Season 7 Episode 23

Day 7: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 18, 2009 on FOX
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Jack Bauer is forced to help Tony escape from custody, only to find Tony plans to use Jack to reconstitute the pathogen. Aaron Pierce and Ethan Kanin work together and discover Olivia's role in Hodges' murder. Kim Bauer takes down her captors, and works with Renee Walker to find her father.moreless

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  • It's all about Jack and Tony now...

    Jack is forced to free Tony in order to save his daughters life and is then taken hostage to be used to create more of the bio-weapon. Jack is brought to a warehouse where he is strapped to a table face down and has fluid drawn from his spine. In the end Jack is able to flee his captors taking out the ones who drew the fluid from this spine. Tony insists on being let into the circle of individuals that is responsible for all of the attacks and creating the bio-toxin. He is to meet with the ringleader, and to be killed if not thought to be good enough for the group

    Kim is being closely watched by a couple of operatives of the ring and they have orders to kill her if Jack doesn't free Tony. Kim gets suspicious and ends up blowing their cover and they try to kill her but fail however, they take out several security guards in the process. The lady is killed but the man gets away but is shot and killed when his car blows up. Kim gets his laptop after a struggle so it can be used to find out where their orders were coming from.

    Olivia Taylor is questioned by the justice department in the death of Jonas Hodges. During the questioning, a suspicious Aaron Pierce contacts Ethan Kanin to come to the White House and access the hidden voice activated recording system in the Chief of Staff's office. Olivia catches Ethan in her office and he tells her he has only come for files he forgot. Olivia sees the recording system behind the picture after Ethan leaves and calls to have him detained. Ethan is searched and a data cartridge is found but it is a blank one. The real one was given to Aaron Pierce who gives it back to Ethan. Ethan listens to the cartridge and is shock to hear that Olivia setup the murder of Jonas Hodges.

    This was an exciting and dramatic episode with many things happening and the setup of a showdown between Jack and Tony in the final episode.moreless
  • 6am to 7am.

    Jack is forced to free tony or Kim will die. Tony makes a mastermind plan to harvest jack s to collect the pathogen.

    8/10- tony/jack s story was too brief [ probably because the writers did not know what to add to that story. but it was interesting and good twist at the end with jack killing 8 or so lab doctors.

    Aaron and Ethan works together to bring Olivia to justice.

    9/10- This was a fun white house story and had some good action. Good to have ethan back, and i loved aaron and ethan working together. even though it did not have typical action.this story shows the other side of action.

    Kim learns about the truth of her unsuspecting friendly people, and finds out that they are terrorists.

    8/10- the story was good, the action was a little bit stale and the car exploding was the best part.moreless
  • The first episode of the season finale was nicely done, since the episode predictability was well handled.

    Let’s talk about Kim scenes, which were the best scenes in this episode, simply or almost perfect and very satisfying. Before, Kim was an innocent girl, immature and without life experience. In this episode, things changes and Kim actually not only was responsible for the deaths of two Tony assassin´s, thanks to her, Renee Walker was able to find Jack location.

    The phone call to Kim, the gun fights, Kim being smart since she had a knife with her , she was following the other Tony terrorist which remembered me Teri following Nina which leads to her dead, but she was smart and called for help, that police man was able to shoot the remnant assassin and this lead Kim to rescue that laptop to find her father, so her scenes was pure suspense/tension.

    Jack scenes was the beginning of some little action, dealing with another impossible situation, Tony is playing with both sides, his objective now starts to be more clear. Jack being infected reach is payoff, now it is clear for what purpose the writers did that.

    The white House scenes were predictable but nicely done, with some suspense when Ethan was caught.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10), Complication Phase - » (10/10)*2, Ending - » (9/10), Time and Scene Management - » (10/10), Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10), Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10), Suspense/Tension - » (10/10), Drama - » (7/10). Action - » (9/10). The first episode of the season finale was nicely done, since the episode predictability was well handled.moreless
  • The ending was predictable but good. We have seen better endings (seasons 1,4 and 5) but this time it was the only way to end it and I'm fine with that.moreless

    I didn't like so much Tony's explanation about Alan Wilson. How many men were behind Charles Logan? I prefer Jonas Hodges but they killed him!!! He seemed that he was above them all. Well, that's because of the great Jon Voight...

    As for Tony; he's not good, neither bad. He's an almost crazy man, a man who's desperate for revenge and he's willing to do everything to take it. The information of Michelle's pregnancy was great. Don't get me wrong, I liked it because it was great for dramatic reasons and only for that... Also, it was the best excuse for Tony's actions.

    One of the best scenes was the one with the Muslim priest; He prayed for Jack and Jack thanked him... It's like 24 tried to redeem itself for any misunderstood... they proved that it's not a show for racists. They don't want to satisfy them and I'm very pleased for that. They're not all of them (the Muslims) bad as all the Americans, all the Greeks (and so on) are not good. We mustn't put labels on people based on their religion, their nationality or whatever else... it's not that simple and it's not fair for anyone, it's only bad and very stupid.

    The ending was predictable but good. They didn't have any other realistic-logical choice since they took the risk to choose the "dying Jack" way... We have seen better endings (seasons 1,4 and 5) but this time it was the only way to end it and I'm fine with that.moreless
  • After Jack frees Tony from FBI custody, Agent Walker leads the effort to get Kim out of harm's way. Elsewhere, Agent Aaron Pierce has his suspicions about Olivia and her possible role in Jonas Hodges' death. He contacts Ethan Canan for help.moreless

    This episode worked well. I agree with another review in saying this episode is better than the last few. The scenes at the airport (especially the thrilling shootout) were well done but there a few questions I have. How did the operatives (Who look like Courtney Cox and PJ O'Rourke) manage to get a knife and a gun past airport security? Also, airport security must have been notified that the operatives were armed so why was security not wearing kevlar? Another thing I liked was seeing Kim take some action and not be afraid to face some danger. Thrilling episode.moreless
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Leland Orser

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