Season 7 Episode 22

Day 7: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jack forces Tony's accomplice to call him in order to trace his whereabouts. The call is made, but the location is encrypted.

Aaron calls Olivia, who is outside secret service protection, and tells her she has broken protocol. She insists she will return to the White House soon. She meets the man who set up the Hodges murder. He tells her there was a small window of opportunity, and he took it, assuming the transaction simply wasn't made in time. He tells her she must stay composed, and to ensure safety, must make the transaction.

The biological weapon is readied, and the Tony's female accomplice calls her employer telling him the news.

Tony convinces Jibraham to follow the plan, telling him his brother will be safe providing he goes through with it. Jibraham attempts to tell subway authority, but the guard is working for Tony, who gives him a final warning. Jibraham gets on a train going to Washington central.

Kim's plane is delayed, which she tells her husband, but the call is cut short as Kim's phone runs out of battery. She see's a man watching her. She moves away from him, suspicious. The man is working for Jack, who is making sure Kim gets on the plane safely. She later goes to sit with a couple, who tell her the man is gone. The husband of the couple goes to get coffee, when he proceeds to the bathroom were Jacks spy is. The husband kills him.

Whilst Jibraham is on the train, Tony's female accomplice plants the bomb in a duffel bag, unknown to Jibraham. She leaves the train at the mext stop, and tells Tony the weapon is in place.

Tony's phone encryption is cracked at the FBI after Janis and Chloe argue over who should do it, and Jack captures Tony. He beats Tony, but gets no information on the target. Renee uses Tony's tracking device which the have now captured to find Jibraham, who the work out is on the subway, leading to Washington central. The proceed there. Jack gets in touch with Jibraham, and tells him to look for a bag containing the bomb. Once the train has stopped, he finds it but only has 1:18 to secure, so Jack suggest he runs to the surface, where HAZMAT are waiting. With a few obstacles, he manages to reach the surface, giving it to Jack, who disposes of it in time.

Tony's female accomplice ensures her employer that although the threat is over, she can break Tony out of FBI custody.

Once Olivia returns to the White House, Aaron confronts her, telling her that if she breaks protocol again, he cannot be responsible for her. She is clearly shaken, and tells Aaron she went out for fresh air, but does not give away what she was doing. Once she enters her office, Aaron calls Ethan Kanin, asking if the Voice-Activated Recording System in the Chief of Staff's Office was still in use. Ethan says it is, but says the records can only be recalled through his fingerprint. Aaron says he cannot discuss why he needs these records over the phone, but suggest they meet at the White House. Ethan says at around 5:55 he can be there in half an hour. Olivia excecuted the transaction in her office.

The FBI indentify Tony's accomplice, and Jibraham confifms she dropped off the package in the metro. Jibraham gets to see his brother. They are overwhelmed with joy, and the religous teaching gives a nod of thanks to Jack, who nods back.

The husband of the couple who are holding Kim in the airport, sends his wife a secret message saying that Jack's agent is out of the way. The husband sets up a live feed of Kim through his computer without her noticing, and sends this to Tony's female accomplice. The accomplice calls Jack, showing him the feed, telling him they he must break Tony out of custody or his daughter will die. Any attempt to contact the FBI or Kim will also result in her death. Jack reluctantly complies, and gets on a truck with many FBI agents, including Renee and Tony. The accomplice tells Jack through his earpiece that if they get in the way they must be eliminated.