Season 7 Episode 24

Day 7: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • fantastic episode

    We say goodbye to a beloved character, and there is some great Kim moments. Great season finale.
  • The last episode was predictable but did a great job in almost all scenes, in an episode focused in drama.

    The final episode didn´t disappoint. Jack running seemed pure filler, but at least, he had a very interesting conversation with Tony and now we know what this is all about. It surprise me that Alan was behind what happened in season 5, even in Palmer murderer. But when Tony finally had the opportunity that he waited for years, this was very emotional. This episode had action and little suspense but focused more on drama, since Jack was dying, Kim wanted to save her dead, Renee has a choice to make, Tony reveal why he did all and President Taylor had a very strong drama. Speaking of her, it is impossible not to feel sorry for her, her emotional material was one of the best things in this episode.

    Season 1 and two ended with two deaths to make the audience want to see more, season 3 and 4 didn´t do anything special, season 5 put Jack in the Chinese hands, so he make the audience wanting to see more. Season 6 ended in reflection, but this season 7 ended with continuation, Jack sick and being saved by his daughter, Renee preparing to do torture….

    Complication Phase - » (10/10), Climax Phase - » (10/10)*, Ending - » (8/10), Time and Scene Management - » (10/10), Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10), Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10), Suspense/Tension - » (9/10), Drama - » (10/10)*2.

    The last episode was predictable but did a great job in almost all scenes, in an episode focused in drama.
  • Season 7 finale: Masterpiece!.

    This new season of 24 is totally amazing. I didn't expected the quality that this season has. From it's wonderful beginning to it's perfect ending, this season saves the show after the awful season six and reminds the viewers why 24 is as great as a lot of people says.

    Every plot in this season has been well worked and fine structured, every twist was really surprising and every character was so fine and excellent, not only for been portrayed by a star (like Jon Voight as Joseph Hodges or Kiefer Sutherland self), instead of the performances were fantastic and so real.

    This present season has an absolutely perfect mark: 10 out 10. This mark is only for the best seasons of this show: season five and this present season seven.
    This mark is so hard to have it, but 24 wins it again.

    So, this season is as terrific as season five and is one of the best of all the show for sure. I liked that it was the final season, because i think that in this one, the writers has crossed some lines and i don't know how they will continue the history from this term. But 24 always surprises you.

    Absolutely perfect!.
  • One of the best finales!

    Season seven of 24 comes finally to a close. And it comes to close with my opinion that i saw an incredible and heartpounding season of the show, and is predictabily one of the most amazing seasons of Jack Bauer´s days. And its last episode is a valuable proof of it: a perfect ending, with truly emotional moments and breathtaking. For me, this could be the perfect series finale to the show!.
    The decision to end the deadly and twisted plot which involves Tony and Jack in the end it ended was the right way. And also the final advice from Jack to Renee, President Taylor´s sacrifice and the final shot when Kim assits her father was beyond of me.
    If not the best finale, it´s one of the best seasons finale for sure!.
    Another episode that deserves much more credit: 10/10.
  • What a load of old tosh

    I'm sorry, well actually I'm not, what a let down. I suppose with 6 series of great TV under their belts I can forgive them, but when you're expectations are so high, and have been met over the last few years, they remain high, and quite frankly this ending is a wee bit lame. So what's next? another 2 hour special detailing Jacks rehabilitation that'll be in the Blockbuster's bargain bin 2 weeks after it's shown on TV. With all the other season finales airing at the moment it shows how much 24 has fallen behind in the "keep 'em hooked race". An 8th series, well of course but please make the 24th a cracker. Wow aren't we so ungrateful!
  • And here I thought the FIRST season was full of mistakes and plot holes!

    So many events in these last two episodes make no sense, and others are simply not believable. The writers assume (like Season 1) that the fans are too stupid to remember what happened in the previous 22 episodes, which may be true for some viewers, but not me.

    **Spoilers** When Kim was being chased around the airport, I was screaming, "The mountain lions were actually better than this!" And I simply can't believe that Tony was a quadruple agent since I remember all the other events which happened in previous episodes. Major plot hole! And there are many little silly things in the outcome of Taylor getting caught, but whatever. It's over and I'm done with this show.

    Goodbye 24!
  • 24 has been one of my favourite shows for the past decade but this season is the worst of them all. It's still decent, just not as good as the past seasons.

    24 has been a catchy, innovative, adrenaline filled tv series from the very beginning, until now.
    Of course no show can live to it's starting hype forever but why on earth would the same people that made 6 "good" seasons, make this one so below the bar they set in the past, I mean, can Jack Bauer's daughter stop being on the line all the time, let's get some more original ideas?
    I don't want to reveal too much so all I can say is this season starts well, builds up pretty decently and has some good twists in it with some of the major characters from past seasons but the end... oh my god the end... can it be any more anti-climax?
    A season of 24 has always had a beginning and a good "end" to the storyline that it started, so why do this now, it's not like the script was so good that everyone is gonna be anxiously waiting for the rest of it. Anyway, it's a decent season but it's the worst so far, hate the fact of not having the same kind of closure to the storyline all the other seasons did.
  • Choices and redemption: Season 7 finale was a conclusion to the exploration of those themes. And the result was near perfection.

    At the opening of this episode, we still have no clue about Tony's motives, but very quickly, we find out that he wants to kill the real mastermind of Day 5 conspiracy, Alan Wilson, who also ordered the murders of David Palmer and Michelle. The revelation scene was played perfectly by Kiefer and Carlos Bernard, but after some cool action, Tony screams a shocking phrase, a classic scene. Unfortunately for Tony, he is shot and arrested once again.

    The theme of the episode is fully explored with a series of dramatic moments between Jack and Renee, the resolution of the Taylor stortyline, Renee deciding to interrogate Wilson, and a inusual but deep scene between Jack and Gohar.

    Predictably, Kim's reappareance at this point was with the sole purpose of saving his father, and she actually did, which will gain redemption on the eyes of several fans. Although Jack was in peace with his inminent death, at least it'll have to wait another day, before we can prepare ourselves to the end of 24.
  • A good end to a decent season. Take that season 6 !

    A pretty good episode to sum up the season. Yeah it was pretty slow and the white house story was a bit lame, but they got most of it's point in to this episode. tony In custody and the white house story concluded but Renees plot with wilson was not concluded so they cut the screen black like in sopranos. But who cares, and I also liked the creators cutting off the end sequence of the episode so the viewers will be annoyed and the media likes that. the action was cool but short and not as dynamic as season six s finale but I liked tonys face off with Wilson. if season 8 is the final season and it is going to be the day after day seven, it will be awesome if the stem cell research doesn't work and jack dies in the season 8 finale. I can't wait for season 8!!!!!!
  • The ending was predictable but good. We have seen better endings (seasons 1,4 and 5) but this time it was the only way to end it and I'm fine with that.

    I didn't like so much Tony's explanation about Alan Wilson. How many men were behind Charles Logan? I prefer Jonas Hodges but they killed him!!! He seemed that he was above them all. Well, that's because of the great Jon Voight...

    As for Tony; he's not good, neither bad. He's an almost crazy man, a man who's desperate for revenge and he's willing to do everything to take it. The information of Michelle's pregnancy was great. Don't get me wrong, I liked it because it was great for dramatic reasons and only for that... Also, it was the best excuse for Tony's actions.

    One of the best scenes was the one with the Muslim priest; He prayed for Jack and Jack thanked him... It's like 24 tried to redeem itself for any misunderstood... they proved that it's not a show for racists. They don't want to satisfy them and I'm very pleased for that. They're not all of them (the Muslims) bad as all the Americans, all the Greeks (and so on) are not good. We mustn't put labels on people based on their religion, their nationality or whatever else... it's not that simple and it's not fair for anyone, it's only bad and very stupid.

    The ending was predictable but good. They didn't have any other realistic-logical choice since they took the risk to choose the "dying Jack" way... We have seen better endings (seasons 1,4 and 5) but this time it was the only way to end it and I'm fine with that.
  • A good ending to a decent season

    So I just finished watching the season finale. Of course, as a 24 episode, it's guanrantee of fast paced action, lots of gunfire and people dying all over the place.

    So Tony was really double crossing everyone, huh? Wow, talking about obsession.. the guy really wanted revenge..

    I liked that the writers didn't kill Tony but I find it hard to place the character in upcoming seasons. Jack had all these controversial accusations of torture and all, and all the "wanted fellon" situations he goes through every season are usually cleared up in the end. But Tony.. well, he's responsible for a lot of deaths.. Well, I can see like a terrorist, some rogue agent and/or former associate of Tony's doing some crazy things in Washington and the FBI needing his assistance.

    Jack, of course, will live. Can't have 24 without Kiefer Sutherland. Maybe he'll be 100%.. maybe he'll have some problems that will hinder his actions (but not so much, otherwise he'll be reduced to a secondary character.. like that Sean something.. he killed the blonde girl and got his cover blown eventually. They put him in a cell and we never saw his sorry ass again.. lol).

    Renee. Hmm, not sure.. she's learned that in situations like that, you can't be playing good guy. You'll get screwed. You need to be badass or you won't get what you need. If she did torture the guy, she'll lose her job.. hmm.. but I think she'll just work on him for a while.. I don't think she'll actually put a bullet on his legs or punch him... much..

    Well, we'll see in the next season!!! hehe

  • Everything comes to a satisfying end but things are up in the air...

    What an awesome conclusion to a spectacular day!!!

    Loved the interactions between Jack and Renee all day how she came around to Jack side but still tried to maintain some professionalism and respect for the law. I hope Annie Wersching will be back for Season 8 as it would be great for Jack to have a love interest again after what happened to Audrey. The writers did a great job of wrapping up Renee's and Jack's storyline but what I really want to see next is what happened when we saw Renee go into the interrogation room with Wilson. Does she torture him and dishonor Larry's sacrifice to get vengeance ultimately becoming like Tony or take the honorable way out. The scenes I love the most were between Jack and Tony just because they were such close friends and the history. It's so cool to see how Tony dealt with Michelle's death in relation to how Jack dealt with Teri's. Tony only wanted revenge which kept him going but he compromised his values by killing innocent people to get to his endgame. It seems that every time Jack and Tony get together in an emotional scene Teri always comes up lol. I can't wait to see if Tony's going to be back and whether or not he's going to forgive Jack and ultimately himself but my guess is he won't Tony isn't the same man as Jack which makes their interactions and relationship so great to watch.

    Can't forget bout Kim it was great that she came back and I was screaming at the TV when she was at the airport with Wilson's operatives. It was awesome when she stabbed that beetch in the leg and followed that loser. I hope that her stem cells will be able to save Jack. I also can't wait to see what capacity she'll in next season as I heard they are casting a role for her daughter sweet.

    Overall this season kicked Season 6's arse and I loved it definitely up there with Season 5 and 2 but still 1 and 3 will be my favs.
  • slow ending to the season

    This season has been action packed, but the last half an hour of this episode had none... still, it was a solid episode and left questions for the next season. Walker seems to be turning into Jack which is sad; I was hoping that she wouldn't. We find out that Tony was just going after the guy on top to kill him because he was responsible for Michel's death. I really rather have Tony as a bad guy, but fighting for revenge is acceptable. I'm annoyed that Jack shot him and stopped him... Jack should have let Tony kill him even if they would miss catching the others. Anyways, the whole presidential story line is boring and I really don't care about Olivia or the president. Jack accepting death through a religious leader... just odd to see... but understandable because he's dying. Of course, Kim wants to save him (which she has to because what would 24 be without Jack?). Overall, just a solid ending to the season; I guess I was hoping for more of a bang.
  • Jack's steel manliness

    Not as bad as feared after last week’s duff-’un, and includes a great scene (at the opening of episode 24) where Jack struggles to get under a nearly closed garage door because his testicles are too enormous and, being made of steel, don’t squash. The Taylor’s get a brilliantly recognisable scene as Olivia confesses to them her misdeeds but, even though it’s a bit more serious than spilling orange juice on the cat, Sprague Grayden fails to convey anguish or much emotion of any kind. Fortunately, Colm Feore is unexpectedly scripted to SPOILER take his daughter’s side completely and Cherry Jones successfully sells her situation with a simultaneously stoic and hysterical reaction (an oxymoron, I know). The other big thing to resolve was whether Jack would survive or not and SPOILER it is left completely open. Looking at it, it’s a little surprising just how much is left unresolved. Overall, this season has been a good-’un and has benefited from a reduction in frequency and graphicness of violence and torture. 24 doesn’t need it in order to be tense, thrilling, edge-of-the-sofa entertainment and, despite a weak climax, that’s certainly what this season has been.

    This 24 episode contains mild swear words and graphic gun violence.
  • The seventh season ends in spectacular fashion. The events of the day come full circle as Tony's true motivations are revealed. Jack gets ready to meet his end (or so he thinks) and President Taylor must make yet another gutwrenching decision.

    This finale episode reminded me of why I have been a fan of "24" from the very beginning. This episode worked on every level. Everything came together at the end and came to a very plausible conclusion. Seeing Agent Walker leading the raid on the hideout of "the group" was excellent. The greatest thrill of the season. Cherry Jones does another excellent job. I was very pleased that she decided to do the right thing. This will cost me, but I was also a bit proud of Kim who decided to go against Jack's wishes and help her father. Excellent.
  • Will Jack live? Tune in next season. Did agent Walker get the information from Allen Wilson? Tune in next season. Many unanswered questions, but a solid end to the season and a good setup for Season 8.

    Episode starts with the carnage left from Kim escaping from the operatives that were watching her for the ring of corporations responsible for the attacks. Agent Walker is talking to Chloe on the phone and they are having problems back tracing the laptop because of encryption and the number of relays.

    Jack initially gets away from Tony, but Tony catches up to him. Jack tries to torch himself to kill the bio-agent but Tony stops him. Tony tells Jack that the head of the group of corporations is Allen Wilson; the man behind Charles Logan, ordered the hit on David Palmer and murdered Tony's wife. Tony straps a bomb on Jack to kill Allen Wilson. As Tony is meeting with Wilson, the FBI shows up and a major gun battle ensues. Agent Walker gets to Jack and disarms the bomb. Tony gets to Wilson and as he is about to kill him, Walker stops him with a bullet. Tony is taken away in handcuffs. After Wilson is taken into custody Walker tries to get him to talk but he won't.

    Ethan Kanin approaches Olivia Taylor about what is on the data cartridge. He plays it for her and she tries to weasel her way out of it. Olivia confesses to her mother and father that she was the one who hired someone to kill Jonas Hodges. An argument ensues between the President and her husband and he points out that her presidency killed their son and that she should destroy the recording to protect their Olivia. The President decides it would be hypocrisy to cover up Olivia's roll in the death of Jonas Hodges. Ethan Kanin resends his resignation.

    Jack is in the hospital dying and he is visited by the Muslim Cleric from earlier in the show, who prays for him to be forgiven. Kim Bauer shows up and asks that the stem cell treatment be done. The season ends.

    This episode is very drama heavy and with less action. It was a very good ending to the season with Jack's fate unknown and Agent Walkers apparent actions with Allen Wilson.
  • Day Seven (well eight after the writer's strike but who is counting?) Jack and Tony square off and the one with dubious motivations loses.

    Damnit! What and ending...Jack turns to profiling for spiritual guidance. For once the middle eastern guy didn't do it. Lawrence Kutner or Ahmed Amar did not return from the wilderness. The woman President seems to get teary a lot (aren't you glad Hillary is SoState?). Never saw David Palmer flinch. Wayne Palmer - maybe. OK so there was lots to like thise season. Tony back. Jack getting impeached. FBI trying to play by the rules. Corporate America having a secret army. A female President with a wacky family. Agent Aaron Pierce still in the show. What I did not like: Five seasons on and I almost like Chloe (almost). Janeane Garofalo is in the show because? Janeane Garofalo was in West Wing because? The mysterious Star Chamber group.
  • Fantastic ending to a fantastic season.

    Time will only tell whether or not season 7 of 24 will be considered in the third elite season after 1 and 5. I don't think that enough time has passed on it yet for it to be judged in that regard. I will, however, say that it certainly surpassed all expectations after the lackluster season 6 and my honest opinion is that it was just as good as season 5. The finale certainly helped its cause. I admit, after the 22nd episode I was a bit concerned that the finale would turn into a 2 hour save kim race. The writers proved me wrong. Kim gets rescued fairly early on, and we are left with three stories to be wrapped up. The first was the Olivia Taylor fiasco. When Olivia was introduced halfway through this season I dont think that anyone believed she would play as pivotal a role as she did and turn into one of the biggest snakes in the show's history. In a scene of great drama and emotion, the President is forced to condemn her own daughter to prison at the risk of alienating herself from her husband. It was an extremely well done storyline and all the loose ends were tied together nicely. The second storyline was Tony's revenge plot. In what was becoming a theme in season 7, Tony Almeida once again switches sides, this time taking on the role of a rogue operative, loyal to no one particular side seeking revenge for the death of his wife and unborn son. We realize that Alan Wilson was the man behind pretty much every event that has heppened from season 5 onward, and Tony's search for him led up to a climactic showdown. Tony assumes the role of the tragic hero perfectly and in the end, he is viewed as a sympathetic character. Could Tony Almeida really have been left as a villain? The last sublot, and most important, is that of Jack's deteriorating health. In one of the more emotional scenes in 24 history, a dying Jack calls upon a Muslim Imam to cleanse his spirit before he dies. He has all but accepted his fate and has slipped into a coma when Kim comes in and vows not to let him go just yet. So there you have it. All the ends are tied. We know Jack will make it into Season 8 which has already been confirmed. Tony also lives. Whether or not he will be a force in Season 8 has not been revealed but we are willing to bet that he will play a role. The only unanswered question left is who is Alan Wilson? What does he do? And how is he the man responsible for all of these events? Rest assured we will find all of this out next year. Renee will get it out of him using Jack's means of getting answeres. In my opinion, this season could not have ended better. While it may have lacked the explosions and the gunshots of the previous season finales, it more than makes up for it with incredible acting (even from Elisha Cuthbert), extraordinary writing, and heartwrenching emotion. 24 is, and will continue to be, the greatest show on tv for those reasons.
  • If i Just may relive again all the drama that 24 made me feel thru the pass several years.

    24 it is not probably the best series ever.
    It has written gold!!!Not only the best characters thru the seven seasons made they appearences,but also the most story turn points that ever made in a tv series.
    168 episodes since 2001 and each one better then other and better then every action/drama movie that i saw in the last decade.
    I am just keep hoping that this epic series will going on on,but in an real world better for the next season to be the final one.
    But if the writters are able,and the are,to put the audience thru 7 more great seasons of the 24,in that case i will said - Keep Bring It ON.
  • A great end to a great season that seems to build to another tantalizing season of 24!

    All the seasons have been very story centric to the point where the story would begin at a time and then it would end at that same time the next day. But moving away from the formula it seems that there are more twists to this tale as the finale, for the first time, ends with a few questions hanging up in the air.

    This final episode sees Jack being taken by Tony once again only for Tony to admit that this whole day was a ploy to get a meeting with one of the conspiracy heads, Wilson, so that he can kill him for playing a part in murdering Michelle. So it turns out that Tony was at first a bad guy who was doing good things only to help the bad guys in order to kill the bad guys (yeah I know perplexing to say the least).But when the FBI track down Tony's location they are able to save Jack and get Wilson into custody just before Tony is able to exact his revenge.

    Meanwhile, at the White House Olivia is exposed by Aarona and Ethan. They tell her that she must tell her parents and that Ethan would accept whether the president hands her over to police or just covers it up.When Olivia admits her role in Hodges' murder Henry begs Allison to cover it up as Hodges killed their son and deserved what he got. In the end Allison can't fight her duty and takes Olivia ito custody leaving more than a few questions in the air about Henry and Allison's future together.

    The season ends with a few things us in the air leaving the audience dying to see the next season. First of all Jack may just be cured yet with Kim shunning the risks and preparing to offer her stem cells to give her father one shot yet at life. Back at the FBI Renee has a tough choice to make, whether to beat the information out of Wilson or give him up to the authorities where he may escape charge all together. One things for sure, this has been a great season of 24 and from what he have left to cover there are some great signs that Season 8 will live up to the lofty standards of this season.
  • WOW ! am still blowin AWAY !

    yea right am still blowin AWAY by this epoide , this kind of eposide that make feel like you really watich something a well writen stroy ! . loved every part let's start with - TONY ( wow really really wow ! , he's perofrmance was the best this season in evrey part , when he was going to kill the man who killed his wife mishale it was like the best 2 min i ever watch , his action his anger his cryin was so damn GOOD , now he really desarve an emmy awared nomination atleast ! ) . - Olivia ( her action was great but not that great she really need to do some work to get more talnted , but her part with her mom and dad WOW really well writen and make me cry ! ) . - Allison ( so dmna good now she ganna win an emmy this season that's for sure ! ) . - Renee ( at the first of this seaons she was great ! , but now she is AMAZING ! the secnce with jack before taking hin to the hosptial was phenomenal , her actin was imporve in evrey way , we ganna see what she ganna do next season cannt wait ! ) . - Kim ( one word ( HOT ! ) :D ) . - Jack ( wow wow wow , what he can do more than that ! , powerfull great awesome breathtaking act that he ganna make him win am emmy this year ! and he really desavre it ! ) . 24 - after all this season of 24 was more more more than just amazing it was AWSOME ! , really loved it from the begining til the end ! , i really thank you for this season from all of my heart ! , ill see you inshallah next season ! and damn i missed 24 already :D .
  • Less action, yet incredibly satisfying.

    I wasn't expecting much after how they ended episode 22. Luckily it came out better than I expected. A lot of usual 'finale-action' was replaced by emotional scenes which were written very well, and scored superbly. Jack dying, Tony acting on revenge for Michelles death, Olivia getting her deserved punishment (yay!). It kept me watching in what felt nothing more than a couple of minutes actually. There was one scene at the end, where Jack invited the Arab priest he met 2 hours earlier, which I loved.. very powerful. I know a lot of you don't agree with me, but I think this season finale was probably (not in terms of action) one of best ones we've seen on 24.
  • Not as explosive as previous finales, but some great character development.

    After the finale episode of this excellent season was done, and the final "beeps" were fading away, I couldn't help but think "Is that really how they chose to end this comeback season? With a Kim and Jack moment?" It boggled my mind, but looking back on it now, the final two episodes focused less on the action and more on Jack coming to terms with what's happening to him. We know he's going to survive, obviously, and that the repercussions from this season will carry onto eight, so I suppose it makes sense that not EVERYTHING was answered.

    The chase between Jack and Tony was pretty intense but short lived. Learning Tony's motives behind everything was pretty interesting, albeit a little over-the-top. I suppose in his mind, killing thousands of people to protect millions makes sense, especially if it means getting revenge on his wife's killer. But it's here we can see the clear difference between Jack and Tony.

    I really liked the way they wrapped up the White House storyline. In a way, it reminded me of Season 1, where David Palmer had to choose between protecting his family or covering up a scandal. Cherry Jones has really pulled through and brought a compelling, morally sound President that we haven't seen since David Palmer. Ever since, we've gotten Presidents who are weak and don't last more than a season. I'm glad she's coming back for another season and hopefully she can bring the same intensity she did this season.

    There were plenty of emotional moments in the season as well. After Tony was finally captured, the episode was almost a series of emotionally charged scenes: Jack and Renee talking about regrets, Jack and the Priest from earlier (one of my favorite scenes of the season), Jack and Kim near the end.. Just a very emotional episode.

    The season leaves a lot of unanswered questions: What's going to happen to Alan Walker? What about Tony (they left him alive for a reason, but I hope he doesn't become the next Logan, who just disappears)? Will Jack go back to the same person he used to be? Who else was involved in the plot? What about President' Taylor's presidency? Just a lot of unanswered questions that I really hope are answered next season.

    In my opinion, this season was right up there with the best. Not THE best, but one of them. I can't wait to see what happens next with Jack.
  • Can I ask for any better?

    I hope you realise that the above question is clearly a rhetorical one! However, just for reassurance purposes, my answer is NO! I cannot ask for any better because this episode of 24 is easily one of the best, if not, the best, episode of any TV show EVER! If anybody did not like this episode, then grow up! This is the kind of episode by 10 year old brother would get bored watching. The issues dealt with, and the manner they are dealt with in this episode is nothing short of amazing. And amazing is even a poor word of choice to describe it!
    Wow, I'm still not over it! Okay, so let's get into the nitty gritty. Firstly, the episode started off with some good action sequences and quickly tied up the loose ends.

    Henry, Olivia and Allison Taylor scenes = phenomenal. President proves that she has the heart to do the 'right' thing even though it breaks her heart to do so. She is the president and took an oath to do so. Being the president is not like a normal job we may have at the grocery store, or as a manager or a real estate agent, etc. Her job requires that her presidency comes first, even before her family (unlike the jobs I mentioned above) and her decision manifests this beautifully. Further, the scenes were very emotional and almost brought me to tears (it takes an extreme amount to make me cry)!

    Moving on to Tony's story arc: exacting revenge for Michelle's death. I cannot say whether this was the best explanation (not that I have a better one), but it was a reasonable one and it fit in. Further, it allowed Bernard to really release his potential. The scene where he explained to Wilson (Patton) about Michelle, and especially when he was about to shoot Wilson, whilst he was screaming and pretty much in tears was a very powerful scene. And, when Jack came in and shot him in the arm, I almost began balling my eyes out...I wanted Tony to get his revenge...poor Tony.

    Now, to Jack and Renee. Wow. The scene where Jack was about to be taken to the hospital and he was explaining to Renee about the choices he made...WOW...the writing in that scene was spectacular. Jack draws a clear line between acting within and above the law, and himself mentions that the law is more important than the 15 people on the bus. However, then he says that he would not be able to live with himself if he allowed them to die. Heart over the mind/brain is pretty much what he was saying. Yes, this may be wrong, or it may be immoral or unlawful, but the question is: if I did (or did not) do this, then will I be able to live with myself? WOW. That is a word of advice I will never forget, even from a fictional character I would always like to believe is real in my mind! Of course, everybody's perception of being able to 'live with themselves' would differ, and in the end, we can see that Kim can clearly not live with herself if she did not do all that she could to save her father. Also, Allison Taylor demonstrated this as well: maybe it's right for the family, considering hat they've been through all the way, to cover up Olivia's involvement, but Would the president be able to live with a cover up like that? No way!

    Oh, and to put the cherry on top, Jack calls a Muslim Imam. Wow (again!). After all the fighting and violence, when Jack realizes death is near, he asks for the help of a muslim, the people he has been fighting the majority of his life. This proves that 24 is not discriminatory to muslims, and any complaining about that as a fact should keep quiet, because just like every American, Australian, Russian, etc, there's good and bad muslims. And, after this episode, we clearly see this. It's amazing how after the war ends, Jack, an American, has a muslim Imam standing by his side. This scene is sure to ignite some kind of political attention as it shows the close proximity muslims (and indeed anyone) can have with others. This is what was attempted in s 6 with Assad, and it went all wrong, but in these final scenes, it was executed perfectly! Again, the script in this scene was phenomenal and after all these dramatic scenes, I couldn't help it, but let my tears go. This time round, we have an extremely dramatic and slower paced finish to 24, rather than the usual action packed finale. And, to be honest, this finale RULED!

    Oh my God. I've never written so much for one review. I'll stop there to allow some people to actually finish reading it. Oh yeh, before I forget. Renee on the 4WD shooting was amazing, and in the end, when she pretty much turned into Jack...I really enjoyed that. Jack's speech about making the choices you can live with clealry got to her...she could not live knowing that the terrorists Wilson worked with are still alive and could plan another attack. This episode ended perfectly, the only one thing I could have asked for is a name from Wilson, possibly Logan or Noah Daniels, just after Renee shot him in the leg or something. Wilson does not look like the type who can handle pain, a gunshot will make him talk straight away! Kim and Jack together in the last shot was so subtle and well done. I loved everything about this episode...I should stop now. 24 LIVE ON!
  • Great season but less great season finale...

    It was a great season but to be honest season finale is not so great. I expect more actions and more solid answers to the questions.
    Finaly we understand why Tony did such a twist. And the salvation of Jack is Kim. I like Kim in the season she becomes a mentally balance chrachter. And dislikes Olivia, she knowed how to play games to become a chief of staff and how to kill people but at the end she cried liked children. But I thing the writers waste a little bit much time for Olivia. Instead of her, we should watch more action I think.
    I cant wait season 8, unfortunately we have wait until january 2010.
  • More focus and explanations on char than on action

    I really loved the start and the sequence of action there - the explosions, the motion, Tony and his personal revenge and coming out and finally learning what it has always been about for him. The emotion, anger - it was done just so powerfully.. And that was just the first char whose soul and heart was opened for us.

    The ending of action part when they finally get that man.. Jack almost facing killing Tony.. and then.. all slowing so much down.. Even if there was really beautiful and thoughtful moments like Jack's and Renee's conversation I really find that part of episode not very enjoyable and wondering why they slowed down so much, waiting all the time something to happen but nothing did.. it was all about char.. and I needed just some time to realize what a great soul-opening sequence of chars they have given us. Taylor storyline.. that was heartbreaking.. Olivia facing her actions and the decision president made.. right one but I think it left many us wondering.. she had already lost her son and now she, freely, gave up her daughter.. and by doing that lost her husband. Is it all worth it? It is almost the same question what Renee asked? Is doing right thing worth it.. or should she follow her heart.. and as we see in the end, I think in one of the most unexpected char developments.. she does follow her own instincts.. She was going that way for couple of episodes.. and now.. she finally evolved. And if to look back where she started the day.. the impact it has had.. it has been magnificent..

    And then ofcourse Jack's moment.. with that moslem. That was great writing and Kim in the end - very predictable.

    So overall, the last episode had really powerful char moments and it was all about people and their reasons of actions rather than action itself..

    The season.. I really thought it was strong one until couple of last episodes, where they really let the tempo down and wasted like couple of episodes and even with all the anger and explanation with Tony, I did not liked that turn too much.. I really think start of a season had totally different atmosphere than end.. I have to try to watch it from start to beginning in short time to get the exact feeling of season.. but I still think they somehow let the end go..
  • Bottom line...there is no show I'd rather watch on TV than 24.

    The 6:00-7:00 episode was a great one. Very suspenseful, and all action. This last one dealt with character situations and was a bit of a let down. Because of the high standards of seasons and episodes past, it's hard to put this show in perspective. I liked it. But the end didn't draw me in like others have. Still...I can't wait until next season and wouldn't ever miss an episode of 24...so this and every episode deserve a high rating. For those who rate it a 1 or 2....stop watching...it must be a waste of your time. Or is it?
  • Matters of the heart

    (Note: This review covers the second half of the season finale event. A previous review covered the first half.) The entire season has been about the questionable rationale for extra-legal (or flat out illegal) operations in counter-terrorism, and sure enough, the season finale brings a lot of those questions and concepts into focus. Surprisingly, while the writers have the character come to terms with their own answers to those questions, they leave the implications and consequences for another day. Which, given the time constraints of the format, makes a great deal of sense. Tony's ultimate explanation for his behavior throughout the season is about as logical as one could expect for "24", but as insane motivations go, it actually sounds rather reasonable. It takes everything he said about his grief over Michelle's loss and gives it powerful direction. More than that, it actually does more in a few minutes to add depth to the shadowy conspiracies behind President Charles Logan than all the nonsense in the fifth and sixth seasons. It also underscores the larger structure that has emerged for "24". The previous three seasons drove Jack further and further into the darkness, stripping everything and everyone he loved and trusted away, until he was on his own. It only makes sense that the true masterminds of the post-Palmer terrorism would be harder and harder to find as a result, and that they would only emerge when Jack was on the road to his own redemption and restoration. This also fits the overall message that, at least in the world of "24", organizations like CTU and operatives like Jack Bauer are necessary. Without the ability to step outside the legal confines of the intelligence community as it is known to the public, vital resources are lost and lives are at risk. It's easy to forget that Jack Bauer and CTU were originally depicted as black ops; they were never meant to conform to the same standards as the FBI or even the CIA. For better or worse, Tony's plot was an attempt, however twisted, to fill the void left by Jack and CTU when they left the stage. Despite the fact that Tony clearly lost perspective on morality along the way, he was right to call out Jack on his self-imposed exile. The writing may have been on the wall for CTU and in terms of the Senate hearings, but it was out of character for Jack to run from the consequences of his actions. Coming to that realization is a part of Jack's discussions with Agent Walker and Imam Gohar. When discussing the matter of torturing Alan Wilson for information about the rest of the domestic terrorist cabal, Jack essentially tells Renee that she should follow what her heart tells her. His heart tells him that he knows that he's breaking the law, and that his actions are often immoral, but that he couldn't live with himself if he let people die when he could do something about it. It's exactly what he was trying to tell Senator Mayer in the season premiere. When speaking with Imam Gohar, however, Jack does confess that he finds it hard to forgive himself for the things he's done. Some will see this as unnecessary political correctness, right down to Jack's decision to call on Gohar. As usual, this is a short-sighted interpretation. Having no regrets is not the same as requiring no forgiveness. If anything, Jack's heroism is accepting the spiritual consequences of his actions for the greater good, even as that weight accumulates. As for why Jack turned to a Muslim imam instead of a priest or pastor, it ties into what would be his only possible regret of the day: treating Gohar with so little respect for questionable reasons. Again, this will be seen by some (with agendas of their own) as pandering to those who demand religious tolerance. But as inelegant as the insertion of Gohar was initially, the follow-through has been sensible. Turning back to Agent Walker, it's clear that there is potential for a relationship between her and Jack. Granted, she does seem to display a bit too much emotional attachment to her fellow agents, and she latched onto Jack rather quickly under the circumstances, but she's about as good a match as there is. Her decision to interrogate Wilson outside of the legal boundaries is not a quick or spurious one; it's an effective way of showing that she has come to the same psychological conclusion as Jack. (It also seems to be preparing her for a role in the revived CTU, whenever that happens.) Ultimately, even the poorly-executed Olivia subplot touches on the overall theme. Olivia stepped over the line when she chose to break the law to exact personal revenge in the name of justice. The President may have been conflicted, but in the end, she demonstrated the right kind of strength when she chose the law over her family. She found the line, within her heart and soul, that she wasn't willing to cross. Of course, that focus on the theme makes the very end of the episode entirely appropriate. What better way to underscore the message that it comes down to one's personal choice? As predicted, Kim wasn't ready to let her father go, even if he was at peace with the idea. Which means, without a doubt, that Jack Bauer will survive to have at least one more very bad day.
  • Solid finale sets up the 8th (and possibly) last season.

    Day 7 has been pretty good. Had its meh moments but it had been exciting in general. Now, I really wanted to see how they conclude this season but I admit I was a little skeptical after the pre-finale. "We have Kim" thing had been done and re-done. Well, I must say it was better than I expected. Not really mind blowing but those 2hrs had some exciting, dramatic, intense and emotional moments. The highlight of these episodes for me was Tony, by far. I love the twist about him. He has been confusing this season. From bad to good to bad again. After his latest turn when he killed Larry, took the weapon and so on, way too many things didn't make sense. I took it like a situation where I should overlook some stuffs and just accept an otherwise cool twist. I was wrong. Major revelation is that he was on a personal vendetta. He wanted to kill the guy responsible of Michelle's death by all means necessary…playing for both sides. Lost faith in his country and on revenge quest. That's a plausible explanation to the different character changes this season. Loved it when he yelled at Bauer about being a coward.
    The fact that they were trying to use Bauer to re-make the bio-weapon is another positive in the episode. The episode was not all about action. There were lots of emotional moments. Jack was dying…so it was redemption time for him. His conversation with Renne Walker about making the right choice was good. Having Kim as leverage to manipulate Jack is getting old now. Elisha Cuthbert is hot but the character Kim is often annoying. Well she wasn't really that bad this time, even if her decision to chase the guy trying to kill her was kind of a roll eyes moment. It was obvious she would come in the end to try to save Jack. It's a cliffhanger. Of course Jack won't die so soon but the real question is how much more time can that treatment give to Jack. Renne had her moments in the episode but her attempt to be "Bauerish" in the end was quite underwhelming. Dunno if it's the actress or character, but it just don't fit her. I like her tho and am glad she'll be back next season.

    Drama at the white house was far from great. Well is it ever? Thing with Olivia Taylor is quite uninteresting but it did lead to an interesting decision. Not really believable tho cause let's face it, most people would cover up the thing. Overall a solid finale that still had its problems. Day 7 itself is a solid season. It peaked with the white house attacks, which was awesome. Better than last season I guess. Looking forward to next season, especially as it may be the last one.
  • the finale was alittle weak; they tried to cover up their lack of events by drama, but for the sake of the rest of the season, i can't say anything bad about it.

    yea so, i'd love to see jack do something totally incredible that would save the day and fix most of the things at the last minute. that tonny - alan - jack - renee thing at the end (or the middle) could have been much better. jack being stripped on a bomb could have gone way better. overall, there was NOT enough action. and there wasnt a great "woooooow" event like death of a wife, assasination of a president, kidnapper chinese, jack crying,... so they went with cliffhangers.

    which was fine with me. dont think that i am complaining. if it wasnt this much of a good season, i would. but naaa, it was the first decent one after the first two.
    i dont know what will happen in the next season; the only thing i know for sure itll be the hardest "day" for the WRÝTERS. let's wait and see.
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