Season 6 Episode 4

Day 6: 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

The head guard from Palmdale updates Bill on the situation. Bill realizes Fayed wanted Numair, the scientist, to escape within the U.S. borders. Chloe tells Bill they don't have full satellite coverage of the area. Milo tells Bill that Numair knows all of the systems to build and operate the suitcase nukes.

Milo tries to give Morris some work, but he says he's too busy working for Chloe. Chloe says she never assigned anything to Morris. Milo tells Morris that now isn't the time to be jerking him around.

Karen tells Wayne about suitcase nukes; a nuclear bomb small enough for one person to carry in a suitcase. They have a yield of one kiloton or less, with a radiation of approximately a half mile. Thousands would be killed instantly. The fall-out would kill many more.

Assad is frustrated that CTU is wasting their time searching the burned rubble of the storage unit. Wayne calls Jack and tells him they are verifying Assad's info. Wayne wants Jack to take charge of the operation. Jack is hesitant, believing he may not be up to the task. Wayne sweet-talks Jack a little more and jack finally agrees to keep working on it. Jack tells Curtis he's again working for CTU. Jack asks Curtis to accept Assad as one of their team, but Curtis refuses. Jack asks Curtis if he has a history with Assad, but Assad interrupts them with a partially-damaged PDA. It indicates that a bomb was entered into the country last Thursday.

Jack calls Chloe and asks her to run a crosscheck on Curtis and Assad.

Numair arrives at Faye's hide-out and shows him the nuclear device. Fayed assures Numair that the component is on its way.

Jillian tries to convince Ahmed that his father will be crushed by his involvement. Ray calls and says he has the component. Ray tells Ahmed that he refuses to deliver it until Ahmed frees his family. Ahmed agrees to let one go and tells Ray to choose. Ray chooses Scott, but Ahmed says Ray just told him which one was more important to him and lets Jillian go instead.

Jillian goes to her car and calls Ray. Ray tells her that he'll call Ahmed back and makes her promise not to call the police for fear that Ahmed will kill Scott. Ray calls Ahmed and Ahmed gives him the address where he must deliver the component. Meanwhile, Jillian thinks for a minute, then calls the police.

Milo and Morris have another fight. Chloe intervenes and says she knows they are fighting over her because she and Milo went out a few times before she went back to Morris. Both men sheepishly go back to work.

Bill calls Jack and passes on the police report about the Wallace family. Bill patches Jillian through and she tells him about Ray delivering the package. She tells him that Ahmed is holding her son and that Ahmed mentioned Fayed's name. Bill tells Jack to take his team and go to the Wallace house. Jack says they're taking Assad, which makes Curtis all the angrier.

Wayne meets with an ambassador from the Middle East. Karen asks the ambassador if Assad is genuine in his intent to renounce his terrorist activities. The ambassador says he believes Assad is sincere, and that many terrorists would follow Assad's lead and disarm if he goes public. Karen wants to formalize their relationship with Assad so they can lock him into cooperation. Lennox is skeptical, but Wayne calls Jack and tells Assad that he will pardon him for all past crimes if he continues to help track Fayed and stay committed to a broader peace. Assad asks for it in writing and Wayne says he'll have it within the hour.

Sandra calls for Wayne, but Lennox intercepts her call. Sandra wants to talk to Wayne, but Lennox tells her he's is in the middle of something. She demands that Lennox release Walid, but Lennox brushes her off. Sandra warns Lennox that she'll do whatever she has to in order to defend her client. If it involves embarrassing Wayne's administration, so be it.

Walid is released from interrogation and taken to the yard where the other detainees are milling about. He asks if he can get a drink of water, but the men nearly give him dirty looks. The man he defended earlier has a bottle of water and shares it with Walid. He asks Walid if he told them anything and Walid says no. The man tells Walid that before the day is over, they'll all pay. Their conversation is interrupted by another man who leads the Arab away. Walid eavesdrops as the two men have a conversation in Arabic.

Ray delivers the package to Fayed's location and Fayed's men take him as a hostage. Fayed gives Numair the component that is to be used to reprogram the trigger. Fayed tells Numair to meet him at the safe house when he's finished. As he leaves, he calls Ahmed and tells him to kill Scott. Ahmed hesitates, but agrees to do it.

Wayne reads over Assad's pardon and finds it satisfactory. Karen and Lennox are surprised at how quickly Wayne approved it. Lennox wants to keep the pardon a secret from the public, but Karen believes the info will leak out, so they should be preemptive and dress it up in a lot of PR spin. Wayne agrees and Karen leaves to take care of it.

Jack and his men arrive at the Wallace home. They surround the building and prepare for entry. Scott gets suspicious when Ahmed goes silent. Ahmed orders him to get up. Scott knows what's coming and begs for his life. Ahmed tells him to kneel down. Ahmed is about to shoot Scott when Curtis and his men storm the house. Scott hits the floor as Ahmed heads out the back way, but Jack and more men are waiting there for him. Ahmed is about to shoot Jack when another agent shoots him. Ahmed is still alive, but critically wounded. Jack wants to revive Ahmed long enough to find out where Ray was going, but Scott remembers the address where his father took the package and gives it to Jack. Jack calls Bill, who immediately dispatches two teams to Fayed's location.

Chloe tells Bill she's pulled up satellite coverage of Fayed's hide-out and that no one has entered or left in the past 10 minutes. Bill calls Wayne and Bill tells him they may have found both Fayed and the suitcase nuke.

Sandra meets with Walid and wants to get him out, but Walid tells her he may have overheard something that may be important. He passes along an Arabic phrase he memorized to Sandra. She doesn't want to do it because they are being held illegally, but Walid tells her to stop being a lawyer. He tells her they could be planning something that may hurt a lot of people. She agrees and they kiss before she leaves.

Jack takes the pardon to Assad and outlines the terms for him. Jack tells Assad he has to get back to work, but another agent will take him back to CTU. The two men shake hands as Curtis stands smoldering in the doorway. Curtis takes Jack aside and asks about the document. Jack tells Curtis about the pardon for all of his past crimes. Curtis is visibly angry, but seems to agree to accept the situation. Jillian rushes in and hugs Scott.

Chloe calls Jack and tells him about Curtis's past connection with Assad. Curtis was in the army just after Desert Storm. His squad was ambushed by Assad's men, who killed five of them and took two hostages. Curtis was badly wounded and couldn't go after them. The next day, Assad's lieutenant forced the hostages to beg for their lives, then beheaded them both on national TV. As Jack hangs up, Assad signs the pardon and walks outside with a CTU agent.

Curtis takes over custody of Assad from the other guard. "Still don't remember," he growls as he grabs Assad, shoves him against the car and sticks his gun in Assad's forehead. Jack comes out of the house and orders Curtis to put his weapon down, but Curtis stands firm and turns Assad around to use as a human shield. Jack says he gave Assad his word he would protect him. Jack begs Curtis not to shoot. "I can't let this animal live," Curtis says as he prepares to pull the trigger. Jack shoots Curtis in the neck and Curtis falls. Jack staggers backward in shock, then stumbles away, sobbing. Jack vomits in the grass, then collapses against a tree for support.

Bill calls Jack and backs him, telling him Curtis didn't leave him any choice. Jack finds no comfort in Bill's words. "Tell the president I can't do this anymore," he gasps. Bill asks Jack to come back to CTU, but Jack says he's done and hangs up.

Nadia calls Bill and informs him that Ahmed died on route to the hospital. Chloe tells Bill the tag team is ready to go in after the nuke. Bill and Wayne are patched in via live feed.

The CTU agents sneak into the outer area and kill the guards on watch. Numair is almost done arming the bomb when another man spots the CTU team coming. He asks Numair if he can detonate the bomb now and Numair says he can. CTU storms the building and a firefight ensues. A handcuffed and terrified Ray watches helplessly as the bullets fly. Numair grabs the trigger for the bomb and presses it. Ray screams "Noooo!" A huge explosion and flash are followed by a large mushroom cloud rising over Los Angeles.

Jack is lying on the ground when he looks up and sees the cloud, a look of horror on his face. Wayne and his people in D.C. see the cloud as well. Wayne tells a stunned Karen to make sure first responders know that the military is ready to assist them in any way necessary.

At CTU, Nadia tells Bill they just got a call from the FBI. The phrase Walid overheard meant, "Five visitors." Bill deduces that there are four more nuclear bombs somewhere in the country.

The mushroom cloud rises higher and higher over L.A. Tick, tick, tick...