Season 8 Episode 20

Day 8: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Dalia Hassan gives a speech saying that she will take her husband's place to make sure the peace talks conclude successfully, Dana is being waterboarded by Bledsoe and Jack enlists Cole to help retrieve her.

Initially, Chloe gives Jack false information on Dana's location, in order to set up a sting operation to capture Jack. Jack suspects shenanigans and tracks down Dana's true location, killing Bledsoe in the process and taking Dana. Dana tries to play mind games with Cole, saying that Jack only wants revenge for Renee's death and doesn't care about uncovering the Russians' involvement in the Hassan assassination. Cole manages to resist her suggestions and lets Jack get the information they need. The evidence is in a safe-deposit box.

Logan learns that Jack has custody of Dana, which means he has to tell President Taylor the truth and allow Pillar to take over CTU from Chloe. Taylor agrees, and Jack will be taken down with extreme prejudice.

Dana and Cole go to the bank, and they have to pretend to still be together in order for the both of them to gain access to the safe-deposit box. However, once the box is opened, Cole is knocked out from a stun bomb in the box and Dana makes her escape. She calls the police on Jack, but Jack manages to take down the guards and the police readily. However, this alerts CTU to where Jack is, and now that Pillar is in charge, he's aiming to get Jack by any means necessary.

Jack chases Dana down to a construction site, and finally gains possession of the disk containing the evidence. And he kills Dana, execution-style.
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