Season 7 Episode 18

Day 7: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on FOX
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Hodges meets with President Taylor to outline his demands involving Starkwood having a seat at the highest government level, but Tony's plan to detonate Starkwood's weapons systems dramatically reverses the control of power. Renee calls in Kim Bauer to see her dad, who refuses to get her involved in a possible treatment option to stop the degeneration caused by the bioweapon. One Starkwood operative manages to sneak a canister off the premises and is pursued by Larry.moreless

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  • Not bad but

    aint that Starkwood guy lucky; handcuffs are so expensive that not every FBI agent can have one or else he would have been restrained, the canister recovered and this drawn out day would have finally ended.
  • I see your S5 and raise you THIIIIISSS!

    So Hodges blackmails Taylor into bringing Starkwood into the government, having no idea that Tony's doing his own thing to destroy the missiles and the prion, in a sequence reminiscent of Jack's antics against the Sentox canisters. And it works, bringing the Starkwood arc to a tense and satisfyingly explosive finish at the halfway mark. Then, in another parallel to S5, Kim Bauer returns, only she's no longer angry at Jack, and the reunion is all very sad and tearful, boo-hoo, okay what next? Yet another parallel, intentional or not, comes when a Starkwood mercenary escapes with (ta-da!) the last prion canister. Moss and Tony go after him in a chase leading to the end of the episode. Hey, that makes for a pretty damn good second half too.Anyway, Tony turns back into a villain and kills Moss. Yeah, that happens. Kinda puts a stopper on the Jack/Renee/Moss love triangle that's been building up until now, doesn't it? But that's not the point; what matters is that the episode's final scene is pulled off marvelously, presenting the payoff I was hoping for all season. If the writers had to resurrect Tony, then as far as I'm concerned, this is about the best way they could have gone with that. Because I honestly got tired of Tony around S4, and I was perfectly happy with his and Michelle's deaths in S5, and I really didn't want him being brought back just to satisfy his raving acolytes. Every time I think of this episode, I think of the Tony nuts who now feel betrayed and wish he'd stayed dead—those smug fanboys who temporarily got what they wanted only to have their worlds shattered—and it makes me even happier than the thought of Avatards taking razor blades and[ERROR]moreless
  • This is the reason why even being an action tv show, Kiefer gets Emmy nominations as Best Actor.Luckly we know there's going to be an 8th season, so we know he is not going to die.moreless

    This is the reason why even being an action tv show, Kiefer gets Emmy nominations as Best Actor.Luckly we know there's going to be an 8th season, so we know he is not going to die, because otherwise and based on his acting, i would really believe he was going to. Incredible episode,one of those that makes you doubt which 24 season is the best one,this one or any of the past 6. Elisha is back, something that men around the world will always thank. And Tony?What is it with him?Definitely,his biggest enemy is himself. Jon Voight has been in my opinion one of the best villains of the show so far.Amazing episode, amazing season, amazing show.Seven seasons and still alive!moreless
  • One of The Most Clevered and Shocking Surprises in Series EVER!. And The Best Twist of The Season For Sure!.

    This episode is totally excellent itself.

    It delivers in every level!.

    While Jonas Hodges is in The White House forcing The President Taylor to admit his conditions, Jack and Renne are helping Tony in a secret operation to destroy Jonas´ plans and end with the threat of the day.

    Also Jack finally meets with his daughter Kim in a very emotional meeting.

    But, a surprising twist opens what looks like the ultimate plot of the shocking seventh day.

    Every twist in 24 is so well done and always unexpected to the viewers(and i´m including).

    But only a few twists makes the audience(and i´m including)to scream, to put in the edge of your seat, to not to believe it or even to get angry.

    Only a few surprises are shocking enough to make history in the series.

    And this one is one of that little lot.

    It is the Best Twist in this present season!

    And also one of the most shocking surprises in all the whole show!.

    Another masterpiece!.moreless
  • While virtually every functioning brain cell that I have tells me to absolutely loathe Tony's 'turn', I'm going to reserve judgement until the forthcoming episodes have given us more of an idea as to what in the holy Hell is going on.moreless

    Wow, so much to talk about and so little time. Let's begin at the end, just to be contrary, with THAT plot twist. Well, while virtually every functioning brain cell that I have tells me to absolutely loathe Tony's 'turn', I'm going to reserve judgement until the forthcoming episodes have given us more of an idea as to what in the holy Hell is going on. To be perfectly honest, I bemoaned the revelation that Almeida was actually a good guy earlier in the season as I think, since the writers had the balls to turn him into an embittered, establishment-loathing baddie with a completely logical set of reasons for it, they should also have had the balls to follow through and give us THIS Tony for the duration. Still, I warmed to his old, Bauer-helping self, as was inevitable given Bernard's considerable acting talents, and now I'm unsure as to whether I really WANT to see the Almeida that I longed for after the first couple of hours. The problem now, of course, is going to be reconciling his helpful antics with the FBI with his treacherous murder of Larry Moss which, let's face it, was freaking awesome. Just when you think 24 is settling into a familiar pattern, getting fairly safe with its plot decisions, along comes a development that sucker punches you in the gut and reminds you that the writing staff aren't afraid to take the road less travelled every so often. Anyway, here's hoping Tony's 'turn' is suitably explained and that we can all buy into it, rather than it coming across as a desperate attempt by an idea-deprived writing staff to keep things engaging. In a way, I am rather concerned that this will turn out to be the case, especially when you consider that this season seems to chop and change as it sees fit: we've had the Dubaku plot, the Juma plot, the Starkwood plot and now, it appears, the 'this is bigger than you can imagine President Taylor, mwahahahahahaha' plot, all in the space of eighteen episodes, which doesn't exactly indicate a confidence in narrative structure. This is mere conjecture for now though, so we'll leave it to one side and celebrate the culmination of the Starkwood extravaganza which looks and feels spectacular: some serious dough has spent on those sets, believe you me. The adrenalin rush of the race to destroy the missiles in the first twenty minutes is thoroughly addictive, and counterpointed nicely with a stellar set of scenes between President Taylor and Jonas Hodges, in which the battle of wits feels as epic as the physical battle going on down the road. This then gives way to a more reflective second half as Tony seems destined to get a pardon and Jack has a wonderful scene with Kim, in which Sutherland manages to disguise Cuthbert's poor acting skills, and then, of course, we have 'the big one'. This all makes for a highly engaging hour of television, shocking, surprising and entertaining virtually every step of the way. Let's cross our fingers and toes that Tony's turn doesn't transpire to be an ill-thought out damp squib.moreless
Michael Rodrick

Michael Rodrick


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Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

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Gabriel Casseus


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Christina Chang

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Rory Cochrane

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Frank John Hughes

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Tony Almeida is reaching through the gratings trying to retrieve the detonator, it is just out of reach. Such sumps are designed to catch debris and liquids and need periodic cleaning. It is easily seen that the grates are not bolted down nor embedded in the concrete so they are easily removed for the purpose of cleaning. Tony only had to lift out one approximately four foot section of the grate to get the detonator.

    • It takes Hodges and Greg little over 10 minutes to get to the White House from Starkwood (including Hodges' change of clothes), but it took Jack nearly five minutes to walk down a corridor to see his daughter.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jack: Madam President, I know that there's a risk, but I would not be asking you to do this if I didn't think it would work. Please, I am begging you. Trust me.
      Taylor: How long did the doctors give you to live?
      Jack: Uhm...they're not sure, but the pathogen has started to take effect.
      Taylor: Then there's not much I can threaten you with, is there? I expect you'll do what you think is right.
      Renee: What the hell does that mean?
      Jack: She wants us to go in.

    • Taylor: Jonas, I agreed to meet with you to hear what you had to say. What you're asking is blackmail.
      Hodges: Well, that's putting it in the worst possible way.

  • NOTES (2)