Season 6 Episode 24

Day 6: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • Jack and Bill race against time to save Josh. The White House assures the Russians their final plan will destroy the circuit board.

    After the exchange doesn't go as planned The White House barely convinces the Russians to hold off on any action they have planned against them. The White House learning Phillip Bauer is at the offshore oil rig plan an air strike against it in order to assure the destruction of the circuit board. Jack and Bill steal a CTU helicopter in order to go rescue Jack and bring Phillip to justice. Meanwhile at CTU Chloe faints and Morris fears the worst. However it would appear this was nothing more than a clever advertisting ploy by FOX. As it turns out Chloe is just pregnant. Jack and Bill arrive at the platform and take out Phillip's Men they even obtain Cheng and Bill takes him back to the helicopter. Josh doesn't want anything to do with his grandfather and realizes as long as he's alive him and his mother won't be safe. Josh shoots Phillip and soon after Jack arrives to console Josh and tell him he has to get out of there and gives direction to where the copter is. Jack desperately wants to save Phillip so he can be punished and brought to justice for what he has done. However he realized he just doesn't have the time to carry him and he needs to get out of there. Bill swoops in to save him moments before the nuclear strike begins. Moments later the strike takes out the rig the circuit board and Phillip Bauer. Meanwhile at the White House Lennox convinces Daniels to just let Bill and Karen resign and not go through any prosecution. Daniels agrees and admits from his position he thought he know everything and how to deal with things but you don't know anything until your sitting in that chair in the Oval Office facing all these difficult decisions and even admits he may have made some mistakes today. Lennox also gives him the recording from earlier. Daniels also speaks to Subarov and he agrees to tell his men to stand down and calls off the attack against them. Meanwhile Bill lets CTU know they are ok however Jack jumps and swims to shore. He signals to Bill that he's not ready to come back yet and goes off to pay Audrey a visit. In probably one of the best scenes i've ever seen on an episode of 24 Jack chastises James Heller on how dare he tell him what he can and can't do after all that he has done for people like Heller. He also seems very hostile and bitter about how he didn't try hard enough to get him out of China. Heller agrees with Jack about how he has made sacrifices but he can't run from who he is and that eventually he'll be back in the game of stoping another crisis and thus Audrey's life will be put in danger once again. Jack heads upstairs for a tearful speech to Audrey and then heads outside. For a brief moment I was like "Holy Crap is the cliffhanger going to be he jumps" but instead he just stands there pondering. Wow what an interesting finale and I can't wait till Next January For Another Season of 24!
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