Season 8 Episode 20

Day 8: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • Best show ever

    Jack is getting more and more angry, love this episode.
  • A return to bad habits

    In an interview posted to TV Guide Online shortly after this episode aired, Howard Gordon admitted what many fans already knew: that the writers were back to their old ways, making things up as they went along. It's the tactic that satisfied the ennui of the writers' room by keeping things frantic and exciting, but it's also the tactic that led them, time and again, to rely on the same old tropes.

    So it was with the revelation that Dana had always been a mole for the Russians. Gordon gleefully explains how they knew it didn't fit what had been revealed, but that it would be all the more fun to make it work. As Dana's journey comes to an end with this episode, it's clear that the writers didn't try hard enough, since her character's story makes no sense at all.

    So Gordon and his hack writing staff want the devoted fans to believe that a juvenile convict in the middle of the rural South would be chosen by the Russians to become a mole in the latest iteration of the nation's premier counter-terrorism organization as part of a worldwide conspiracy? How does that make the slightest bit of sense? Sure, it may explain how Dana managed to get her expertise and credentials, but it doesn't even begin to explain why she was selected!

    Nor does it explain, at all, why Kevin and his psychopathic partner would be allowed to interfere with Dana's activities in CTU on the day that the Russians' plan came to fruition. Instead of all those secret phone calls and meetings that only made her activities more conspicuous, she could have easily had her Russian handlers take out Kevin and anyone who came looking for him. This was never a good subplot, but this ending makes it completely ludicrous.

    Of course, this is the same executive producer who continues to think that sending Jack on the path of vengeance at all costs is a great idea. Others have defended this notion since Renee's murder, claiming that Jack was never meant to have a happy ending. However, it's not about Jack having a happy ending or even complete peace. Obviously, Jack Bauer will always have one foot in the counter-terrorism world, even if he's living in Kim' house with his granddaughter on his knee (especially with a film franchise on the horizon).

    The problem is that the seventh season was about demonstrating how Jack Bauer, a man with principle willing to take extreme measures for the greater good, had found the perfect balance between person regret, nihilistic amorality, and patriotism. Nearly every other character in the seventh season was closer to some extreme. Jack, over the course of his various trials and tribulations, had come out of self-imposed exile to a newfound personal clarity.

    Instrumental to that end was the contrast provided by Tony Almeida's descent. Tony, much like Jack, had lost everything. This left him with nothing but a desire for vengeance against those who were behind his wife and unborn child's deaths. Nothing was sacred in the face of that goal. And as one would expect, this is ultimately what made him the villain of the seventh season.

    By the end of this episode, Jack is right on the same kind of course. There's no telling how far he will go, if he's willing to gun down an unarmed woman in an act of vengeance. Jack's usual moral compass is shattered. In essence, everything about Jack that stood at the center of the seventh season's focus is rendered obsolete. Jack is no better than Tony was, and Tony had betrayed everything that Jack honored.

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when writers abandon their plans and make things up as they go along, with no eye to consistency. All that matters is the current need for a plot. Hence the ongoing subplot of President Taylor violating her own ideals every time Charles Logan opens his mouth.

    It's still possible that the writers intend for Jack and President Taylor to redeem themselves before the end. President Taylor can realize what Logan is trying to do, purge his influence, and then set Chloe free to talk some sense into Jack. The question is whether or not this will be a convincing enough resolution for this situation, the season, and the series.

    Overall, this episode continues the ill-advised direction that began with Renee's murder. The writers admit to falling back into the bad habits that led to the lackluster sixth season, and don't seem to recognize how the current direction contradicts the entire point of the seventh season. It's becoming less and less likely that this final season will end on a high note.
  • Great Episode with a cameo from J.J. Abrams

    Yes, it's him. In the last act right after the ticking clock when Jason Pillar handed some kind of paper to him. It's like 3 or 4 seconds.
    Could anybody confirm this? The episode itself is one of the best i've seen in 8 seasons of 24, Jack is looking for revenge/justice no matter the cost, all of sudden President Taylor is not that nice anymore and one thing everybody is wisshing is that Jack go after Logan after taking care of the russians.
    Why the writers didn't kept this kind of pace all season long? In the end I think I'm gonna miss this show badly.
  • One of the most Shocking Endings of The Day!

    This last episode is simply perfect!.
    With the greatness from episode 16 itself. It´s really breathtaking, surprising, so well acted, spectacular and shocking... Really shocking!.

    Jack rescues Dana, helped by Cole, in order to has all the proofs that she said him to discover all the people involved in the tragic events of the day.
    Meanwhile, the President continues following Logan advises.

    The ending of 24 looks like an enormous tragedy, which is comming to us since episode 16 and is unstoppable.
    I haven´t seen Jack like this time before, there are so many important people died and the events which are happening now are so fast paced, surprising and with a shocking ending, like in this one.
    The ending of this episode leaves you shocked, without words and in the edge of your seat.
    It´s really unexpected and terryfing the way that Jack´s character takes in the final episodes.
    Simply WOW!.

    The ending is really here!.
    Anything can happens!.
    And i want to see more right now!.
  • Awesome episode. Very exciting and tense! Beware of some big spoilers if you haven't seen it...

    Oh My God! I cant believe Jack killed her in cold blood! He truely has lost it! I was so completely shocked. I still can't believe it. It was exciting and Im glad she's dead, but at the same time it does make me sad, because it just shows that Jack really is losing it. He's never slipped from his morals before even with everything that has ever happened to him. We saw it going when he betrayed the President... even though maybe we all agreed he was right. But even then you could see him starting to slip... and now this! Its sad! There's no going back from this and I can't see now how he won't end up in jail or dead. I have to honestly say, I am hoping if this truely is the last season that they end it by killing him off. He can't end up in jail or anything like that. That would be even worse! I'm excited to see how they play all of this out!
  • Silent Clock #3 may be coming sooner than we think! Jack has not gone over the edge, he simply has reached his breaking point and no longer gives a damn. After all he's endured since Season 1, can you really blame him?

    A few reviews paint Jack crossing over to the dark side' but let's be real. When you take into account all the hardships, tragedies and betrayal Jack has dealt with since season 1, enough is enough. I think the writer's took the ending in a good direction. Honestly, many of you naysayers would probably have reacted the same way Jack did if you were faced with that situation. Who is going to think rational after what Dana did to not only Jack, but anyone who got in her way, even though she technically didn't kill Renee.

    I never cared for Dana Walsh's story and was not surprised when she turned out to be the mole (an ongoing cliche of 24) but she definitely 'kept it gangsta' and pulled no punches when her back was against the wall unlike that squeaky mouse Jamey Farrell from the 1st season. Lol. I laugh every time I think about how Tony and Nina had her backed up against the wall confessing her misdeeds. (squeak, squeak!) Lol.

    This episode was an attention keeper from start to finish with good performances from Keither, Freddie and Katee. The action scenes during Dana's rescue moved the episode along at a great pace. Once Dana was captured, I knew she had another trick up her sleeve and hot damn if she didn't disappoint once Cole took the pistol out of that safety deposit box! The final showdown between Jack and Dana ended very realistic when you take into account someone who looses almost everyone he grows fond of and the only person who has answers is a snake who will kill you in at the drop of a dime. Dana finally got what was coming to her.

    Last but not least, Logan's cowardly deception in full effect doing all he can to stop Jack from finding out about him! I wouldn't be surprised if Logan meets his demise as well before it's all over. Jack is a loose cannon now with nothing to lose. This is the Jack that is a product of 7 seasons of pain and suffering he has dealt with. Hopefully Jack will give them hell and go out with a bang.

    Sure Season 8 started off a tad bit slow and took a minute to gain momentum, but the season started to gear into full steam at episode 8 once Renee made it back to CTU, this season took flight like a space shuttle. Props to the writer's for not being afraid to push the envelope.
  • YES!!!!

    BRAVO Jack! Finally! This episode was the best one this season...of course it wouldn't take much to be the best....but it was back to the old 24! So much fun watching the entire hour. When Cole opened the saftey deposit box....GREAT stuff! If Jack had been in the room...he would have been more cautious and not fallen for the boobie trapped box. But Cole hasn't been around very long. When Dana asked "Is there anything I can do?" I knew Jack was going to say "Nothing" but wow....I didn't think the writers would finally have the balls to have him shoot! "Jack's Back" And Kiefer's acting and tone of voice when he says "Nothing" Such emotion in one little word. You could tell he was thinking of Renee's death and all the people that turned AGAINST him (that blasted president especially!) There really was nothing left to do if he was going to be able to live with himself. Dana would definatly do something against Jack, if she'd lived. So BRAVO Jack and the writers!
    As for Chloe, I think she's going to help Jack....can't wait to see her catch Logan's bad guy at the CTU doing "something" should be very interesing.... I sure hope that's what's going to happen. Jack, Chloe, Cole and also Michael Madsen is supposed to be in the rest of the final episodes. So Hopefully all four will finally get some JUSTICE done. I love Logan...best villian of all the 24's. Would love to see the President sent off to the same ranch with Logan, if Logan lives...LOL bet Jack will possibly "knock off" logan too. Can't wait til next week!!
  • Jack Bauer finally kills Dana Walsh the traitor.

    Well, I must say, if the writers want to show Jack's total darkness, they do it brilliantly. It's quite long since Jack kills someone because he wants to (he feels that the person he kills outlives her usefulness), but the person herself deserves to be killed since he kills Nina Myers. The final moment is epic; Jack's manhunt is so intense; Dana's cunningness is brilliant.
    And also, the writers do a good job placing Cole as Chloe-like figure. Since Chloe now serves as semi-antagonist, they need someone who obey Jack because he says so...so there's no other person that is sharp-witted and faithful to Jack rather than Cole.
    Please go easy on Allison Taylor. Even the legendary David Palmer has ordered execution of Ryan Chapelle, so...her order to launch a manhunt to Jack ain't nothing much.
  • Jack and Cole free Dana from her captors in an attempt to acquire the evidence that proves Russia's involvment in the conspiracy to stop the peace accord. Logan continues in his efforts to stop Jack.

    Once again another exciting episode. The writers of "24" decided they want to go out (or at least make the transition from the small screen to the big screen) with a bang. The scene where Jack frees Dana is one of the best of the entire series. I like that there was no talking and no twists. Jack walked in, killed Bledsoe and left with what he came for. Short, simple and to the point. The same can be said for the episode's final scene. I will admit it was great to see Dana finally get what she deserved. Terrific.
  • Jack pursues Dana Walsh, President Taylor continues to conspire with Logan.

    Wow, this is a heavy episode. Lots of gunfire, lots of chasing, and one major death. But who's going to miss Dana Walsh, anyway?

    Many people think Jack Bauer was unjustified in killing Dana Walsh, that he stepped over a line. I disagree. Time and time again we've seen her manipulate every possible angle she can - she's a self-serving sociopath with a thirst and (until now) a knack for survival. If Jack had let her go, she would have found some way to make him wish he hadn't. I continue to be disappointed by President Taylor. I sympathized with her before, but I think it's possible that she's just as out of control as Jack is. She's not shooting people and kidnapping prisoners, sure, but that's not her terrain. Politics is. And politically speaking, she's up a creek and losing her grip on her only paddle. She has to know that if the Russians were willing to launch a terrorist attack on US soil, that they aren't willing to play nicely with this peace treaty. There's nothing to suggest that they'll honor it. So she's covering up a terrorist attack for nothing. I love her face during Dalia Hassan's speech, too. I saw her and thought, "Yeah, woman, you want to go crawl under a rock, don't you?"

    It is exciting, though, to see everyone out for Jack. Two different governments want his head and he's evading their every move thus far. I'm excited to see the next episode, and I'm also curious about Cole's reaction to Dana's death.
  • Day 8, 11:00am-12:00pm, may be Jack Bauer's finest hour.

    Here is a man whose wife was executed, has conquered heroin addiction, suffered unspeakable atrocities in a Chinese prison camp felt the sting of betrayal beyond comparison. There is much more, but suffice it to say that Jack's motives have been anything but self-serving and he has more scar tissue than most people have skin to prove it. All he has endured over the years has been to "protect and to serve." And he has done it without complaint.

    At the very least, Hour 20 was as "on the edge of your seat" as any episode in recent memory. Not many shows have ever produced such nail-biting suspense. On a deeper level, on display was everything that makes the Jack Bauer character so alluring, his determination to never quit until the truth is revealed.

    Some may argue that Jack has gone over to the dark side by executing Dana and is now doomed to the ranks of the tragic hero; but maybe not. The classical tragic hero has one or more character flaws. His hesitance and facial expressions before he shot Dans were that of a trained operative making a purely tactical decision and not a lapse in moral judgment.

    The final four hours will tell the tale and close the book on Jack Bauer forever. As of now, he could just fade into the fabric of society and never be seen again. However, Jack will follow his quest for the truth to the bitter end. To require from him "a pound of flesh" for anything he has done thus far would denigrate the entire Jack Bauer persona. Therein would lie the real tragedy.
  • Can't believe the writers make Jack out to be the Bad guy now. Give me a break its so out of Character , just because its the final season they have to put a wrench in Jacks Character.

    Jack murders Dana Walsh in cold blood, its so out of Character so much so people are thinking or hoping Jack staged Dana's death and didn't really Kill Her??????? Which is totally off the wall also , I mean her shoulder was totally ripped off from the first shot and then the other two were direct. Anyways don't understand why he would do all this for Renee or the Truth getting out unless Jack is having a total Mental break. The action in is this episode was the best ever but again so disappointed with Jacks Character should be getting stronger and better towards the end. Not totally off the wall, I thinks the writers have a cramp or thought they would piss everyone off that have watched for the last 9 years now. Just because they're Losing there Jobs , Now I see why lol
  • Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. - Thomas Jefferson

    Wow! This episode was nothing short of amazing, from beginning to end, it kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat, literally. The suspense and action worked great together, and the actors did a fantastic job of making it seem real. The writers finally know what they are doing and I can truly say, this season (series) is going to end magnificently, and the fans can rest assured now. Bravo to Kiefer Sutherland for once again proving how talented of an actor he is, although I'm sure no one questioned his acting. So, Dana's dead, Terrorists are conspiring with Logan to kill Jack, and President Taylor is still displeased with her decisions. And most importantly, Jack has officially gone over the edge...

    ...in the past, Jack has always done what's right, and even though he strongly believes "the end justifies the means", he always had his own boundaries. But at 12 PM on this day, he pushed those boundaries to a whole new level, and we could see in his eyes that no one would get in his way to complete his goal, not even Chloe.

    Also for the first time, Jack Bauer did not keep his word...!

    Jack gave Dana his word that he would let her go after she gave him the evidence, and although she didn't believe him and tried to get away, he caught her and killed her in cold blood. Nothing is going to stop Jack Bauer from achieving his goal. This day, and this series, is going to end with a BANG and, although I NEVER lost faith along the way, the show has restored its faith in its fans.

    This episode again proves that 24 still has the ability to throw twists and turns in ways we may not see coming. Its bitter irony, seeing how this is the end of one of television's greatest thrill rides, yet it is coming back strong near its inevitable end. But I am still grateful and will be with it until its very end, and when it hits the big screen.

    Next Week: Jack interrogates Renee's murderer with a blowtorch, and Meredith Reed is back... for what reason? Tune in.
  • Excellent episode, but very disappointed.

    I thought that this was a great episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I thought the scene at the end was very powerful and emotional. On the other hand, I am deeply disappointed that Jack murdered Dana. I feel like it's the death of a character who always seemed to make the right choice in the end. I almost felt like there should be a silent clock, because I really think Jack died when he pulled the trigger. It was sad, and I worry about the depths he will sink to in the last four hours. I'm not complaining about the writing, just lamenting Jack's downward spiral, and worried about what will happen before the end.
  • Compelling from beginning to end! SPOILERS...

    Alright, maybe Dalia's speech at the beginning of the episode wasn't really touching and dragged a bit, but the Jack - central episode really exploded. We see a lot of Jack in episode 20, and I must say, I am impressed. I was amazed how much Jack went through in this episode:
    - he rescued Dana;
    - he escaped from the bank security; and
    - probably most importantly, killed Dana, in cold blood!!! :)

    Firstly, the rescue operation on Dana was extremely well done and I was on the edge of my seat from the word "go." The tension of waiting at the bank for Jack really hit me and when CTU got onto him, my hands began getting sweaty. Finally, I wasn't expecting Jack to catch Dana in this episode, but I was mighty thrilled when he did, and when he killed her, I felt utterly satisfied. But, this, even for Jack, is not a normal course of action for him. I was surprised at the fact that Jack killed Dana in cold blood, and then shot her once more just to make sure. He's really thrown morals out of the question now and is, effectively, on a rampage. And it's about time that Jack simply lets his emotions completely loose. He really has the "dark" side in him now. Chasing Dana through the bank, across the street and into the abandoned site (or whatever it was) even stepped up the tension from the first few scenes in this episode. It's amazing how they managed to put so much action into one episode and yet, not only keep me compelled from beginning to end, but escalate the level of tension as the episode went on. Bravo. A great episode and I expect even more from the next 3 weeks!!!
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