Season 7 Episode 5

Day 7: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • 24 is offically back on track. One of the best episodes of Day 7. (Spoilers in Review!)

    Everything in this episode was done in classic 24 style. The Henry Taylor storyline reaches the revelation we've been waiting for. The reveal of Agent Gedge as a traitor was executed perfectly... "This is Samantha's apartment, sir" he says as he puts on his gloves. The writers still have the magic. If you're a long time fan of 24 than chances are you saw this coming from the very first episode but nonetheless it puts a smile on your face just because it is done so well and what would 24 be without close personal betrayals? Speaking of which the final scene with Renee is really what made this episode. 24 still manages to be 100% original even with scenes that are very very similar to ones they have already done. Jack must shoot a female coleague by the demand of a villain... Huh, sounds like Day One when Jack had to shoot Nina. Even the location looked familiar. But I am not complaining. This scene is different in all the right ways and the same all the right ways too. Instead of the old bullet proof jacket trick Jack must be infinitely more clever this time. 24 is always fantastic when Jack has to use his superior intelligence to deceive and accomplish. The multiple angles really helped pull off this scene's believablity. Jack doesn't always do horrible things to get the job done, sometimes he just makes you think he has done them. Possibly realizing they have done something similar before, the writers take the liberty to elevate it to the next level, making Jack and Tony bury Renee alive. This ranks as one of the most chilling endings in the show's history. Great use of the silent clock as well. Sean Callery's score is brilliant as usual... The creepy sound effects during the Taylor/Gedge scenes, the chilling music during the boxes, the score during the debate about the safe room... all perfect. There's also an homage (possibly unintentional) to a Day 2 episode when they use the same score for Jack trying to get into Motobo's safe room in Day 7 as they did when Jack was trying to get into Joe Wald's safe room in Day 2.

    Just an overall classic episode. The writing, the directing, the acting, the pacing, the score... all superb. Day 7 is quickly becoming one of the best!
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