Season 7 Episode 19

Day 7: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on FOX
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As Jack's pain worsens, he attempts to uncover the mole in the organization. Renee is stunned by an unexpected death. With one canister of the virus still missing, Jonas Hodges is given an ultimatum by his bosses.

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  • Perimeter peril

    Here begin the final six hours, heavily revised from their first drafts—apparently the original plan for this episode was to have Jack learn of Tony's once-again-treacherous ways only ten minutes in. I hesitate to feel outright relief over that change, since I don't know what they had in mind for the remaining time. But damn me if the final draft doesn't put that time to good use!Because FBI perimeters are worth a crap, Tony and Galvez spend the hour relying on strategy and deception rather than a magic disappearing act. Can you imagine a whole episode where Marwan actually puts effort into a getaway? Nah, who wants intrigue when we could just blow stuff up? Not to say that nothing blows up this hour; in fact, blowing stuff up is a major part of Tony's plan. But here it's played for suspense rather than the sake of Hollywood explodiness.Character-wise…nothing special. Hodges' coconspirators show up and be all mysterious. And with Moss dead, Jack tries to comfort Renee and kinda makes with the awkward romantic motions (though he still comes off cooler than I ever did, and none of those girls were in mourning OR as pretty as Annie Wersching).It seems that the strike let the writers remember that things don't necessarily have to progress rapidly to make for excitement. If only they always worked this way. And I'm sure I won't be taking those statements back anytime soon.Hourly Highlight:Tony the pickpocket, a.k.a. Jack the seizing weirdo.moreless
  • Another great episode with twists a plenty.

    The First thing to be said is "Tony, say it ain't so". Yes it looks like Tony is working for whoever is behind everything. He shot himself to make it look like he was a victim in the gun battle that killed Larry. The Starkwook soldier working with Tony gets away with the canister of the bio-agent. Tony tells him to stay under cover and he will help him get away.

    At the FBI Jack is getting sicker and having to use more of the drug to mask the symptoms of the bio-agent, but continues to help as much as he can.

    Kim Bauer comes to say goodbye to Agent Walker and agent walker tries to convince her to stay and help her father. Kim states that her father is hard-headed and want's to die on his own terms.

    After learning of Larry Moss's death, Agent walker sends a team of agents to sweep the area for the man that killed Agent Moss. Jack joins Agent Walker in the helicopter much to her objections, but Jack is Jack.

    The search starts for the man who killed Agent Moss. Tony has him setup explosives in a building to lure as many agents into the building and blow it up.

    The agents are lured into the building and at the last minute Jack realizes what is going on and tries to get them out but he is to late. Agent Walker is OK. Tony helps the man out of the building with the bio-agent and one an ambulance where he gets away.

    During all of this Jonas Hodges gets a visit from who is suppose to be his lawyer but is an operative for the people he works for. She gives him his only way out, which is a capsule that will cause cardiac arrest and kill him. He takes the capsule. On his way to the FBI for questioning, he takes the capsule. The Soldiers transporting him reroute the van to the hospital.

    This was a very busy episode and is starting to tie the final piece of the plot together.moreless
  • A very strong episode, that put many of the main characters through their emotional paces.

    After last episode's betrayal of Larry Moss by Tony, I was wondering what would be the immediate fallout. The surprises came in a couple of ways. I wasn't expecting Tony to stick around, nor did I expect the "higher ups" above Hodges to start making their moves. As a dedicated fan, I'm sure I speak for many when I say I was glad to have Tony back. Shocked to see him as a bad guy and relieved to see that was all a hoax. So, of course again I am shocked to see Tony committ this act that seems to indicate he was playing everyone all along. Of course Tony could still be hunting down the conspirators at the top but time will have to tell. It was good to have Jack back in the field, because almost immediately he started to prove why he's an extremely capable agent. Once again we see Jack struggling through injury as he tries to complete his mission and I'm intrigued to see what comes of his ultimate confrontation with an injured Tony. This was a solid episode, and everyone was put in a position to have to face some serious emotional weight. 24 has long attracted an amazing cast, and I hope some of these characters survive to next season.moreless
  • 2am to 3am. AMAZING.

    Jack and Renee goes to an operation to find Robert GAlvez and the cannister. But things go wrong when Galvez plants a C4 inside a building where the FBI agents are.

    9.5/10- Emotional yet action packed. Larry s death will be remebered and the building exploding will be remembered.

    Tony remains undercover to try and save the cannister from destroyal but is later caught by Jack.

    9/10- Tony is well kept undercover from his hidden betrayal... but a little mistake on a name given to jack through the lead to the result to the attack on the white house will break them apart from friendship forever. Loved the faceoff between jackandtony. keep it up.

    Jonas HOdges is given an ultimatum from one of his bosses.

    8/10- the whole jonas hodges plot is starting to heat up, he was one of the top villains of 24.moreless
  • This episode continues to execute the same technique that was used in the previous episodes, which consist in making a way to end things in the same episode, but when the ending arise, they go back to the same position. This was well done in this episode.moreless

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). Interesting beginning, also a new villain or two was presented. Renee suffers with Larry death and when Jack knew about that he decide to help, tony source was only the setup for the ending of this episode.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). This time is the bad guys that have a problem about escaping, more than FBI recovering the last canister. The problem is attractive and Tony seems more intelligent than the last seasons, he seems more like Jack.

    Climax Phase/Ending - » (9/10)*2. Jack and Tony confrontation was interesting but tony motives continue to be a mystery. At least, this ending was a little different.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Like the last episode, was hard to catch unnecessary scenes in this episode, but for example, wasn´t necessary to make Jonas supposed die like that, an explosion would made it, but the writers decided to explore Jonas a little.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). I couldn´t notice any flaws or anything that could put this episode in the trash. The timing of Jack illness is the only thing that was too convenient. Jack figuring out Tony too fast was normal for Jack unique intelligent.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10). Kim has a great surprise, this was really nice.

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10). The tension here was very good, one more time the writers could end things here, but they decided to explore more Tony being a villain and making his plans.

    Drama - » (9/10)*2. Olivia has her reasons to be angry. Jack worried about Renee, that was nice, her death could be shocking. Jack couldn´t believe that Tony has changed so much, nice expression and acting there. Hodges has his own drama, that was nice if he is really dead.

    What I liked -» Jack confronting Tony.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Hodges scenes.

    This episode continues to execute the same technique that was used in the previous episodes, which consist in making a way to end things in the same episode, but when the ending arise, they go back to the same position. This was well done in this episode.moreless
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Gabriel Casseus


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    • Jack: You and I have been doing this long enough to know that there is no such thing
      as a meaningless lie. How are you involved in this?
      Tony: You're not making any
      sense, Jack. That intel was good. Without it you'd have never been in the white house to save the President.
      Jack: What is your involvement?
      Tony: You're not thinking straight.
      Jack: How were you shot? Does Galvez even have a second man or was it just you?
      Tony: Just stop and listen to what you're saying. It's insane. It's paranoia. Now, why don't you put the gun down?
      Jack: Don't you move!
      Tony: The toxin is starting
      to affect your judgment. That's what's happening. You can see that, right? Is this what you're looking for? I never wanted to hurt you, Jack. I told you to stay out of it. But you wouldn't listen, would you?

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