Season 8 Episode 21

Day 8: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on FOX

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  • The ends justify the means...

    ...a constant theme in 24, throughout all 8 seasons and the series' run. In short, this episode was astounding. It was exciting all the way through, filled with action, great twists and a significant cliffhanger. Jack has gotten more aggressive and violent in these last hours; he wants the conspirators to face justice and he is dishing it, one by one. Next week: Logan. When Jack picked up the phone and called back the last number, we all knew he was about to find out it was Logan. But there is a great significance with this. Charles Logan was involved in a conspiracy that killed many of the people Jack cared about, and in the end, never really faced justice. So, of all the people for Logan to be messing with, the LAST ONE should be JACK BAUER, especially on his last and most personal day yet.

    Other interesting scenes were the shootout in the mall, President Taylor's ability to look in Dalia Hassan's eyes and know that her husbands assassins haven't been brought to justice. Also, Logan picking his tie, his control over President Taylor and how "revolutionary" this treaty must really be, stained with the blood of hundreds. Ironically, killing is what brings peace.

    Also, Chloe can't make up her mind on who she's with and decides to find Jack to help him. Cole seems betrayed by Jack over Dana's "execution". And in one of the GREATEST scenes of 24 ever, Jack Bauer tortures Renee's assassin and realizes that sometimes, the end doesn't justify the means. Only three hours left of 24 ever! And its becoming extremely hard to go from week to week. In these last hours, 24 has sky rocketed to new levels and has become my weekly shot of adrenaline, building up to the most anticipated 24 finale ever! Its been an awesome 8 seasons, and 24 will be missed...

    Next week: Jack wears full cover body armor and attacks Logan's motorcade and kidnaps him....... need I say more. Oh yeah.

    [Jack]: "You're gonna tell me everything I wanna know!"

    The look in Logans eyes are priceless.
  • The character assassination of Jack Bauer

    This final stretch of episodes of "24" has caused quite the division among fans. Some see everything since the death of Renee Walker as a slow but steady example of character assassination, both for Jack Bauer and President Taylor. Others (including Howard Gordon, executive producer for "24") see this as the usual tragedy that befalls Jack. There's little question where this reviewers stands.

    This episode continues the process that began in earnest with Dana's murder. Jack's torture and killing of Renee's killer has absolutely nothing to do with justice; it's turned into a cold, calculated vendetta. And frankly, it's still one that is hard to reconcile. The thing about Jack is that he has rarely tortured someone out of vindictive anger. There may be some of that in the mix, but the point is always the mission.

    In this instance, that's not necessarily the case, especially since he keeps bringing up Renee in the midst of the agonizing bloodletting. And if it's about revenge, then once again the question is: how is that different from what Tony was doing in the seventh season, when it was clearly an amoral choice, especially in Jack's eyes?

    More than that, why wasn't Jack ready and willing to go to such lengths with Nina Myers? After all, Jack knew Nina was the one who killed Teri, and Jack had been married to Teri for a hell of a lot longer than he even knew Renee. Why, then, the disproportionate response? Considering that Jack was repeatedly dealing with Nina for the first three seasons, he had the opportunity to let personal feelings overcome his better judgment. And for some of that time, he was strung out on heroin!

    Compare that to his relationship with Renee. It made sense for the two of them to fall into a relationship because of their similar personal crises. Jack had just overcome his own time in the abyss, and he had to feel partially responsible for Renee's own descent. The attraction was palpable between them in the seventh season, so the eventual progression was no surprise. But if Jack was willing to all but ignore Renee for nearly two years after she was dismissed from the FBI, does it make sense for his response to her death to eclipse his response to Teri's death?

    Of course, the writers try to justify this by having Jack uncover direct evidence that Charles Logan was behind Renee's killing and the attempt on Jack's life. This will inevitably be used as the justification for why the Russians made the ridiculous decision to take out Jack and Renee, when they were overtly out of the game. (Because killing them wouldn't be a massive red flag to the counter-terrorism world that something was still amiss. Not at all.)

    It was clear from the moment that Logan appeared on the scene that he was neck-deep in the terrorist plot, and that he was using the situation to regain power and prestige. And of course, the writers will point to that as justification for Jack's actions. But here's the problem: Jack didn't know that his actions would result in meaningful intelligence. It was all about getting the name of his next victim. To defend Jack's actions in this instance is to say that the ends justify the means, which was exactly Tony's point of view last season.

    What the seventh season underscored was the principle underneath Jack's actions. Jack was capable and willing to use horrible means to achieve his ends, but only when there was a higher purpose to his actions. There had to be a logical rationale, based on experience or information. The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but Jack would happily agree that his personal hell of conscience and consequence was his willing tradeoff for the good and security of his country.

    It's not about giving Jack a "happily ever after" ending. Jack has done too much and gone too far to ever have complete piece of mind. That, too, was part of the point of the seventh season. Jack came to terms with the cost of his years of service. It's hard to imagine how he could end his journey (since the producers have already said the film will not be connected to the series' continuity) by betraying the principles he has demonstrated since Day 1.

    The predictable connection between Logan and the terrorist plot, now that it is revealed, further undermines whatever facile argument might have been offered for President Taylor's decision to rely on Logan's judgment. With Jack now on the rampage, not caring about who gets caught in the crossfire, Taylor is completely compromised, and her character assassination is effectively complete.

    There may come a time, before the final tick of the clock, when Jack decides that his thirst for vengeance has been fulfilled. Inevitably, the audience will be expected to accept that moment for what it is. But for many fans, the line has already been crossed.

    Overall, this episode continues the mind-boggling character assassination of Jack Bauer, with no end in sight. While the action continues to live up to the "24" standard, it's hard to reconcile the logic behind Jack's current descent.
  • Good ole Jack

    Well that was a ride. I must admit season 8 is a mixed bag. There is absolutely no doubt that the season had its down, trading water and all but hell it also had its up and the second half of the season had some impressive episodes so far. All and all, I`m satisfied with this last season and there is potential for some memorable ending.
    Right now, Jack Bauer is as bada** and unpredictable as ever...the writers are giving us the best of Bauer for this last run: the good ole Jack Bauer. The torture scene was absolutely intense, brutal and epic. I used to hate seeing torture scenes in the show cause after 8 seasons, they`ve become dull and boring but here is the proof they can still be done well. Words cannot express how I am thrilled to see Charles Logan back this season and the ending was fantastic. Hell, we even got Michael Madsen raising hell with Jack. Can`t ask for more, the writers are doing a perfect job to end this 8 years run in style.
  • This Is The Final Countdown!

    24 is finally comming to a full circle and in its finale is better than ever!.
    It´s a shame that the season started so weak and dissappointing because i could be talking about one of the best days of Jack Bauer.
    But despite its start, the day is getting better so much.
    And this episode is another perfect proof of it.

    Kiefer Sutherland makes a perfect performance. He makes that the audience can see a never seen before Jack Bauer.
    The level of the episode is the highest and also this episode is so special because it contains the best torture scene in the show EVER!.

    Finally we get the final four episodes!.
    Can you predict how everything will end?.
  • Why make the last season another save the world cliche with a 'do the right thing' outlook? I like the direction the writers took making Jack's last vendetta a personal one.

    Take names in the morning, kick butt in the evening then move on to the next target. Whether we like it or not, this is the Jack we all wanted to see since season 1 episode 24. We all know that Jack will not 'walk off into the sunset' this time, but it's good to see him finally getting some sort of justice for everything he has endured.

    This episode didn't disappoint after last weeks climatic ending. The only thing I didn't care for was Cole's 'emotional love sick puppy' attitude towards wanting to avenge Dana's death despite her constant double crossing and humiliation she bought upon him. 'Jack executed her in cold blood'. Lol, give me a break, after the lies she told him, I wouldn't be too mad about that. I guess in the real world (or tv land) you have to have a character who wants to 'do the right thing' even though he should be glad that Dana is no longer a problem. Maybe Cole represents the innocence and naive outlook on life that Jack might have had during his early years in CTU before discovering how shady things really are.

    Even though you can smell a showdown between Jack and Cole coming with Chloe possibly being caught in the middle, maybe even Jack's hostage, it will still be exciting to see.

    And last but not least, Logan may be Silent Clock #3! As long as Jack can finish him off, I'll be happy. The look on Jack's face when he heard Logan's name on the voice mail was priceless. With the excitement of these last episodes, I would much rather a season 9 of 24 then a 2 hour movie with everything crammed into one short story.

    Anyhow it looks like Jack will be going out with a bang and even though you can feel his demise coming, he'll hopefully be able to take most of the conspirators with him.
  • With Charles Logan's subordinates on his trail, Jack continues his plans to expose the conspiracy. With the help of an associate, Jack identifies Renee's killer and Jack makes it his mission to exact revenge.

    Yet another exciting and suspenseful episode. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. A real treat was seeing Arlo and Chloe working to find out the truth as to what exactly Jason Pillar and his assistant (Who looks like she belongs in a Hawaiian Tropic beauty contest) are up to and why they are after Jack. There has been some debate about Jack's torture and killing of the Russian assasin who killed Renee. Whether you feel Jack was right or wrong, the scenes were by far the most thrilling of the season. Terrific.
  • WOW!

    avi01 and paulk2010 pretty much said what I was going to type.
    GREAT episode!! I'll just type it again....I loved the fact that Michael Madsen didn't need to hear anymore details on why Jack was doing what he was doing, nough said he was "IN" to helping Jack. The torture scene was so D**** realistic! Loved it....the russion deserved it. LOL....would be nice if Logan got a little torture too, but he'll "fold" pretty fast at any sigh of "real" pain. The one funny part of the episode, I thought, was when it showed Logan looking at which tie to wear when he goes before the camera....and his face when he finds out Jack got away etc...perfect! Love to hate his character. I don't know how they going to "bring" down the President and her involvment with three hours left....sure hope she goes DOWN!! SPOILER: I read that one of the writers stated that some of the fans aren't going to be happy with the end. It sounds like it's a BAD ending for Jack. I just wonder if there really is going to a movie, as rumored, and instead they kill Jack in the end. I would HATE that! It's more realistic if he does die...but I just wish he could end up happy after all those years. but nope...bet it doesn't happen.
    In any event, BRAVO to the writers for bringing the 'ol Jack back, even though it might mean the end for him. SIGH!
  • Wow ..... just plain wow .... (spoilers). This is way past 'Jack's Back' cos Jack has never been here before .......

    Wow. Ok I'll stop saying that now. I must say the writers sure made my day with this one. Absolutely love the way this season is wrapping up so far. Love the idea of the season starting with Jack so calm and now ending with him going over the edge. This isn't level headed, calculating Jack we know and love ..... this is .... something else. We started with Renee becoming more like crazy Jack, now Jack is becoming more like crazy Renee .... It feels like everything he has been thru from S1 has caused him to finally lose it, something that would have happened to any normal man seasons/years ago. Something tells me we've seen the last of Cole ... he's served his purpose, love his line about everyone wanting him on their side and theres no good or bad guy here ..... well said as the lines between right and wrong are blurred possibly more than ever before in any 24 season. Like that Chloe is on Jacks side now and she and Arlo are helping out, but what of when she learns of his little instant surgery on Renees killer? It might just take a long time friend to bring him to his senses but she might have to do more than just 'talk him down' ....

    Like how the reporter was worked back into this, her objection to what Jack is doing and the fact they didnt make her a baddie after all. And Logan ... aaah, a joy to watch, especially how he is ready to see this thing thru to get his name back, a far cry from spineless Logan who couldnt make a single decision on his own in s5. Give that man (and kiefer) an emmy!!

    Jack is more dangerous than he's ever been, and theres no doubt this is a revenge thing now, loved him admitting it to Madsen's character, and loved it even more how that was enuff explanation for him. Bad men and their girls .... Jack didnt even ask the Russian dude a single thing about the cover up, it was all about renee, found that fascinating .... didnt think he'd get that revelation he did until maybe the last 2 eps, but this makes it even more interesting. Liked the shootout with the Russians, but my only problem with this ep, it was way too obvious to 24 fans that Jack was setting them up. Jack letting his call be picked up, with all the gadgets Madsen had in his hideout, no way .....

    And finally the torture scene ... wow. Most gruesome ever on 24, and thats from a big fan who's seen em all. Most fun I've had in ages .... Right or wrong, Go Jack Go.