Season 6 Episode 14

Day 6: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack learns a devastating piece of news about Audrey upon his return to CTU.

As a desperate Gredenko launches his strike, CTU learns that their systems have been compromised by a mole who is obstructing their efforts to find the drone.

Karen finds a possible ally in Lennox as Daniels proceeds on his extreme course that will pit the U.S. against the Middle East.moreless

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  • Some action..

    Oh, I think this episode had much better motion than some last ones - we had clear danger and problem what to solve and so they did their best to do so.

    I also most say I like where the whole Nadya storyline is getting - at the start of the season i was wondering where it goes - will she be the traitor or will there develope something between her and Milo.. it looks like both are happening.. mm.. if she was really involved in this - we learn later, I am sure..

    And the revelation about Audrey.. that was shocking. I was still hoping she is around somewhere.. oh..moreless
  • I've run out of titles

    Don't expect closure on Logan come 6:00 AM; the writers really bit their own asses this time. In other news, the drone arc comes to one of the lamest culminations ever.

    Following the events of three minutes ago, Fayed and Gredenko launch only one drone before fleeing. With them gone, that drone is CTU's focus for the hour. Okay, one last "alcoholic Morris" reference, then it's on to a mole search! *GAG* Racial profiling implicates Nadia, who gets manhandled some by Doyle. Hot, but ultimately useless.

    Karen, a tragic victim of indecisive story-mapping, returns to the bunker and learns of Daniels' plan to wage war on [Fayed's country] should this nuke blow. So she considers waking Wayne out of his coma with Sandra's permission. Right, Sandra's also back. Woo-hoo.

    On Jack's front, we get a taste of the season's next plot (naturally): he vows to avenge Audrey, who was apparently killed in China. Then back to business as he helps take the drone down in a rubbish crash. I know what's been established about the consequences of a second detonation, but that makes me feel no less underwhelmed.

    And I wish to amend my season individuality thing: recycling plot points EXCEPT the CTU mole is alright with me. So yeah, this episode isn't exactly hot.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Well, every episode's gotta have something good, so… I'll take Karen and Lennox's "stairs/ineptitude" exchange.moreless
  • I don't quite understand the detailed nitpicking of this season here, but obviously many folks must have had a bad dinner before sitting down to watch it.

    Someone here went to great lengths to criticize the denouement in this episode. Everything this person said made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Sometimes I wonder if these folks are actually watching the episode they take such great joy in trashing.

    Karen comes back to work after hearing that President Palmer has been shot. She's coming back to stand strong on his position during the crisis. Why is this so hard for folks to understand?

    Some have actually harped here on the nuclear event being the main event and everything afterwards was a nonissue. Huh? Are you serious? If something doesn't blow up every episode you're disappointed? Wow.

    I saw some harping that Logan wasn't in this episode and wondered what happened to him. Well, if you watch closely he died. What's there to complain about?

    The information on Audrey was certainly an interesting turning point in the series and should be recognized as such. The ratings of this episode here are far too low.

    Honestly, you people obviously love this show, and regardless of your indigestion from dinner while watching, you shouldn't come here and trash this show ad infinitem. of course, if the show was cancelled then you'd whine and complain about that.

    Alot of the reviews here are written by obviously intelligent folk, but either they were in a foul mood when watching or they simply weren't paying attention to the episode they choose to trash.

    This is a very well written show and should be applauded here and supported, not nailed to the cross. Drop the caustic attitude and enjoy the show for the entertainment it is meant to be. It's high class, well written entertainment.

    Also, stop and smell the roses and hug your loved ones. You'll feel better :)moreless
  • The terrorists receive another blow...VP Daniels elaborates a risky plan and tries to implement it...

    Man, this was a wonderful episode...filled with action, especially the operation to eliminate the drone...Jack comes back to TU to find out Audrey may be dead...In the meantime VP Daniels propose a nuclear attack to revenge the terrorist attacks...He acts very strange, and not even Tom and Karen can't convince him to abort his plans...A mole may be in CTU and it appears to be Nadia...I must say i doubt it, cause usually in these type of shows where everything is possible, nothing is what it seems...Jack leads an operation to eliminate a drone launched by the terrorists, and manages to do so in time.moreless
  • Same old same old

    Well ladida, another mole at CTU. Seriously, can't we have a single season without a CTU mole? The only one I can think of was season three, and it still contained that storyline (only Gael turned out to be non-mole). Seriously, this is getting incredibly old. You'd think CTU would learn to do background checks on the people they hire. Or are those background checks being done by Fredrik Reinfeldt?

    Vice president Daniels is really an idiot. "Hmm, we have proof that these people weren't involved in the assasination attempt, we also have proof that the main terrorists are from another country, but I'm really hoping to be Mr Bigott of the year, or possibly Prime Idiot of the year, so let's bomb them to pieces just for the heck of it. That will make us ever so loveable."

    As for the Audrey storyline... I honestly couldn't care less. Though I already know how that storyline ends up, thanks to tv.com announcing it on their main page. Lovely.

    All in all... we've seen this before; can't they come up with something new? And also, Gredenko could possibly be portrayed by the worst actor they've ever had on the show. Seriously, I cringe when he opens his mouth.

    On the positive side:

    That little plane thingy that carried the bomb was incredibly cute. But it's probably a negative that I thought so...

    This might be my favorite dialogue of the season:

    Karen: Did someone push you down the stairs?

    Lennox: No, Karen. I tripped over your ineptitude.moreless
James Horan

James Horan

General Walsh

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Butch Hammett

Butch Hammett

First Responder

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Joseph Griffin

Joseph Griffin


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Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Noah Daniels

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Bob Gunton

Bob Gunton

Ethan Kanin

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Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Both DB Woodside (President Wayne Palmer) and Regina King (Sandra) appear in this episode but neither have any lines. This is the first time that there are two characters in an episode to not be given lines.

    • The coordinates for the detonation of the drone put it at 37 degrees, 43'21" N and 122 degrees 21'45" W. Victor stated it will detonate over San Francisco, however those coordinates are at the edge of a dock at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard, where it crashed.

    • The way Jack learns about Audrey is similar to the way Tony found out about Michelle's death in Day 5. They were both lied to and led to believe the women were alive.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jack: I'm going to finish this and when I do, I'm going to track down the people responsible for her murder and I'm going to take care of them too.

    • Victor: The bomb will detonate over San Francisco in twenty minutes.
      Gredenko: (whispering) Yes!

    • Nadia: I understand everything. I read your file. I know what you did in Denver. You enjoy hurting people. You get off on it.
      Doyle: We're not here to talk about me.

    • Karen: Hello, Tom. Did someone push you down the stairs?
      Lennox: No, Karen. I tripped over your ineptitude.

    • (Chloe strides over to Morris' work station and plants a long, intense kiss on his lips)
      Morris: (pleasantly surprised) What was that for?
      Chloe: (matter-of-factly) Just checking your breath.

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