Season 8 Episode 19

Day 8: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on FOX

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  • Character assassination

    This episode is a perfect example of how this season has gone completely off the rails. There are many familiar "24" elements and tropes throughout the hour, but the logic is missing in many areas and some character assassination continues.

    Most of the issues surround Jack and his chess match with Chloe throughout the episode. The writers had set up Jack to be taken down by one of his closest allies. Chloe was suddenly (and inexplicably) placed in charge of CTU, and under pressure to serve the demands of the President, had every reason to follow orders. And in fact, that's exactly what she did, while ostensibly using her relationship with Jack as a tool to get the job done.

    That was all logical. What didn't make sense was Jack's realization that he was being played. How many times has Chloe, despite enormous pressure to fall in line, bucked the system to support Jack? Even when there was little to no evidence that Jack was right? It's practically her character's reason to exist. In fact, it was made clear earlier this very season that Chloe is still too wrapped up in her own world and loyalties to know when to shut up and fall in line, when she kept butting head with Hastings!

    All of which is plenty of reason to question how Jack would come to the conclusion that Chloe's apparent support was a ruse. Nothing that Chloe said or did was outside of her usual behavior, and Jack never gave an indication that he was questioning her support. Yet when all is said and done, Jack isn't just banking on Chloe to tow the party line; he's predicting which agent she's going to send to ambush him!

    This flies in the face of what Jack Bauer's strengths are supposed to be. This season is all about learning from past experience. But in this instance, Jack's conclusions are in direct conflict with what experience would be telling him. Instead, Jack demonstrates a superhuman level of intuition and insight that just doesn't feel earned.

    And that is unfortunate, because the point that the writers try to make is well-intentioned. They want to stress, through Jack's choices and actions, that he is not on a violent rampage of revenge. He may be motivated by personal pain, but he's apparently transforming that into fuel for pursuit of justice. This is a good thing, but not when it requires Jack to act out of character in the process.

    Similarly, President Taylor is once again pushed into territory that the principled character from the seventh season never would have touched. The writers themselves make it clear that this is not typical behavior for Taylor, and even try to put together a reasonable defense for her decision to seek a legacy despite her moral objections. But it just doesn't ring true, and the idea that Charles Logan would twist up Taylor's mind enough for her to accept his reasoning is ludicrous. If anything, Taylor would have been diametrically opposed to everything about Logan's agenda!

    It also ignores the growing evidence, flashed right in Taylor's face, that Logan is hip-deep in the Russian/IRK terrorism that has taken place, and he's more interested in covering up his own involvement than seeing to the good of the nation or the world. It's hard to imagine that Logan, given his cynical bent, would think of this peace process as an adequate reason for the ends to justify the means. (After all, any peace process built on such a flimsy foundation would hardly last.) The net effect is to undermine President Taylor in an overall sense.

    Overall, this episode continues the season-long tendency to forego established character logic in favor of plot expediency. It is a similar problem to the writing techniques employed in the fifth and sixth seasons, and the quality of the show is suffering as much as it did then.
  • Fell asleep on this one :(

    I love 24, but this episode was one of the most boring episode of them all!! Just too much talking, no dynamic and super predictable! (well if you've watched most of the other 24 season, then you know this one was so predictable).Almost fell asleep, if not woken up by my puppy ... ZZZzzzZZzzzz ... No wonder the writers themselves said they ran out of ideas, must be really hard to make it as fresh and exciting as the first-seventh times around... hope the final last few episodes will get better, fingers crossed :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)
  • Another superb installment!.

    The last day of Jack Bauer is comming to a present ending. And unpredictable too. Very unpredictable.
    I´m so happy with the justified increases in the mark´s score this season.
    Althought there are some episodes so badly underrated.
    But i´m gonna return to the review of this installment: another powerful episode, with some memorable changes and twists.

    Jack stills running of CTU seeking justice(or personal revenge), while President Taylor changes her personal values and does movements which make than Ethan Kanin say goodbye to the President and Logan finally get the power to persuade the President.

    In my opinion, some people may be so disappointed with the last actions of the President.
    And i´m a bit included. Because it´s a really shame to see what she is doing now, and come back to season seven and see how well she did all the movements in that season.
    But i think that in the so close end of the season/series, she will have her punishment.

    This episode is not as terrific as the last one, but stills being a really superb follow up and a great episode itself.
    Another great installment!.
  • Ethan Canin manages to get President Taylor to abandon the peace accord. However, Charles Logan once again convinces her to change her mind. Meanwhile Jack goes to an old friend for help in his search for the truth.

    One of the more exciting episodes of the season. However it does have some problems. The private security firm that President Taylor orders Dana Walsh to be taken to is too much of a contrivance to take seriously. The phone call to one of the president's staff members for authorization to kill Walsh and make it look like an escape attempt is almost a cliche. This episode is helped by watching how Jack operates. He once again showed that he can't easily be fooled. Not by even his most trusted friend. Five more hours to go. I can hardly wait.
  • Just my thoughts on the episode

    1. Chloe ... I totally understand you're CTU director now but that was low. A sting operation to bring in Jack? That betrayal was almost too much to take. I'm not saying let him right to Dana and be all Jack Bauer-y but maybe just a 'No seriously, I cannot help you this time' instead.
    2. PRESIDENt TAYLOr WHAt ARe YOu DOINg (Lol, I'm not allowed to type in caps because that's like shouting? No duh!) ? I loved the juxtaposition of Dana being water-boarded while the president addressed the United Nations. Don't get me wrong I despise Dana Walsh, the 593829 mole on 24, but water boarding? I can't believe the president let it get to that. She was always portrayed as such a moral character but GUESS NOT.
    3. Okay, so it's not totally her fault. President (ugh it's a disgrace to call him this but what ever) Logan popping back up this season being all sneaky and the devil on President Taylor's shoulder. -________- 4. Ethan, thank you. For attempting to balance out Logan. Anyways, 5 hours left. I will definitely miss this show when it's gone and well basically I will love the next episodes just because they're the last ones :-(
  • Falling to the "dark" side.

    President Taylor's immoral decision, being influenced by none better than Logan, is probably why I feel safe to say that 24 is stepping it up a notch. It's great to see her struggle in the circumstances. It's great for me to disagree with her decision, yet admire her for falling victim to "corruption." Ethan has always been on the "right" side. When Taylor is presented with another viewpoint, in effect, the exact opposite of Ethan's intentions, her reactions are superb. Logan's ideas are fantastic. I love how he influences people down a particular path. I disagree with everything Logan is doing, but the manner in which he does it is so enjoyable to watch. And it's even more enjoyable debating about the decisions he influences Taylor to make. Poor jack didn't really get anywhere in this episode, he simply got stalled from finding Dana, but he has found an ally: Cole. And, I really like the idea of them two working together now. As wrong as it is, I felt wholly satisfied when Dana began getting tortured. I had a chill down my spine at the end of this episode for some reason. 24 is slowly building the blocks, one by one, to (hopefully) a tremendous finale!
  • Another President disappoints, but not too surprising. Jack finds a reluctant partner. Chloe maybe a turncoat, but Jack doesn't seem to hold it against her. One politician doesn't act like one, and for that we're glad.

    President Taylor proves she's no President Palmer. 24 has had rotation of President that have bad character, but I have to say President Taylor's act of ego tripping was one of the most disappointing acts that a President could have. I was never really a fan of President Taylor anyway, but I expected better. But through the demise of her character, surfaced the integrity of one politician that could be relied on even though he didn't have the power to change things, Ethan. I was rooting for him to get through to President Taylor, but he wasted his breath trying to get her to do the right thing. She can now be disgraced in the same manner as the man she now takes counsel with, Logan. Cole responded as a mini Jack, and I was proud. Did anyone else not hate Chloe when she did what she did. We understand it to point because being head of CTU is struggle at best, plus an idiotic gene comes with that position. I was glad to see that Jack wasn't too angry about it. His simply saying to Cole, "I know Chloe" made me relax that Jack will forgive her. I can't believe this is the last season. But it's good to go out on top. Very good episode.
  • The ring of politics goes 'round and 'round...

    Last episode, we ended with Jack committing...grand theft aero? (Stealing a helicopter. Freaking AWESOME.) We began this episode where we left off - Jack evades the military choppers and escapes on-foot. (Well, yeah. We all knew he wasn't going to be caught if he didn't want to be.)

    President Taylor continued to have my sympathy for some of the episode, until she revoked her decision to end the treaty. Honestly, getting caught up in all this deceit is only going to ruin her, since the truth will eventually get out, Jack or no Jack. I miss David Palmer.

    She really is in a tough position. There is no right answer here - it's either let a peace treaty die, or let a terrorist attack on the U.S. go unpunished. But her biggest problem by far is Jack Bauer - who will not let this go unremembered or unpunished. I have no sympathy whatsoever in this regard; she knows Jack's history, so she knew what she was getting into when she turned her back on him. Things don't exactly go well for those who betray Jack.

    The truth is, neither Jack nor President Taylor is wrong. They're both doing, at least partially, the right thing. The only problem is, even though each side is a formidable argument, each side will only be as strong as the willpower behind it. And let's face it - even though we saw last season that President Taylor is not one to be underestimated, she's still no match for Jack Bauer. (Neither is Chloe, who was very predictable throughout the entire episode - even to the main character! Jeez, when both the audience and Jack finds the character predictable, eeek... But yeah, Chloe continues to dissappoint. We can hope she'll redeem herself by season's end, but who knows? Characters have been known to go bad on 24 before. In fact, it's kind of a law, now that I think about it. XD)