Season 7 Episode 8

Day 7: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

President Taylor makes a speech to the nation about the terrorist attacks and she pledges her commitment to Sangala. Meanwhile, Vossler brings Henry to Dubaku. Henry accuses Dubaku of murdering his son.
Jack, Buchanan and Renee bring Matobo to the White House. Renee and Matobo assure the President that Jack is on her side. Jack explains that there is a mole inside her Administration working with Dubaku and he needs to go around the FBI and Homeland to uncover the source. Dubaku calls President Taylor and tells her that he has captured her husband. He demands she withdraw her forces in Sangala and deliver Matobo to him. He starts to cut off Henry's finger to get her to acquiesce. Ethan learns that Gedge helped abduct Henry and killed Samantha. This confirms Jack's story, and he pledges to try to bring Henry back himself. Taylor is unsure if she can trust him. "With all due respect, Madam President, ask around." Jack says. She agrees.
Jack asks Renee to search Gedge's phone records, and she says she will need Larry to do it. She calls Larry's cell and begs him not to tell anyone she is alive because the FBI is corrupted. Yet Larry wants to meet her in person to prove that she is not under duress.
At the FBI, Sean doesn't understand why the President is ignoring the fact that the CIP is still out there. He thinks they are being kept out of the loop. Janis realizes that Sean is having an affair with Erika, and he confesses that it is true.
Renee and Jack go to Lafayette Park to meet Larry, who says that Gedge spoke to Vossler and that Vossler used to be Special Forces in Sangala. Jack questions whether Vossler has a family, and wants Renee to go to his house. Larry thinks that forceful interrogation is not the way to go, but Jack is insistent because it is "necessary." Larry faces off with Jack about Renee turning into a torturer like him.
Dubaku gets a call from his girlfriend Marika and claims he will not make dinner because he has a "stack of shipping requests." Marika's sister Rosa accuses her of not knowing anything about "Samuel" the importer. Although Rosa is trying to protect her, Marika will not listen.
Renee arrives at Vossler's house and takes his wife and baby hostage at gunpoint. She handcuffs the woman to the table, not allowing her to tend to her crying child.
Larry searches Vossler's location and Jack follows, crashing into Vossler's car. Vossler will not give up Henry's location, and Jack calls Renee who puts her phone on speaker. Vossler speaks to his wife, who is frightened. Renee goes to the baby out of the woman's eyesight with her gun, and Vossler is forced to confess to Jack where Henry us. Renee has tears in her eyes as she gives the woman her baby. When Vossler attacks Jack with a knife, Jack fights back but Vossler is stabbed in the stomach. Jack leaves him and hijacks a car on the street. He calls Renee and tells her about Vossler's death. She admits that she cannot handle this, and Jack asks if she wants out. She is determined to stay.
Ethan and Buchanan devise a plan to send a Matobo look-alike to Dubaku in order to buy time.
Sean asks Larry why Homeland is lowering their security level when the CIP device is still at large. Larry brushes him off. Renee calls Larry and asks him to keep Vossler's death quiet. He is furious that she is going against the rules like Jack.
Rosa calls "Samuel" and says that she knows that no one with his name has emigrated from Sangala. She threatens to tell Marika the truth unless he breaks up with her.
When the Matobo decoy arrives at the meeting site, Dubaku gives the order to blow up the car. Taylor watches in horror over the satellite.
Jack and Renee meet at the location Vossler gave up behind a grocery store. Dubaku calls his men at the hideout and order them to kill Henry. Before they do anything, Jack and Renee raid the premises and a gunfight ensues. One of the guards shoots Henry in the chest. Jack rushes to his side and has Renee call for an ambulance.