Season 7 Episode 12

Day 7: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on FOX

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  • Eye roll

    I love how people can just brush aside how ridiculous the plot is.

    Not everyone is as ignorant and uninformed as you, as such when something absolutely ludicrous is portrayed -it will bother them.

    Convenient tunnel leading directly into the White house defended with only a metal grate, trip lasers and a single layer of brick.

    Clearly reinforced concrete, steal plates and seismic senors would have been a little too 'secure' like a small town bank or something.

    Well at least they don't expect us to believe a 3rd world tyrant had the tech and codes to disable the white house's security, access the president's lock down room, access the systems that tracks the president and all her secrete service guards.

    No they have all that because of the old rich white guy, except WHERE THE HELL DID HE GET THEM FROM?

    If he could have gotten those codes, he probably could have gotten nuclear launch codes and warheads.
  • Why this show ended is beyond me. This episode is one of the best episodes of the whole series point blank.

    Tony Todd deserves an oscar for his role as the calculating Juma. The ending scene between Tony and Cherry Jones was super intense, You could almost feel that that b!tch smack that Juma laid upon President Taylor's face when he confidently informed her "I don't take orders from you."

    Sure it''s surreal that a White House invasion could be executed so easily but who cares? The actions scenes alone will make you forgive that un-realism and if that doesn't draw you in, the intensity of the situation is convincing enough that the writers told a well thought out story this time around. Plus let's face it, it was pretty cool seeing the battle being brought directly to the White House and President Taylor put on the forefront of the action and reminding her that she can be touched (literally) just like everyone else on the planet no matter her power or protection. Taylor's dilemma of deciding whether to sacrifice her daughter's life to save her own forces her to make a decision I think most of us would have made, even Jack. I truly hope the upcoming movies are as good as the show.
  • Possibly the Best Episode of the Season!

    This season of 24 is totally perfect and truly masterpiece.

    At this moment stills being in the same level of power than the season five, thanking its new and reinvented plots, enemies who the show have never seen before and an incredible action sequences so well worked.

    And this present episode is a remarkable example of this.
    Episode 12 is with some doubt the best episode of the whole season.
    It´s really nreve cracking, really surprising and keeps the audience at the edge of their seats not only in the ending or only in a few moments.
    It keeps the audience in the edge during ALL the episode!.

    The action has never been so perfect before!.
    Kiefer Sutherland and its action are really remarkable!.
    And the situations, the episode plot and the suspense is really fresh and never seen before.

    It deserves to be in top episodes!!!!!!.
  • Best action packed episode of 24 EVER!

    Hands down! This is one of the best (and one of my favourites) episodes of all the time of 24 and its best action episode Ever for sure!.
    It´s incredibliy amazing, since the beginning to the end: its visual style rocks, to use The White House for the next plot of the day is truly fresh and never done before... and it´s a truly nice idea... and it´s action and thrills: perfect!. I wasn´t be prepared for this superb ride.
    This Season is simply one of the best, this episode is the best of the season yet... and 24 looks like to be at its best, and beyond!
    10/10 always!!!
  • Raise the roof!

    Yeah, the writers quit keeping it realistic eons ago. And why should I care when we've got terrorists roaming the White House here?! We've had presidential assassination plots before, but none of those storylines were this magnificently shameless about it.
    That basic plot description is really all anyone needs, but I shall continue anyway. Renee manages to tell the FBI what's up, giving Jack and Taylor ample time to flee into a lockdown room. Everybody else in the building is screwed: Juma bluffs to the Secret Service that he's got the Prez, so nobody's storming in yet. Buchanan, Mayer, and a bunch of extras get rounded up; Pierce and Olivia try to get a signal out; blah blah blah you're not even reading this.
    Halfway to the end and not a single crappy hour. S7 is consistent if nothing else. And there's plenty to love in this episode especially, even though the season may have blown much of its load early. There's something to be said for audacity: it doesn't always lead to good places (MarwankeepsescapingBS), but on the other hand…terrorists taking over the White House. What else do I need to say? Nothing. The review ends here.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Juma slapping Taylor.
  • A suspension of belief is required to trudge through this episode.

    From inept secret service agents - who apparently don't have access to their own security feeds (or mind heavily armed hostiles walking down their hallways until a code red is issued, i dunno) - or have the necessary training to hit a stationary target at 30 feet (seriously, where were these guys found? Rent-a-cop?) to Jack pulling one of the most out-of-character stunts ever by handing over the president to terrorists (thereby rendering her a mere civilian and granting the VP the oval office) - this has got to be the worst episode of 24, ever.

    There was no suspense - apart from the suspension of belief. The writers hacked out an episode without any regard for the true security measures of the White House beyond a few cheap lines thrown in to satisfy the more cretinous viewers.

    While it seemed strange to see so many soldiers running around during the time before the attack on the WH, where did they all go during the actual attack? And the soldiers with heavy fire power who ran around in the bunker during the previous seasons, where were they? And why didn't the president go into the bunker when less than an hour before it had been declared that "there's going to be another attack on Washington"?

    All in all, a serious disappointment from the writers.
  • Action-packed episode. White House under attack!

    Only in the universe of 24 is possible that so many events happen in one day. Terrorist attacks, assassinations, hostage situations, kidnappings, moles, etc. However, the White House attack is possibly the most surreal idea imagined by the show's writers. This episode accomplished the 24 trademark suspense and cliffhanger ending, with several shootouts happenning around the White House, Juma's army killing everybody they find on their way and the President being captured. This episode is a little flawed since General Juma managed to enter into probably the most secure building in the world very easily and the terrorists weren't spotted on camera for over ten minutes. Besides, is impossible that the lockdown room wouldn't have some kind of communication with the outside world, but that's exactly the complication of the plot. General Juma is pure evil and Tony Todd has portrayed him perfecly cold, and that's exactly the trick that makes his character work. On the other hand, although we didn't have many Jack on this episode, that's not a problem, since the villains and all the other situations make everything interesting. ¡One of the best episodes of this season so far!
  • This episode committed 24 blasphemy.

    It was so bad in fact that if 24 was up for cancellation I couldn't argue. When 24 had President Logan give into to terrorist I didn't argue. When he was found out to be a traitor I didn't argue. Over 6+ years the character of Jack Bauer has proven to do whatever it takes to protect America and would NEVER give in to terrorists if it threatened the country. As such, for Jack to let the President out of the lockdown room is downright blasphemous. If it was his daughter instead of the President's, Jack has shown he wouldn't do it. He will break any law or executive order to protect his daughter, but I think it is well established he would not put the nation itself in danger to protect his daughter. Furthermore, Cherry Jones is playing the worst President in 24's history. In Logan's case, at least he thought he was doing what's best for the country. There should be no debate that the President of the US can NEVER be willingly taken hostage under any circumstances. As soon as the president is kidnapped, the vice-president becomes president.
  • White House under attack!

    This episode is the mid-point of the seventh season of 24, which gives us one of the most intense episodes in the history of the show. Although it is extremely impossible and easy that General Juma and his group can run around the most secure building in the world, it doesn't matter very much when you watch the episode because of the action, intensity and the danger that characters we care about are suffering.

    Of course, besides the action, are the great performances by Tony Todd, who plays a very creepy villain, Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones and James Morrison. Besides, during this episode, Jon Voight makes the first appearance of the season as Jonas Hodges. Great material.

  • Every season in 24 have at least one super episode that something new and totally unique and impossible happens and this episode does exactly that, almost perfect.

    Presentation Phase - ». Already began in the previous episode.

    Complication Phase - » (10/10)*3. The attack in the White House was very entertaining and a unique complication in 24. The last complication was set by the end of the episode.

    Climax Phase - » The writers decided to do it in the next episode.

    Ending - » (10/10). This is the type of episode that the villains are on the top and the situation seems impossible to overcome, perfect.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10)*2. Juma attack to the White House steals all the attention, but even so, there are some fillers (like Renee running for her life), overall they don´t affect this wonderful experience because it is very hard to notice or care.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). This is the kind of episode where it is hard to notice flaws, but there are, but they don´t affect the overall experience.

    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10). The tension is great, since this is 24, you can expect one dead at least, right? This is why the tension inside the White House is very high.

    Drama - » don´t expect drama, if there are any, was weak.

    Action - » (10/10). Invading the White House could only bring many gun fight and killings.

    What I liked -» White House Scenes

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Hard to say.

    Every season in 24 have at least one super episode that something new and totally unique and impossible happens and this episode does exactly that, almost perfect.
  • SO tense ! yet visually amzing.

    JUmba and his men breaks inside the white house trying to capture the president, Bill soon knowing that this is happening takes the president s tracker and leads the men to get her to the safe room. After a moment of BIll running he is captured by JUmba and taken hostage. the president and jack reaches the saferoom watching through a camera of the white house. JUmba has almost everyone in the white house hostage after he deceived the secret service that he has the president. He soon knows that the door to the president is almost unbreakable, he then calls jonas hodges to find him a way in the saferoom and he does, by noticing Jumba that the president s daughter Olivia is in the white house.Jumba s men catches Olivia and Jumba [ knowing where the camera is now]gets a knife to olivia and says he will cut off her eyes , the nher tongue, then slice off her neck if the door is not open.Soon the door is opened and Jumba s next plan will be absolutely unpredictable.

    what will jack do ??
  • On any other show, an episode like this would have fans throwing their television sets off rooftops, bleating "jumped the shark, jumped the shark!" but in the weird and wonderful world of 24, the production staff can get away with murder.

    What was I saying about suspending your disbelief? On any other show, an episode like this would have fans throwing their television sets off rooftops, bleating "jumped the shark, jumped the shark!" but in the weird and wonderful world of 24, the production staff can get away with having a group of mercenaries hold the President hostage in the most secure building on the planet with the greatest of ease, through drilling a human-shaped hole in a storm drain within about two minutes, walking through a hole in a wall that must surely have been chiselled for the last eight months by the knife-wielding flunky who pushes aside a dastardly supply cabinet in a sort of homage to The Shawshank Redemption, and by having the good fortune of Ms Taylor and Jack Bauer locking themselves in a 'safe room' that just so happens to contain no secret exit, no food, no weapons of any kind and, even more crucially, no communications device for that pesky business of contacting the outside world. No, on any other show, this sort of casual disregard for common sense would be pointed and laughed at by its fanbase, derided as the point of no return and brutally kicked to the curb in favour of first season re-runs. However, in 24 land, none of these things seem to matter. We are so caught up in the unrelenting drama of it all that we forget to consider the concept of believability until about seven hours after we've recovered from having our emotions and senses knocked around. There's no denying that this is hugely intense stuff, played to perfection by all without ever a whiff of the dreaded ham creeping cautiously in. Check out Jack and Alison in the safe room, Aaron and Olivia as they struggle to escape the building and warn the outside world, and even Renee and Larry as they desperately try to win over the clearly barking Vice President: the interplay is wonderful in each and the suspense is kept at breaking point throughout as we're really not sure how the hell they're all going to get out of this, quite frankly rather epic, one. Oh, and there's the first appearance of the excellent Jon Voight to relish too and it's a beaut as he plays darts while the entire US political system comes crashing down around him. Screw realism... THIS is what makes damn good TV.
  • Awesome!!!

    This has been the most exciting and thrill riding episode yet. The funny thing is I am saying that about every episode I watch, but they just keep getting better and better.

    Agent Renee Walker knows where the attack is going to be, but is being pursued by Dubaku's son and can't get the information to the FBI.

    Juma and his men breach the White House, with a little inside help. They gain access and storm the White House killing all the Secret Service Agents in sight and taking many hostages one of which is Blaine Mayer.

    Jack is locked in a safe room with the President just before Juma can get to them. Juma tries many different ways to get into the safe room and even has the protocols to unlock it, but it is thwarted when Jack short circuits the lock.

    Another familiar face is back. Jonas Hodges is apparently working with Juma. What a traitor bastard. Jonas tells Jumu that the presidents daughter is in the White house somewhere. She is finally tracked down as Aaron Pierce is shot and taken to the area where the other hostages are being held. Juma threatens to kill her if the President does not come out of the safe room. After a few moments the doors to the safe room open and Jack and the President step out. This is a very exciting episode with plot twists and/or advancements. The action in this episode was great and Agent Renee Walker was almost killed several times. I am anxious for more and waiting to see what Jack Bauer will do next.
  • Thrilling!

    Now this is quite an episode, don't know even where to start and the beginning seems so cliche. Alright, Juma and his people invading the White House was so unexpected for me. Thought that somewhere along the line it will unfold and all this drama would be put on refresh. What happens to President Taylor? On that if someone can cook up a continuance I'd like to be the first to know coz this suspense is killing me!!! The introduction of Jon Voight in this episode as one of Juma's financiers was even much more awesome in that Jon plays bad guyz absolutely perfectly. This was definitely an episode to remember
  • The FBI finds out from Agent Walker that the next attack will be on the White House and it will be lead by General Juma himself. By the time the White House is notified Juma and his men have taken the White House and have hostages.

    This episode does have its high points. For example it's very entertaining and once again Kiefer Sutherland gives an excellent performance as does Cherry Jones. However, as I watched this episode I had a lot of trouble buying into how easily Juma and his men siezed the White House. How could they have overpowered the Secret Service so easily? I also did not like how the final scene of this episode was clearly recycled out of the previous episode when Motobo and his wife were in lock-up. I knew the president would order Jack to open the door and he would comply. Very entertaining, but flaws present problems.
  • General Juma Storms into The White House

    This hour delivers the goods, giving us some of the best action yet this season. Dubaku Jr. catches up to Walker and tries to strangle her to death until Moss Intervenes. Juma and his team kill everyone in their way when getting into The White House. Juma's plan mostly worked, since even when Jack was able to get President Taylor into the lockdown room, they still had the technology to open the door. Really liked Jack's plan to short circuit the computerized lock, Juma needed another way in cue Hodges to give him that; he tells him that Olivia the President's Daughter is in The White House. There's your leverage although he did have about 50 Hostages with him. Jack was telling the President that he couldn't open the door so she could give herself up to save Olivia; I really thought he might mean he can't open the door. So his whole plan was to go into the White House, take the President hostage and have her make a video, with pretty much no chance of getting out alive? Wonder how that's gonna work out.
  • Juma over runs the White House as Jack gets the President in lockdown and Aaron protects the President's daughter. Simply Brilliant TV.

    Of all the episodes of 24 I have seen over 7 years this is truely the best one ever. It is able to maintain a fast pace to the point of always feeling exhilarating while at the same time not compromising the story that the season follows.

    This ep sees Juma and his unit infiltrate the White House before Renee can alert the FBI. By the time she does Juma and his men are already surrounding the president's location. Bill decides to free Jack from custody so he can aid him in protecting the president. Bill uses himself as bait so Jack can get the President in lockdown. Juma begins to be over run when he tells secret service that he has the president, in a panic the secret service retreat from the White House. Meanwhile, Aaron Pierce has the president's daughter and attempts to get her out of the White House. When he discovers that all exits are blocked and that the rest of the agents have left the building he tries to signal the FBI outside that Juma doesn't have the president.

    This ep kept me on the edge of my seat as I was glued to the screen all the way through. Though the quality of this season has been brilliant I have never really felt like I couldn't wait out the week for the next ep to come along. This time around I just can't wait a whole week!
  • 24 as its best.

    Well wow, what a ride! Those 2 hours brought the best out of 24, no doubt about that.
    1st hour was great but in the end just a mere set up to the second hour which was pure awesomeness. The fact that the attack is on the white house was pretty predictable and was speculated by many fans. But this is always a dangerous road to go. Remember the attack on the CTU last season? It was quite disappointing... at least not as epic as many expected. But this time, it is NOT disappointing, the attack on the white house is simply EPIC. The tension in these 2 hours in overwhelming. You`ve got the whole drama with Jack`s situation and Juma breaking into the white house. Of course, not very realistic but definitely entertaining. The idea of an attack on the white house was never a "roll eyes" moment for me, it was rather the opposite, it was damn sure exciting. More importantly, it didn`t have that "deja vu" feeling that comes pretty often on this show now. Now Juma is the new villain along with John Voight `s character. While Dubako was ok, Juma is a class above and means business. I don`t think there will be any girlfriend in the way. He is badass, very convincing and obviously ready to die....all for the good of the show; love the slap to the president. It looks like John Voight `s character will be the main villain after Juma`s probable departure and I can`t wait to see more of him. You just feel the stakes are higher than ever… Just nail biting with so much suspense. Every single moment in the White house with Jack, Bill, the president, Aaron , Juma etc.....pure gold. Now on to Renee. She took some rather stupid decisions here. Jumping on the boat was certainly odd but she was ok and definitely better than last week with the break down attitude.
    FBI scenes were ok. My only real complain is lack of Tony in such a party :D. I really hope he gets in next week.
    Cliffhangers were superb. I cannot wait for next week!
  • no way we are waiting until next monday! oh god oh god oh god oh god!

    this is entertainment, folks. not the stupid lets ask another question for the fangeeks to dwell through the net formula of lost. not the hey look how cool our gadgets are formula of csi.

    they've entered to the white house. anything can top that? and although it is kinda hard to believe that some heavily armed and organized africans can enter the white house by drilling a hole and having a man on the inside,they've managed to pull it out in a way that it didnt feel ridicilous. (they should've benifits of the man who gave them the codes more, like the africans getting through another computer security though codes or something.but this was ok) this was totally one of the best hours of the show so far and this takes season 6 in a place that it's almost an equal for the legendary first season.

    in the last few seasons, it was too much of a cartoon. everything was happening and nothing was believeable anymore. i'm glad everyone is properly reacting to such a big event. and i was screaming to the screen the whole time, and i guess that general is going to have, no, should have, a one great ass kick from jack bauer.

    does anyone else think that if jack was with presidents doughter and aaron with the president, they would have already stopped the attack?
  • Phe...Phe...Phe...Phenomenal. PHENOMENAL!!!

    This review is for both episodes 11 and 12, with 12 being the focus. Episode 11 was a fantastic setup to episode 12 and I can see why they aired it double: because if episode 11 was aired itself, the way it finished, I would have gone crazy and admitted to a psychiatric ward. So, I said: "Thank God and the 24 writers, prodcuers, etc..."

    But then...but then I watched episode 12 and have now executed a very poorly organized and rushed plan at surprising the producers of 24, ambushing them and stealing the rest of the 24 episodes for the season (if they have all been aired). The manner in which episode 12 took place, during the whole episode that is, simply put forward the tension created when a huge episode of 24 finishes. And, to top it off, we have one of the most, if not, the most, unbearable due to tension episode finales.

    Bill, running around the corner, everybody expects him to get shot and die since it has been speculated a lot, I just sat in my seat as my hands began sweating and was very glad he is still alive...Don't die Bill. Aaron, gets shot and again I presume he is going to die, but he is also thrown in as a hostage. Aaron, no use having you the previous 6 seasons if you're gonna die now. Also, the tension with the president's daughter was unbearable, everything in these episodes was unbearable. The only two things that could make me even happier: Tony doing a season 4, pooping out of nowhere and saving Jack's behind and also, the Mayor getting his head cut clean off. Seriously, dude (Mayor), there is a difference between sacrificing innocent lives and terrorists lives. If I had to sacrifice an innocent life in order to save hundreds and thousands, I wouldn't be able to do it, not due to any reason but because I would feel tremendous for torturing/sacrifing an innocent life. So, the innocent life part is debatable for me... Terrorist? Bring it on...I will give him pain, torture, whatever in order to save lives. Torturing evil vs legal prosecution...go for torture. These men who are terrorists are the worst of any kind and don't deserve any remorse whatsoever!!!

    Tension...Tension...TENSION!!!!!!!!!! and 24!!!!
  • A supreme example of television at its pinnacle

    One of the great examples of how television can be done correctly. This is why we watch TV. The episode had it all: character development (the awkward placement of Jack next to the Prez), action (speaks for itself), and brutal, thought-provoking plot. Who could not help but wonder how he or she would have handled the situation that played out at the end of the episode. Who could not help but hope and prey that character after character would end up safe, or would succeed in being able to thwart the enemy? All sins from season six are nor forgiven in by book.
  • th white house is taken by terrorist

    lets start with the bad : the lack of security on the white house and that stupid agent leaving juma along without proof that he has taylor now if you can get past that and accept that its a damn tv show than this is an awesome episode.
    lots of excitment, aaron in action, bill almost dying and hodges making his first apearence in the season (finally) too bad that ther was no chloe (mary lynns maternity leave) or tony. but this episode had a season 5 vibe i was very very excited as i havent been in 24 for a long time and the ending was great cant wait for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The execution

    This is the precise mid-point of the season, and it's not hard to see how this would represent the biggest turn of the season arc thus far. Everything from this point on will change for everyone involved, assuming they survive. This might even go down in the annals of "24" as one of the most shocking plot turns ever. On the face of it, it's ridiculous. Could terrorists really find their way into the White House so easily, and take control of the premises with such relatively little resistance? Would those same terrorists begin by killing everyone in sight, only to start taking hostages when familiar faces are suddenly involved? Would law enforcement really find their hands tied so completely? More to the point of the season thus far, would a President who was willing to play "no tolerance" with terrorists for most of the day, including defying them when they held her husband ransom, bow down to them when her daughter's life was at stake? Granted, she had recently lost her son to terrorists (and thought it to be suicide for many months), and her husband might still die, but as Jack says, she's the President. She already made the choice for her and her family. If she walks out of that room, the terrorists get precisely what they want, even if they die before it all ends. Senator Mayer may somehow believe that Jack is to blame for President Taylor's capitulation, but his only mistake was letting her look at the camera, especially when it was obvious that Juma had something terrible planned. Jack did drop the ball on that one, and as a result, he was placed in a no-win situation when the President chose to surrender. The real problem, of course, is the notion that there wouldn't be a dedicated, secure line out of the lockdown location to ensure communications with law enforcement. As ridiculous as the rest of the plot might be, that is the item that takes the cake. The Vice-President's unwillingness to authorize a rescue operation is predicated completely on the possibility that Juma is holding the President hostage. The entire plot hinges on that one oversight. Bill's decision not to torture Burnett, however, feels a lot more organic. Jack may be disappointed, but he shouldn't be so shocked. He's made it clear to Agent Walker, for instance, that he doesn't hold it against someone if they can't bring themselves to use his techniques and go to his extremes, so long as they recognize that it's sometimes a necessary option. Bill has been willing to sanction Jack's actions before, and he's more than willing to bring together a team to achieve a necessary if legally questionable goal (as the fight against the conspiracy attests). It's hard not to understand Bill's point of view. Despite the issues with the plot, this is still one of the most exciting episodes of "24" since the beginning of the sixth season, and it gives this season the jumpstart that it needed. It's the kind of story that never could have happened in Los Angeles, after all, and it's a lot more symbolically meaningful to the audience than some random presidential retreat. It takes a massive willing suspension of disbelief to ignore the plot conveniences along the way, but the writers do a nice job of making them easy to overlook.
  • Part 2 of 2 - Intense

    I loved the second half of this two-hour event. The take-over of the White House went even better then I had expected. So much to talk about in this episode where to begin. Very happy to see no FBI other then Renee and Moss. Janice is really the only person left at FBI right now, so there was no real need for her character in this episode. The terrorists got a lot of face time in this episode, something that I thought worked in the epsiodes favor. We hardly ever get to see the beginning and end of the terrorist plot, but in this epsiode we got a healthy dose of how they were going to do it and watching them execute. Jack doesn't stay in custody for very long as Bill lets him go in order to get help for President Taylor. The one real thing I was hoping for in this epsiode while I was watching it was for Jack and Taylor to have a deep conversation about his methods and tactics when they were in the room together. The writers switched it up and had a conversation about having a daughter / what to do in that situation, which was also kind of interesting. Aaron Pierce returns in this episode and I must say that he did a fantastic job having his own little storyline with the President's daughter. I was very entertained by having him be on 24 again and when he declared that he had been apart of 5 administrations I had to count and he really has been along in some capacity in every season of the show. Overall - the best episode of the season. Had me interested throughout the entire episode. Cannot wait to see what happens next week. We know that Jack and the President are going to live through so I think it would be important for the writers to not "Jump The Shark" here.
  • The White House is attacked as terrorists seek out the President. While Jack turns from prisoner to protector to prisoner in a tense hour.

    Recently more and more TV shows are going from TV to movies. And the first thing you notice when that happens is the sets change. And the focus of the shows change.

    In this ep you can see the change from moving from LA to Washington as the focus in this one is the White House itself. Hey they already attacked Air Force One in a previous season I guess this was inevitable and it lead to a very satisfying and interesting hour.

    Now, I did think that there was one incredibly stupid moment that kept this from being a 10. When the Secret Service simply abandoned the fight just because a very credible (yeah right)Terrorist who would obviously never lie about anything over a phone told them he had the President. Let me think about this for 25 seconds. Uhh, sure fall back. Since he told us he had the President he couldn't possibly be lying to us about something like that. Doesn't he realize how many people go to jail lying to Government agencies? Of course I'm being sarcastic.

    But that is a minor nitpick. I'm willing to let it slide. But just to hit one other point about that. How come only the characters we know and love ever act remotely intelligent on the show? The Secret Service were really treated like the brownshirt GI Joe soldiers. If they don't have a codename their only good for dying and to fill out the page. But I digress. It kept a very good hour going. And I am willing to overlook that minor transgression for the fun of the rest of the episode.

    It was very intense seeing the President's daughter who really does look like her TV mom in hiding. I thought it was cute the little quick futile lesson in morse code.

    I felt that was a really cool callback when the President challenged Jack if he would watch his daughter get poked in the eye with a knife without surrendering. I really do admire how Jack tends to revere the Presidential office. I can just feel how intense the next one is going to be off of this one. If this was a DVD season in my home I definitely would have plugged into the next episode immediately. You know something intense is going to happen next.
  • 24 roars back

    Prison Break is awesome when it comes to suspense action but the "juice" of the show isn't the action itself. There's nothign more than a few characters' lives at stake. In 24 the stakes are high and well, it's like a very good action movie.

    Last night's double feature was amazing. Nail biting, suspensful, and just incredibly well done. Juma and his crew blasting their way into the White House was fantastic. Jack and Aaron trying to save the president and her daughter was soooo damn great. Friggin hell.

    I complained about the lack of Bill, and here we are. Bill. Alot of Bill. Did anyone else love the scene where he runs like wild goose only to have terrorists surround him?! Jeez, so many memorable scenes. Oh, there wasn't too much Tony but I've feeling we finally might get to him(and maybe he still is a bad guy.?) AAAAAND i was so happy to see John Voight again. Let's play darts. Lets.

    The only negativity I can bring up is Renee... Wow she's a hottie. I mean she truly is. Especially when she's all wet, lol.... but her chase was the only thing that I didn't really enjoy last night.

    9.5 / 10
  • One of the most intense episode of the whole season

    So.. all feared is now happened and they are making their move on White House.. and the whole episode had such an intense atmosphere, that kind of excitement and danger.. I really enjoyed the action sequences this episode had and then the revelation we got - it is vice president involved and soon he is becoming the president as they got her.. and that turn in the end - maybe the only thing you could argue about the episode as she is risking her life and that should not be the case.. but she is also the mother and that makes sense.. and on story telling point, that seems to be the only option to keep the story going as with president in lockup, others outside, they were in no-win situation.. Now the story can go on..

    I think this episode was probably the best of this season..
  • One of the best episodes of the season! Filled with suspense, action, excitement, this episode is absolutely great - A MUST SEE!

    This and the previous episode were so far the two best episodes of this season in my opinion. They were filled with action scenes, suspense, excitement, and etc. The plot line and the idea behind the White House attack is purely just amazing - although I think in real life, the White House is a bit more secured than that. But still - purely amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The acting in this episode was almost perfect - the environment was set up in a way that it felt almost palpable. I can't wait for next week's episode and see how this incident plays out.