Season 8 Episode 20

Day 8: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • One of the most Shocking Endings of The Day!

    This last episode is simply perfect!.
    With the greatness from episode 16 itself. It´s really breathtaking, surprising, so well acted, spectacular and shocking... Really shocking!.

    Jack rescues Dana, helped by Cole, in order to has all the proofs that she said him to discover all the people involved in the tragic events of the day.
    Meanwhile, the President continues following Logan advises.

    The ending of 24 looks like an enormous tragedy, which is comming to us since episode 16 and is unstoppable.
    I haven´t seen Jack like this time before, there are so many important people died and the events which are happening now are so fast paced, surprising and with a shocking ending, like in this one.
    The ending of this episode leaves you shocked, without words and in the edge of your seat.
    It´s really unexpected and terryfing the way that Jack´s character takes in the final episodes.
    Simply WOW!.

    The ending is really here!.
    Anything can happens!.
    And i want to see more right now!.