Season 8 Episode 22

Day 8: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on FOX
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Jack's mission for justice makes life difficult for President Taylor as she prepares for the signing of the peace treaty. Meanwhile, Chloe leads CTU on a collision course with Jack; and President Logan meets a formidable foe.

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  • Most powerful episode of flawed Season 8

    The final Season of 24 is not strong. Until its last episodes, it was simply entertaining, althought it managed to not to be as awful as season six.

    But from episode 15, the season came on with stunning episodes. Thing that i like it too much. And this terrific episode is a proof of it.

    Only to two hours the big finale, Jack Bauer begins to kill every person involveed in the conspriracy one by one. He kinddaps former president Charles Logan again in a more spectacular way, and his revenge or personal quest of justice has no limits.

    This episode contains epic moments and scenes that have passed to the history of the show!.

    At least, the writers let the real stuff and the quality for last. Good!moreless
  • Jack Bauer: Bloodthirsty Killer.

    At this point, it feels like the producers and writers made a conscious decision to polarize the audience, as if recognizing that most of the season had lulled the remaining fans into something of a hazy stupor. If nothing else, Jack's decision to embark on a suicidal killing spree has definitely gotten the attention of the viewership.

    While one would hardly want to justify the current direction taken with the character, there may be some method to the madness. (And in keeping with the track record of the writing staff, it could very well be unintentional.) If one of the questions since the first season has always been where to draw the line between the demands of service to one's country and unjustifiable violence, then the writers have concocted a scenario where the audience is actively asking and answering that question.

    For example, ever since the murder of Renee Walker, fans have debated Jack's single-minded vendetta and whether or not it fits the character's ethical history. While a large majority of the fans appear to object to the notion of Jack Bauer pursuing personal vengeance over justice, there have been many passionate defenders.

    It's going to be interesting to see if this episode changes anyone's mind. Certainly there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that Jack has gone completely off the rails, far beyond anything he has done in the past. While it's true that Jack has been spectacularly creative with his interrogation and self-defense techniques, his methods have seldom exceeded the needs of the moment.

    And it should be admitted that Jack has, on several occasions, allowed personal feelings to influence his actions. Yet it should be equally noted that his actions, even then, were bounded by his sense of duty. For example, while one could argue that Jack ultimately killed Nina Myers under questionable circumstances, it was something that came up in the course of a larger crisis. Jack was not single-mindedly chasing down Nina in the days after Teri's death.

    In the last few episodes, one could have made the argument that Jack was serving two purposes by murdering Dana and Pavel: exacting revenge while also retrieving the evidence necessary to ensure the right people were brought to justice. In fact, that argument has been made, even if many were unconvinced. But that stopped being true as soon as Jack handed the evidence over to Meredith Reed, yet still insisted on continuing with his search for vengeance.

    Nothing that Jack does in this episode is devoted to the cause of justice, unless one is speaking in the Old Testament sense. It would appear that everyone involved in the production is aware of this fact, because they ensure that Jack looks as terrifying as possible during the abduction of Charles Logan. Sure, he let the Secret Service personnel live, but as Cole says, that's not really enough to vindicate Jack's actions.

    Of course, that also comes before Jack's brutal slaughter of the Russian delegate and his bodyguards. It seems like the only people who survive are the ones necessary to keep the plot balls rolling. But that's just the usual brand of convenient writing on "24", so it's hardly unexpected. Jack's decision to eviscerate Pavel and then kill the delegate by impaling him with a fire poker is way beyond his usual clinical techniques.

    And if anything, this continues to prove the point that so many fans have been making. Why would this particular incident break Jack so badly that he would lose his humanity and care nothing for his own survival? He's been betrayed by presidents before, he's lost loved ones before, and while he's been willing to die for his cause, he's never actively sought death. Along with the level of violence, it's all part of the conclusion that the writers are forcing what seems to be a disproportionate response.

    Events have spiraled so far out of control that it's hard to imagine how the writers could have Jack come out of this with any hope for the future. Then again, it's already been said that the "24" film franchise would stand on its own, completely aside from the continuity of the series. If that's the case, it's entirely possible that they would have Jack die, ending his story with one final tragic meltdown.

    It wouldn't be the ending the fans have been waiting for, but it might just be the only ending the writers have left themselves.moreless
  • In Jack we trust.

    Absolutely brilliant in my opinion. The pacing of the episode was fantastic, and I never saw the final twist/genius masterstroke from Jack coming! I loved the absolute carnage of the Novakovic death scene - what a way to go! I also loved how Charles Poodle Logan gave up Novakovic so easily, and Jason Pillock's reaction to.... "They're dead...they're all dead!" My favourite scene of the episode had to be the scene where Jack cocks his shotgun in the underground car park - EPIC! WATCH THIS EPISODE. P.S never have I been as excited as this for a finale of a TV show. Other seasons have had better storylines, but the situation which needs to be resolved is fresh, exciting and you just don't know what's gonna happen!moreless
  • My Favourite Episode Of The Season Yet!

    If you thought that you saw everything that you could see in the season... you are wrong.

    Because this is the best episode of the season 8 yet!.

    I thought that episodes like the sixteenth or the twentieth were untouchables or hard to suprass, but this episode is really powerful and unstoppable.

    It´s my favourite episode os this season so far and this one suprasses everything you have seen in the day yet!.

    Gregory Itzin makes a really superb performance and Kiefer Sutherland stills being a unstoppable Bauer seeking brutal and bloody revenge.

    The action in the episode is in the best level, and the suspense keeps you in the edge of your seat.

    And the final moments of the installment are so surprising and build up a promising, so much expected and enormous finale.

    I can´t wait!.moreless
  • This episode was beyond good. Seriously, I think this was the best TV show episode I've ever seen.

    The series is coming to an end and Bauer is out for blood. A few weeks back, he committed a cold blooded murder for possibly the first time in series history and back it up last week with an absolute butchery. This week upped the ante with the murder of numerous secret service agents, the savage beating of ex-President Charles Logan, and the most horrifying cross of Jack Bauer and Jason (of Friday the 13th) imaginable. Jack Bauer has always been hardcore, but this is the most insane he's ever been. I would say that this was, hands down, the single best episode of 24 I've ever seen. Scratch that, this was the single best episode of any tv show I've ever seen.moreless
Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen

Jim Ricker

Guest Star

Joel Bissonnette

Joel Bissonnette

Pavel Tokarev

Guest Star

Thomas Ryan

Thomas Ryan

Gary Klausner

Guest Star

Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin

Charles Logan

Recurring Role

Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor

Kayla Hassan

Recurring Role

Reed Diamond

Reed Diamond

Jason Pillard

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Jack walks up to the delivery entrance of the hotel where he is about to ambush Logan's motorcade, there's a big trash bin right behind him at the wall to the right. In the last scene of the episode, when Jack is standing outside Novakovich's hotel, the exact same trash bin with the same graffiti on it can be seen behind Jack, this time loaded with trash bags.

    • This would be the second time Jack planted a bug on Logan. He bugged him in Season 5 to get him to incriminate himself. And Jack planted the bug after confronting Logan, which is what he did in Season 5.

    • It can clearly be seen that Charles Logan and one of his guards are not in the limousine when they pull into the tunnel.

    • The press secretary's speech appears to be a recording, or at least it seems like it.
      When Logan turns off the TV for the first time, the secretary utters the words: Mrs Hassan.
      And when Logan turns the TV on again, the same words are uttered by the secretary.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Jim: Listen, Jack, I sure hope you know what you're doing, because this path you're on, there ain't no coming back from it.
      Jack: I wasn't planning on coming back. Look, you're right, you've already done more than I had a right to ask for. I want you to start erasing all your connections to me. Jim, thanks for everything. Goodbye.

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