Season 8 Episode 8

Day 8: 11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2010 on FOX
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Jack tries to convince Sergei that he is willing to broker a deal with him in exchange for the Uranium rods. Dana is being blackmailed by Kevin Wade and his partner for services to rip off more jobs. Hastings has Chloe get a statement from Renee, then have her get a psychological evaluation.moreless

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  • the best episode so far....

    I expected better from 24, but this one episode reminded me the great seasons 1, 3 and 8. At least some good action, some ass kicking villains and torture.

    Well, I hate hastings, I hate the story of the dumb blond, and Renee has not been good either, but jack is Jack and he still kick some butts all the way.

    the story is just like in the start of the episode, but with one villain less. Let´s hope he is any help in catching the son.

    The president of the islamic republic is a bad dude, i want im out of the season.moreless
  • Jack buys time and accepts torture, then realizes he can escape on his own and takes out the whole Russian Mob. A son's betrayal gets this show rolling again.

    The beginning of the episode focused on Dana/Jenny and that was a problem as I've come to dislike that plot along with many others.

    However, this episode is a big improvement from episodes 5 through 7, and it really puts Jack in the middle of things, which is always a good sign.

    As far as villains go, I thought Bazhaev and his attempted shootout with Jack was great! He manages to wing Jack with some buckshot and never once backs away in fear. Jack just outsmarted him. In addition to Bazhaev, I really think the new Islamic villain Samir is going to provide charisma, leadership, and evil similar to that of Habib Marwan and Abu Fyed.

    Looking back, I can say that Josef's alliance with Farhad Hassan at the end was foreshadowed, but when I first saw the episode, I was totally surprised.

    The action was great! Jack's fighting off torture was fantastic, and his stealthy barefoot sweep of the restaurant culminating in an intense firefight was outstanding! The drama and suspense were also impressive. The interrogation of Jack had great dialogue, Josef's fake hatred of Farhad with a gun to his head was very convincing, and the final scene was a solid plot twist. Also, the attempted retrieval of the nuclear rods reminded me much of the attempted retrieval of Sentox Nerve gas midway though Season 5. Great storywriting!

    To all those who have issues with this episode, I encourage you to look at the positive. Bazhaev is done being a threat, but the IRK terrorists now are going to be in control of the rods. I can only imagine that thousands of Americans will now be in danger, just like in past seasons. The Dana storyline is the only one I have a problem with, but there are enough Jack moments, plot twists, and solid action sequences in this episode to make up for that storyline.moreless
  • 24 stills alive.

    This episode is dedicated to all that people who missed the torture and the brutal action!.

    This installment is powerfull, fully entertaining and so intense, with an stunning Kiefer Sutherland who shows the audience that he stills can do the best action sequencies himself.

    But is not the best episode so far, due to i saw more quality and more interest in episode 4.

    But this hour shows the audience that 24 stills being alive althought its cancellation is actual and the most of the episodes of this season are not very well.

    But you can still depend on this show.

    A really good installment!moreless
  • Although the episode's conclusion was a slight letdown, it moved quite a few elements into play, neatly concluding one segment while at the same time providing much-needed exposition for future developmentsmoreless

    Pacing. Honestly, how important is it that a television show (or, for that matter, any form of entertainment or performance) be well-paced? The answer: more important than you'd think. You can't barrage a viewer with non-stop action with little to no substance making up the story. That just doesn't make compelling TV. And, in addition, the audience would soon suffer from something known as 'combat fatigue'. They need something other than just over the top battles and fighting. Therefore, you gotta mix things up. Throw in some character development every now and again, a funny scene here, a suspenseful one there. The only goal, really, is to create something that feels balanced, equal, and, most importantly, complete. However, such a formula will only work if every element is of top quality; each aspect has to be interesting to watch or the other parts will ultimately fall apart as well. I'll give 24 credit for almost always nailing its pace. Even with episodes that contain a lot of action, the writers still allot time to other scenes that aren't as combat-oriented. And, for the most part they work well. Not as much with this episode, unfortunately.

    Here's why. Remember last episode, where Jack handed himself over to the Sergei's mob of Russians solely for the cause of his mission? Well, they're convinced he's a cop, and, unless he talks and tells them who's his superior, one of Bazhaev's men is gonna put the hurt on in the form of electrocution. And, as Jack's all so used to it, he doesn't even bat an eyelid (well, for the most part at least). Jack's warden is obviously oblivious to that: "Everybody has limit, don't worry." For heaven's sake, he spent years held in captivity by the Chinese and never talked once, so, honestly, does anyone expect him to even wince at the torture of one lone henchman? Anyway, it doesn't take long for Jack to initiate bad-ass mode and knock the guy the out with his own torture devices. And then, with Jack struggling to find a way out of his shackles, we're sent to commercial break. Cool… I though, we can create some suspense of the commercial break and reconnect with Jack after a few short minutes. Oh, was I wrong. Instead, we're given a rather dry scene of Hassan and his daughter arguing. Boo. What this did, rather than increasing tension, was dampen the episode's tempo. It was progressing along nicely, and, rather than letting the set-piece take its course, it was broken up a little too often. With moments like these, I could understand why 24 works better on DVD without commercials (thankfully, I'm watching the episodes on iTunes).

    But the writers made that feeling all the much better when they finally reconvened with Jack. I'll get to the that later, though. We've gotta touch on Dana's story for a bit, the one where predictability and stupidity reigns supreme. Okay, Dana. Let me ask you something. Did you honestly expect these goons to give up now? They've already shown that they can manipulate and get the better of you; what's to make them think that they can't do the same thing once again? Stupid, stupid, stupid, Dana. She's useless at CTU and apparently useless at having any sort of foresight. But she proceeds on, making one bad decision after the other and very rarely will she get back to her damn job, shut the hell up and do something worthwhile!

    But, believe it or not, there's a shimmer of hope in this awful side plot: its days are numbered. Dana is looking finally to take matters into her own hands, and, if next week's episode is any indication, she'll end her past for herself by taking out some rednecks. After that, Dana, will you please get back to work?

    And then there's Jack. Once he finally releases himself from his cuffs, it's evident that he has a plan in mind. And boy, he doesn't waste one bit of time after that, taking out every one of Sergei's men through an assortment of creative ways and then securing a shotgun-wielding Bazhaev by throwing a dinner table on him. Quite a spectacular action sequence that, for me, tops last week's.

    When CTU arrives at Sergei's restaurant to clean things up, Sergei and Jack have a little talk, and, in exchange for full immunity for both his son and he (24 fans should be used to this situation by now), attempts to hand the uranium rods over. Josef, on the other hand, complicates matters, stealing the materials for himself by raiding the vans before Cole and his team can get to them. Apparently, Josef didn't take his father murdering Oleg lightly, and, through aligning with Farhad, wants to make his father pay.

    It was a long time coming, but at last we received an episode that was almost entirely about Jack. After Renee in the spotlight for a few weeks, Mr. Bauer was more than overdo for his own share of the action, and, almost solely because of the main plot, hour eight was solid. Although the episode's conclusion was a slight letdown, it moved quite a few elements into play, neatly concluding one segment while at the same time providing much-needed exposition for future developments. Let's hope that includes Dana getting back to work.moreless
  • Same but different

    This episode was different.. I mean.. it had story development but in the end.. where did it get us? Quite in the same place.

    I loved the storyline with Russian syndicate. Jack being tortured.. then getting out, catching the "main" man and getting the location and then: it was all for nothing as there is a new thing on the play. I think it was quite guessable that it will go that way.. but.. I liked that the transaction was better than in some sessions.

    I did not liked what went on with Dana Walsh. She has been quite .. boring (?) and the storyline just seems to go on and on.

    And the thing with Hassan.. the way he just.. seems so illogical. I like the storyline with her daughter but that man makes no sense.moreless
Jordan Marder

Jordan Marder


Guest Star

J. R. Ramirez

J. R. Ramirez

CTU Staffer

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David J. O'Donnell

David J. O'Donnell

Police Officer

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Clayne Crawford

Clayne Crawford

Kevin Wade

Recurring Role

Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor

Kayla Hassan

Recurring Role

T. J. Ramini

T. J. Ramini

Tarin Faroush

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Wantagh Parkway is located approximately 30 miles from Manhattan. Therefor, the end of the episode shows an incorrect Manhattan skyline that normally would not be visible.

    • Bazhaev said that the nuclear fuel rods have been diverted to a weigh station off the Wantagh Parkway. However, almost all Long Island Parkways (including Wantagh) do not allow trucks and therefor do not have weigh stations.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: March 9, 2010 on 7TWO
      Norway: April 5, 2010 on TV2 Zebra
      Latin America: April 12, 2010 on FOX
      Finland: October 5, 2010 on MTV3