Season 7 Episode 2

Day 7: 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

The FAA still cannot get in touch with the flight but notice that it is changing its course. They hear a recording of Tony speaking to the pilots, and notify the FBI. Renee radios Larry Moss and she informs him that Schecter was shot. He sends a SWAT team. Jack questions how Tony knew that he was there, suspecting a mole in FBI. Renee isn't sure what to believe, but the agents on the ground know that the sniper is still on the scene. All of the FAA screens suddenly lock. Tony instructs Masters to send another airplane into the same landing pattern as the one heading for New York. Tony calls the FAA manager and says, "I want you to see what we can do." The FAA controllers see that the two planes are about to crash into each other on the runway.

Suddenly, Tony orders one of the planes to pull up. This avoids a collision. The FAA screens are unlocked. "Whatever we do next will be the real thing," Tony says. A man named Emerson arrives at Tony's hideout and he is shown the module. Emerson asks Tony about the FBI intrusion, and Tony says he can handle Jack. Yet Emerson refuses to tell Tony about the end goal of their mission.

White House Press Secretary Angela Nelson informs reporters that the President supports protecting the African country against Juma and is meeting with former Sangalan Prime Minister Matobo. President Taylor assures Matobo that she will help his rebel faction but she demands that be Juma dealt with in a court of law instead of held to a summary execution.

Ethan informs the President about the near miss on the runway and Tony's involvement. They don't yet know what he wants. Taylor calls for an emergency meeting with Homeland Security. The sniper calls Tony and says that he is trapped inside the building. Meanwhile, the SWAT teams swarm outside in the hunt to find him. Agent Lennert radios his whereabouts to the tactical leader outside. He finds the sniper and tells him he's there to get him out. Lennert gives the sniper an FBI jacket and instructs him where a car is waiting. Lennert radios that he is clear. Outside, Jack sees a man in an FBI jacket sneak off. Jack notices that the man is wearing construction boots instead of the regulation black agent boots. He points him out to Renee as the sniper, and she confirms that all her agents are accounted for. Jack stops her from notifying the tac leader until she knows how deep the Bureau has been compromised. He suggests they go after him alone.

Renee and Jack take a car and follow the man, who drives off. Emerson shows the module to Colonel Dubaku of Juma's army. Homeland and NSA brief the President about the implications of a potential threat to the CIP firewall. Ethan Kanin gets a call from Secret Service Agent Gedge that Henry Taylor is going to confront Roger's girlfriend because he doesn't believe he committed suicide. Gedge says he is concerned about Henry's state of mind. Janis tells Larry that Renee and Jack left the scene of the crime. Larry becomes alarmed and calls Renee. She claims they are following up on a lead. Larry calls her on the lie, but Renee asks him to trust her. Larry still has Janis perform a triangulation to track Renee's walkie.

Renee asks Jack how far he was prepared to go with Schecter. She wants to know how he justifies the things he has done. Jack doesn't answer, and points out that he is helping her find Tony. Henry arrives at Samantha Roth's office and she meets him on the roof. Gedge is in close proximity. Henry asks about the $400,000 wired to an offshore account after Roger's death. Did someone pay her to keep quiet? Samantha says that the money is really that of a relative and she helped hide it. She says that she loved Roger and isn't lying.

Jack and Renee follow the sniper to Tony's hideout on a boat. Renee gives Jack a gun and they surround the sniper before he enters the gate. Jack attacks the guy and demands to know if Tony is there. Jack shoots the surveillance camera guarding the door. Tony sends men out to check the entrance, and Jack and Renee fire at them. They enter the boat where Tony is. Renee sees the computers deleting their files.

Jack chases Tony outside and calls for him to stop. Tony looks at Jack and starts to run. Jack catches him and they fight. Jack holds Tony, and Renee says that the device is gone and the files have been deleted. Jack demands to know where the device is but Tony says nothing. Suddenly, Larry arrives on a chopper and sees that Jack has Tony in custody. "What the hell happened to you?" Jack says to his friend in frustration.