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Season 7 Episode 24

Day 7: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 18, 2009 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Presented with the evidence of Olivia's actions, President Allison Taylor is forced to make a decision between her family and the Presidency. Thanks to Kim Bauer, Janis, Renee and Chloe are able to save Jack and arrest Tony before he can kill Alan Wilson. With Wilson refusing to talk and Jack about to die, the fight is no longer in the field, it's for the hearts and souls of Jack and Renee.moreless

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  • fantastic episode

    We say goodbye to a beloved character, and there is some great Kim moments. Great season finale.
  • The last episode was predictable but did a great job in almost all scenes, in an episode focused in drama.

    The final episode didn´t disappoint. Jack running seemed pure filler, but at least, he had a very interesting conversation with Tony and now we know what this is all about. It surprise me that Alan was behind what happened in season 5, even in Palmer murderer. But when Tony finally had the opportunity that he waited for years, this was very emotional. This episode had action and little suspense but focused more on drama, since Jack was dying, Kim wanted to save her dead, Renee has a choice to make, Tony reveal why he did all and President Taylor had a very strong drama. Speaking of her, it is impossible not to feel sorry for her, her emotional material was one of the best things in this episode.

    Season 1 and two ended with two deaths to make the audience want to see more, season 3 and 4 didn´t do anything special, season 5 put Jack in the Chinese hands, so he make the audience wanting to see more. Season 6 ended in reflection, but this season 7 ended with continuation, Jack sick and being saved by his daughter, Renee preparing to do torture….

    Complication Phase - » (10/10), Climax Phase - » (10/10)*, Ending - » (8/10), Time and Scene Management - » (10/10), Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10), Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10), Suspense/Tension - » (9/10), Drama - » (10/10)*2.

    The last episode was predictable but did a great job in almost all scenes, in an episode focused in drama.moreless
  • Season 7 finale: Masterpiece!.

    This new season of 24 is totally amazing. I didn't expected the quality that this season has. From it's wonderful beginning to it's perfect ending, this season saves the show after the awful season six and reminds the viewers why 24 is as great as a lot of people says.

    Every plot in this season has been well worked and fine structured, every twist was really surprising and every character was so fine and excellent, not only for been portrayed by a star (like Jon Voight as Joseph Hodges or Kiefer Sutherland self), instead of the performances were fantastic and so real.

    This present season has an absolutely perfect mark: 10 out 10. This mark is only for the best seasons of this show: season five and this present season seven.

    This mark is so hard to have it, but 24 wins it again.

    So, this season is as terrific as season five and is one of the best of all the show for sure. I liked that it was the final season, because i think that in this one, the writers has crossed some lines and i don't know how they will continue the history from this term. But 24 always surprises you.

    Absolutely perfect!.moreless
  • One of the best finales!

    Season seven of 24 comes finally to a close. And it comes to close with my opinion that i saw an incredible and heartpounding season of the show, and is predictabily one of the most amazing seasons of Jack Bauer´s days. And its last episode is a valuable proof of it: a perfect ending, with truly emotional moments and breathtaking. For me, this could be the perfect series finale to the show!.

    The decision to end the deadly and twisted plot which involves Tony and Jack in the end it ended was the right way. And also the final advice from Jack to Renee, President Taylor´s sacrifice and the final shot when Kim assits her father was beyond of me.

    If not the best finale, it´s one of the best seasons finale for sure!.

    Another episode that deserves much more credit: 10/10.

  • What a load of old tosh

    I'm sorry, well actually I'm not, what a let down. I suppose with 6 series of great TV under their belts I can forgive them, but when you're expectations are so high, and have been met over the last few years, they remain high, and quite frankly this ending is a wee bit lame. So what's next? another 2 hour special detailing Jacks rehabilitation that'll be in the Blockbuster's bargain bin 2 weeks after it's shown on TV. With all the other season finales airing at the moment it shows how much 24 has fallen behind in the "keep 'em hooked race". An 8th series, well of course but please make the 24th a cracker. Wow aren't we so ungrateful!moreless
Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Muhtadi Gohar

Guest Star

Peter James Smith

Peter James Smith

Med Tech

Guest Star

Thomas Lumberg Jr.

Thomas Lumberg Jr.

Wilson's Operative

Guest Star

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert

Kimberly Bauer

Recurring Role

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

Recurring Role

Christina Chang

Christina Chang

Dr. Sunny Macer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • There are no boxes at the end of the episode like there usually is.

    • We learn that Michelle Dessler was pregnant at the time of her death.

    • When Rene gets off the chopper she tells the agent near the car to take her to to green car ahead, where Jack is hidden, but when she arrives we see that the car is actually gray.

    • When Tony is on the ground trying to reach his weapon to kill Alan, Jack points a gun at him and tell's him to stop, Tony continues crawling to reach the gun, but Jack could just take two steps, and kick the gun away from him, but he waited till Tony grab it to shot him...

    • Dedication: At the end of the episode we can read a message:

      We dedicate this season to the memory of our friend and colleague Larry Davenport

      Larry Davenport was Editor and Assistant Editor to some episodes of 24. He passed away on January 19th, 2009.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Renee: (with teary eyes) I don't know what to say.
      Jack: (softly) Don't say anything at all.

    • Janis: I'd like to thank you for all the help you gave me today.
      Chloe: It was interesting. Given what you have to work with, you're doing a pretty good job.
      Janis: I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.
      Chloe: Good, that's what it was meant to be.

    • Jack: You took an oath. You made a promise to uphold the law. When you cross that line it always starts off with a small step. Before you know it, you're running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify what you started in the first place.

    • Jack: I guess the only advice I can give you is try to make choices that you can live with.

    • Tony: It took me a long time to find you to peel back all the layers of people you hide behind. But I stayed patient. Cause ever since the day you had her killed the only thing that kept me alive was this moment right here.
      Alan Wilson: You sound like you were involved in some kind of a tragedy but I had nothing to do with it.
      Tony: See, Michelle and me had gotten out of all this. We made it out together. And we were gonna start a whole new life until you came along and took it all away in a split second. It wasn't just my wife you murdered. She was carrying my son. You killed my son! My son! And now I'm gonna kill you.

    • Jack: I can't believe you're doing this. You're betraying everything that you've ever worked for. I know you think this country failed you. And I don't care what kind of ideology you believe in now. This is no way to fight for it. What you're doing is wrong. This is wrong and you know it! Damn it Tony, look at me! Please, as someone who was once your friend, let me die in peace. Don't let them use me to kill innocent people.

    • Kim: I'm sorry, Daddy. But I'm not ready to let you go.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks the final appearances of Carlos Bernard (Tony) and Glenn Morshower (Agent Pierce). Tony is the longest lasting main cast member appearing in the first 7 seasons except season 6, and has the third overall most appearances (after Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub [who surpasses him in season 8]) with 115. Glenn Morshower is the only actor besides Kiefer Sutherland to appear in the first 7 seasons. He is the second highest appearing recurring character after Jude Ciccolella (Mike Novick), and 10th highest in total, with 49 appearances.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Finland: February 8, 2010 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: October 28, 2012 on FANDA