Season 6 Episode 2

Day 6: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack tries to locate Assad in hopes of warning him about the impending air strike. Assad agrees to help Jack locate Fayed, but Jack worries that he’s forgotten how to do his job.

Ahmed finds he must take drastic action when his role in the attacks is discovered.

President Palmer’s sister, Sandra, goes a long way to defend her principles when she finds herself and her civil rights organization to be a target in an FBI investigation.moreless

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  • Gotta love fraternization

    The promise of Jack being the hunted rather than the hunter is fulfilled for a good three or four minutes. But afterwards, he's out of Fayed's reach and free to save Assad. And go rogue, natch. Following the tense race against the air strike (and the explosion that caps it off—yeehee!) is the tense race against Fayed's next attack (and the explosion that caps it off—yeehee!). Fayed's after the American citizens, Jack & Assad are after Fayed, CTU & the White House are after Jack & Assad, and Tom Lennox is after a little civil rights destruction.The Oval Office accentuates the contrast between the President and Jack, to an extent not seen before on "24." I guess that's unintentional, because why wait six years? But now that the room is finally being shown to us, the scope of this season somehow feels larger.Something about Wayne's sister.The writers are just biding their time before getting down to the actual threat at hand (ain't they always?), but they weave in the obligatory plot threads that'll take us through these next few hours. Not to mention the edginess between the new allies Jack and Assad. This is something else that the show hasn't done to such an extent before, and the fascination is all too irresistible.Hourly Highlight:*kick* *shatter* *KABOOM!* Yeehee!moreless
  • Another great episode, that the only letdown is some fillers like Sandra Palmer and this Ahmed plot, but at least, Ahmed plot is well tied to the main plot, so it became interesting.moreless

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). Jack try to convince the President by telling him who is been responsible for the attacks, but nobody believe in him.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). Jack has to save Assad, because the President doesn´t believe that Fayed is the man responsible for the terrorists attacks, later Jack as to prevent another Terrorist attack.

    Climax Phase - Â» (10/10). Jack has to prevent one of the three attacks, good action and this was unique, fighting a bomb suicidal.

    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10).Great tension in the train. Also the scene when Jack came to save Assad was great too.

    Drama - » (8/10). Jack psychology states is more explored here. Ahmed betrays is supposed friend.

    Action - » (10/10). You have a fight and explosions, I think this is enough for this episode.

    Ending - » (9/10). The ending was good, but I think what is great here is there was more successful suicidal attacks and Jack was the only one that prevented one attack. I like when the characters are knowing that they were wrong.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10). Sandra Palmer appearance and More successful suicidal attacks.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). All Jack scenes was necessary to the Main plot. Until now, only Sandra Palmer scenes is pure filler, even Ahmed filler role here is important here because is well tied to the main plot.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10). Fayed lets jack escape but that was justified for now. Sandra Palmer attitude was justified too. Only the situation in the train (about the explosion) was unreal, because it could be worse.

    What I liked -» All Jack scenes, even this new filler family drama became interesting.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» The filler scenes like Sandra Palmer, nothing to do with the main plot, only tied because Wayne is her brother.

    Another great episode, that the only letdown is some fillers like Sandra Palmer and this Ahmed plot, but at least, Ahmed plot is well tied to the main plot, so it became interesting.moreless
  • Jack in action

    So, Jack is right - he said Assad is not behind it and he manages to find him, reveal the traitor and get out before the attack. But CTU ofcourse finds out that Assad was not killed and they are confused until they get that Jack was there.. but he is doing good job - following the lead of a terrorist who has bomb with him - they end up in metro and in a train where Jack has a great fight.. and he worries he do not know how to do it.. and in the end, even CTU gets who was behind the attacks.moreless
  • Again very well written.

    Picks right of and is still going great.The abrupt action continues on 24 during the second hour of the workday. Jack has intel that Assad has flipped as a good guy and Jack is able to convince and befriend the former-terrorist by preventing the president ordered attack and eventual destruction of Assad's now anti-terrorist headquarters in an Inglewood ghetto. Together the two now have to track down Fayed as quickly as possible and end the bombings.

    Jack, in this episode has convinced everyone that 20 months of torture cannot keep him from the fight. Although it is a little fetched that one man is able to prevent terrorist attacks, disprove government information and remember the longitude and latitude of a location overheard while being tortured, I think we can all agree that Jack also shows human qualities other than his conviction to the protection of humanity.

    During the getaway, Jack faces a challenge that has not experienced. He finds that he cannot torture that well anymore. He doesn't know if he can do 'it' anymore. But two years in a Chinese prison will make you second guess yourself here and there. Thankfully he has his new former terrorist buddy is there to give him the self confidence he needs. That's what friends are for right.

    It is very gutsy for the writers and producers to have half a dozen fictional attacks on American soil within the first couple of hours of one fictional day. I can't remember any other television show or movie that created such a threat to the standard of living in America that was not based on true events. The only thing that comes to mind is The Sum of all Fears. What will they do next to the people of 24? Perhaps block all wireless connections west of the Colorado River?moreless
  • Review

    For all the pressure that 24 was getting in the forums about season 6 being a dead season...I must say that I for one am not seeing any such decline. I think that both episodes that were shown tonight were very very solid episodes, with the second episode being one of the better episodes of 24 I have ever seen. I think that they are distributing the camera time around well and all of the storylines are fresh and entertaining. The scene in the train and the aftermath afterwards was a great 10 minutes of television that had me glued to the TV the entire time. I think that season 6 has started off on a great foot and I cant wait to see the two new episodes tomorrow. The presidents sister storyline is certainly the weakest at the moment, but I like how they are using a brother-sister bond instead of a husband-wife like David Palmer was using.moreless
Kal Penn

Kal Penn

Ahmed Amar

Guest Star

Michael Angarano

Michael Angarano

Scott Wallace

Guest Star

Raphael Sbarge

Raphael Sbarge

Ray Wallace

Guest Star

Roger R. Cross

Roger R. Cross

Curtis Manning

Recurring Role

Harry J. Lennix

Harry J. Lennix

Walid Al-Rezani

Recurring Role

Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Jack is keying in the longitude and latitude into the GPS program on the cell phone, a prompt comes up "Send to" which would pull up when a user is typing a text message.

    • When Jack takes off his shirt you can see the many scars on his back. However you can also see that he is still pretty muscular. After 20 months in a Chinese prison you would have thought he'd be much skinnier. He also wouldn't be running around and fighting people like he does here.

    • When Jack broke the back window of the car with the paint can, there were still pieces of window in the left corner. When Jack got into the car, the glass was completely gone.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Scott: We're friends.
      Ahmed: Friends? You can't even pronounce my name. It's not Ah-med. It's Ach-med.

    • Jack: My name is Jack Bauer.
      Assad: I know who you are.

    • Sandra: You take care of yourself, okay?
      Wayne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love you too.

    • Chloe: This is an aerial-frame enhancement a couple of seconds before it was destroyed. Jack rescued Assad.
      Buchanan: Okay, okay, this makes sense. From Jack's perspective, if Assad is trying to stop the bombing.
      Chloe: President Palmer and your wife... (pauses) I mean Karen Hayes thinks he's wrong.

    • Fayed: I don't question your motives, Asif. When the moment approaches, even the most devout can experience fear. By overcoming your fear, you have proved your worth.

    • Sandra: Once you start ethnic profiling, it's a slippery slope.
      Wayne: I'll look into it.
      Sandra: You should probably start with Tom Lennox. This has his name written all over it.
      Wayne: Sandra, please don't start in with Tom again.
      Sandra: He treats the Constitution like a list of suggestions!

    • Scott: I can't believe this is happening. It's like the whole world has gone crazy.
      Ahmed: It's been crazy for a long time, you just haven't been paying attention.

    • Milo: Fayed lied to us, and Jack bought the farm for nothing.
      Chloe: Shut up, Milo.
      Milo: What's her problem?
      Morris: Jack Bauer was a friend of hers. It hurt her that he died that way. You may want to attenuate your thoughtless remarks once in awhile.

    • Wayne: This is going to get much worse.

    • Jack: He doesn't know anything. I can see it in his eyes.

    • Jack: I don't know how to do this anymore.
      Assad: You'll remember.

    • Receptionist: The President's sister is on the line.
      Lennox: Oh I think he'll wanna call her back.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Regina King (Sandra Palmer) is added to the main cast.

    • Throughout Season 6, Regina King receives the "and" credit.

    • This episode is dedicated to the Aircrew of Gunshot 66 -- Maj. Gerald "Beav" Bloomfield and Capt. Michael "Martini" Martino. Their Marine Corps helicopter was shot down over Western Iraq on Nov. 2, 2005. Gunshot 66 was a Marine Super Cobra based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. It's possible that the Super Cobras appearing in this episode came from that unit and the producers heard the story of these two pilots and the "Gunshot 66- We Will Never Forget" patches worn by the squadron.