to him about it. He didn't metabolize the alcohol.
      Milo: He didn't metabolize the alcohol?

    • Phillip: Jack, even when you were young, I learned never to underestimate you.

    • Phillip: (to Josh when he was trying to escape) Josh...Don't even think about it. No one's life is worth the destruction of everything I've built.

    • Nadia: Morris, when Milo gets here,I want you to debrief him as soon as medical gives you the okay.
      Morris: Yeah, yeah, I'll debrief him, and thanks for rubbing that salt in the wounds.
      Nadia: What are you talking about?
      Morris: The nukes are armed because I'm a coward, and now you want me to listen to Milo talk about what a bloody hero he is. Agh!

    • Buchanan: Jack, what's going on?
      Jack: I'll explain everything later.
      Buchanan: That's not good enough.
      Jack: Bill, please. Just trust me. This is personal.

    • Marilyn: How do you know he won't betray us?
      Jack: He wants to live.

  • NOTES (2)