Season 6 Episode 16

Day 6: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on FOX
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Wayne risks his unstable health in order to fight Daniels for the presidency. Lennox and Karen call an uneasy truce in the face of the impending war.

Doyle coerces Nadia into helping him dig up dirt on Milo, while Jack uses Gredenko in a sting operation that will lead them to Fayed.moreless

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  • The alpha male of absurdity

    Well, hats off for managing to revisit the plotline about Milo's illegal login. And…there it goes again.On to the better stuff: the twists and turns at the White House are too farcical to be "great," but they're entertaining all the same. The Cabinet votes, Daniels doesn't count Karen, there's petty arguing, yada. "Entertaining" nearly progresses to "tiresome," but Lennox comes to the rescue and puts an end to it, just in time for Jack to begin his next venture.This time, Jack's off to the Santa Monica Pier (an amusement park, writers?) (seriously??) with Gredenko to nab Fayed and recover the suitcase nukes already. Of course, things don't go according to plan, which only entertains further. Jack does end up getting Fayed, and Gredenko goes out in a rather creepy scene, but the road is so much better than the destination.Whether you laugh or scoff or just sit there with your disbelieving jaw on the floor, you can't call this episode boring. Not only does it advance the nuke arc another crucial notch toward closure; it does so while unsubtly asserting its place as the weirdest, funniest, most ridiculous hour that the show has seen in quite a while, if not ever (good-ridiculous, not S4-ridiculous). I'm just sad it didn't go all-out and incorporate that Ferris wheel somehow.Hourly Highlight:New pistol: $80.Ceiling repair: $300.Funeral for random patron: $12,500."I hope your friend is dead!": priceless.moreless
  • Gredenko sets up a meeting with Fayed while President Palmer seeks to halt Daniel's plan for an attack on Russian.

    The ending was the only part that I find convincing. President Palmer finally gets Daniel's out of power when Tom reveals the taped conversation with Daniels trying to illegally get an affidavid against Palmer. However, then

    Palmer resumes the attack on Russians? Well I guess it could explained that the drugs in Palmer are finally impacting his thought process as this clearly isn't like him. Meanwhile, Gredenko in CTU custody essentially traded in Fayed for his own life and imminunity. When the setup finally happened though Gredenko went back on his word and alerted Fayed. From the last scenes it would seem Gredenko is dead and with Fayed now in CTU's hand it would seem the threat is over or is it?

    Well if there were the case it be a very short season. It looks like Bauer will take another bullet. While some of this typical 24, you just can't stop watching till the end.moreless
  • Fight for presidenty..

    So, the main problem this episode is Palmer trying to defend is presidence and it is not easy - there is the law what they try to force and call the votes and there is the nuclear rocket ready to be launch - stakes are high.

    Jack on the mean times tries to get to the Fayed via Gredenko and it all goes wrong as Gredenko is smarter than first thought - but in the end, they got Fayed.. and Gredenko dies.. game over?

    And Palmer manage to defend his position but in the end, he does something totally insane - calls the attack.moreless
  • Wayne Palmer remains president...Jack finds Fayed, but loses a weak Gredenko...

    Interesting episode...Here two events happen..First , President Palmer comes to the White House after stopping the attack...VP Daniels tries to retain the power by making Wayne seem weak, but a help from Tom helps Palmer remain President...The second even concerns the capture of Fayed...Jack uses Gredenko to lure Fayed, but the Russian has another agenda, a bit risky...In effect, he cuts of his hand, the one where it was inserted a device to prevent him from escaping...He tries to escape with Fayed but when he sees it is impossible, surrenders the latter...The best part, as always, was the ending....Palmer decides to launch a nuclear attack against Fayed's country(interesting that it's name is not disclosed),possibly under the influence of the medicine.moreless
  • Once again, the Jack Bauer show was a ways behind center stage with the political insanity inside the White House taking the spotlight. But this time, it came with a twist; a very good twist.moreless

    24 Episode 6.16 "Day Six 9:00PM-10:00PM"

    Airdate: Monday, April 2nd 9:00PM-10:00PM

    Once again, the Jack Bauer show was a ways behind center stage with the political insanity inside the White House taking the spotlight. But this time, it came with a twist; a very good twist. President Palmer is going through with the thought-to-be VP initiated war hungry nuke attack on the Middle East. Though this completely contradicts the plot line presented to us the past couple of episodes, it wouldn't be the first time a plot twist of high magnitude didn't appear completely logical at first only to be cleared up later on. So hopefully assuming the boundaries of common logic and acceptable disbelief isn't another asset the writers lost this season, it could land itself as one of the best twists ever on the series. Plus, considering mostly everything in the episode led up to this event, I'd hate to see one of the somewhat better episodes of the season lose its credibility.

    While it wasn't nearly as tense and mesmerizing as the infamous Season Two episode when Brother David had his cabinet vote him out of office (ok, it wasn't ANYWHERE near as good), it still had a high quantity of magic in the White House mess department. And the only thing running through my mind more than a practically complete second season copout was the sudden one vote decrease. I'm no political expert, but was there a reason Wayne had a smaller cabinet? I mean, a reason other than to put into question the validity of Karen's vote, another excuse for Tom to continue his turn around in being one of my favorite characters ever, and of course, the big twist at the end that swapped everyone's instant assumptions that Palmer collapsed and re-comaized himself into the eyebrow raising announcement that he was on board with the nuclear strike. But either way, it brought about some quality television moments and that's what counts the most. I just hope when the dust settles, everyone's motivations and intentions are brought more clearly into the picture to bring justice to the decisions made by these characters. Because if it all works out, the incredible cast that makes up our 24 government inside the White House will be as understandable and sensically thought provoking as they are intriguing and complex.

    A total CTU snooze fest with Tony and Michelle II getting more screen time than the real Tony and Michelle ever did; and a whopping one line for Chloe didn't help matters either. Not one of the more riveting hours inside CTU, and yet another lack of Jack to go along with it. For a fourth straight hour, our sleepless hero was on the sidelines for most of the episode; though the final ten minutes or so were definitely bad ass Jack. An intense shootout followed by Gredenko and Fayed cutting off one's arm or setting the other one up in a bar fight fed the big bad terrorists right to Mr. Terrorist Killer himself. I will say that for two villains with virtually no character development at all this season, and probably two of the worst villains ever on 24, this episode did at least provide some memorable moments for them. Gredenko becomes the newest amputated character and Fayed's capturing in the bar was awesome. This should set up the vintage final Bauer interrogation hour and perhaps finally the start of the second story arc this season.

    So mostly due in part to the White House debacle (variated reused storyline or not, still some compelling television) and an intense final ten minutes, a pretty decent episode; but also another reason to add on to the seemingly odd distinctions of Season Six. Sixteen hours in and we're still completing the final stages of the opening arc; and the storyline for the second half now isn't quite crystal clear. The only thing crystal clear at this point is that our arch villain is finally in custody, Jack Bauer has to do his thing to save America (and a really classic Jack episode is long overdue), and what looks to be a global catastrophe brimming in the very near future is overshadowed only by the confusion and questionable motivations in our own government that brought it about. I've pretty much convinced myself that in order to enjoy what's left of the season for what it's worth I'm going to need to block out any reused storyline ideas and from that concept I thought it was a good-- not put it in the books as a classic, but good episode of 24.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.6moreless
Ray Laska

Ray Laska

Attorney General Graves

Guest Star

Anthony Michael Jones

Anthony Michael Jones

Cabinet Member

Guest Star

Brenda Wehle

Brenda Wehle

Cabinet Member

Guest Star

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

Noah Daniels

Recurring Role

Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis

Abu Fayed

Recurring Role

Kari Matchett

Kari Matchett

Lisa Miller

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The 25th Amendment states that the Vice President becomes the President if the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet vote to remove the President from office. This means that the Vice President's vote is not included in the "majority". Secondly, Daniels is right when he says that Karen's vote is invalid, however it's not because Karen resigned. The National Security Advisor is not a Cabinet member and therefore her vote is invalid. Thus, the proper score would be 6 to 6 (not including Daniels' vote), it's a tie, therefore President Palmer remains in office.

    • When Jack enters Fayed's building you can see the camera and cameraman reflecting in the door's window.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jack: (talking to Gredenko) You try and warn Fayed with anything you say or how you say it and I will kill you right here right now.

    • Gredenko: I recognize him from the news! He's the terrorist they are looking for!

    • Daniels: Tom! You know something, I'm beginning to think you're not on my side.
      Lennox: Sir, I'm on the side of the United States of America and if you ever thought otherwise, you're very much mistaken.

    • Doyle: Turns out there was no mole. The terrorists were able to hack into our system because someone screwed up and logged the wrong security parameters. I'm pretty sure that someone was Milo and the proof is on his computer. I need someone to get it without him noticing.
      Nadia: I can't do that.
      Doyle: Why? Is it because you're too busy deciding if you want to sleep with him?

    • Fayed: I hope your friend is dead!
      Jack: (kicks him in the face) Shut up!

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