Season 8 Episode 10

Day 8: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • What a disappointing season.

    The last good season of "24" was season five. Season six was absolutely awful and season seven sucked (shouldn't have brought Tony back - big mistake). I thought that the writers, producers would have learned from two wasted seasons, but this season has been boring, predictable and many plot twists don't make sense. This week was the worst episode I've seen this season : - where is the VP? why is Taylor making all the decision? Like moving the world leaders out of the UN - where's the head of security? Maybe the terrorist are trying to lure a world leader (like Hassan - again!) out of the UN - again!

    - why is Taylor getting all weepy and emotional when told of the estimate death toll? She's the leader of her county.

    - why didn't Jack's team use the helicoper if they needed to reach Farhad quickly?

    - there's no way that Jack could have known that the lone terrorist wasn't sure if Farhad was died.

    - why didn't CTU send out their 'drones' (which we still haven't seen) to the site, so it can track the lone terrorist after he left the site?

    - why didn't CTU set up road blocks out of the site?

    - luring the terrorist to the hospital was done already....like last season.

    - why did the terrorist say that they need a detonator if the kid with the bomb has a detonator? And the main terrorist guy even knows how to manually program one. - why didn't Jack have a sniper injure that kid and question him? Shoot him in the arm, leg, whatever, get the bloody answers you need. C'mon, Jack, he's not a newborn baby!

    It's impossible to watch a show like this when so many things don't make sense. I hope that this is the last season of "24"