Season 7 Episode 10

Day 7: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on FOX
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Dubaku's attempt to flee the country is cut short when his decision to take his girlfriend along proves to be his undoing and leads to a breakthrough for Jack and Renee. The moles within the FBI are uncovered, when Chloe's decryption skills are put to the test by Sean, who attempts a last-ditch effort to save himself.moreless

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  • The MOLES

    Well, it's strike three for Dubaku, as he's been successfully captured this time, although not without the tragic loss of a likeable side character, which takes its toll on Renee and leads to a pretty good emotional breakdown.

    Turns out Sean's not the only mole in the Office, as his formerly useless mistress Erika is in on everything too. Hey, whatever helps keep this season free of dumb filler subplots. Anyway, with Dubaku having given Jack the data file with all the moles' names (in a shameless tribute to one Jonathan Wallace), Sean and Erika plot to erase the thing and stretch this madness out for who-knows-how-long. But just when we're all ready to groan, Chloe works some tech magic and saves the...hour.

    That's really it. Ten pretty consistently good episodes in, it seems that everything's been wrapped up in a neat little bow: Dubaku's captured, Sean and the rest of the moles are arrested (or dead), and the Sangala invasion is successfully underway. So you know something's about to pop up and unravel the hell out of that bow. But anyway, the antics at the Office aren't that exciting; it's the Jack/Renee plot that gives this episode a solid 9 for moi. The chase after Dubaku, Renee's breakdown, and that subtly awesome sunset scene are all winners. Of course, if this really were the S7 finale, that rating would likely be lower.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Renee slapping Jack.moreless
  • Totally absurd screenplay

    ok, guys, i'm a real big fan of 24. so much that i would've given probably a 10 to this season. well, until now. this episode ended up totally screwed up by a big flaw: when jack decides to suddenly cross a park and chase Dubaku's car after the police released them. I mean, seriously, how stupid a decision was that? Not only he was putting his bait in danger (Dubaku's girlfriend), but he was taking the risk to crash his own car. Both happened.

    Sometimes the screenwriters make Jack act really like the dumbest car in the planet!

    I mean, all he had to do was follow Dubaku's car!!! Chloe had Jack covered since she was tracking Dubaku's car anyway. Thus all he had to do was follow Dubaku from a distance until he reaches the airport, and THEN take a chance to either shoot at the driver and Dubaku while they're out of their car and vulnerable. Then he could've saved the girl.

    Bottomline is the girl didn't die because of Renee not being able to pull her out of the car on fire soon enough, but because of Jack who acted like the stupidest agent ever.

    Sorry, but as much as I like this series, this episode deserves a 0 (unfortunately unavailable) for the reason mentioned above. Besides that, there was some good action moment, I admit, i'm just pissed off at the screen writers who sometimes don't even think twice before writing such stupid acts.moreless
  • Not bad. Not great.

    24 season seven continues to be, incredibly average. It has it's moments, like the car chase, or the ending of this episode, but honestly...

    it all happened before. It's quite predictable too. As much as I liked Renee in the start, I'm starting to dislike her now. Her scene with Jack in the hospital was not only EXTREMELY cringe worthy(bad acting, scripting), but it was downright awful and artifical. Renee is becoming Jack. Okay. We know that. Don't make it THIS obvious, please...

    other than that, once again: average. People run, die, run more, talk, talk, run... But good thing is that Dubaku is finally captured, I couldn't stand him. Now could Jon Voight's character appear again? I want to see that bastard.moreless
  • Fine example of why I watch this show.

    Wow what a rollercoaster ride. I swear this show gets better and better every episode. Jack Bauer is one bad SOB. Dubaku finds out that Marika is working with the FBI and initially Dubaku plans to kill her but has a change of heart and decides to take her with him. Dubaku then tries to get away, and a great car chase ensues ending with a car crash that kills Marika.

    Dubaku lives but Jack is able to get the chip out of the side of Dubaku. Jack gets a pilot to rush the chip to FBI and give it to Larry.

    We find out in this episode that Sean and Erica are the moles in the FBI and they try and sabotage Cloe's efforts to read the chip. Initially they succeed, but Cloe uses her magic and retrieves a copy of the list of government officials that were working for Dubaku. In the end, Tony sits next to Jack on some steps and says "it's not over"moreless
  • Did anyone pay attention to episode 2/23

    I don't know were to begin. I was enjoying this years 24 until 2/23. Were do I begin…Jack performs major surgery in the streets. (No gloves) The Mole shoots himself in his arm…they bandage his arm, and he puts his shirt back on, and no hole or blood on the shirt. Then Jack yells out "Maria" did what she had to do…No Jack that's "Marika." Was the Director of this show sleeping while filming? Every year about the same epesidode of the show, everything goes wrong. It's like the directors have to do more each week, and it turns out to be too much. Sometimes keeping it simple is better. Oh yea! The car chase through the park…like I said sometimes keeping it simple is best. I'm done on this show for the year.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Colm Feore (Henry) does not appear in this episode.

    • When Sean shoots himself in the left arm, it is clearly shown that the muzzle and barrel of the gun are all the way back. This means that there are no bullets left in the magazine. Sean fired only two shots fro this gun and, if it was fully loaded to start with, there should be at least another 10 rounds. Additionally, a frame later, when the shot switches to a front view of Sean, the barrel is back to normal as if he had reloaded the gun.

    • After Sean shoots Erika and his own left arm, the time shows as 05:36:24PM in the mainframe room. Four minutes and nine seconds later at 05:40:43PM, Sean has already gone from there to a medical unit, was treated and bandaged up and is putting his shirt back on. This shirt is clean and pressed, no blood or bullet hole. While people may keep an extra shirt in their desk in case of a mishap, this shirt is an exact match for the one he was shot in.

      In the investigation that would definitely have ensued, based on what transpired during the shooting, Erika's fingerprints would not have been found on the gun, nor would there be any gunshot residue on her hands. The pattern of GSR on Sean's hand would prove he fired the shots.

    • As the clock is ticking down to 6pm, Ryan Burnett receives a text message. When he looks at his blackberry, the time on it is 3:55.

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