Season 7 Episode 1

Day 7: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2009 on FOX

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  • And on the seventh day…sh** continued to happen


    We pick up however long it's been after "Redemption" and—CRASH! KIDNAP! SKI MASKS!
    Despite Michael Latham's abduction, this feels more like the earlier premieres, featuring a formal upfront briefing about terrorists going after the United States' CIP firewall. But this time, we're in Washington DC, and the FBI will be playing the role of the shut-down CTU. And Tony Almeida's alive. …yeah. But evil. …cool. Anyway, this premiere doesn't feel as HUGE as the last three, but that's fine. Starting at a relatively calm pace is no crime.
    While Tony uses Latham to breach the firewall, the Senate grills Jack Bauer over all the torture he's done. This addressing of torture will be a recurring theme throughout S7, and a pretty well-handled one. Good gravy, the writers actually benefit from ditching the on-the-fly method? [/sarcasm]
    The Senate part doesn't last long, as Agent Renee Walker (cue cartoony hearts floating around my head) brings him into the FBI's Washington Field Office to help find Tony. Unlike CTU, this place looks like a normal office, with its cubicles and fluorescent lighting. A welcome change, I say. Here we meet some other principal characters: geeky Janis Gold, creepy Sean Hillinger, and by-the-books Director Larry Moss. And when I say "principal," I'm kinda humoring the first two.
    Allison Taylor's been busy, as the US is about to invade Sangala to dethrone Benjamin Juma. And her husband Henry has his own subplot regarding the truth behind his son Roger's "suicide." Thanks to "Redemption," we know that all of this is connected, and I'm glad that mapping out this entire day in advance has given us a small puzzle to piece together.
    Things start rolling as Tony hacks into Air Traffic Control and Jack questions a suspect, though loyal fans may very well see the ending to the latter coming. Still, my curiosity regarding the finished puzzle has been sparked, and that's enough to keep me watching. Plus, we know Jon Voight's gonna show up later, let's not beat around that.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Renee kicking Ari's ass. Oh, what? I'll never find love; Annie Wersching in action is all I got! That and X-rated movies, but…