Season 8 Episode 20

Day 8: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • Silent Clock #3 may be coming sooner than we think! Jack has not gone over the edge, he simply has reached his breaking point and no longer gives a damn. After all he's endured since Season 1, can you really blame him?

    A few reviews paint Jack crossing over to the dark side' but let's be real. When you take into account all the hardships, tragedies and betrayal Jack has dealt with since season 1, enough is enough. I think the writer's took the ending in a good direction. Honestly, many of you naysayers would probably have reacted the same way Jack did if you were faced with that situation. Who is going to think rational after what Dana did to not only Jack, but anyone who got in her way, even though she technically didn't kill Renee.

    I never cared for Dana Walsh's story and was not surprised when she turned out to be the mole (an ongoing cliche of 24) but she definitely 'kept it gangsta' and pulled no punches when her back was against the wall unlike that squeaky mouse Jamey Farrell from the 1st season. Lol. I laugh every time I think about how Tony and Nina had her backed up against the wall confessing her misdeeds. (squeak, squeak!) Lol.

    This episode was an attention keeper from start to finish with good performances from Keither, Freddie and Katee. The action scenes during Dana's rescue moved the episode along at a great pace. Once Dana was captured, I knew she had another trick up her sleeve and hot damn if she didn't disappoint once Cole took the pistol out of that safety deposit box! The final showdown between Jack and Dana ended very realistic when you take into account someone who looses almost everyone he grows fond of and the only person who has answers is a snake who will kill you in at the drop of a dime. Dana finally got what was coming to her.

    Last but not least, Logan's cowardly deception in full effect doing all he can to stop Jack from finding out about him! I wouldn't be surprised if Logan meets his demise as well before it's all over. Jack is a loose cannon now with nothing to lose. This is the Jack that is a product of 7 seasons of pain and suffering he has dealt with. Hopefully Jack will give them hell and go out with a bang.

    Sure Season 8 started off a tad bit slow and took a minute to gain momentum, but the season started to gear into full steam at episode 8 once Renee made it back to CTU, this season took flight like a space shuttle. Props to the writer's for not being afraid to push the envelope.
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