Season 7 Episode 5

Day 7: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • The DC detour


    First, Emerson has to kidnap the Matobos from their panic room. Since Jack wants to kidnap them for noble, country-saving reasons, this situation makes for some real ironic hilarity (and I believe I used the word "ironic" correctly there). Their solution to get the panic room open seems to rely a bit too much on luck, but whatever; it works and does so suspensefully.
    Second, Renee arrives only to get captured and taken with the Matobos. As she spends most of the episode staring "evil" Jack in the face, with Jack unable to tell her the truth, the tension in Emerson's van is way better than in Eddie Grant's van from S2. Plus, with Renee kidnapped, the Office mole makes him/herself useful and helps Emerson out from the shadows.
    Taylor decides not to give in to Dubaku, officially establishing her as a strong character and President. Some people may use double standards and accuse her of letting PMS or something get in the way of serving the US, but not I! I'd only say such things about a non-fictional female President.
    But the other Taylor still has the more interesting storyline for now. As Henry looks further into the government conspiracy, a betrayal—which I really should have seen coming—puts both his and Samantha's lives in danger.
    While this episode is filler for Jack, it's pretty great filler. For everyone else, it's pretty great period.
    No, that wasn't another PMS reference.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Ghostly female vocals? A haunting POV shot? A silent clock? Well, it's not like Renee's really dead after only five episodes…right?

  • I just wanted to reply to ENTIL2001 who said that its sad to see Walker go so quickly. LOL, she didn't die! Didnt you hear Jack say that"i'll get you through this alive"and then he shot the side of her neck. He didn't shoot her head.

    I just wanted to reply to ENTIL2001 who said that it's sad to see Agent Walker go so quickly. LOL, she didn't die !!! Didn't you hear Jack say that "i'll get you through this alive" and then he shot the side of her neck. He didn't shoot her head. Only the side of her neck so she's still alive. And didn't you see her move and move her eyes and looked around when they were burying her. She'll live. Other than that, this is exactly why I watch this series. AWESOMELY heart pownding every second of the show. Can't wait till next episode to see what Walker will do and what happens.
  • 24 continue to build solid and interesting episode and this one is not an exception.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). Following the last event, until Jack has a idea.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). Jack idea works, but things get´s more complicated when Renee decided to appear and get caught.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10)*2. Killing Renee, great tension.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10). The tension here was great, not only in Renee scenes, but with Matobo situation too.

    Drama - » (8/10). Poor Renee, what Matobo wife´s did was nice.

    Ending - » (9/10)*2. Great ending, will the writers kill one more character?

    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10). Sean scenes continues to be filler, the lawyer appearance was too. The rest of the scenes plays good and was well explored. The interaction in the Van was only to buy more time, but this was not bad.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10). I can´t buy this chemical knowledge that Bauer has or why Emerson didn´t kill Renee or couldn´t notice that Bauer didn´t kill her, but ok, is for the sake of this plot.

    What I liked -» Renee last scenes.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» The lawyers filler and Sean also.

    24 continue to build solid and interesting episode and this one is not an exception.
  • A slightly slower episode than the opening two-day, four-hour salvo but an eminently enjoyable one nevertheless.

    A slightly slower episode than the opening two-day, four-hour salvo but an eminently enjoyable one nevertheless. The decision to concentrate the first twenty five minutes squarely on the 'flushing out' (if you'll pardon the expression) of Matobo is a stroke of genius, as it gives the narrative a headlong focus that strengthens the dramatic gravitas of the situation. It's a curious beast from a viewing perspective too, as one's allegiances are thrown completely out of alignment. Technically, we should be rooting for our protagonist(s) - the erstwhile dysfunctional dynamic duo of Tony and Jack - and willing them on to achieve their goal, but when their goal is to kidnap the peace-loving Prime Minister of a foreign country, regardless of whether or not their intentions are ultimately honourable, one inevitably finds oneself pulled in opposite directions; feeling ambivalence, if you will. You just can't help but secretly hope that Matobo and his wife find the secret trap door that lets them out of the panic room... it's only natural! And as if that wasn't enough, our sympathies are abused still further with the abduction of poor, sweet Renee who's currently on a 'Bauer = bad' kick... a problem only exacerbated by his assignment to, you know, kill her. These sequences play considerably well, in large part thanks to the considerable acting talents of all involved. Granted, the plot is all a bit season one (remember Nina beside all those wind turbine things? Ah, those were the days), and you just know Bauer'll find a way to save her, but it's all good, sincere fun and at least the production staff do a damn good job of representing the situation: the closing moments, juxtaposing shots from above and below of the dirt covering her face, and the clock counting down with the 'tick tocks' replaced by Renee's breathing, are just plain wonderful. This particular plot strand is certainly the best thing about the episode and thankfully, it makes up about three quarters of the whole.

    Elsewhere, things are a little less appetising as things heat up at FBI HQ when we find out that Moss has the hots for Renee and Sean is having his way with Erika (a.k.a. 'some random') and no one actually cares (sorry, but romance is the last thing on any of our minds in the midst of a roller coaster ride of an international crisis... it's just distracting), then some idiotic bureaucrat from the Attorney General's office comes along and actively tries to hinder the resolution of a serious terrorist threat to the stability of the nation by asking to interview blatant mole sweet and innocent Janice about Renee's unsavoury 'interrogation' of Tanner. Which happened about fifteen minutes ago. Sorry guys, but come on... you're telling me that's enough time for the guy to file a complaint, for it to be registered and for it to be pursued IN PERSON? Gimme a break. These narrative strands are just frustrating for the viewer anyway and never prove to be enjoyable: they act as deviations, putting obstacles in the way of progressing the plot. And let's face it, 24 is about plot. No question about it. That's all we want. Really. Plot like Henry being poisoned by gorgeous, gorgeous Brian Gedge. Oh yeah, that wasn't telegraphed at all, was it? Shame really; every fibre of my being was screaming, "No! Not Gedge! Not that pretty face! Don't do this to us!", until I realised just how pathetic I was. I actually didn't mind this development, mostly as it allowed Colm Feore to do one of the most spectacular collapses in recent memory, but it was a bit bloody predictable, wasn't it?

    Wow. That was a bit long. A good episode on the whole, mostly due to the A storyline being strong enough to propel the narrative forward in a satisfying manner. Cut down on the soap opera elements (which, to be fair, have been few and far between so far), get rid of bureaucratic interference and give us more Dubaku, then I'd be a happy man. See, I don't even need Chloe and Bill... (but it would've been nice).
  • 24 is offically back on track. One of the best episodes of Day 7. (Spoilers in Review!)

    Everything in this episode was done in classic 24 style. The Henry Taylor storyline reaches the revelation we've been waiting for. The reveal of Agent Gedge as a traitor was executed perfectly... "This is Samantha's apartment, sir" he says as he puts on his gloves. The writers still have the magic. If you're a long time fan of 24 than chances are you saw this coming from the very first episode but nonetheless it puts a smile on your face just because it is done so well and what would 24 be without close personal betrayals? Speaking of which the final scene with Renee is really what made this episode. 24 still manages to be 100% original even with scenes that are very very similar to ones they have already done. Jack must shoot a female coleague by the demand of a villain... Huh, sounds like Day One when Jack had to shoot Nina. Even the location looked familiar. But I am not complaining. This scene is different in all the right ways and the same all the right ways too. Instead of the old bullet proof jacket trick Jack must be infinitely more clever this time. 24 is always fantastic when Jack has to use his superior intelligence to deceive and accomplish. The multiple angles really helped pull off this scene's believablity. Jack doesn't always do horrible things to get the job done, sometimes he just makes you think he has done them. Possibly realizing they have done something similar before, the writers take the liberty to elevate it to the next level, making Jack and Tony bury Renee alive. This ranks as one of the most chilling endings in the show's history. Great use of the silent clock as well. Sean Callery's score is brilliant as usual... The creepy sound effects during the Taylor/Gedge scenes, the chilling music during the boxes, the score during the debate about the safe room... all perfect. There's also an homage (possibly unintentional) to a Day 2 episode when they use the same score for Jack trying to get into Motobo's safe room in Day 7 as they did when Jack was trying to get into Joe Wald's safe room in Day 2.

    Just an overall classic episode. The writing, the directing, the acting, the pacing, the score... all superb. Day 7 is quickly becoming one of the best!
  • The P.M of Segala get's Kidnapped

    Jack and Tony have infiltrated a terrorist cell planning to kidnap the prime minister of Sengala. Jack & Co. seem to have run out of options when the PM has holed himself and his wife in a saferoom. One of the real hired hands is ready to give up for fear of being caught when Jack, of all people, has the bright idea to gas the two out, nearly killing both of them. Renee gets herself caught by Emerson's men and tells Jack to kill her. Henry, the President's Husband has the Information he needs to expose his son's killer, he tells the field agent the sensitive information. What a bummer it turns he did himself and plans to kill Sam and planting it on Henry.
  • The good and the bad.

    The start of this season has been pretty good so far. This episode was yet another good one. However it still had its dull ( i mean very dull) moments.
    The start was pretty slow. Nice suspense with Sangala`s prime minister trapped. Things started picking up after Renee was captured...brought a very dramatic and tensed feeling. The closing moments were great...didn`t really know what to expect with the situation. We know Jack can do what it takes..so unpredictable and that`s why we find him so great right? :P Anyway, having him take Renee in some woods and shoot in air would have been lame...I really liked the way he spared her. The ending was definitely surprising, even shocking as Jack was literally forced to bury her alive. Is she dead? That`s up for speculations...specially with the silent clock. But I think she isn`t. She`s supposed to be a regular..so I don`t think she is dying so early. Scenes at the white house were good too..the president this year is ok, don`t have any complain so far.

    Now on to the bad. The president`s husband thing is boring...plain and simple. There`s nothing really interesting and I personally couldn`t care less about that character. The scene where that Brian guy was about to kill him was boring, stretched and painful to watch. Besides, the phone call by that FBI guy to his wife was totally unnecessary and so is his affair with woman in the bureau. And where the hell were Buchanan and Chloe???
    Overall a pretty good episode, ruined a little by some boring side plots. Started slowly but the ending was great.
  • Jack tries to kidnap the former Prime Minister of Sangala while Renee ends up getting caught trying to catch Jack and Tony. Meanwhile Henry is betrayed by Bryan when discovering the truth about his son.

    This ep keeps the frenetic pace gong with Jack and Tony trying to get Matoba out of his panic room to deliver to the general. Jack decides to try and gas him out of the room before the FBI rain on the parade. Matoba's wife caves in to the gas and opens the door to let Jack and the rest of the crew take them away.

    Meanwhile Renee tries to catch up to Jack and Tony before they get away with Matoba. The Attorney-General is breathing down her neck for how she got the information out of Tanner. All is going well before she is taken capive by Litvak (one of the guys in Emerson's crew) where she confronts Jack for betraying her. Back to the white house, Henry tries to decode the files that prove that his son was killed. Bryan offers to help but you get the feeling that his intentions are not so noble.

    Ths episode has enough to keep you entertained all the way through but also gives you enough to look forward to in the weeks to come.
  • great episode...

    I'm loving 24 this season and this was another great episode. Jack and Tony with the others are trying to get Mobutu out of his safe box while the president's husband is getting in trouble with investigating the murder of his son. I really liked each of the story lines in this episode and nothing really bored me. I liked seeing Tony and Jack do bad things and I like seeing how far they're going with it. I'm pretty sure Walker will be fine, but seriously, how freaky is it to see Jack burying you alive? Anyways, an absolute fabulous episode (though a bit predictable) - I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Slow start, lethal finish

    As of this episode, "24" is back on its usual weekly schedule. Surprisingly, this episode takes its time advancing the story, with only three main plot elements getting substantial time. There are some good moments, especially closer to the end, but this will challenge who bristle when the writers deliberately take their time.

    The main element is Jack's mission with Tony and Emerson. Jack is placed in the difficult position of working out a means of abducting Motobu. It's possible that Emerson is unable to work out the best way to extract Motobu from the panic room, but it's just as possible (if not more so) that Jack is being tested. It seems like a simple enough solution to the problem, even if one would expect a panic room to have a more secure dedicated air supply.

    Agent Walker continues to operate in Jack-Bauer-wannabe mode, even as her actions in the previous episode come back to haunt her and the FBI in general. Agent Walker's decision to make things right at all costs is easy to understand, based on what has been shown of her personality, but it could have been handled a little bit better, especially at the end. The prosecutor's attitude about her tactics, on the other hand, never makes sense and flies in the face of common sense. With the nation in serious crisis, why would any credible prosecutor press that issue in the middle of an operation?

    The other prominent plot is the hit on the First Husband, which was just a bit too predictable. The method of his desired execution was a nice touch, however, and it should be interesting to see how the conspiracy manages to cover the natural suspicion that comes with taking out the president's entire family in a matter of months. Conspiracies on "24" are rarely intelligent, especially when their big day arrives, but this is as obvious as Ethan's shenanigans.

    The majority of the discussion will likely be on the end of the episode, however, which delivers an unexpectedly nasty fate to Agent Walker. (At least, that's what the silent count strongly suggests.) Jack does his best to keep Walker alive, and all things being equal, Emerson was probably anticipating that possibility. His decision to have Jack and Tony bury the body felt like another test of their loyalty to the cause.

    It's a shame to see Agent Walker go so quickly; she was an important window into the process of deciding, under extreme circumstances, that extreme measures must be taken. Her fate delivers a somewhat different message: it's not just the difficult decision that must be made, but the right people with the right skills need to implement those decisions. That said, Agent Walker meets the kind of fate that Jack and others like him accept on each and every mission.

    All too quickly, some of the best aspects of the season, particularly the philosophical issues at play, have been undermined by the plot choices. This is worrisome, since it was unnecessary given the advance planning, but hope is not yet lost. There's plenty of time left to the season, and what seemed like an obvious direction at the beginning could evolve into something equally intriguing.
  • Applause Applause 24 for another wonderful installment!

    The action in this episode was there from beginning to finish, and even the ending would leave you anticipating more.

    I had to take a break and absorb every detail before I got to this review, since every detail is so engaging throughout this entire episode.

    From Renee's capture to Jack's bullet in the back, this installment marked the ongoing adrenaline 24 moves its audience with. I anticipated that Jack would have established some way to get Matoba and his wife out of the safe-house. Even when Matoba's wife opened the room to get air which would've also ended with her demise. I felt as though she had no choice in the matter; she couldn't watch her husband and herself suffer when the key to her freedom was right in front of her. I appreciate the risks this series takes on and the journey it would venture it's characters throughout the hours. The President displayed her strength where she showed that she was bigger than the bullies that threaten her country.
    It makes me wonder how she would overcome the threats when they surface. I strongly felt for her husband Henry, helplessly paralyzed on the floor at the mercy of his trusted confidant (Brian). It didn't surprise me that he showed his true colors. After Henry discovered the truth, Brian would've found some way to keep him quiet. It was still heartbreaking; Henry finding out about his sons death, unable to wring Brian's neck in the process, falling prey to Brian's clutches while Brian defends his actions with his "I tried to protect you" liner.

    It is amazing how 24 keeps our interest with these noteworthy plot lines. We see a new side to Tony and Jack-playing a ruthless savage, convincing at that. I wonder if Emmerson used Renee's death as another test to satisfy his confidence in Jack and Tony to get the job done. I sense a sort of wariness in his intense stare; like if he was assessing whether or not Jack would kill in cold blood.

    I think Renee really had faith in Jack in the beginning as she seemed to have adopted some of his overpowering strategies. She acts like a rookie cop, venturing out on her own without back-up. I saw the devastation in Jack's eyes when he saw her, he hated pulling the trigger. There was also the irony; the only way she could get out alive is for Jack to pull that trigger, gives us a sense of hope. I wonder if she realized what Jack did for her, she saw that Jack knew she was still alive.

    Even though Chloe and Bill was absent in this hour, it didn't harm or show any lack thereof on this take.

    Overall another reason to keep hour eyes on the clock hoping the hour hasn't come to an end and we would have to wait an entire week to quench our curiosities.


    Three and a half out of Four Stars
  • awesome episode and easeyly the best in the season so far

    this episode was so sick (in the right way) that it almost didnt feel like 24 i mean the endindg was so out there but i hope renee lives cause she is the best new character so far . also the plot continues to move slowly and that is good because by this time at season 6 a nuclear bomb had been detonated and look how that season ended up being .
    it kind of $uked that there was no chloe or bill in the episode but i think its good they are not just in to fill space like season 6 chloe. i also liked the henry taylor story . will he die?
    p.s: this was tonys 100th episode in the show
  • The first 3 eps of the season started slowly, but this one gets it right back on track and most importantly, the blood is pumping again. The redhead is a bit to whiny for my taste. The beaurocrats annoying as ever. But Jack is doing what it takes!

    My biggest complaint about 24 has to be the consistant use of the overly zealous pain in the rear beaurocrats who always come in to oversee and impede those handling the terrorist attacks. Complaining about their methods. Looking to press charges. And what not.

    This episode, whilst exciting and enjoyable, and getting the show back on track for an exciting season, has these beaurocrats in full swing. But this time, the storyline is simply preposterous.

    Renee tortured Tanner to get the location of Tony and his "terrorist crew". They are going to kidnap Metobo. OK, great. Her methods are illegal but shes getting the job done to save American lives. Now lets be honest people. The attorney general is not going to send down his yes-men underlings to sit around the active FBI office and interrupt them in the middle of a huge crisis of national security. To try and take one of their key analysts off the case to interview her for testimony to then use against Renee. To then prosecute her and send her to jail. Renee gets caught and kidnapped by the terrorists. One can only assume that she is going to be killed. And yet this retard in a suit continues to barrate the FBIs head of the field office to 'throw her to the wolves'. What? does he really think that getting evidence to prosecute Renee's corpse, and send it to jail is more important then working towards catching the bad guys? Seriously. Thats my only qualm with this episode, but other then that.

  • Dark and weird..

    Ok.. I was very excited about this episode and the beginning was good - they had tempo, motion and danger - FBI will soon be there and they need the Matobo before they come - so the smoke it out. And then Renee gets involved and goes against protocol, gets caught.. and then things get slow and weird..

    The great part of the episode was given to Henry Taylor who after getting the proof founds himself situation he doesn't want - the man he trusted betrays him, probably killed his son and his going to kill him too. Ok.. the betrayal was expected but I thought he was main char?

    And to make it even weirder, they want to kill Renee too. Ok, we have seen Jack playing killing before.. and it looks ok, until he has to bury her and there is silent clock. I really hope they are not playing with viewers as they have not used silent clock when I think they should have (like Palmer's assassination).. but maybe really the felt there is nothing they can do with her and decided to get rid of her.. (ok.. I really do not believe it)
  • This episode shows exactly the reason why I watched 24. It's so thrilling, so interesting and so-make-me-want-to-watch-the-next-episode-right-away.

    This episode shows exactly the reason why I watched 24. It's so thrilling, so interesting and so-make-me-want-to-watch-the-next-episode-right-away. I knew that bodyguard-agent of the First Gentleman was baddie, but I didn't think he'd show his real face this quick. I was disappointed for not seeing Chloe and Bill in this episode though. I was so scared when Renee got caught, so scared when Jack was given the order to kill her, so held my breath when Jack shot her in the neck and my heart so stopped when Jack and Tony buried her (alive!). But despite all this, I still so believe that she's gonna turn out bad and be a second Nina Mayer.

    How are they gonna save Henry and Renee from the edge of death? I just simply can't wait 'til next Monday!
  • Emerson's crew, with Jack and Tony in cover, are abduct Prime Minister Matobo and his wife. Agent Walker also gets abducted and Jack is forced to execute her. Meanwhile, the First Man learns that Agent Dedge was his son's murderer.

    Wow first to review the episode. Awesome. Episode 5 just continues the pulse pounding action displayed in the 4 episode season premeire. Unlike Season 6, where the action just stopped after the premiere, this season keeps it coming. Emerson is proving to be one of the narliest villains in the show's history. His complete lack of humanity for anyone who disagrees with his vision is chilling sometimes. And his physical abilities are a force to be reckoned with. The episode starts off with Emerson and his crew (with Jack and Tony undercover) successfully abducting Prime Minister Motobo and his wife from their safe room. While escorting them away, Agent Walker gets caught up in the mix and also gets abducted. The FBI, Agent Moss in particular, shift their priorities to finding her, all the while investigating the methods she used to retreive the whereabouts of the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, First Man Taylor finds himself the victim of the first major "mole" twist in the season. His most trusted bodyguard, Agend Gedge, turns out to be the real killer of the President's son. Taylor finds himself poisoned and incapacitated. Emerson, meanwhile, receieves information that their whereabouts were the only information given by Tanner during Agent Walker's interrogation and that she is expendable. He forces Jack to kill her and dump her body in a ditch. Jack forges the murder so that the bullet merely grazes her neck but Emerson throws a final twist into the plot by telling Jack and Tony to bury the body. While they begin to throw dirt on her, Tony realizes she is still alive. The episode ends with a piercing look from Emerson as Jack throws dirt over her face and a silent clock counts the episode down. This episode was extremely intense and exciting. The Taylor subplot (which I love) took a turn for the worst, at least for Taylor. But it made for just more suspense and action. The ending was dark. Even for 24 standards. Jack successfully forges the execution but we are still left hanging because of the burial. The silent clock is also a bad omen. But it does not always mean death. We all know that Tony got one back in Season 5 as well. I'm sure there will be naysayers who do not like how this one ended but I think it was new and fresh and just another example of how the writing has changed this season. Episode 5 keeps the season moving, which is the most important thing. My only complaint....the absence of Bill and Chloe. I admit that I wanted to see more of them after episodes 3 and 4. I guess they weren't TOO needed in this episode and hopefully next week they'll have a larger part. Perhaps the writers thought it was too much of a good thing to put them in every episode right from the get go. Anyway, that's really my only complaint with this nail-biting installment to Season 7. So far this season is outdoing Season 6 in every way possible.
  • Slow Down Episode

    A little bit of a slowdown episode when you look at this and try and compare it to the four-hour powerhouse that we opened up the season with. Overall it was a solid episode though, they needed to transfer Jack and Tony to a different location and they did it as best they could. Let's break this episode down into a couple of parts. Jack and Tony obviously had the best part of this episode. All of the Jack and Tony scenes were of "10" quality. They begin the episode right where they left off and removed Matumbo and his wife from the room. Jack quickly puts together a home-made smoke maker and they get them out of the room that way. Renee joining Jack and Tony was something I didn't think was going to happen the first time around. I was stunned to see Jack shoot her, but I knew he would do it in a way that she wouldn't be killed. Tony realizes that Jack didn't kill her and kind of shoots Jack a little glance. We got the silent clock at the end of the episode, which hopefully doesn't represent the end of Renee. It would seem like a very poorly executed five episode arch for her if she were to no longer be on the show. The FBI portion of this episode was an 8.5. I'm still trying to get the names down. Janis gets help from her boss to avoid being questions about the events of the last episode. The boss is concerned about Renee still being missing, which leads him to start losing it a little bit. Seems there is also a little office romance brewing between the guy technician and a woman in the office. He got his wife out of the sky, which shows that he still cares but - maybe that storyline will be built on in the future. My money would be on the girl being the informant for the bad guys. The White House / Mr. Taylor storyline was another 8.5. There was nothing here to really get excited about. Alison continues to say the same things she has been saying for a couple of episodes - that she does not want to give into the demands and wants to go through with the attack. Mr. Taylor is betrayed by his driver and is on the ropes. These scenes were minimal, the way they should continue to be if this is the quality we are going to get. Some Bill / Chloe scenes would have filled in a lot better.