Season 8 Episode 9

Day 8: 12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

12:00am - While Josef sets up the Uranium deal, Jack sets up Sergei to call Josef to triangulate his position. Sergei tells Josef that Jack is a federal agent. He assures Josef if he hands over the uranium rods, Jack will honor the immunity deals. Josef agrees, but Farhad has a sniper shoot and kill him. Farhad's team retrieve the materials and destroy Josef's cell phone.

12:06am - Jack and the CTU team onsite at Sergei's restaurant prepare to zero in on Josef's last known location to track Farhad. Chloe calls Jack for a status report. She punches in Renee to check up on her. Renee told Jack that she debriefed with Chloe about Vladimir Laitanan. She is looking forward to meeting Jack in 15 minutes.

12:08am - Ron Weiss holds a conference with CTU Director Hastings and is disappointed in how the operation turned out. He suggests Hastings allow Renee to take the fall for letting Farhad Hassan get away with the uranium rods. Ron sends in Kristen Smith to take Renee into custody.[12:10am]

12:14am - Cole Ortiz is at the crime scene where Josef was killed. Arlo calls in to update Cole with Dana Walsh's last known location. Cole wants Arlo to cover for him so he can track Dana.

12:16am - Dana tracks Kevin Wade and Nick at a camp site. She preps a silencer on her gun with the intention to murder them.

Hastings asks Arlo about Dana's last known location. Kristen Smith arrives at CTU to question Renee with discrepancies between her statement and the forensic evidence.

Chloe prints out a copy of Renee's statement transcript and gives it to her to review. Kristen steps in and Hastings orders her out of the interrogation room to focus on finding the uranium rods.

12:19am - Farhad and his associates arrive at a warehouse location to test the uranium materials. Farhad wants to leave the country as soon as possible, but his partner insists on waiting since the American feds are out looking for him. His associates want to use the rods to build a bomb and detonate it on American soil. Since his associates are unable to move the materials out of the country, Farhad relents and allows his associates to build the bomb here in the United States.[12:22am]

12:27am - Kristen interrogates Renee about the undercover operation. She did not find Renee's case history with Laitanan. Renee tells her she was undercover with the FBI six years ago. During the course of the interrogation, Kristen tells her that she could have stopped stabbing him at one time. However, Kristen punches holes into her story showing that Renee stabbed her fifteen times. Kristen develops a theory that Renee murdered Laitanan out of vengeance, using the undercover operation as a cover. She also uses Renee's history with her interrogation of Alan Wilson, which was the primary reason why she was fired from the FBI. Kristen is close to breaking her at this point.

12:31am - Jack arrives at CTU and hands over Sergei to the security guards. Chloe alerts Jack that Renee is being interrogated by a federal agent outside of CTU. Jack deduces that she is being scapegoated for the failure to recover the uranium materials. He subdues the guard outside and angrily chokes Kristen for interrogating Renee. However, as Jack is escorting Renee out of the interrogation room, he is subdued by another CTU guard and is apprehended.

12:33am - Farhad checks up with Samir and his associates and is satisfied there is enough material to blow up New York. He escapes from their custody and Samir orders a search on the factory site.

12:38am - Jack is brought up to Hastings' office. Hastings orders the guards to uncuff Jack. Jack accuses Hastings of hanging Renee for killing Laitanan to protect his reputation. Chloe bursts into the office with Farhad Hassan calling in for protection from Samir. Farhad confesses that Iraqi operatives are planning to attack New York. Hastings orders Chloe to get an agent to go down to Farhad's location at a boat warehouse. He also orders Jack to be processed and removed from the CTU office.

12:42am - The ladies hanging out with Kevin and Nick angrily leave the van and go out on their own. Dana begins to stalk Nick and murder him in cold blood. Cole arrives to drag Dana back to CTU. She finally confesses to Cole her real name is Jenny Scott. [12:45am]

12:49am - Farhad is waiting for CTU to arrive. Samir calls in for an update on his progress. Arlo surveys the area with Hastings and Chloe. He orders Agent Owen to go to the site and find Farhad. Jack wants Hastings to drop the criminal investigation against Renee. He sympathizes with Hastings' situation as CTU Director and the decisions he has to make to satisfy the White House. Hastings reluctantly agrees to bring in Jack Bauer back to full capacity as a CTU field agent and prepare to retrieve Farhad.

12:53am - At the camp site, Dana confesses that she facilitated a police warehouse robbery for Kevin and Nick. She is also being pressured to continue cooperating with Kevin and Nick. Cole figures out she was willing to murder them to stop them from ruining her life even further with Cole. He is infuriated and takes the gun from her. Cole approaches the men and threatens them with life imprisonment or death. He takes the shotgun from the van and leaves them to their fates. As Cole and Dana walk away, in the van, Kevin proposes to Nick that they leave. Nick stubbornly refuses and takes a revolver and knife to kill Cole. Kevin tries to stop him, but Nick stabs him in the stomach. As Nick approaches Cole and Dana from behind, Kevin cries out to Jenny and Cole. They both duck under Cole car while Nick opens fire on Cole. Cole fires the shotgun on Nick, killing him instantly. Dana runs to Kevin, who is gasping his last breaths on the grass.