Season 6 Episode 23

Day 6: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • great episode

    Doyle takes Josh to where Philip Bauer wants to meet them. Jack calls Karen for help regarding the exchange, she helps out with some assistance from Bill. Not much scenery on this episode, but it's still an action packed episode. The pacing was done really well, the intrigue kept me on the edge of my seat. It's closing in on the climax, the next episode should be really exciting. 24 never disappoints. The writers always find a way how to make each episode feel like it's fast paced. I never get bored of this show, every episode is something worth watching.
  • Fantastic.

    This episode was really on track. I think most of the episode was great although the ending made it what it is. So it looks like Jack and Philip are going to have a big showdown for the final hour i can't wait to find out what is going to happen there. It was good to see Bill back, but now him and Karen are in serious trouble. Poor Doyle is now blind and what is going on with Chloe. The writers have still got a lot of stuff they need to wrap up in the final episode. I can't believe we only have one episode left this season. 24 is so good and addictive. Lets hope the next episode is even better.
  • Without a shadow of a doubt; the best 24 episode I have ever watched

    To be truly contentious, it must be stated that this episode had a dimension totally unheard of in the six seasons of 24 I have watched.

    I have not missed an episode; I have watched 144 of them to be exact. An amount totaling 100.8 hours of my life, 4.2 days.

    And until the 33rd minute, it was set to be another storyline finale. It was not until Jack lept from the helicopter that the enormity of the episode flourished to it's fullest. The death of Terry Bauer, Sherry Palmer, even the triumph over "Charles" paled in comparison. Even Jack's pathetic sobbing at the end of Season three was second best.

    The brief 10 minutes confronting Hellar, was the most compelling insight into the 24 world I had ever witnessed. It literally brought a tear into my eye, the storyline was indeed not foreign to me but as such was the sheer attachment I have to Jack Bauer that it could not be ignored.

    The 5 minute 16 second explosion of the inner workings of Bauer must be admired for it's delivery; Keifer Sutherland delivers it to cue. Amidst all the calamity, that 10 minutes proves that 24 still can maintain an element which can be kept for years to come.
  • An edge of the seat episode!!

    What a great episode, Jack saves the day once again and is left with his own demons to deal with at the end. The ending was super and well acted. You can tell Jack is at a crossroads, he wants his life back, he wants to be normal, to be a real person. But as Heller reminds him, you'll find yourself in the game again, sometime, and Jack realizes this too, he knows he is not destined for a normal life, he is Jack Bauer and his life is not his own. The episode also had that classic 24 feel to it, I was on the edge of my seat, it was a nice place to be finally, back on the edge. This episode showed that when written well this show has no rivals. Great show, it might have lacked a little during the season but the show closed with a rush, now eight months to feel the rush again.
  • Jack Bauer has to save his nephew, Josh, from the clutches of Jack's father, while the war brews between America and Russia.

    I thought this was a great episode, well done, well written, and very satyisfying. Above all, a great end to a great season. Wonderful episode. If you don't like 24 (don't know why not) then see this episode, and your will will be turned around. It was a very climatic part when the oil rig was bombed, and when Jack was forced to leave his father behind, and the end, it was incredible. For a second, i thought Jack would committ suicide, but of course, he didn't. And the end of the episode left the whole storyline purged, ready for a brand new season, January, 2008.
  • she collapsed!!!

    omgggggggggg chloe collapsed!!! i cant believe i had her like up in a pedestal and she just fainted!! oh mann how cool :D i cant believe it :D what is wrong with her? i didnt watch the season finale so please dont tell me...but she collapseeeeeeeed :D

    and poor mike will be blind from one eye....NOOO it cant be everyone gets hurt this season i dont get why....i really dont care about mike (cause nadia likes him and i loved nadia and milo - may he rest in peace - and now i dont like these)....

    anyway cant wait to watch the season finale!!!!!! did i say i hate phillip bauer?
  • Jack tries any means necessary to stop the exchange from taking place. The White House continues to deal with pressure from the Russians to obtain the circuit board.

    Wow what an amazing first hour to this thrilling finale. Say what you want about the overall success of this season but any 24 fan would have to admit this was an exciting and thrilling season finale. Jack tries to convince CTU this exchange won't happen and Phillip is manipulating them. However he is placed in under arrest to prevent him from stopping the exchange of Josh for the Circuit Board. Jack enlists the help of Karen Hayes who also believes the exchange won't go as planned and she turns to her husband Bill Buchanan. Bill soon through Karen locates Jack and helps him escape custody. The White House soon learns of what Karen did and she is taken into custody. Doyle stresses to CTU that if he can he will get the boy back once he has verified the authenticity of the circuit board. Two Men arrive on a boat one of them hands Doyle the board to check it only it is a fake and it explodes sending Doyle flying back and covering his eyes in pain. The men take off with Josh. Jack and Bill arrive just too late and inform CTU of what just took place. The men arrive with Josh at an offshore oil rig with Phillip waiting to greet his grandson.
  • The Season 6 finale of the "Bauer Hour" marked not only an end to the events of Day 6, but to the entire first six seasons of "24" as a whole, effectively ending an era. When the show returns with its seventh season in January ...

    ... it's going to be, as promised, a whole new playing field. Say goodbye to CTU, terrorists, nuclear weapons, and only God knows what else. At this point, only the producers are fully aware of exactly what these so-called "changes" are that will go into effect starting in Day 7, but all we know for now is ... the only constants and guarantees are that the show will still follow an hour-by-hour, realtime format and that Keifer Sutherland will reprise his role as Jack Bauer.

    Byline: Tommy S.

    As for the two-hour finale itself, the show did, at the very least, a great job in closing out not only the major storylines, but a few long-term story archs as well, as the majority of these characters will NOT be returning next season.


    Day 6, Hours 23-24: "4:00 AM - 6:00 AM"

    Part one of the finale continues (well, of course) from where the last hour left off, with Jack being detained by CTU agents, as Agent Doyle leaves in a helicopter with Josh, ready to be exchanged for the circuit board now in the possession of Phillip Bauer. Karen Hayes, realizing the moral ambiguities involved with giving Josh up, works behind Vice President Daniels' back to obtain Jack's position from CTU. She then relays the information to Bill Buchanan, who despite being subpoenaed thanks to Karen herself, agrees to Jack because it's the right thing to do. Karen is arrested shortly after the discovery of her act of treason, and Buchanan intercepts the CTU vehicle transporting Jack, rescuing him so that the two of them can get to the exchange before it happens. Meanwhile, Phillip Bauer orders CTU to shut down their satellite surveillance before sending men via boat to make the exchange. However, when Doyle takes the circuit board and proceeds to verify its authenticity, the device self-destructs in Doyle's face, blinding him instantly and severely injuring him. Bauer's men then forcefully take Josh away, just as Jack and Buchanan arrive to tend to Doyle, who has now lost his sight permanently thanks to the detonation of the fake circuit board. Jack contacts Nadia back at CTU, realizing that his father may be using one of his oil rigs out at sea. Chloe, after starting to feel fatigued, tries to tell Morris something but collapses on the floor before she can ...

    CTU confirms that Phillip Bauer is currently in possession of both the real circuit board as well as Josh onboard an offshore oil rig. Back at the White House, Vice President Daniels convinces President Suvarov to hold off his generals and Russia's prepared attack on the U.S. military base so that they can launch a military air strike on the oil rig, with the intention of destroying everything and everyone, in order to ensure the destruction of the circuit board. After Jack finds out, he refuses to allow Josh to be killed in this attack and, with Buchanan's help, takes control of a CTU helicopter. The two of them make their way to the oil rig, where Jack and Buchanan kill the last of Cheng's men before finally capturing Cheng himself. Meanwhile, Phillip Bauer tries to escape with Josh, but Josh clocks him from behind with a wrench and then holds a gun to his chest. When Phillip tries to take it from him, Josh shoots him once, and before he can shoot him again, Jack intervenes and convinces his nephew not to take revenge. Josh runs off to the helicopter, while Jack tries to convince his father to give himself up. After realizing that he would rather die in the air strike, Jack leaves his father to his grave.

    As fighter jets arrive and prepare to lock-on with their missiles, Buchanan, Cheng, and Josh board the helicopter and meet Jack elsewhere on the ship, as Jack jumps on and grabs the rope ladder literally moments before a wave of missiles hit the oil rig, creating a massive explosion. As the helicopter reaches the shore, Jack intentionally lets go of the rope, going off on his own instead of going back to CTU. Back at the White House, Suvarov informs Daniels that he will call off Russia's military attack and stand down, allowing war between the two nations to be averted. Tom Lennox convinces Vice President Daniels to pardon Karen Hayes and Bill Buchanan in light of what transpired, instead of prosecuting them. He agrees, provided that the pair officially resign and retire to live out their lives. Back at CTU, Buchanan arrives with Cheng in custody, as Josh is finally reunited with his mother. Morris tends to Chloe in her hospital bed, and after he tells her that despite what's happened between them, he can't lose her, Chloe tells Morris that the reason she fainted ... is because she's pregnant. Jack shows up at the house of Secretary of Defense Heller, pulling a gun on him and for the first time in the show's history, puts his own interests before the country's, blaming Heller for not getting him out of China as well as having no right to keep Audrey away from him. Heller reminds Jack that no matter what he tries to do to get his life back, the Jack Bauer "curse" will never go away. After Jack goes to see Audrey, who is sound asleep, he realizes that what Heller said was the truth, and he bids farewell to the woman he loves. The final moments of Day 6 and of the "24" series to date has Jack looking out into the distance from a cliff overlooking the beach, just before sunrise and therefore symbolic of the end of an era and the changes that both Jack and the show itself are about to undergo. The hour closes out with a silent clock, marking the end of the day, the season, and an era of "24."
  • One step closer towards the destruction of Phillip Bauer

    This episode was obviously a filler one...Josh is taken by Doyle to be exchanged with the component...Jack locates Karen and talks to her , and manages to convince her that the orders are a mistake and that Philip cannot be trusted...Karen convinces Buchanan and with the latters help Jack is freed...Unfortunately they manages to reach the meeting zone to late ,and Josh is taken to Phillip...Jack then realizes that he may now where Phillips whereabouts are by following a lead concerning Phillip Bauer's company...On that moment i realized that this won\'t end good for Philip, and that he should have expected to be known by Jack...I eagerly await the final episode of the 6th season.
  • Expects little more from last episodes of the season

    Oh.. so, we are getting close to last hours but to be honest, after they got the bombs, the tempo has gone down and this episode does not have much motion either - it is a clear walk to the trap and even if Buchanan and Hayes do their best to help Jack and stop the exchange they get there too late and it all is lost - Jack's father gets Josh and chinese continue working with him - everything went as Jack thought..

    Ok - I most say the only thing exciting and unexpected was Chloe collapsing in the end. Where that came from?
  • Hey, the season's almost finished. Yipee!

    This happens at least once every season. CTU has orders to do something or other, but Jack is all like "No man, that's totally not the way to go!" and CTU is all "Button it up, Jack! These are orders we're talking about!" Jack finds some way to go rogue and managed to single-handedly prove that he was right all along, and pretty much everyone on the planet apologizes profusely. Honestly, by this point you'd think they would've made Jack himself head of CTU, so that way whoever's in charge doesn't have to constantly kiss the man's feet.

    That said, this episode wasn't so bad. There were a lot of good character moments. Whatever else has gone horribly wrong this year, I think I have to give credit where credit is due - the writers have taken three characters who were wholly unlikable charicatures upon their first appearance (that being Doyle, Daniels, and Lennox) and managed to make them into halfway likeable characters - if only they could've accomplished this sooner (for Doyle and Daniels anyway), this season might've been a heck of a lot more enjoyable. The only trouble is that it looks like these characters will give their final bows in the next hour, as it seems that Jack is pretty much going to be the only returning character next year, what with the Big Overhaul and all - not that the show doesn't desperately need it.

    The episode is still suffering from a bit of bad writing and the ghosts of previous episodes - Stuart Pressman's entire purpose seemed to remind everyone who forgot that Milo died a couple of episodes ago and that they should be sad. Oh, and also to let Nadia know that Milo was crazy about her, for all the good it does her now - not that we didn't already know that, what with all of Milo's creepy behavior around the middle of the season.

    Overall, not a horrible episode. I'm still annoyed by the fact that it's all "Russia-America" and no "China" and that Cheng has been pushed out of the limelight as the main villain of this arc, but it's not a bad way to begin the send-off of the season. Hopefully the final hour isn't too ridiculous.
  • The second to last episode of this up-and-down season was just that - good thing that the finale came right after this, because this was definitely not up to old 24 standards.

    The high point of this episode definitely was the sub-circuit confrontation with Doyle being blinded in both eyes. I really disliked Doyle's character at the beginning but he has hard not to sympathize with, especially because he has shown great integrity like Jack.

    However, many of the plot lines were very predictable. Chloe's pregnancy, though, was definitely unexpected (at least for anyone who didn't read the spoilers) and a more touching CTU mini storyline. A lot of the CTU relationship plots this season have been torturous to watch, so this was refreshing to see.

    Another thing that kept this episode afloat was putting Buchanan back into action.

    The writers need to fully exploit the abilities of their best actors in the future.
  • Still dont like Chloe!!

    Six seasons in and i still don't see how Chloe turn out a fan favourite. Can't remember who said it but a few seasons ago, someone told her: "Chloe, i don't have time for your personality right now"
  • It just...wasn't right. It took 30 minutes for anything good to happen.

    I have to say, the first 30 minutes of the finale were just like the rest of the season...filler. People kept discussing and telling each other things we already heard a dozen times, like "Phillip might or might not be coming himself," etc.

    It was kinda neat toward the end. I didn't expect the box to blow up in Doyle's face, but I probably should have seen it coming. Blind in one or both eyes? Ouchies.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. It just felt weird to scream "Get to the point" in my head. 24 has never made me do that before.
  • Nothing happened SPOILERS

    OK, so as I sit there watching the last two hours of 24 I'm hoping that it will end with a band and make up for the whole season. Unfortunately for the first hour revealed a much more upsetting story. For the first hour of the two hour season finale, nothing happened. The story could have been told in 10 minutes at the most.

    A short summary of the episode is that Doyle waits for Cheng as he delivers Josh and Karen helps Bill to help Jack break Josh free. That was about one line and can summarise the story.

    It has been a recurring problem in the whole season where whole hours go by and by the end you're left wondering what really happened. My review of the finale continues at the next episode.
  • Review

    Doyle getting his face blown off and pretty much being written off of the show was awesome, I didnt like him as a character that got in Jacks backside. 24 has become a show that resolves around Jack Bauer and only the bad guys should be giving him problems, CTU yelling at him when he goes out of line - but keeping him out of the handcuffs once he turns out to be right. Everything else in the episode was very filler and preparing for the final hour. Bill breaking Jack out of the van and bringing him to try and save his son was another good part of the episode, but aside from those two scenes it was filled with more of the same stuff that we had seen from a season that we are giving very little leverage to to begin with.
  • Slow boat

    Alright! It's awesomeness time! That's what I'd be saying if this episode weren't so damn drab.
    Doyle and Josh wait at the beach for…the last fifteen minutes to roll around. Why kid ourselves? And Buchanan returns to help free Jack from CTU custody, after which they rush for the beach, suspecting that Phillip won't actually hand over the component.
    Now for the stuff that isn't worth mentioning at all. Karen gets into trouble for assisting Buchanan, but that'll only last an hour or so. And you can safely consider the Chinese invasion the final exciting thing to happen at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (do your damnedest, S7).
    The excellent music and split screen usage can't hide the fact that this episode is little more than a stepping stone. The Jack plot saves it from full-blown lameness, but it's tough to ignore the lack of tension in this World War III threat. The stupidest final seconds ever don't help. And not to compare seasons, but at this point in S5, we were facing the imminent abduction of the President of the United States (by our own protagonist, no less); here, the fate of the world rests on a teenage boy and an electronic chip. Nice try, but "Terminator 2" cannot be duplicated.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Buchanan breaking Jack out. Of the SUV. Hey, it's still badass.
  • The most disappointing season of "24" drags to a close

    (This review covers the first half of the sixth season finale; the second half will be covered under a separate review.)

    Coming into this season finale, the writers left themselves quite a difficult task. Character motivations were all over the map, several lingering plot threads were left unresolved, and most fans were fed up with the lack of forethought. With so much sloppy storytelling this season, a strong ending was too much to hope for; it was a matter of letting things end with some measure of dignity.

    Daniels has once again led the country to the brink of war, and this time, it comes down to Jack’s “replacement” Mike Doyle and his plan to recover Josh from Philip Bauer. Philip seems to want a way out of responsibility for his past actions, and that means relocating his business interests to China. How this meshes with what has come before is hard to reconcile, but it is what it is.

    The writers may have understood their mistake with Bill Buchanan, as they bring him into the finale after a mishandled previous exit. One might wonder why the agents on site fail to monitor Bill’s phone calls when everything else is fair game, but at this point, it’s all about moving the plot along and delivering as much excitement as possible.

    Much of the drama in this episode plods along, especially once Mike is left to decide where his conscience lies. The issues with Marilyn Bauer seem like a waste of time, especially once it becomes grist for the Chloe/Morris mill. The business with Milo’s brother is another such example. It’s designed, it seems, to make it sensible for Bill to have enough time to get to Jack. How he gets to the point where he can ambush Jack’s driver is impossible to accept, but that’s what the writers are reduced to this season.

    More time is spent wallowing over Karen Hayes and her decision to help break Jack out of custody. It gives the audience more than enough time to consider how far the season has strayed from its origins. The issue of Fayed’s attacks on the nation seems rather far removed from the posturing of the possible hostilities with Russia and China. The terrorism was an immediate, clear and present danger; Daniels’ state of play is too remote and academic to have even a fraction of the impact.

    Philip’s double-cross is hardly a shock, though it’s too bad that Doyle had to pay the price. Of course, with his replacement out of commission, Jack must either admit failure or fully commit to his own retrieval mission. There’s really no question. As poorly executed as it might have been, Jack’s personal journey back to his particular brand of heroism can end no other way.

    With a single hour left to the sixth season, a final showdown between father and son is waiting in the wings. Of course, that’s not enough; there must also be a completely random issue with Chloe (knowing this season, probably the first signs of pregnancy). Rather than focus the final hour on providing some answers, the writers apparently feel the need to insert more needless CTU drama. Then again, given how the season has turned out, this is not much of a surprise.
  • Worst episode of 24 ever.

    This was the most boring, uneventful, stupid and lame episode of 24 ever. This is the kind of episode that could have been forgiven in any of the previous seasons, because one bad installment can't affect a great season. Unfortunately, this is the only kind of episode that the HORRIBLE Season 6 can produce and it's disastrous.

    An idiot teenager and the unoriginal World War III threat is all they can give us? Come on. I thought the 24 writers were so much better than that. I hope they change things next year and start slowly and then delivering good twists, because this year's beginning was very promising and after that, it quickly became a mess.
  • Plot: Doyle is badly injured in the hand off with Cheng. The President launches an air strike on Phillip Bauer’s cool new hideout. Jack saves the day. The ticking of the clock was the only thing that kept me awake. TV reviews at www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Doyle is badly injured in the hand off with Cheng. The President launches an air strike on Phillip Bauer’s cool new hideout. Jack saves the day. The ticking of the clock was the only thing that kept me awake. Wow, I can’t believe how boring this finale was. I found the two hours actually painfully slow. I couldn’t decide which would be a better use of my time, doing my ironing, balancing my budget or watching Josh and Doyle sit on a park bench for forty minutes! Being lazy I chose to watch.

    I considered doing a separate review for the two episode finale, but honestly there is so little worth mentioning it makes more sense to just combine them and be done with it. Over half of the first episode is spent waiting for Phillip Bauer’s goons to pick up Josh. As predicted by Jack, and pretty much anyone with a functional brain, the bad guys had no intention of turning over the component. Doyle is seriously injured in the explosive trap. It looked like he took the blast right in the eye. That’s what she said.

    Karen uses her famine wiles to convince her husband to free Jack from custody. After an intense game of chicken, Bill forces Jack’s convoy off the road and together, they overpower the guards. They head straight for the hand off, but arrive too late. Jack experiences a Vulcan mind meld with his father and figures out that he is on an abandoned oil platform. I guess the abandoned warehouse, factory, and mine were already being used for other nefarious purposes.

    The President decides that the best way to insure the component is destroyed is to blow up the platform with everyone on it. Poor Josh, just like your father you have to be scarified for the good of your country. Jack can’t allow this to happen and with Bill’s help they commandeer a helicopter and race to save Josh before the F-18s arrive.

    The strike on the oil platform is the only time during the entire two hours where your heart rate may actually start to beat again. Jack goes all out commando and owns up on all the bad guys. Josh is rescued, Cheng is in CTU custody and his father and the component are at the bottom of the ocean, not a bad day’s work. But wait, its not over.

    We still have to suffer through Jack’s confrontation with Audrey’s father. A drenching wet Bauer enters the house, with the intent to kill. “Look man, you can do whatever you want to my horse faced daughter, just get the hell out of here!” Jack vents about being used by the powers that be and his frustration at being left in China. Despite his animalistic rage, Jack is talked out of interfering in Audrey’s life. As much as he wants to settle down with her, deep down, the heart of a restless warrior beats. Parting Thought: Day seven, viewers finally get what they have been asking for, a whole day devoted to Chloe and Morris!