Season 6 Episode 24

Day 6: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • The sixth season ends with CTU locating where Philip Bauer is hiding with Josh while awaiting transport to China. To ensure the Russians the component Phillip Bauer has is destroyed, Vice President Daniels orders an airstrike at Bauer's hiding place.


    This has definitely been a disappointing season for 24. However, I thought the season ended on the right note. While the action sequences are, as usual, very well done and exciting, what I liked most about this episode is how it focuses more on characters rather than explosions and shoot outs. The final sequence where Jack says good-bye to Audrey was, I think, Jack Bauer at his finest as he comes to realize who he is and what that will cost him in life. Despite this season, I still think 24 is a great show. See you at season seven!

  • Poor episode for a season finale, and a poor season for a show like 24.

    Season six finally comes to a close. But even in the end it doesn´t offer a little of quality. What happened?? After Day 5, did the writers and all the team have no more ideas??.
    Only the last shot of this episode showing Jack Bauer looking to the see thinking what´s the next step looks decent. The whole episode (and also the season) is marked by some stupid quotes, dull and predictable moments and no suspense.
    This is no 24. This was a poor soap opera!. I hope that next season, the seventh, will bring more ideas, more suspense... and more 24!.
  • A so little good episode to the worst 24 season EVER!!!!!!!

    This present season of 24 is a massive disappointing from its fifth episode to the present. Despite some remarkable episodes, quickly after the great start of the day, the season began to decrease too much. There is only six or seven decent episodes, the lot is so repeatedly and really weaker.

    Even the action is on the lowest level, because is not really shocking and is not as perfect as season five. Also, this season has really awful episodes, being for first time the first season of 24 which, for me, has episodes under the five.

    Also the plot is not well worked and Kiefer Sutherland's performance is the only best thing of the whole job.

    Season six has for me a really poor mark: 6,8 out 10.

    There was no surprises, no quality.

    I expect that the seventh season will be much much better!.
  • Jack and Bill race against time to save Josh. The White House assures the Russians their final plan will destroy the circuit board.

    After the exchange doesn't go as planned The White House barely convinces the Russians to hold off on any action they have planned against them. The White House learning Phillip Bauer is at the offshore oil rig plan an air strike against it in order to assure the destruction of the circuit board. Jack and Bill steal a CTU helicopter in order to go rescue Jack and bring Phillip to justice. Meanwhile at CTU Chloe faints and Morris fears the worst. However it would appear this was nothing more than a clever advertisting ploy by FOX. As it turns out Chloe is just pregnant. Jack and Bill arrive at the platform and take out Phillip's Men they even obtain Cheng and Bill takes him back to the helicopter. Josh doesn't want anything to do with his grandfather and realizes as long as he's alive him and his mother won't be safe. Josh shoots Phillip and soon after Jack arrives to console Josh and tell him he has to get out of there and gives direction to where the copter is. Jack desperately wants to save Phillip so he can be punished and brought to justice for what he has done. However he realized he just doesn't have the time to carry him and he needs to get out of there. Bill swoops in to save him moments before the nuclear strike begins. Moments later the strike takes out the rig the circuit board and Phillip Bauer. Meanwhile at the White House Lennox convinces Daniels to just let Bill and Karen resign and not go through any prosecution. Daniels agrees and admits from his position he thought he know everything and how to deal with things but you don't know anything until your sitting in that chair in the Oval Office facing all these difficult decisions and even admits he may have made some mistakes today. Lennox also gives him the recording from earlier. Daniels also speaks to Subarov and he agrees to tell his men to stand down and calls off the attack against them. Meanwhile Bill lets CTU know they are ok however Jack jumps and swims to shore. He signals to Bill that he's not ready to come back yet and goes off to pay Audrey a visit. In probably one of the best scenes i've ever seen on an episode of 24 Jack chastises James Heller on how dare he tell him what he can and can't do after all that he has done for people like Heller. He also seems very hostile and bitter about how he didn't try hard enough to get him out of China. Heller agrees with Jack about how he has made sacrifices but he can't run from who he is and that eventually he'll be back in the game of stoping another crisis and thus Audrey's life will be put in danger once again. Jack heads upstairs for a tearful speech to Audrey and then heads outside. For a brief moment I was like "Holy Crap is the cliffhanger going to be he jumps" but instead he just stands there pondering. Wow what an interesting finale and I can't wait till Next January For Another Season of 24!
  • the most uncomfortable season in 24 history.Season Seven, also known as Day 7, of the television series 24 will launch January 2008. No further plot details are known at this time except that the season will 'see a dramatic change'.

    Altight people season 6 is now for the books as it rapped it up nicsly by showing that Jack managed to save to lives of all humanity and also breaking up with Audrey. As alot of fans out there think this season was a crappy one, they dont see what the season really was about. In the words of John Cassar "This season will be the most uncomfortable season in 24 history". Well there you have it, this season was all about how family can case a mess there the child has to take the responebility for their parents actions. This sounds like **** but trust me when I say that during the season the words were said that implicated Jacks father into all of this including Graem (jacks brother) as well. The most funniest part is where the writes finished off the main plot, so they could wrap up the mess with the chines and finish that story line. What I had expected was not that but the main plot to continue where Fayed escapes and continues on his little march of distruction. The end scene where the camera is right infront of Jacks face to show the fear and anger and confusion at the same time was a perfect way to finish the season off including the silent clock as well. It does make you feel all fuzzy inside you knowing that Jack might kill him self or he will do something that will have some sort of an effect for next season. To end this little Review, I can honsetly say that this Season has been different from all the others and this was exactly what the show needed and I am dissapointed that we couldnt show mre support for the show. Season 7 is coming soon and that one will be a blast. Mark my words...

    Season Seven, also known as Day 7, of the television series 24 will launch January 2008. No further plot details are known at this time except that the season will 'see a dramatic change'.DS
  • An average end to an average season!

    Looking back, we've come to expect a lot more from 24, but in reality, this wasn't a 'bad' season finale. With the same things happening to Jack, it does seem to be getting a bit tiresome. Hopefully, next season will give us a change of scenery and not the usual; Jack tries to save world, CTU / Other authorities try and stop him, Jack defies them, they realise he was right, Jack saves world! But all in all I think 24 still has life in it... somewhere.
  • After a lackluster season, the writers manage to pull off an episode that MIGHT just be one of the best in the series' history. Who'd of thunk it?

    Wow. To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting this episode to be this good.

    I'm kind of speechless. I don't know what to say.

    Where to begin? It was pretty much a perfect blend of action and emotion. The first half of the episode wrapped up the main plot of the season in a fairly spectacular way, and the latter half dealt with character development in a way I wish they'd done all season long.

    Before I get into that though, I want to point out that I am insanely happy at some of the story logic this episode presents. We finally get a hint that not everyone is forgetting that China is chiefly responsible for this crisis. It's nice to hear it, but I wish Tom would have said something a heck of a lot sooner.

    In this episode, we get a genuinely interesting look into Jack's psyche. Instead of the hollow tugs at the heart-strings we got with the Bauer Family Drama, we see Jack bare his soul to a man he once respected and we really get a sense of how Jack's time in China - and indeed, his entire way of life - has affected him. It's really a very beautiful and poignaint ending to the season. If we could have gotten stuff even half as powerful as this over the past twenty weeks or so, I have a feeling that Season 6 would have been a lot more enjoyable and entertaining. The final 20 minutes of the episode could also easily work as a capper to Jack's story overall. If for some reason Keifer Sutherland decided against reprising his role for Season 7, this scene is a worthy ending to the story of Jack Bauer. One can easily accept, from the final moment of the scene, that Jack set off, settled down for real, and started rebuilding the life he had way back in Season 1.

    At the same time, this episode caps everyone else's story as well. With a new baby on the way, Chloe and Morris are effectively written out should the writers decide not to bring them back; Bill and Karen are headed for greener pastures; and without Jack around there isn't much need for CTU to be in the picture. The writers have effectively wiped the slate clean, which I think was really very necessary at this point. Thank you, writers of 24, for giving us a season finale worthy of the title. I only hope you can learn from the various mistakes of this season and give us more episodes like THIS one next time around.
  • A mediocre season got what it deserved: a mediocre ending.

    sorry about the english...

    First let say this: I loved the final sequence of this season. Very emotional (I mean, after Jack leaves the house. I really didn't give a sh*t about Audrey). It just doesn't match with the rest of the episode: predictable and repetitive, just like the entire season (with a few exceptions here and there).

    After Fayed, the creators come up with a very interesting situation that was getting more complicate every passing hour. Once again, everything was solved too fast in the same way we already saw before. One of the main villains got killed as aways (at least they let Cheng alive). And everything is great again... seriously, I just can't take this anymore. It was fun for a while, even when it started to get repetitive but now is clear that the series need some kind of renewal on the plot. Tell me one single moment on this final episode that looked original. One single situation that didn't looked repetitive.
    One single scene that made you say "Wow, never saw that coming." 2 more seasons, at least. I can just hope that the people behind the series make some changes in the plot. "24" still is the best tv series I ever saw. But I don't think I could watch the same story that I already saw in seasons 2(the best), 3, 4, 5(ok, here they tryed something different but the basic plot stood the same) and 6.

    And one last thing, I never read spoilers so I went to check a few "rumors" about the season finale after watching it and let me say this: Some people were very naive, to say the least, to believe that the season was bad enough to make the creators cum up with absurd things like bring back the dead. I mean, Tony alive? LOL. To me this shows how desperate some people were about the way how this season was progressing. Even if they didn't admit that.
  • Overall, this season finale is as disappointing as most of the season that came before it.

    (This review covers the second half of the sixth season finale; the first half was covered under a separate review.)

    The penultimate hour of the sixth season ended with Chloe collapsing as a final showdown between Jack and Philip Bauer approached. It was practically the perfect mixture for the end of the sixth season: the combination of squandered potential and unnecessary drama. That said, the producers chose three of the best writers on staff to bring the season to a close. The question is whether or not the effort is too little, too late.

    Right from the beginning, a timetable is set: Jack has less than 30 minutes to rescue his nephew and defeat his father. Despite the urgency of the situation with Jack, Morris has more than enough time to worry over Chloe. As far as the Daniels’ administration is concerned, taking out the oil platform with an air strike is the best option, because the Russians expect nothing less. It puts Jack in a high pressure situation without Chloe to provide him the usual backup.

    Jack’s only assistance comes from Bill Buchanan, who fulfills the role filled by Tony Almeida and Wayne Palmer before him: Jack’s right-hand man in the final struggle. Nadia gives Jack nominal support from CTU, but it’s not the same as having Chloe leading the technical charge. If nothing else, Jack’s assault on the oil platform is explosive, and it gives him the chance to take some measure of revenge from Cheng.

    After setting up the confrontation between Jack and his father, it’s unexpected for Josh to be the one to shoot Philip and bring the whole mess to an end. Jack doesn’t have to face down his father to restore himself; he simply has to walk away. It’s a pitiful ending that apparently eliminates any chance of satisfactory answers to several key questions. (Of course, it must be noted that Philip was sitting right next to an operable boat, and he could have conceivably escaped.)

    With most of the action done and over with, attention turns to giving the season a semi-dignified ending. Tom pleads for Karen Hayes’ release from custody, which probably extends to Bill Buchanan. Chloe predictably reveals her pregnancy, which is a moment that will live in series infamy and will probably bring about more than its share of “jump the shark” claims. And after all he’s been through, Jack is given the chance to determine his own fate.

    Jack’s confrontation with Heller was interesting, because it was completely unexpected. That said, it’s a bit too much given how little setup was involved. Jack is absolutely right: he’s become what people like Heller needed him to be, and it’s unfair of them to act with less loyalty than they demanded. All that said, Heller is also right: Jack cannot protect Audrey the way he wants to, and it will tear him up inside when he fails. And ultimately, Jack makes the right call for Audrey, if not necessarily for himself. With that decision, the realization that he cannot be with someone while doing what he does best, Jack’s personal journey back to himself comes to a conclusion.

    The stage is set for the series to take a different direction in the next season, and if this finale is any indication, it will be absolutely necessary. This brings Jack to a point not unlike his personal crisis at the end of the third season, which is actually rather appropriate, considering how similar the seasons were. The writers took a good swing at a satisfying ending, but with so much left unresolved and inexplicable plot twists right up until the final hour, this was, in fact, too little, too late.
  • Day 6 comes to a close with Jack considering one thing-"What the heck do I do now??"

    It seems like every three seasons, the cast gets reset. In Season 4, everyone except Jack and Chloe were gone. Now, it seems like many will leave again.

    People might say that this ending wasn't as exciting as last season, because it wasn't. But it didn't have to be.

    Karen and Bill will most likely be out, with them resigning. Chloe and Morris will most likely be home with their child, or at least not working at CTU anymore. And with Jack???

    This was a great ending, because think about it. With Audrey brain-fried, and not knowing a thing about Kim, Jack has nothing going for him. Jack will either live depressed and lonely, or rebuild, or maybe he'll even get with Marylin??

    I'll say one last thing, or two really. It was a cliffhanger without being one, kind of, and exciting without a heavily dramatic ending. And-they desperately need to change cities. NYC would be a great choice, becuase LA is getting way too boring.

    DAY 7 on the way-a seven month wait!
  • What the heck is this and what did you do with my '24'?

    Okay, '24' is one of, if not the, best shows on television. This is not classic '24' here. In the past, I have watched in agony as the season finales played out, knowing that something great would happen. Jack's wife would die, Nina would escape, Logan would be finally found out or Jack would feign death to escape the evil clutches of the Chinese. I think part of the problem with this season is that there are so few characters left that we care about to play around with. Granted, there's Chloe, but she was wearing thin this season, not her usual growling, nerdy self. And Bill and Karen...well, not exactly main characters there. Wayne Palmer...but he spent most of the season in a coma. With David Palmer, Tony and Michelle all dead, that only leaves Jack and a whole group of new characters that we are still trying to get used to. Does anyone really care about this sister-in-law and Jack's nephew? And the Vice President? Really, even Audrey? Nope, not me. There are possibilities for the future. Tom Lennox is a pretty interesting character and Nadia has possibilities, but when it all came down to the finish for the this season, it was Jack Bauer trying to save a bunch of people I had no vested interest in and an anti-climatic, soap-opera-ish conversation with Heller and Audrey. For God's Sake, someone raise Tony from the dead and have him and Jack get back to what they do best: kicking some booty.
  • A necessary concluding episode that is a little short on the surprises but essential to wrap out loose ends.

    First of all, I do not want to give the impression that the action scenes in this finale were poorly-executed. There was plenty of action on the oil rig, as well as the final confrontation with Philip.

    Philip is portrayed by a very skilled actor and this storyline is one of the high points of this season, because bringing in Jack's family made him more human and exposed other sides of Jack to the audience.

    The final half of the episode or so, however, is very slow-paced in comparison to the typical 24 pace and is not exactly top notch material.

    Lennox persuades Daniels to grant leniency for Bill and Karen, and Daniels finally (too late!) shows that he realizes some of his mistakes.

    The way Jack confronted Heller was great and the emotions flowing out contributed to the score that this episode gets from me. However, Jack being at a crossroads and appearing to be about to go into vanish mode again is not exactly edge-of-your-seat material.

    It's a given that the writers needed to wrap up some loose ends due to the herky-jerky way this season has gone, so this episode gets a pass, but the score should be revised depending on how this is built upon in the next season.
  • The sixth season finale comes to end as Jack tries to stop his father from handing the component to the Chinese.

    Hearing all the complaints about this season, I really don't know what people expected. I issue a challenge to anyone who dislikes the show this much to write a full season hand in to Fox and see if it's better than any season of 24. I'd guarantee what would be handed would be as similar of most what we've seen already. Anyways for a season finale, they did close up the major storylines. They ended things on a bang (pun intended) and the future of a couple of characters are in doubt. I've seen worse season finales before (The Shield) but I can't say I have too many complaints here.

    Phillip Bauer is dead and I'am glad. They at least didn't stretch this storyline to another season. I really hope the writers don't write crap next season where he amazingly escaped being nuked by a couple of missiles.

    Jack and Audrey. Well no doubt, we'll see them again. Jack said he'd walk away but I doubt that will last long. Chloe and Morris I don't care about. Nadia and Milo that could have been something special but the writers once again felt a need to up the body count like they did last season (with Palmer, Tony, Michelle).

    Mike Doyle aka Rick Schroeder. I'am not a big fan of Rick but he really gave a great performance here. A by the book agent that would resort to torture to get the info he needs. In a way, Mike is Jack, except more geared to protocol than Jack is now.

    Powers Boothe as President Daniels. Well he looked to have grown and learned his lessons but I have a feeling that we might see more ahead for him also seeing as Palmer is still alive.

    The tension and suspense was done albeit still predictable but as a whole I think this season while it was not perfect was passable. The characters of Fayed and Gredenko were believable villians. I'am not as excited for Season 7 but still I can't bash the show because they still deliver the action and action that the show is known for. I was satisfied with the season finale.
  • Overall, this was a great finale, which had only one purpose: to finish off every storyline involving L.A. CTU, because it's time for Jack to move on with his life.

    Season 6's main issue was the lack of Jack and the reused storylines.

    While this episode has just enough Jack, there was nothing original here except for the ending.

    The political storyline comes to a satisfying finish, however, there was no word on Palmer's fate. To me, that's a huge letdown.

    However, the best character of season 6 award goes to... Tom Lennox! He was such a jerk in the beginning, and now? He grown to be an amazing character. And the actor portraying him is just awesome too.

    Jack and Bill takes down the chinese and Philipp. No surprises here. The action scene was OK at best - the only suspensful part here was Josh shooting his grandfather. Other than that, it was a letdown.

    Same goes for the overall plot: no twists, no turns. Chloe is pregnant, which I believe means she's a goner with Morris for next season.

    However, there's still something that redeems the episode as whole, and that's the ending. Jack confronting Heller has to be one of the most well done and well acted scenes in this show.

    Jack finally gets to say what he wanted to say for a long time. Namingly... how much politicians suck. How much he has done for the country,(saved USA 5 times) and how much did the goverment do for Jack... well, nothing.

    Jack is willing to accept that his life in L.A. is done, he's willing to accept the loss of Audrey. In fact, he's about to leave everything behind, as the clock silently goes.... 5:57 5:58 5:59 6:00
  • Plot: Doyle is badly injured in the hand off with Cheng. The President launches an air strike on Phillip Bauer’s cool new hideout. Jack saves the day. The ticking of the clock was the only thing that kept me awake. TV reviews at www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Doyle is badly injured in the handoff with Cheng. The President launches an air strike on Phillip Bauer’s cool new hideout. Jack saves the day. The ticking of the clock was the only thing that kept me awake. Wow, I can’t believe how boring this finale was. I found the two hours actually painfully slow. I couldn’t decide which would be a better use of my time, doing my ironing, balancing my budget or watching Josh and Doyle sit on a park bench for forty minutes! Being lazy I chose to watch.

    I considered doing a separate review for the two episode finale, but honestly there is so little worth mentioning it makes more sense to just combine them and be done with it. Over half of the first episode is spent waiting for Phillip Bauer’s goons to pick up Josh. As predicted by Jack, and pretty much anyone with a functional brain, the bad guys had no intention of turning over the component. Doyle is seriously injured in the explosive trap. It looked like he took the blast right in the eye. That’s what she said.

    Karen uses her famine wiles to convince her husband to free Jack from custody. After an intense game of chicken, Bill forces Jack’s convoy off the road and together, they overpower the guards. They head straight for the handoff, but arrive too late. Jack experiences a Vulcan mind meld with his father and figures out that he is on an abandoned oil platform. I guess the abandoned warehouse, factory, and mine were already being used for other nefarious purposes.

    The President decides that the best way to insure the component is destroyed is to blow up the platform with everyone on it. Poor Josh, just like your father you have to be scarified for the good of your country. Jack can’t allow this to happen and with Bill’s help they commandeer a helicopter and race to save Josh before the F-18s arrive.

    The strike on the oil platform is the only time during the entire two hours where your heart rate may actually start to beat again. Jack goes all out commando and owns up on all the bad guys. Josh is rescued, Cheng is in CTU custody and his father and the component are at the bottom of the ocean, not a bad day’s work. But wait, its not over.

    We still have to suffer through Jack’s confrontation with Audrey’s father. A drenching wet Bauer enters the house, with the intent to kill. “Look man, you can do whatever you want to my horse faced daughter, just get the hell out of here!” Jack vents about being used by the powers that be and his frustration at being left in China. Despite his animalistic rage, Jack is talked out of interfering in Audrey’s life. As much as he wants to settle down with her, deep down, the heart of a restless warrior beats. Parting Thought: Day seven, viewers finally get what they have been asking for, a whole day devoted to Chloe and Morris!

    First off this season was so bad it almost wanna to make me vomit... i hardly made it through.... the whole family angle was just stupid his brother was behind the whole thing of season 5 which they didnt even explain clearly as it is..... and i dont know about u guys but how many times can the same crap happen... ctu gets taken over, the president has people in his cabient trying to take over and throw him out of office and i mean come it was fun at first when they killed off some of the main players but now its every season somebody dies... its not even shocking anymore... bill leaves ctu and nidia takes over and she becomes the queen bich all of a sudden when throughout the whole season she was such a punk retarded.... this was bascailly the same story as in seasons past... if they wanna save this show.... they should change the settings and go a whole new direction....
  • The finale was very good compared with the rest of the season...

    Even though this was definetly not the best season, the finale was still one of the best i've seen, and i like how they didn't end it on a cliffhanger like they did last season. The season is not meant to end on a cliffhanger. I don't see why you people are giving 24 such bad reviews, it's still the best series on tv, and unlike Lost, Heroes, and Grey's Anatomy, it's definetly not over-rated. If you people want to be stuck with shows like Heroes and Prison Break, that will end far before their sixth season, just keep treating 24 the way you're treating it now, and you'll get your wish.Overall, i think the season finale did a good job of wrapping up a good(not great)season.later.
  • Lets just say we are happy this season is over.

    What an up and down season this was and no different in the finale. The Season started great but hit many ups and downs along the ride to the finale.

    I thought the finale was o.k. Not what a finale should be. I am so happy Bill was back and hopefully he will be back next year but I doubt it. I liked the scene with oil rig but a little unrealistic how all the hostiles could die from the fire.

    Not suprising at all that Chloe was pregnant. That will probaly be her ticket off the show just like every other character.

    Tom Lennox has grown into one of my favorite characters in the show, hopefully he will be back and Noah Daniels needs to be written off.

    As for the last scene. Wow!! What a let down. We all expected the mstery person as Tony but we didn't get it. It would have been better if Jack and Audrey was not the last scene but the second to last and make the last scene the mystery person but with the way season 6 went it was very fitting.

    One main problem of this season was the loose ends. Now I don't know if they will come back on this in later seasons but things like... What the Chinese gave up for Jack?, What happened to Logan, What happened to Doyle.

    Hopefully we are in store for a great season 7... Can't wait.
  • An incredibly boring end to a terrible season. The finale offers neither satisfying action nor resolution to loose ends.

    Those of us who hated this season (95% of 24 fans) were all secretly hoping for an exciting wrap up to the season. This wasn't it. The writers of the show continued their unbroken streak of odd and inappropriate maudlin moments, characters introduced for no reason (ie: Milo's brother), incredibly stupid actions by CTU members (Doyle's opening of the box with the chip), and action that can't possibly take place in the time frame given. What's most disappointing is that we were denied any sort of satisfying showdown between Jack and his father and Jack and Cheng. Rather than have an emotional and violent showdown, Jack's dad and Cheng get off easy. Instead we get a tacked on half hour where Jack magically finds his way to Heller's beach house, yells at him for speaking the truth, and then leaving Audrey for good. So season six ends, and it looks like Jack is wondering where he is going to go from here. What a perfect metaphor for this aimless season.
  • The Season 6 finale of the "Bauer Hour" marked not only an end to the events of Day 6, but to the entire first six seasons of "24" as a whole, effectively ending an era. When the show returns with its seventh season in January ...

    ... it's going to be, as promised, a whole new playing field. Say goodbye to CTU, terrorists, nuclear weapons, and only God knows what else. At this point, only the producers are fully aware of exactly what these so-called "changes" are that will go into effect starting in Day 7, but all we know for now is ... the only constants and guarantees are that the show will still follow an hour-by-hour, realtime format and that Keifer Sutherland will reprise his role as Jack Bauer.

    Byline: Tommy S.

    As for the two-hour finale itself, the show did, at the very least, a great job in closing out not only the major storylines, but a few long-term story archs as well, as the majority of these characters will NOT be returning next season.


    Day 6, Hours 23-24: "4:00 AM - 6:00 AM"

    Part one of the finale continues (well, of course) from where the last hour left off, with Jack being detained by CTU agents, as Agent Doyle leaves in a helicopter with Josh, ready to be exchanged for the circuit board now in the possession of Phillip Bauer. Karen Hayes, realizing the moral ambiguities involved with giving Josh up, works behind Vice President Daniels' back to obtain Jack's position from CTU. She then relays the information to Bill Buchanan, who despite being subpoenaed thanks to Karen herself, agrees to Jack because it's the right thing to do. Karen is arrested shortly after the discovery of her act of treason, and Buchanan intercepts the CTU vehicle transporting Jack, rescuing him so that the two of them can get to the exchange before it happens. Meanwhile, Phillip Bauer orders CTU to shut down their satellite surveillance before sending men via boat to make the exchange. However, when Doyle takes the circuit board and proceeds to verify its authenticity, the device self-destructs in Doyle's face, blinding him instantly and severely injuring him. Bauer's men then forcefully take Josh away, just as Jack and Buchanan arrive to tend to Doyle, who has now lost his sight permanently thanks to the detonation of the fake circuit board. Jack contacts Nadia back at CTU, realizing that his father may be using one of his oil rigs out at sea. Chloe, after starting to feel fatigued, tries to tell Morris something but collapses on the floor before she can ... CTU confirms that Phillip Bauer is currently in possession of both the real circuit board as well as Josh onboard an offshore oil rig. Back at the White House, Vice President Daniels convinces President Suvarov to hold off his generals and Russia's prepared attack on the U.S. military base so that they can launch a military air strike on the oil rig, with the intention of destroying everything and everyone, in order to ensure the destruction of the circuit board. After Jack finds out, he refuses to allow Josh to be killed in this attack and, with Buchanan's help, takes control of a CTU helicopter. The two of them make their way to the oil rig, where Jack and Buchanan kill the last of Cheng's men before finally capturing Cheng himself. Meanwhile, Phillip Bauer tries to escape with Josh, but Josh clocks him from behind with a wrench and then holds a gun to his chest. When Phillip tries to take it from him, Josh shoots him once, and before he can shoot him again, Jack intervenes and convinces his nephew not to take revenge. Josh runs off to the helicopter, while Jack tries to convince his father to give himself up. After realizing that he would rather die in the air strike, Jack leaves his father to his grave.

    As fighter jets arrive and prepare to lock-on with their missiles, Buchanan, Cheng, and Josh board the helicopter and meet Jack elsewhere on the ship, as Jack jumps on and grabs the rope ladder literally moments before a wave of missiles hit the oil rig, creating a massive explosion. As the helicopter reaches the shore, Jack intentionally lets go of the rope, going off on his own instead of going back to CTU. Back at the White House, Suvarov informs Daniels that he will call off Russia's military attack and stand down, allowing war between the two nations to be averted. Tom Lennox convinces Vice President Daniels to pardon Karen Hayes and Bill Buchanan in light of what transpired, instead of prosecuting them. He agrees, provided that the pair officially resign and retire to live out their lives. Back at CTU, Buchanan arrives with Cheng in custody, as Josh is finally reunited with his mother. Morris tends to Chloe in her hospital bed, and after he tells her that despite what's happened between them, he can't lose her, Chloe tells Morris that the reason she fainted ... is because she's pregnant. Jack shows up at the house of Secretary of Defense Heller, pulling a gun on him and for the first time in the show's history, puts his own interests before the country's, blaming Heller for not getting him out of China as well as having no right to keep Audrey away from him. Heller reminds Jack that no matter what he tries to do to get his life back, the Jack Bauer "curse" will never go away. After Jack goes to see Audrey, who is sound asleep, he realizes that what Heller said was the truth, and he bids farewell to the woman he loves. The final moments of Day 6 and of the "24" series to date has Jack looking out into the distance from a cliff overlooking the beach, just before sunrise and therefore symbolic of the end of an era and the changes that both Jack and the show itself are about to undergo. The hour closes out with a silent clock, marking the end of the day, the season, and an era of "24."
  • Ok finale, at least Season 6 is now done

    So Season 6 FINALLY ends, after a strong start (which i thought would of shown alot more badass Jack considering he was tortured for 2 years) the season slowly faded into exactly the same stuff they have been throwing at the series for years. The finale episode was a decent episode of 24, i thought there might of been a Bauer vs Bauer in the oil rig but that kinda faded out. Good job there were also exploding barrels at the rig to take about 20 chinese bad guys. I must admit i felt some tension when the fighter jets were getting to the rig, felt that Bill might of gotten blown up, but that wasnt to be. The very end was kinda bleak (as we expect for finales of 24) also very dark as in picture, i couldnt really see much when Jack was talking to audrey.

    Roll on season 7 when things "change" apparently
  • its the best 24 is more than action about friends and helping ctu and you know its good now about some 6 seasons finally there wil be 24 the movie in the year 2008 so the next year i don t know if 24 season 07 comes but who knows i wanna watch that movi

    24 is more than action about friends and helping ctu and you know its good now about some 6 seasons finally there wil be 24 the movie in the year 2008 so the next year i don t know if 24 season 07 comes but who knows i wanna watch that movi
  • After a rather inconsistant year of 24, we finally get the episode that makes it all worthwhile.

    Let's be honest, this season of 24 hasn't exactly been the best. In fact, it's been all over the show, impossible to tell which episode will be good and which one wont be. One week to have a classic epsidoe, the next week you have something utterly average that feels as if the writers of each episode had little or no contact with eachother.

    Somehow though, they managed to get their act together to deliver the episode I've been waiting for all year. Everything comes together in the best possible way, with an explosive climax, a rather heartwarming bit of news, and then the scene that changes everything.

    I'm talking of course, about Jacks little home invasion. The moment where Jack finally has to make a difficult descision about his life. Everything he loved has been taken from him, and as he desperatly tries to cling to the last real connection to a normal life he has, in the end he realises all he will do is ruin another life. As Jack looks out over the rocks s many things must be going through his head, what does he do now, will he ever know what a normal life is again, is it worth living a life where all he does is bring death to those around him...

    Only time will tell, and even though this season was very average, something tells me that next season will be something special. As long as they take they've created with this final scene, and run with it.
  • great finale

    CTU figures out where Philip Bauer might be hiding. Josh is taken to the oil rig by Philip's men. Daniels and his chiefs of staff discuss how they should pursue the recovery of the circuit board. His chiefs of staff suggests launching an airstrike that will completely destroy the oil rig. When Jack gets word from Nadia that there's no rescue mission, he takes a chopper, Bill helps him out. This episode is a different type of finale episode, but it's just as exciting to watch. I really enjoyed this episode, I can't wait for season 7, the writers did a really good job with this season.
  • THE ONLY EVER EPISODE OF 24 I DISLIKE! This is the most dissapointing thing I have ever experienced in my life. It was predictable, lame and boring. This double-bill was the worst ever episode/s of 24 ever. BAD BAD BAD BAD HORRIBLE !!!!!!!

    This is the most dissapointing thing I have ever experienced in my life. It was predictable, lame and boring. This double-bill was the worst ever episode/s of 24 ever. In fact it is the only episode I had to turn off (as I did few minutes from the end) becuase it was too painful to watch.
    Especially since it was the season finale I thought it would be special or at least remotley interesting.
    I have never disliked an episode of 24 before seeing the season-6 finale. I am in shock at how bad it was. I want to wake up and realise it was all a bad dream.
    Please in season 7 have no more family sub-plots, who cares about someones girlfriend or nephew, seriously! No more Jack escaping from a building/location 2 seconds before it explodes, no more Jack getting arrested and escaping and workign against CTU... it was fun the first few times, but after the 700th time it is just lame.

    Have you got that mr producer/writer?
    1) No more family sub-plots.
    2) No more risking WW3 for saving one persons life.
    3) No more escaping 2 seconds before building explodes.
    4) No more recycling plots.
    5) No more trying to be funny with cheesy lines(eg chloe).
    6) No more romance.
    7) No more Jack getting arrested by CTU.
    8) No more lame stuff about incompetent CTU staff.
  • Was a good episode, but not up to normal 24 standards

    in my life i have never rated 24 below 10, i didnt think it was possible, but the fact is the episode was good, but not as good comparing it to the other 24 episodes in the past. The episode did not leave with much of a good cliffhanger, but i know 24 is a great show so im going to keep on watching it, season 7 is going to be a good one, i can feel it. i advise all to keep watching it, the show is great, and im sure it'll be number one as soon as season 7 starts!
  • I actually think "24" should have been called "17" for this season...

    I actually think "24" should have been called "17" for this season...

    The anticipated end of the main plot and the pointless ending, combined with all the little details that made no sense at all make this season a season to forget quickly.
    Too bad for Jack and the wonderful development they could have given to his relationship with Audray.
  • everything was pretty predictable, but it was a pretty good finale

    Ok, so the season hasn't been up to par, but the finale was pretty good. Jack and Bill go off to the oil platform to save Josh before the airstrike, predictable, and, of course, Jack gets Josh and Cheng and leaves his father to die. Basically, that whole series of events was predictable. On the other front, Chloe is pregnant and Morris was shocked, which was a pretty cool idea. I'll like to see what they do with that in the future. The thing that really made it for me in this episode was the showdown with Heller and Jack at the end. It was amazing. Basically, Jack demanded his life back and he wanted Audrey and he was pretty pissed about what Heller had said about him earlier about him being cursed. Heller also refered to his dead wife, which made Jack pretty mad, but he was more taken aback. Anyways, in the end Jack says by and dies inside. He goes off and basically has to disappear again. I can't wait to see what they do next year; I hope they step it up.
  • Not that good nor not that bad!

    Not the best of season endings but it wasn't really
    That bad as Jack & Bill go after Josh before
    The bombers find their target. Daniels is asked by Lennox to
    Grant Bill & Karen leinancy as the acting President questions his role. Choloe drops a huge bombsell on Morris in announcing she was pregnant with his baby. That reminded viewers of Jack's late wife Teri, who was pregnant before she got killed.
  • For me this was a disappointing finale to a disappointing series.

    I was really excited after season 5 for the next season. The 5th season proved to me that 24 was still groundbreaking and could lift up to its expectations. Sadly, season 6 disappointed me: the recycled storylines, the weak characters,... I found this finale very predictable. Bill coming back to help Jack, Karen being arrested and then pardoned, Chloe fainting and being pregnant, Jack going after Audrey and walking away. By the end I was actually counting the minutes for it to be over. I really do hope that the writers come up with a new angle for the season 7!
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