Season 7 Episode 4

Day 7: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on FOX
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Buchanan takes Jack to "CTU", a secret hideout where he and Chloe had been working with Tony to uncover the conspiracy within the US government. Tony had been undercover with the terrorists aiding Juma to discover the moles. Jack agrees to help get Tony back in play by joining Emerson's crew himself.

Taylor is forced to meet with Matobo to inform him that she may be required to withdraw her forces from Sangala to protect American lives. Her Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin agrees with this decision, but Taylor is not yet convinced.

Henry meets with Samantha, Roger's former girlfriend, who tells him that Roger was indeed murdered and provides him with proof.moreless

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  • The Emerson immersion

    Now begins a major story arc where Tony, joined by Jack, goes back undercover with David Emerson, the man who will unwittingly help lead them to the CIP device. Do I buy that Emerson would really trust Jack? Nope, but hey, he kinda doesn't after all. Still, it's great fun to see Jack try to convince him otherwise, especially since he doesn't get to play the "bad guy" very often.

    Taylor contemplates for the whole episode, while Henry meets with Samantha and learns the unnecessarily convoluted details behind Roger's death. In summary, he was murdered and there's a crap-ton of moles in Taylor's administration.

    Our buddies at the FBI don't do much, except for Renee (cue hearts). She goes to the hospital to question Alan Tanner and ends up taking drastic steps to get information out of him. Already she's starting to show signs of Jack's influence, which I think is supposed to be a bad thing? I have doubts because it makes her even hotter. Anyway, in the end she learns what Jack, Tony, and Emerson are up to: a high-profile kidnapping.

    The large number of things Jack gets done in this hour might strain your obligatory suspension of disbelief, but that and Renee's inner conflict both make the episode work. With the CIP threat's looming deadline, would you really prefer a slower pace?

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack gaining Emerson's trust (sort of).moreless
  • This episode continues to be great, following the last events, making some explanations and moments filled with tension and focus in two plots, while doing some character development.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10). We have some explanations about Tony sudden resurrection and this operation that Bill are running with Chloe and Tony. Also, Matobo is presented because he is the next complication.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Reinstate Tony undercover and put Jack with this crew too seems impossible, at least for Jack. Then things get more interesting when Jack, Tony and Emerson had to capture Matobo.

    Climax Phase - » (8/10). The moment with High tension was when Emerson wants Tony to kill Jack, that moment was suspenseful, but Jack can´t die.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10). Great tension you get when Emerson decides to kill Jack.

    Drama - » (8/10). Renee little by little starts to act more like Jack, but since torture is not something that is usual for her, she get a little emotional but gets the job done. It seems that Tony like´s Emerson like a brother. Henry finally discovers that his son was murdered and why.

    Action - » (8/10). Little action that was nice to see.

    Ending - » (8/10). At least the episode ends in the middle of something, that was a nice step.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10). Little surprises like knowing that Tony was not undercover as Jack and thought or the fact that Jack, Tony and Emerson mission was to capture Matobo, that had impact.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Very hard to notice any filler, Henry plot was tied to the main plot about the conspiracy, only Sean continues to be boring. The writers gave Renee two filler scenes but nothing that could be boring.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Hard to notice any flaws, but what happened, the undercover operation or invading Matobo place´s so easily is nothing that is important to note.

    What I liked -» Tony sudden resurrection was nicely explained. Jack, Tony and Emerson had very good tense scenes.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Sean starts to be annoying.

    This episode continues to be great, following the last events, making some explanations and moments filled with tension and focus in two plots, while doing some character development.moreless
  • Tony is back with Jack.

    11am-12pm is a really quick paced and very eventful throughout.Jack knows what Buchanan and Chloe with tony are doing, working outside the government as they believe the government is corrupted and can not be trusted. Jack learns a lot during these 8 minutes, and agrees to work with them. So he goes undercover with Tony to his group,and we learn more about David Emerson. later on we learn that the package that will be delivered to Ike Dubaku is the Former Prime minister Ule Matobo and breaks inside the home place leading a delaying problem.

    A great and fast paced episode.moreless
  • So the four hour treat for the eyes comes to a close with perhaps its weakest instalment.

    So the four hour treat for the eyes comes to a close with perhaps its weakest instalment. '11.00am - 12.00pm' feels like it's treading water a little, biding time before the big narrative tropes are hauled out. This is especially true of the Dubaku scenario which is hindered somewhat by the longevity of the time allowed for President Taylor to withdraw her troops from Sengala. Effectively, we're waiting around until the 1pm mark for a decision to be made or for any catastrophic action to take place. Yeah, that's right, all I wanna see is bloodshed baby... lots and lots of American bloodshed. Crash those planes now! Contaminate that water supply! Yeah! *ahem* There's much to enjoy here though: James Morrison and Mary Lynn Rajskub fall straight back into their respective roles as if they've never been away. While the 'mini CTU' is a little contrived, the actors pull it off with enough panache for us to forgive it... let's face it, why would we not want these wonderful characters back on our screens? Carlos Bernard continues to be at the top of his game and credit to the writers for not back-tracking entirely on Tony's 'wayward' status. This sort of nuance is exactly what is needed to make the players in 24 less like ciphers functioning to aid the plot, and more like believable human beings caught up in impossible situations. While Jack's infiltration of Emerson's group has been done countless times on the show before too (come on... undercover Jack? In what season have they not pulled that one out of the bag?!), Keifer does it so well that it still seems fresh. Henry's pursuit of the truth regarding his son's death also moves forward a few significant steps and it's continuing to intrigue, largely thanks to the talents of Colm Ferore, but what's the betting that the incredibly hunky Secret Service Agent Gedge is in on the whole thing? Ya boo hiss if he is. That man is TEH HOTNESS.moreless
  • Tony's back undercover...

    Tony explains to Jack how's he still alive and that he's been working for Emerson, former British SAS agent for the past 3 years. Tony needs to go back undercover and Jack agrees to help him; he tags along as well by offering to work with Emerson. Emerson thinks' Jack's too much of a risk but proves himself with his intelligence and ability to talk (and fight) his way out of being killed. Emerson tells the crew that they are going to kidnap the former Prime Minister of Sangala and deliver him to Dubaku. Meanwhile Renee wants to redeem herself by trying to find Jack and Tony herself, she visits the only lead in hospital and uses Jack's Tactics to get the Info out of him. Henry learns that his son was killed and the President herself trying to decide whether to withdraw American troops and cough up to the terrorists demands.moreless
Tonya Pinkins

Tonya Pinkins

Alama Matobo

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Marina Black

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Ian Paul Cassidy


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Ever Carradine


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Isaach De Bankole

Ule Matobo

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Samantha Roth

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