Season 7 Episode 8

Day 7: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on FOX

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  • Look in the dictionary under "funrealistic"…

    Holding Henry hostage, Dubaku tries to salvage his operation to get Matobo and stop the Sangala invasion. Taylor is definitely more broken up about this threat, but it's okay because Jack and the gang (except Tony, who's…um…somewhere) arrive at the White House just in time to start a rescue mission. Moss even becomes useful when Renee contacts him for help finding a lead, prompting a rather cool rendezvous that makes great scenic use out of the Washington, DC setting.
    And how do they get Henry's location from this lead? Well, remember back when Jack's methods of torture were more psychological than physical, sometimes involving a suspect's loved ones? Yeah, he's not out of ideas there, and now he even has a hot female partner to help him by making babies cry. Oh, yes…baby does cry.
    Meantime, here's a new subplot involving Dubaku's girlfriend Marika (that's different) and her sister Rosa, who hates Dubaku. So she tries to blackmail him and only ends up helping him avoid capture again. Hilarious.
    If they had to wring one more hour out of the Sangala pullout arc, this was just about the perfect way to do it. We've got an awesome and geographically inaccurate car chase, an interrogation/fight scene in a stylishly lit room, and some more of Renee getting dragged into Jack's darkness. The tension and excitement here reach near maximum levels as the characters rush to save Henry before the hour runs out. And this all came before a certain production derailment gave the writers a year's break to map out the next sixteen hours. Shirley, we're in for even better things, are we not?

    Hourly Highlight:
    The interrogation/fight scene. And I like to think that Renee was just sticking her tongue out at that baby.
  • ¡Classic 24!

    An action-packed, fast-paced episode with character development and amazing performances. Within the first 17 minutes, we have some very intense moments. First, Jack, Renee, Buchanan and Matobo meet with President Taylor, explaining their undercover operation. Obviously, that is quickly interrupted when Dubaku calls and reveals that he has kidnapped the First Gentleman and he will kill him by 4PM if his new demands are not met. To prove he means it, he cuts one of Henry's finger while on the phone. This brutatlity is pure 24 and it's a very effective moment, both from the suspense and emotional perspective.

    With a awesome response to President Taylor about his loyalty (this guy still delivers cool lines!), Jack takes the task to rescue Henry Taylor before the deadline. What follows is the debate about counter-terrorism methods, top notch action scenes, which includes a car chase, a knife fight and a brief shootout at the end, that makes this episode the best of the season. Exactly the kind of episode for what 24 is famous for!

    And certainly Henry Taylor is having a very bad day.
  • We have a new threat that is over in this episode, which is a surprise, so this episode actually have very good quality and is one of the best episodes of this season so far.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10). Details, details, details, the usual in 24. Then was time for Jack and Co interaction with President Taylor which was very well done, if not perfect, until the complication arises.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Henry Taylor is used for Dubaku to make his demands valid, but Jack plans is to find Henry Taylor and capture Dubaku, seems difficult if Agent Gedge didn’t there is committed a mistake, which allowed Jack to locate his accomplice. This was nicely done.

    Climax Phase - » (8/10). The most high moment is another way that Jack used to torture Gedge accomplice and break him. Another climax was when Jack is trying to save Henry Taylor.

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10). There are two scenes that had good tension, mix it with the last scene and you have very good tension.

    Drama - » (10/10). President Taylor life´s continues to be difficult, her moral continues to be tested, but like Palmer, she is willing to make some sacrifices. Renee is becoming more like Jack, but she is not got used to use the most aggressive methods of Jack.

    Action - » (9/10). Actually this episode delivery great action, since we have a nice fight here which turned to be rare to see in 24.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10). Henry being shot was a nice surprise.

    Ending - » (9/10). Great conclusion for this find Henry Taylor plot, Jack mission was successful but goes wrong at the same time in the end.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). This time, it seemed to me that almost all the scenes was necessary. The only thing here was Sean participation, pure filler, Dubaku drama with his lover is necessary for the next filler to play in the next episodes.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Didn´t notice any flaws this time, the usual 24 need to suspend your beliefs is normal, so this doesn´t count. Liked the fact that another threat plot was over only in one episode.

    What I liked -» The episode was very entertaining.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Hard to say, but as usual, Sean continues to be annoying.

    We have a new threat that is over in this episode, which is a surprise, so this episode actually have very good quality and is one of the best episodes of this season so far.
  • A strong episode that feels confident due to its concentration on a single narrative element: finding Henry Taylor.

    Remember the writers' strike? Oh it was so long ago now, it's so easy to forget the months of desperate turmoil we spent, praying to the televisual Gods above that the execs would just fork out the cash so that our favourite shows could continue running and we wouldn't be bereft of new material until 2009. Well, it did come to a conclusion after a while but sadly, not quick enough to save 24, which had produced a meagre eight episodes of its seventh season before the **** hit the fan. The production crew decided it would be fruitless to try to produce the remainder at such short notice and pointless to give the viewing audience half a season (well, it would betray the show's concept entirely). So they shelved the eight and waited, bided their time, produced the rest of the season and laid off broadcast until this sodding year. Meaning, of course, that there was no 24 in 2008. Bummer.

    The significance for you and I, dear reader, is that this is episode eight: the last to be filmed prior to the writers' strike. It will be interesting to see just how different everyone looks or, perhaps, what ulterior direction(s) the show will go in next week, if any. Curiously, this instalment, like the one before it, seems to signal an impending shift in the direction of the narrative, acting as the culmination of the first stage of Dubaku's plans. The CIP device is gone, Henry Taylor is back in the hands of the good guys (albeit shot... OMG! Think he'll die? No way, mofos! Renee's up and about after that brutal neck wound and being buried alive, with just a plaster on her neck... Taylor's gonna be fine) and the terrorist threat is apparently nullified, if you are to believe the White House anyway, which it seems that irritating p**s weasel Sean just isn't willing to do. "We're being kept in the dark!", "what's going on?", wah wah. You'd think, as an FBI agent, he'd understand that sometimes, operations/developments need to be kept under the radar for a reason and that he is not going to know everything all of the time. Ah but you see, his objections are just a convenient plot device to expose Moss' involvement in the cover operation to more grunts and, eventually, to have the mole exposed. And that's exactly how it feels when viewed, which is the polar opposite of what it should be. Unless, of course, Sean is the mole, in which case his actions are actually rather clever. Hmm. Judgement reserved. For now.

    Casting this potential grumble aside, '3pm - 4pm' does come across as a refreshingly cohesive episode, predicated solely on the retrieval of Taylor within an allotted time frame. This is something that 24 does exceedingly well when it rolls itn out: elevating dramatic tension by keeping the viewer tied to the clock within the hour. We are aware, painfully, of the ever diminishing timespan that Bauer has to find the guy and this suspense builds as the seconds tick down. It's a simple but completely effective dramatic technique and one that should be used more often. Pleasingly, the whining about Henry is kept to a minimum and Cherry Jones does a stellar job of selling her unenviable moral dilemma, particularly in the scene in which Dubaku first contacts her. On the rescue operation front, Kiefer is top notch as always: from 'ask around' to 'are you gonna give me your keys or not?', this episode is packed with classic Bauerisms, one liners that have you punching the air with glee. Yeah, stick it to 'em Jack, you tell those namby pamby idiots that no one's playing by their rules! Go on, stare the President in the face and give her a 'with all due respect' when she questions your loyalties! Go Bauer, go Bauer, go... *ahem*

    And go Renee too. Check out the way she turns from reluctant, law-abiding FBI agent to full blown insanity machine as she threatens Vossler's wife and child with considerable venom. Comes rather easily, no? Sudden change of personality, you think? Little bit unbelievable, maybe? Well yeah, but it kinda rules all the same. It's a brilliant sequence, even if I don't buy that she'd actually do it, and it is tempered a little with her emotive moment with Jack in the aftermath. And speaking of emotive moments, can I get a wholehearted 'meh!' for Sean and his concubine, please? No one cares guys, keep these agency psycho-politics to a minimum, would ya? Thankfully, Dubaku's love interest element isn't too bad but you just know that he's gonna kill lovely Rosa, that the girlfriend will find her, go to the FBI and that's how they'll start to track him down again. Perhaps it's just becoming a bit too easy to read 24 after seven years...

    A strong episode on the whole and one that feels confident due to its concentration on a single narrative element: finding Henry Taylor. There are some less than stellar elements - occasional narrative distractions, a few convenient developments - but generally, this remains encouragingly solid stuff. And if they've had about a year to prepare the next run, I can't wait to see what they can give us next. Optimism: am I a fool to covet thee?
  • Jack and Renee team up.

    Another great installment of one the greatest shows ever made. This was a fast paced on the edge of your seat episode. Jack, Bill, Renee take Matobo to President Taylor so he can explain to her what has happened. While there the President gets work that Dubaku has kidnapped her husband Henry and will kill him if Matobo is not delivered. Jack convinces the President that agencies within the government are compromised and they need to go under the radar in order to rescue the Presidents husband.

    Jack and Renee use Vossler and his family in order to get the location of Henry Taylor. Jack gets Agent Vossler and Renee uses their family by threatening to kill to get the information from Agent Vossler.

    After learning of the location, Jack and Renee gain access to the building where Dubaku is holding Henry Taylor. A gunfight ensues and all of Dubaku's men are killed, but just as the last one is shot he manages to fire a bullet into Henry Taylor. Dubaku has 9 lives, he was somewhere else on his way to tie up loose ends.
  • The President hires the A-Team to save her husband.

    Jack and the gang got to meet with the President and offer their special services to take down Dubaku. Dubaku calls the President and demands she withdraws her troops and gives over Matobo by 4 P.M. Jack and Renee planned to use Vossler's family against him was an interesting tactic with time of the essence they needed it to get to Henry. Walker's actions today definitely seem to be affecting her; you would think so after holding a mother and son at gunpoint. Walker and Bauer's hustling this hour got them into Dubaku's hideout slightly late, as one of his men managed to fire a shot at Henry before Jack took him down. Dubaku's plans don't always seem to make sense but he sure knows when to make his exit.
  • Jack and Renee race against time and bend the rules to save Henry Taylor after Dubaku uses him to blackmail President Allison Taylor.

    This was an amazing episode. Even though there were a few flaws, this episode bringed back the exitement from the previous seasons that has been lacking slightly thus far in this season. I think most of the storylines are good, but the FBI story is dull and tacky, except Larrys involvement. I'm getting a bit bored with his moral speeches, but all in all hes a good character. Jack and Renee have a very interesting thing going on, and they seem to have a good connection. The episode ended with the first gentleman being shot, wich is an amazing cliffhanger. I really hope he survives though, because i like him.

    Great episode, can't wait for the next one.
  • Jack, Bill and Renee go with Motobo to the White House and explain their situation to President Taylor. Upon their arrival, the President is stunned to hear that her husband has been captured by Dubaku. Can Henry Taylor be saved?

    Another hour in day seven, another exciting episode. This episode works on every level. From Jack and Renee's attempts at locating Henry Taylor to the thrilling rescue at the climax of the episode. Probably the best scene of this episode is right at the beginning when Jack, Bill and Renee meet with President Taylor. Cherry Jones once again shines as a president who I guess is probably wishing Noah Daniels won the election. The final scene of the episode was excellent. I know nobody's life is guaranted on "24," but I hope Henry Taylor survives. I have my fingers crossed.
  • Jack and the crew talk to the president as Dubaku threatens Hery's life as bait for the president. Meanwhile Jack and Renee must bring in Someone else to find Henry and Dubaku.

    The great thing about this show is that once the format gets the show moving there is little stopping it! This ep was no exception with some great action set pieces and more than enough to keep its audience coming back.

    This week Jack, Bill, Renee and Matobo arrive at the White House to inform her of the corruption in her government. The president is hesitant in trust Jack and his crew but is forced to when Henry being captured by Dubaku is used as bait for her to move the troops out of Sangalla and deliver Matobo to him. She must use Jack and Renee to find Henry before he is killed. With less than an hour to find Henry Jack and Renee bring on board Renee's boss (sorry I've forgotten his name)to get the records of Bryans cell phone calls to track Henry.

    Jack tells Renee that she must go to the other corrupt agent's house and threaten his wife and child so that Jack may be able to get information out of him. Renee is not keen on the idea but goes along with it knowing that it is the only way. The ending is great and builds to more exciting action pieces in theeps to come. Keep watching devoted fans, there are no signs of this season getting stale.
  • Finally, 24 gave me goosebumps again. Amazing episode.

    This is what I've been waiting for all season. An episode that truly makes me proud to be a 24 fan. It was intense, suspenseful, dramatic, and just all in all great. The acting in the first half gave me chills. Especially when Jack takes the mission of rescuing the first gentleman. Oh my god that was a good scene. In the second half, we finally got to see all of the action 24 is capable of producing. Probably the best car chase thus far in the whole series could be found in this episode. An intense and dramatic scene when the team had to hold a family hostage until the husband revealed where the first gentleman was being held was also in it. And, at the climax, a quick, but awesome firefight to end the episode. This was by far the best episode this season, and probably the best since the fourth episode of last season.
  • Great installment.

    By the end of the previous episode, things were moving forward and in a new direction as the president was about to be informed about the underground operation. And this did not disappoint.
    I liked most of the episode a lot..specially by the end. Had some good suspense and of course great action. It also featured some character development on Renee. The situation she was into was certainly dramatic, somehow similar to many of Jack`s situations over the years and it was interesting.
    The episode also SOMEHOW managed to make the first gentleman interesting. He has been a completely boring character so far and while I still hate him, he definitely was important to the plot here. The cliffhanger is great. The whole process in finding the first gentleman was great as it featured some great actions...specially when closing on him. I liked the fake Matobo idea but I would have prefer they actually showed the explosion.
    The president`s decision were interesting. She is actually growing on me. Larry is kinda annoying tho..I`m not a fan of the whole moral thing on 24.

    The episode still had its dull moments tho.
    Dubako`s love affair is not very interesting so far but I guess it will be important in the future. The FBI guy having an affair with an FBI girl is just pointless.
    The big disappointment of the episode IMO was the absence of Tony. I think there will be a twist about him soon. Speculations that the CIP device was never damaged may be true.
  • Top Two For Season Seven

    Amazing episode from the writing staff at 24. This was non-stop action from beginning to end and I loved just about every second of it. Asking Jack Bauer "What He Could Possibly Do On Short Notice" had to be one of the funniest moments in the history of 24. After over 150 episodes, I think the writers were going for a laugh from the crowd on that one. The characters did a lot during this hour and I'm willing to be okay with that. Larry Moss happens to dig up information on a guy, his familys whereabouts, and get to the Reflecting Pool to meet Jack and Renee (who must have bolted from the White House) in a grand total of six minutes. But like I said I respect what the show tries to do and I'm willing to let things like that go. I liked the connection between Larry, Jack, and Renee in this episode. Renee is kind of caught in the middle because Larry views her one way and Jack thinks that she has the ability to go above and beyond and do whatever needs to be done. They really did a good job giving her characters some struggles in this episode and I liked the way that the entire storyline panned out. The White House storyline got what it needed to spice it up - Bill. Taylor's right hand man is good, he reminds me of Mike Novak in that he is just a very convincing character in the job that he is in and I like him being around but just him alone isn't enough to get the job done. I don't know how long Bill will stay at the White House, but he makes Taylor's storyline a lot better. Dabaku and Mr. Taylor are also brought together for most of the episode, which is what those two storylines needed too. This episode basically merged bad storylines and made them good - which I like. The only thing that I didn't really enjoy in this epsiode was the events at the FBI place. I don't think that they have done a good job with any of the characters except Larry. They are around for the rest of the season, so maybe they will get better as time goes on but right now I'm not feeling them.
  • After a somewhat slow episode last week, we got an episode filled with great action, interesting character scenes and (above all) nervewrecking suspense this week.

    After a somewhat slow episode last week, we got an episode filled with great action, interesting character scenes and (above all) nervewrecking suspense this week.

    I loved how the writers managed to make every scene interesting in that they all immediately sparked a question from the viewer: will they manage to convince the president? Can they trust Ethan? Will the president give into Dubaku's demands to save her husband? Won't Larry tell others about Jack and Renee? Who is the mole in the FBI: Sean, Angela... or Janis? Will Jack get to Vossler in time? Will Renée kill the baby if she has to? Is Sean onto Larry? Will the plan with the Motobo lookalike work? Will they save the First Gentlemen? And finally, to leave you yearning for the next episode: will Taylor live?

    Aside from all this nailbiting, the episode also worked very well in keeping the action at a fast pace (the chopping of the finger, the car speeding, the fight with Vossler, the car explosion, the ultimate gun fight) while still being able to touch upon some important character moments. Cherry Jones gave a great performance in the scene where the president has to choose between her husband and the people of Sangala. The scene between Jack and Larry was interesting too (although Jeffrey Nordlings performance somehow did not really convince me) and I'm sure that scene will prove to be a lead-in for what will happen to Renee the rest of this season.

    All of this brings me to granting this episode a solid 9: no 10 because of some minor flaws (Dubaku coincidentally manages to leave the basement only moments before Jack and Renee arrive, and the Motobo lookalike wasn't too believable), but still a very good and definitely entertaining episode.
  • Slow start but amazing end..

    This episode in some way started off so slow and even if there were great moments - like Jack, Bill and Walker meeting with president and revealing that they have done it and the whole controversy with their actions.. It had it's moment. And then the hunt for Henry Taylor - using that agent and his family to get the location and how much stress and pressure Walker felt.. she inside feels like she needs to do it but the pain it takes from her to do it.. and of course - the conversation in the river side with Larry and the whole question of why Jack does what he does.. But the end.. the whole sequence - the way getting end and shooting.. the choreography.. and that last shot.. oh.. One of the best over long time what I have seen.
  • 24 is the best show in the universe!!!

    Jack and especially Renee FAIL to DISAPPOINT. Fantastic episode. There are spoilers ahead so beware!

    The scene where Renee stormed into the house of the corrupt secret service agent (Edward Vossler)was simply phenomenal. In addition, when she picked up the baby in an attempt to get the corrupt agent's confession of Dubaku's whereabouts, the expression on her face is one I will never forget! And to put the cherry on top, when she remarks to Jack that 'maybe' she should leave (using unlawful acts to do good), I found it hilarious when she concluded, 'tomorrow.' And prior to this, Larry Moss also got lured into the loop to assist in unlawfully kicking terrorist ass. I really enjoyed how they're showing that in order to beat the evil men, the good men need to play by their (evil) rules. It's sort of showing that in extreme circumstances, even the 'good' people are capable of doing 'evil' regardless of their intention. I believe this is reminiscent of real life. And to put the icing on the cake, Jack Bauer and Renee kicked butt int he final 3 minutes of the episode, after Jack killed Vossler. The first gentleman getting shot was a good little way to end the episode, but for me, I had my mouth wide open and decided I'd openly confess my love for Jack Bauer (my hero, everybody has one) when he slid across the floor and shot the terrorist just as he (terrorist) shot the first gentleman. Wow. That was awesome. I was wondering what Jack was going to come up with in a split moment. I will admit, every episode has tedious parts here and there, but 24 is definitely the best show in making me forget about those parts due to the infinite tension created by the remainder of the scenes! WOW!