Season 7 Episode 9

Day 7: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on FOX
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Jack and Renee track a lead to Dubaku's unsuspecting girlfriend, who, after learning of his true motives, agrees to help lead them to Dubaku before he flees the country. Meanwhile, Chloe O'Brian is brought in to the FBI to run tactical, but her progress is thwarted by a mole inside the agency. President Taylor is stunned to hear that her husband has been shot and is escorted to the hospital by Bill. She requests that her daughter be brought in, a task which Bill delegates to an old friend.moreless

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  • Writers' Strike, you say?

    So Henry's been shot, relegating him to a minor character now that his purpose to the story has been served. Hey, he should be thankful he survived that.

    The season does not slow down a bit from its year off, as Jack and Renee find a mysterious address and head to their next adventure. Dubaku plans to leave the US and take Marika with him, but certain government moles plan to kill him under Juma's orders. So Dubaku ensures his safety with a hidden file containing every single mole's identity. Seems like an overly convenient imminent wrap-up for the mole plot, especially this soon after the CIP stuff, but I guess we do have higher-scale things to move on to.

    In a great little twist-by-omission, Jack and Renee end up busting into Marika's place. After learning of Dubaku's true nature, she agrees to participate in their third attempt to catch the guy. But a mole in the FBI schemes to stop them...

    And it's Sean. Eh, nothing much to say there.

    Well, the taut writing only seems to have gotten tauter as the intrigue gears things up for Dubaku's takedown. The whole Marika thing, which could have been really corny, actually ends up feeling more believable than you might think. And Aaron Pierce...yeah, he's here too. So is Olivia Taylor. Who, you ask? Ohhohoho...just wait.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack Bauer has kicked your door in. Consider your day ruined.moreless
  • A romantic storyline that is used as filler, but have some quality in it.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). This time was just about details, but I liked President Taylor reaction and Renee guilt conscience. A new villain appear and a setup is made. Chloe is working for the FBI and Janis seems that will be Chloe rival.

    Complication Phase - » (5/10)*2. Finding Dubaku, seems easy, but this is not that bad right?, the writers used a weak point of all man â€" love â€" which means that he will be caught because of his own weak point, very well written, even if this is a filler, it was well explored but wasn´t a complication or was?

    Climax Phase - » The next episode will deliver that.

    Suspense/Tension - » It seems that this episode focused more on drama, instead of tension.

    Drama - » (8/10)*2. This episode had more drama than anything else, great quality by the way.

    Action - » This episode was more about setups of the complications instead of action.

    Ending - » (7/10)*2. Things get more complicated.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (6/10). I think that Sean as a mole wasn´t a great surprise, Time and Scene Management - » (6/10). This filler episode had some quality and wasn´t bad managed, but bought too much time.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Didn´t notice logical flaws.

    What I liked -» Was entertaining.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Nothing that is important.

    A romantic storyline that is used as filler, but have some quality in it.moreless
  • Jack kicks some more butt.

    Great episode. A lot happened in this episode; the aftermath of the shooting of Henry Taylor, Dubaku decides to flee the country, Cloe O'Brien is temporarily reinstated, and Agent Aaron Pierce is back in action. I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see if the Presidents husband pulls through

    Will Dubaku get out of the country or will Jack have his showdown with him before Dubaku can cower away.

    Cloe O, is the best computer/technology guru from any show. I am glad to see her back in a real environment. She is being sabotaged by a mole in the FBI.

    Good ole Arron Pierce is back as a secret service agent protecting the Presidents daughter.

    The end leaves us with Dubaku finding out that his girlfriend turned on him when she found out who he really is. The show ends with a stern look on his face not really knowing what he is going to do to her.moreless
  • And so we begin the post-writers' strike batch of the season with a fresh batch of narrative strands, a few loose ends tied up and a rather unexpected revelation.

    And so we begin the post-writers' strike batch of the season with a fresh batch of narrative strands, a few loose ends tied up and a rather unexpected revelation. Everyone manages to look slightly different to their first eight episode selves - you can mostly tell by the hair length, particularly on Renee and Larry - but then, I suppose this is a change we're just going to have to accept. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the quality of the writing. David Fury's script is a thoroughly entertaining story reboot, sparkling at points with intelligent, well-written dialogue and some superbly pitched pacing.

    While '4pm - 5pm' essentially consists of the movement of narrative pieces around a board, manoeuvring individuals into position for the various new directions that the programme is about to take, it manages to successfully hide this fact by virtue of its originality. First, with the plot having effectively culminated at the end of the last hour with little or no loose ends, it is difficult to predict the avenues down which the show will turn. Second, the decision to introduce Chloe into the FBI HQ is an absolute stroke of genius. Not only does it promise an utterly spectacular showdown between she and Janine Garofolo (all those stares between rooms speak volumes), but it also gives a completely fresh take o the 'introducing a new element to the standard mix' plot trope. In past seasons, 24 has often taken the (sometimes necessary, sometimes not) route of bringing an outside source into CTU to oversee developments. This frequently creates a great whack of tension between our favourite, loveable characters and the new guy(s). Here, Fury flips the whole thing on its head by reversing the process. Chloe, the familiar character, the one we trust and have come to love, is introduced to the new locale and we are able to witness the phenomenon from the ulterior perspective. This gives the narrative a feeling of originality and opens up a whole new arena of possibility. Third, there is the mole revelation. While everyone and his dog thought something was up with Sean since minute one of hour one, no one actually believed he would be the dirty one. It was just too damn predictable: I mean, they were only trying to throw us off the scent regarding the real mole, right? Well actually, they were doing something far cleverer: orchestrating a double bluff. They made it so obvious that we ruled him out altogether and now we're eating our words in the process. It's perhaps the only successful way left of pulling the wool over all of our eyes... well, save for Jack being the bad guy and that.

    This particular revelation is also tied in with a wonderfully executed sequence in the midst of Dubaku's girlfriend's journey to their rendezvous. This element in itself is perhaps the most telegraphed of the hour - it's obvious from the moment Jack and Renee burst through the door that she's going to be used as bait in an effort to capture Ike (this was a nice, 'jump out of your skin' moment though) - but the police's interception of Jack and Renee is completely unexpected and adds a distinct air of uncertainty to the trajectory of the next episode. With the two heroes stalled at present, will Dubaku manage to do off his lover and escape? Or will the police release them within the nick of time? For the sake of my sanity, I hope it's the former.

    Other points worthy of note here include the President's decision to be with her husband, which is a deftly believable and very human touch. Where previous heads of state may have been swayed by their advisors to remain in office 'for the good of the country', Taylor follows her gut and gives us some lovely emotive scenes to boot. Then there's the respective returns of Aaron Pierce and Morris O'Brien: thankfully, these are restricted to cameo appearances rather than full blown introductions to the season-long narrative and they're more than welcome for it. And finally, we have a minor cause for celebration in the defective nature of the technology in FBI HQ which, for once, makes it so that Chloe is unable to solve everything with a quick fix. Just another example of some neat out-of-the-box thinking that makes the narrative seem fresh. Oh and did anyone else spot David Fury, the episode's writer, making an appearance as the businessman that the President's daughter is trying to win over? No? Oh well.

    With so little to pick holes in, '4pm - 5pm' can only be considered something of a success. While it's hardly a rip-roaring action fest, some strong writing and original narrative touches elevate it above standard 24 fare and make the episode a thoroughly entertaining and rewarding ride. Let's hope this strength is inherent in the remainder of the season.moreless
  • The chase in on...

    Dubaku is now on the run now its time for him to leave the country but not without his innocent waitress girlfriend, of course. Marika didn't want to leave without her sister but Dubaku ensured that her Sister will join them soon enough. Bauer and Walker intervened and used her as Bait into luring them towards Dubaku. But that turned ugly when we found out the mole in the F.B.I was none other than Sean. Bill and Chloe both got their security clearances reinstated, officially putting them back in the game. Janis didn't like it one bit when Chloe looked like up-staging her, she's going to look like real **** when she finds out that Sean is working against them.moreless
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Enuka Okuma


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Chloe: Jack, it's Chloe.
      Jack: Chloe!
      Chloe: What do you need?
      Jack: How long's it going to take you to set up a sat beacon for a mobile line?
      Chloe: Usually a few seconds, but with the backward way they have this system set up, it's gonna take at least a few minutes.

    • Ethan: I'm only trying to do my job, looking after your interests.
      Taylor: My interests right now is catching Ike Dubaku. He has killed scores of Americans today. He tried to kill my husband and he has corrupted our government! Whatever it takes, I want that son-of-a-bitch found!

    • Jack: (referring to Dubaku) Do you have any idea, what this man is?
      Marika: He's everything to me.

    • Larry: You worked with Bauer for a long time, didn't you?
      Chloe: Seven years, on and off.
      Larry: That's impressive. That you survived the experience.
      Chloe: What are you talking about?!
      Larry: Only that a lot of people didn't. Curtis Manning, Ryan Chappelle. His own wife.
      Chloe: Are you saying it's Jack's fault his wife was killed?
      Larry: You tell me.
      Chloe: Jack Bauer is the most trustworthy, honorable man I know. And he's my friend. Maybe you should worry less about him, and more about the mole in your office working for Dubaku.

    • Chloe: Well that's inefficient. Whoever set your network up that way didn't know what they were doing.
      Larry: (long pause) I set our network up that way.
      Chloe: Oh...okay.

    • Renee: She had no idea that her husband was a killer, a traitor to his country, yet she looked at me as though I was the monster.

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