Season 8 Episode 23

Day 8: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on FOX

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  • The lamest episode ever!

    It was better that jack was killed or ended like a heroe, not like a criminal. It was the lamest episode i ever seen, seing jack saing goodbey to the cameras? What the heel was that? i looked like an ending of a cartoon sketch... If i tryed i could not arranged a worse ending, like this one! It seems like the show will continue in the next episode, so for a finally my note is 1!! not to say ZERO. . . What happends next? The president is arrested, the russian president is arrested, USA will have another terrorist atack, and guess who will show up?
    thats it, jack...
  • Damn it! No more 24...

    Well hasn't this been a funny old final season? It started pretty rubbish, which I mentioned in earlier reviews, but then it went superb. I think this could well be my favourite season of 24. For the past 12 episodes they have built on each other and continously improved. Leading up to this ending. And it was superb.

    Everyone had their place in the Sun, but of course special mention must go to Jack, Chloe and Logan, the only three accounted for memebers of pre season 7 24. Charles Logan is, in my opinion, one of the greatest villians on tv and argueably 24's main protagonist throughout the whole series. Everytime he turned up, we knew he would manipulate and kill anyone and anything, including ex President David Palmer and his beloved wife, to get what he wanted. And yet, he was also a coward. Season 8 only got better when he appeared, and I'm so glad he did. He definately had a fitting ending. The cowards way out. Except he couldn't even get that right. Either way, his story is over. Kudos to Gregory Itzen, who was superb all the way.

    Jack may have been acting out of his mind for the past few episodes but if anyone could have talked him down it was Chloe. She has done so much for Jack and the series always had to end with him mentioning that. Her tears at the end of the episode reflected the fans tears; that our weekly adventures with Jack have come to an end. 24 is over, but Jack Bauer lives on.

    This should be very hard to accept. After all, we never did find out what happened to Tony, or Wayne, or Audrey, or Martha, or Aaron. The good news is it isn't over. 24 returns to the big screen, hopefully for many movies to come. And hopefully come soon. All I can say is 24 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, from its start right up to its end. It has consistantly been the greatest show on TV, surpassing many of the others, including Lost (which it blew out of the water ending wise and it wasn't even properly ending!). I'll miss it very much but I'm glad it got to end with such a good final. Bye 24!

    *Tick, tick, tick.*
  • In the build up the the final hour, Jack continues on his personal mission with Chloe and Cole trying to get to him before Pillar and CTU does. Elsewhere President Taylor is ready to sign the peace accord, but Dalia Hassan is not so ready.

    This episode of "24" shows that action is not the show's only strong point. While action and suspense have always played a key role in the eight seasons of "24", well written drama has also made its contribution. It's no more true than in this episode. The scene where Dalia Hassan confronts President Taylor with the truth is one of the most powerful of not just the season but the series as well. Excellent performances by both actors. There was not a bit of contrivance in the scene. It was almost real. Hopefully the final episode will be as good.
  • Jack & 24 ! ..

    I Remember when i saw it the first time on tv back in 2002 .
    and i never thought that show will be my favorite of all time . maybe the show loss some of his soul in season 7 and 8 but still better more than 100 of other shows .

    about this season it was ok in the first half till episode 12 then he become one of the greatest this year and i was hoping that it will end with a high note and it Did .

    what an amazing season , what an amazing cast , what an amazing acting and what an Amazing finale .

    the show should get a nomination at the emmys for the season and should get an emmy for Tayler , Logan and Jack .

    Jack really did an outstanding performance this season .

    i really cant believe two of my favorite shows are ending is the same year ( 24 , Lost ) .

    am going to miss 24 and the sound of the clock and especially Jack Bauer ! .

    10/10 Season and a Finale . Move on now .. :(
  • Enormous Introduction To The Final Episode!

    This season of 24 is improving itself after each episode, building up an incredible, shocking and enormous introduction to the series conclusion.

    Kiefer Sutherland makes a really perfect job as Jack Bauer character and the tension that surrounds his plot against Logan and President Suvarov is really epic and works so well.

    In the other hand, we have Cherry Jones giving us her best performance in the season yet!.
    It´s simply awesome the scene in which Dalia Hassan discovers the truth and puts President Taylor in a no way out situation.

    But the really best thing of the episode is the ending.

    A really enormous first part of the series finale!
  • 24 - Day 8: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    This review is strictly for this episode and not the finale as a whole. You can read my review on the final episode on its page. 24 continued its astounding story and this first hour REALLY was tense and suspenseful. Jack was ruthless, and how he snuck into Pillars car, amazing scene. Than stitched himself up and set up shop across from the United Nations, preparing to shoot the President of Russia. I was on the edge of my seat. And I was shaking when he aimed the sniper at Logan, poor guy never catches a break, not that he deserves one. "Why don't you try telling the truth for once." The look on Logan's face and the smile on Jacks, priceless. Jack also records a tense and emotional confession video, probably meant for Kim, and I even teared up as I watched it. It made me realize how far Jack had gone, he was no longer himself. When he taping his last testament, I saw the old Jack Bauer, the one we all knew and loved. He felt something, he knew his boundaries. This really made me feel connected with the show, and being the second last episode, things were emotional already as they were. Bravo writers on allowing the fans to feel a connection with Jack.

    President Taylor took the show, her amazing confrontation with Dhalia Hassan was miraculous. The scene just felt so true and realistic, something a real president would do. I was in awe. And Dhalia coming face to face with her husbands murderer, in a way, was also so genuine and you could see the anguish and anger in Mrs. Hassan's eyes. Bravo!

    Also worth mentioning was Chloe, who earlier in the season was more in the background, now she's in the forefront. Trying to find Jack so she can bring him back to his rational self, her trying to surprise Jack was a delight to watch, and it brings back memories of the good old days whenever those two are together.

    This episode was unbelievable, it really proved that 24 could surprise its fans and I couldn't wait for the next episode to begin. A little low on action, this episode was full of emotions, suspense and tragic turns made by our major characters. And tick tock... it was now 3:00 PM for the last time... and begins the last hour of 24 ever!