Season 7 Episode 14

Day 7: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on FOX

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  • The execution


    Jack's not about to let himself get framed for Burnett's death, so it's time for some sleuthing into henchman John Quinn and his employer Starkwater…uh, Starkwood…uh, Xe. And because the universe loves laughing at him, Jack has to ally himself with Blaine Mayer for this investigation.
    Renee helps Jack from her laptop, which leads to Moss putting her in lockdown. And Morris helps Moss find Jack's location in exchange for getting Chloe immunity. Because she got arrested earlier. It didn't seem important at the time.
    The action at the White House is bland, since the action actually stopped an hour ago. Instead, we get something about a leak to the press and Olivia falling under suspicion only to be cleared after finding apparent evidence of the real leak…yeah, you should be able to tell where that's going.
    The final two acts are mostly gold. First, after determining Hodges' end game and learning why he was helping Juma, Jack and Mayer finally achieve some semblance of mutual respect. Then for something completely different, Quinn comes along for the climactic piece. It's not quite Jason Bourne, but still, another one-on-one fight is just what the mortician ordered. And it nicely sows the seeds for the next hour's events of chaos and general rogueness. Hint: cargo containers.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Then again, Bourne never did use a screwdriver in battle.

  • Quinn not so bad after all

    A lot happened in the episode. A manhunt for Jack Bauer ensues. Jack finds the name of man and who he is that kill Burnett. Larry seeks the help of Morris O'Brien to find Jack Bauer; in return Cloe is given full immunity for tampering with data in the previous episode. Renee Walker gets put on suspension, then gets put in a holding room for help Jack. Jack goes to Senator Mayer for help in finding out who is behind the attacks and is killed by Quinn in the process, but while researching Jack finds the connection between Sangala and the group responsible for the attacks. Quinn chases Jack to kill him, but Jack outsmarts him and ends up killing Quinn.

    A busy episode, not quite as good as the last one but still a 10. Jack has a long road to haul.
  • underrated but brilliant, season 1, 2 and 3 worthy

    This episode had little action in it and slowed down the pace slightly but it was surprisingly one of my favourite eps of the whole entire season. It is underrated and maintains tensions with a bad vibe acting as an undercurrent throughout the whole episode. The ending with Jack knocking over the cabin was pure genius and Mayers deaths, completely unexpected. They finally give the character some depth and make him support Jack like David Palmer used to and then when you think the FBI have caught up with Jack, he gets shot and dies...completely unexpected, brilliant ep, strangely eerie, perfect.
  • This episode doesn´t present anything new: Jack running and being pursued, but at least, this brings a nice fight, a new lead, a great interaction and some setups.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). Ok, Jack is trouble with the Law again, this is nothing new, he have to ask for help, and the person who helps him or will be detained or killed, this time is both.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10)*3. Jack running and being pursued, the fight was nice, I reality, this is hard to make. The end of the episode, a new complication appears.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). This time was hard to me to notice fillers.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Nothing here that I can point.

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10). The tension played better in the end, when the fight was happening.

    Drama - » (9/10)*2. Senator Myer and Jack interaction was spectacular, different point of views debated. Chloe appeared here to have her light drama, Olivia plot continues to be annoying and Ethan is her next victim.

    Action - » (9/10). I liked the fight.

    What I liked -» Senator Myer and Jack interaction. Chloe is free.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Larry and Olivia performance.

    This episode doesn´t present anything new: Jack running and being pursued, but at least, this brings a nice fight, a new lead, a great interaction and some setups.
  • Oh look... everyone's chasing Jack again! Well, there's a turn up for the books, eh?

    Oh look... everyone's chasing Jack again! Well, there's a turn up for the books, eh? While I have bleated on and on in previous reviews about the necessity of suspending your disbelief when watching 24, this is about seventeen steps too far. Come on guys, are we really supposed to accept that every single person in the FBI, never mind the White House, actually believes that Bauer, the man who has saved America and the entire world countless times in the last ten or so years (that's show chronology, by the way) and has halted TWO terrorist attacks on the country in the last fourteen hours, would just abandon his MO and start ruthlessly killing valuable suspects and, even worse, a perfectly innocent United States Senator? Give over. Every time Jack's loyalty is called into question, he proves it. Every time someone questions one of his decisions, they are ultimately shown to be wrong and he is right. President Taylor would know this by now. Larry Moss would know this by now. Hell, the entire population of the Northern Hemisphere knows this by now. I cannot buy a single second of the clambering to accuse him of the deaths and while, yes, they sensibly have him contact the FBI and profess his innocence, the ease with which everyone jumps to the conclusion that Jack is a killer is just laughable and, above all else, bloody annoying. Presumably, the writers orchestrate this in the belief that it will create engaging conflict. Actually guys, it's about as engaging as watching twenty kids drag their nails down a chalkboard. While screaming. Get the analogy? If you can put all this aside, '9pm - 10pm' is actually quite enjoyable, however, and it's largely down to some stellar writing and acting in Bauer and Mayer's sequences together. There's a real believability to their conversation and the pair come across as actual flawed human beings rather than two dimensional ciphers for opposite sides of a political debate. Jon Voight's scenes continue to delight in their screwball lunacy, Carlo Rota actually gets something decent to do as the doting Miles O'Brien, completely owning Larry and Janis in the scene where he helps them, and Ethan looks like he's about to unravel after the revelation that his (supposed) misstep has led to a potentially crippling situation for the White House. Good to see this excellent actor getting something he can really sink his teeth into. Oh, and then there's that lovely trick with the screwdriver that Kiefer pulls off at episode's end. Now if only they could do all this without resorting to the frankly tired 'Jack vs. the world' motif. Sigh.
  • An almost disappointing follow-up to last week's Hour 13.

    I had a feeling this week's episode, Hour 14 of Day 7, wouldn't live up to the ending of last week's episode (which I thought was the best episode so far of Day 7). The episode didn't really come alive until the second half hour. And even then it didn't get interesting until around 9.40 pm - 9.45 pm.

    What saved the episode for me was the last 15 minutes, especially the last 5-10 minutes. Why couldn't 24's makers have done what they did in the last 5-10 minutes for the rest of this hour and the first 13 hours of this season? Can they do the frenetic pace they had in the last 5-10 minutes of this hour for the remaining 10 hours of Day 7? I hope they can. This hour felt like another one of those setting up episodes.

    In my review of Hour 13 last week I said that Chloe was at the safe house. I'd forgot that she had been detained in the FBI's headquarters.

    Again this week Larry was annoying. When will he finally admit that Jack has been helping him and the FBI? That's hard for me to say though because I've found Jack to be an arrogant person this season. The start of his scene with Kurtwood Smith's character at his house was an example. Also Jack isn't always right but he hardly ever admits this, he always gets the better of any villain he fights and he always gets there in time to stop something bad happening.

    I can see it happening in the next episode. Jack will get to the port (not the drink, port) in time, meet Tony, and they will stop the Jonas Hodges's shipment from either arriving at the port or from getting to Hodges's units.

    It all seems to be going against Jack, with Larry saying he is responsible for killing Senator Mayer, along with Burnett, and issuing the 'shoot to kill' order just before the clock hit 10:00 pm (or 22:00 pm/hours). The picture on the first page of TV.com which has been on there for the past few days (including today) gave me the impression that Jack was going to be caught before the clock hit 10 pm. So I thought I had been spoilt and that it would be another one of those "24" traditional episodes - the one where Jack races to find information about the latest threat before he is caught (either when he knows he is being or isn't being hunted after).

    The sound effects used in the last 5-10 minutes were very good, especially with the split-screen quadrants after the last ad-break, when the focus was on Jack being chased by Quinn. That was a classic end to the hour, just like last week's episode.

    Now if that is followed through into next week's episode and the whole of the hour, it could be a brilliant episode, fingers-crossed.
  • Jack is running from the FBI as he plans to find out who framed him and eliminate the threat on the US. He gets the help of Senator Mayer to discover the threat. Meanwhile information has been leaked and Ethan supspects Olivia.

    This episode picks up where the previous episodes have left off and the pace keeps going at the same tempo. This episode is only a lower rating than the previous ones I have given is simply because that we are not given anything really all that new. But what we do get is another ep of quality TV that gets you hanging on for the next weeks ep to see what unfolds.

    This week Jack is on the run from Larry and his FBI lackies as he hunts down the man responsible for killing Bennett. When he ID's him on the footage he took from the hospital he enlists the help of a reluctant Renee to find out more about the hitman. She tells him that he is in the employ of a private mercenary company and that Senator Mayer has been trying to take them down for months. Soon Jack must try and get Mayer onside if he is to find the link between this compan and Juma.

    Back in the White House a journalist approaches Ethan about information on Jack's interrogation and he wanted a coment as h was publishing it as soon as possible. When the news was past on Ethan knew the one people who would know are the president and Olivia. He believes that Olivia has ratted him uout so that he loses his job. The president doesn't buy it and admits that there must be a mistake.

    This ep keeps things moving along and reveals more of the home threat to the White House and the necessity for pace is made even more apparent. I hope that the conclusion to this ep means that Tony will play a bigger part in the hours to come.
  • Review

    It was a good episode. Nothing too amazing, but nothing that was really boring to watch. The president plot has added the daughter to the mix, which makes things look a lot better but in reality there still isnt a whole lot to talk about here. Sprauge really doesn't blow me away as an actress, but she does fulfill her role in a good enough way. Ethan was someone I liked a lot at the beginning of the season, but now he just seems really washed out as a character.

    Bauer scenes obviously were the best part of the episode. Not sure it would take more then one hand to count the number of episodes where this is not the case. Not to mention you would have to go all the way back to David Palmer days to really find this anyway. I loved the conversation that he and Senator had about regrets. Easily one of the better scenes of the episode and season seven as a whole. Likely my favorite one of the season. We got a David Palmer shout-out and a Terri and Kim shout-out. Still hoping to see Kim at some point in this season, though with only 10 episodes left things are looking a little dim on that one. Overall, pretty standard epsiode as Jack pretty much stays with Senator most of the episode checking out files on his computer. Jack kills the man that was after him by knocking him over with a bulldozer. That was a kind of a roll my eyes moment, but the fight scene afterwards was pretty amazing.
  • Far from torture

    Things have certainly become complicated for Jack Bauer, as this unusual day marches on and the underlying theme of the season takes an interesting new direction. At the beginning of the episode, there was reason to suspect that the philosophical aspects of the season would give way to mindless action, but the two continue to work hand in hand.

    It was good to see Jack and Senator Meyer revisit their meeting earlier in the day, and Jack's response regarding regret. Jack's clarification was precisely what one would expect, given his characterization over the years, and it was one of the highlights of the episode. Of course Jack would have regrets, but he is too pragmatic and loyal to his cause to allow massive loss of life to prove "we're better than that".

    The writers are simplifying the moral arguments somewhat, but it does come down to the notion of acceptable losses. For Jack, there are no acceptable losses. There are just the victims to be regretted and mourned. Jack has accepted the need to do terrible things for the greater good, to minimize the loss of life. He does what he does because others cannot or will not. If it takes torture to prevent that loss of life, then he'll accept that stain on his soul.

    Senator Meyer, on the other hand, believes that torture is simply unjustifiable, given the moral foundations of the American way of life. From his point of view, he'd rather have thousands of innocent martyrs than violate the core principles of law and ethics. Ultimately, this is exactly what his philosophy would incur, so even if it is a simplified expression of the argument, it's accurate. And of course, Jack is horrified by the notion that it's better to allow massive loss of life.

    Pointedly, Jonas Hodges represents a third perspective, and one that sheds light on the moral implications under consideration. He sees the preservation of power and influence as justification for the necessary evil of "collateral damage". In other words, he sees any impending loss of life to be the price for protecting a way of life. It's very similar to Senator Meyer's point of view, yet Meyer rightly opposes such thinking.

    This serves to inform Jack's character, before things go predictably wrong. Jack doesn't want to hear the argument that it's a good idea to let thousands die to be morally superior to an enemy, but once Meyer is on his side in wanting to stop Starkwood from continuing their illegal activity, Jack is willing to entertain legal options. This conversion is a bit quick on both sides, serving the plot more than the characters, but it does ring true.

    Starkwood is clearly meant to be a fictional version of Blackwater, the private contracting group that has been implicated in questionable activities over the past several years. More generally, Starkwood represents countless such organizations, which have been a staple of defense contracting for time immemorial, with varying levels of ethical practice. Starkwood raises the question: what would happen if such an organization, effectively a mercenary army, were to make a bid for political control? (There are some who believe Blackwater and other such organizations are already too influential.)

    But what makes this interesting is that Starkwood is precisely what Senator Meyer and so many others presume Jack to be. Starkwood is Jack Bauer without his principles and honor. In a sense, this episode redeems Senator Meyer, because his perspective is explained. Unfortunately, he had to die to keep Jack on the run. Thankfully, Quinn kept the Starkwood Super-Secret Location right on the screen of his cell phone, so Jack has his lead to keep the story moving forward.

    Back at the White House, Olivia and Ethan are busy trying to outwit each other. Ethan is doing a rather bad job of it. Considering that Ethan was in the running from the very beginning as a potential mole, given how often he played right into the conspiracy's hands, Olivia has a pretty good point about his effectiveness. Her methods leave much to be desired, and she's a bit overzealous, but she's not wrong.

    Add to that the plot threads for Agent Walker, Chloe and Morris, and the requisite action, and this was one of the better episodes of the season.
  • So much happening

    I really liked this episode and the way it was developing in the end.. it looks like we will have Chloe and Tony back in action what I have long waited.

    First.. I liked the developments with Walker.. now she is standing up for Jack.. It was all we hoped but the season start did not promised it.. it shows the journey that char has made.

    And I liked the storyline with Jack. The way he was getting closer to the answer and then.. it never can work out, can it? And now we have new lead, new developments.

    The only storyline I was not so eager was the one in White House. the whole thing with Olivia and the chief advisor.. It just start to feel like those tens of White House storylines in previous season - a lot of talk and no action or gain.

    But it was good episode.. almost a supper.. so excited to see next one.
  • This day is just getting better and better.

    A few episodes ago, the season faced a choice. It seemed as if the first threat was over and a new one was brewing. The show could have either slacked off much like it did in season 6...or it could have kept up the exciting pace of the first part of the season. Well it turned out that not only did it deliver, but so far this new phase of the season has exceeded the first part. The last four episodes have been the best string of episodes in a loooonnnnnng lonnnng time. We're talking season 2. Much of it is due to Jonah Hodges, played chillingly by Jon Voight. He is the true definition of a supervillain. I cant remember a villain on this show who has been so corrupt and manipulative. And the scary thing is, you still don't know what this man wants. And the FBI is completely clueless as to his involvement. And just as things were coming together, Senator Mayer is killed and any hope of uncovering the conspiracy goes out the window. The funny thing is, as Mayer and Jack were talking I began to compare Mayer a little to David Palmer. Maybe the show finally has that politician whom Jack can trust and who will be a staple of the show in future years. Boy was I wrong. That was classic 24...the suprise assassination and right back to where we started. I dont know if I've ever been that startled by a 24 moment. There are a few things that remain unanswered. I still do not trust Tony. I havent all season. Someone in the FBI, either Moss or Janis, are involved because I do not think that Olivia leaked the information. Or maybe she did. Who knows. Nobodoy. The only thing I do know is that this season is turning into possibly the best season yet. And we have so much more to go.
  • Painful to watch- in a good way.

    Perhaps a better way to describe this episode is "exactly why I watch this series." None-the-less, this episode of 24 was terrific and well-delivered. This episode manages to impress me without much action. Most of this can be attributed to Bauer and Mayer's discussions. Mayer begins to see the deeper emotions that Bauer deals with everyday, while Bauer begins to "believe in the very institutions that [he] has sacrificed so much to protect." This moment showed a glimmer of hope for Jack, but I felt my heart wrench when both Bauer allows Mayer to open the door for the police- leading to a most unexpected turn of events.
  • Great episode.

    Season 7 keeps getting better and better.

    Don't even know where to start. The dialogue between Jack and the Senator was incredible! Seems like he was just starting to understand Jack. Then....BAM!!!!!!!!
    I did NOT see that one coming with Quinn killing the Senator.

    Annie Wersching--I can't say enough about her. Her portrayal of Renee Walker is outstanding. You can see how conflicted she is, yet still trusts Jack.

    I think Janis is dirty. She and Larry were the only people who knew Jack went to Mayer's house.

    AWESOME fight scene between Jack and Quinn. You could just see the intensity on Jack's face.

    And then, there's the INCREDIBLE Jon Voight. His speech was so chilling, I actually found myself shuddering. He has been on screen this season for maybe 7 or 8 minutes, but he has become a great villian. 10/10. A word for all the losers who post and say they can't stand this show--go watch Dancing With The Stars. Maybe that's all your brain can handle.
  • Nothing compares when there are shows like this on television!

    Is it just me, or were you just blown away by this installment. I found myself on edge, rooting for Jack's safe get away, unable to pull away from the screen. 24 is one of the best series which delivers season after season, and season 7 bears no exception. I somehow knew that Jack would try to reconnect with Renee; she did root for him to interrogate Ryan Brunette. Renee obviously has a history with Larry Moss. Strange enough I felt myself disliking his by-the-book character, putting Renee into holding because she wouldn't give up Jack. That obviously puzzles Larry, because why does Jack have a tight hold on so many people. I think sometimes he shows jealousy towards Jack; everyone is willing to protect him even though his actions are inexcusable. What does Larry know, he admitted himself that Jack has more experience than even himself and Jack has seen more than he has.

    Jack annoyed that Bill is gone, goes on a murderous spree, killing Ryan Brunette and then the Mayor for prosecuting him in the beginning. All of these allegations are better than some conspiracy theory. Still Jack's freedom hangs in the balance as every time he lives, someone else dies. What keeps Jack so committed, every time he tries to help 'his country' he always ends up being hunted like an animal, carried into custody, at least he nabbed the guy trying to frame and kill him and remains a step closer to protecting the same country that wants him gunned down; the irony.

    As for the President's daughter, Olivia seems to be more than Ethan Kanin could handle. It's a shame, the President expecting her to change her old habits, doesn't he know that a tiger doesn't change it's stripes. We learnt previously that Olivia cheated in the campaign when she leaked lethal information about the opposing party. There is something fishy about her character, not even a near death experience could wash away her old ways as she leaped at the chance to reclaim her position in the white house. Her mother couldn't even see through it, that mocking look she gave Ethan Kanin that mocking gaze when he confronted her about leaking information. How far is she willing to go? I am still amazed at how 24 manages to surprise me by pulling different rabbits out of hats. At every corner there is another surprising turn and I am left in the passenger seat wondering where the show would carry me next!


    Four and a half out of Five Stars

    Grade A
  • Jacks on the run

    Jack is on the run after getting set up by one of Hodges men, the real bad guy who is planning his own series of attacks on Washington thanks to a deal he made with the African government to get weapons. Jack's first stop was to visit the Senator home who's been trying to put him away. Jack tries to prove that Quinn was the man who set him and has some connection to Starkwood. The Senator was going to shut the company down as they may have done some shady things something in the line of Chemical weapons. As at the beginning of the hour FBI are now on a manhunt in finding Jack. Moss managed to weave his little magic into finding him by Blackmailing Chloe's Husband into decrypting a piece of Information from Renee Laptop, who herself obviously thinks his Innocent (or it be could that she has a little crush on Mr. Bauer) Just When Bauer thought he would get away that b@st@rd Quinn shows up at the Senator's place and kills him. Jack made a run for it as he would and finally got his hands on Quinn. He killed him and got out Quinn's phone, with a message giving out an address. Jack rang Tony (Funny how this guy loves showing up in the last 5 mins of episodes) and gave him a rendezvous point to meet up.
  • Jack confronts Sen. Mayer. Morris Obrien and Tony Almeida return!

    Well, well, well...... This was the episode I've been waiting for all season long. I thought I had 24 all figured out; when Jack and Sen. Mayer were making ammense I figured the police would open the door and Mayer would order Bauer's arrest, thus betraying Jack right after the emotional "trust" scene. Boy was I wrong! Mayer gets shot dead and it once again looks like Jack is responsible. I absolutely LOVED Jack in the Bulldozer getting to Quin, and the fight was awesome, with Jack ultimately throwing a screw drive into his chest, then moments later using the same screw driver to boost another car. For about the last 3 weeks this season has really began to start heating up and it is leaving me on the edge of my seat not wanting to wait a mintue until next monday
  • Jack on the run....

    This is my first review for 24. I don't usually bother with reviews but this episode was so exceptionally well done that I just had to say something.

    So many things that I didn't see coming. The obvious one being the death of senator Mayer. He was such a crucial character. I expected to see him in the series finale in a shouting match with Jack or something. It was good to see Chloe again and the return of Tony was welcoming. I think there's something fishy going on with him. What is he up to when he's not with Jack? I think he's still a villain. Well maybe not but there's definitely something going on. But Jack and Tony are working together again. YAY!

    I found Jack slightly out of character in trusting Mayer. Jack really never trusts anyone. When he opened the door I really expected him to turn Jack in. I got a shock anyway. The fight sequence was fantastic. Jack turning that building on its side was good. You just knew that when Quinn was following the blood trail that Jack had something up his sleeve. Jon voight's character was good too. Fantastic episode. This is why this show is so good and why they shouldn't kill Jack off: to make more!
  • Things are starting to heat up.

    This episode was excellent. Coming off from the White House siege, things haven't slown down much at all. Some of the dialog in this episode was great, especially Jack's one with Senator Mayer. I was just beginning to like him when he unexpectedly got blown away a few moments later by Quinn.

    That leads me to talk about the fight scene. 24 doesn't have many hand to hand fight scenes anymore, but when they're on, they look great. This one was no exception. Jack bulldozing the trailer before getting into a rough fight with Quinn was cool to watch.

    And don't get me started on Hodges. Jon Voight has done a great job so far as Jonas Hodges. He seems to have some classic lines and he could even be likened a little to Ira Gaines way back in season 1. I hope he sticks around a lot longer than the other villains who've died so quickly this season.

    This season is going really good and more than makes up for the mediocre season 6.
  • The Jack Bauer manhunt continues as Jack seeks out a Senator who is not exactly on his penpal list as a follow up to a lead involving the framejob.

    Now, technically even though I felt this was a 10, it wasn't exactly an emphatic 10 but it was close. I felt there may have been a slow minute or two in an other wise fantastic episode.

    You can see this show sort of like an engine starting to really warm up. They had the engine up to all cyllinders and than the hour was unfortunately was up.

    So many cool things about this episode. Jack on the lam. Chloey's annoying husband was even used in a very minimalist but effective few minutes. Not too much and not too little just right and that wasn't even the good stuff of this episode.

    Oh, my God is Jack in deep now. And that's the way I like it. And after that deep moment he got into that big fight scene. It was great!