Season 8 Episode 12

Day 8: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on FOX

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  • Dana Storyline RUINS the show

    I know I am WAYYY late to the game here, but decided to watch from season 4 to refresh my memory of where everything was at. Amazed at how much I forgot so it was good to re-watch them all, except season 8. That Dana storyline is PUTRID. Stupid in and of itself, it's painful to sit through, but what makes it even worse is how ridiculous the whole premise is. NONE of the crazy stuff Jack has to pull off forces us to suspend reality more than this ridiculous premise. Really? In the midst of a national emergency she is taking calls from numbers she doesn't recognize and then get's all involved with this two bit moron felon and then after being able to leave TWICE in the midst of a code red crisis the two morons get killed but WAIT, some parole officer from TX decides to call her at 2 am and even though he isn't expecting to actually talk to her cuz it's you know 2 AM, since she does call by GOD national security be damned now he has to talk to her NOW!!! LMAO. She shoulda just told him to go pound sand for 12 hours follow up on other leads and she will call him when she's is GD good and ready!


    They should release Jack and all his practices on whoever the moron was that wrote that trash!
  • Exciting

    Wonderful ! Bauer and Cole Ortiz track down Tarin Faroush, who has kidnapped Kayla Hassan.

    Parole Officer Bill Prady arrives in CTU to question Dana Walsh about Kevin Wade's whereabouts.

    Samir Mehran prepares to demonstrate his power over President Omar Hassan over live footage.
    Bauer and Cole Ortiz track down Tarin Faroush, who has kidnapped Kayla Hassan.

    Parole Officer Bill Prady arrives in CTU to question Dana Walsh about Kevin Wade's whereabouts.

    Samir Mehran prepares to demonstrate his power over President Omar Hassan over live footage.
    Bauer and Cole Ortiz track down Tarin Faroush, who has kidnapped Kayla Hassan.

    Parole Officer Bill Prady arrives in CTU to question Dana Walsh about Kevin Wade's whereabouts.

    Samir Mehran prepares to demonstrate his power over President Omar Hassan over live footage.
  • The twist actually works

    Coming into this episode, the season arc needed a good kick in the pants; the writers simply haven't been giving the audience much to enjoy to this point. This episode is a nice improvement overall, even if some of the elements feel borrowed from past seasons.

    The latest step in the terrorist plot (which seems rather well organized for what was presented as a last-minute backup plan earlier in the season) is relatively elegant in its simplicity. Taking Kayla hostage allows the terrorists to use her as a bargaining chip for "File 33". This effectively forces President Hassan to reveal to CTU and the Taylor administration that they have a great deal of vital US National Security documentation. (This is something Tarin would have likely known all about, given his prior position.)

    The terrorists know that the US would never allow Hassan to hand over such information. Instead, it is a ruse to buy time to prepare the real means of knocking down the security capabilities in the NYC Metro area. Kayla is allowed to "escape" in a car rigged with an EMP device, set to detonate within or close to CTU. The net effect is the annihilation of counter-terrorism resources in the city.

    This was a good twist because almost everyone involved should have known better. How many times has CTU been attacked or otherwise compromised? Yet the writers have already made it very clear that the new CTU has a number of weaknesses, not the least of which a lack of experience. Director Hastings is also a man of little patience. Nothing in the episode pointed to a sneak attack, but there is a feeling that complacency and inexperience played a role.

    But even Jack missed this particular gambit, which was surprising. Usually Jack is the first one to put the pieces together and realize the true implications. He gets a pass because he was in the field, focused on the mission, but it's still a bit uncharacteristic. Having CTU miss the signs and portents aligns with the theme of facing and learning from the mistakes of the past (or not, in this case). Jack is supposed to be the one person that has learned the lesson.

    Of course, this does set up Jack as the only viable agent with enough experience to keep the investigation going while CTU picks up the pieces. Agent Ortiz and his team are on hand to help Jack as much as possible, but he's just as likely to call on familiar faces to help. There aren't many left, but this could be how Renee comes back into the picture.

    As usual, the main weakness of the episode is Dana's subplot, even if it was more involving than in the past. Granted, it's all relative; the story is still dumb as rocks. Prady seems to have quick access to documentation and personnel that wouldn't logically be available in the middle of the night, let alone in the middle of a major national security crisis. And the moment he stepped out of the conference room, Security should have been tossing him in a cell (or beating him into a pulp).

    Which suggests, of course, that Prady isn't concerned with the law at all. He may be a parole officer, but he's also more than likely aligned with Kevin and his psychopathic friend. At least, that's the hope; otherwise, his actions and timing are out of proportion, given the circumstances. (And again, why wouldn't Dana just go to Hastings, tell him that Prady is interfering with her work and barking up the wrong tree, and be done with it?)

    Once again, the problem here is that Dana is a ridiculously bad liar, which undermines the notion that she could have faked her identity so well that the CTU vetting process wouldn't have uncovered the truth. It doesn't seem likely that she could have hidden her PIN number, let alone her criminal past!

    Overall, this was a much stronger mid-point episode than the rest of the season would have suggested, but there are still plenty of lingering issues. Dana's story in particular has been the albatross around the season's neck, and it's apparently not going away. With the fate of the series in flux, one would hope the writers were trying to go out on a high note.
  • After a slow start, it seems 24 knows what its doing. And yes, it was worth every minute...

    A lot of people have been bashing this season, stating that its "slow and boring" and "doesn't really have a plot thats interesting". Well half way through the season, and were picking up pace, and we actually care about the story now. A lot of people are going to complain about the EMP going off inside CTU, saying its clichéd and been done before. While attacks on CTU have been done before, an EMP has never been set off inside CTU, and I found it pretty surprising how the bomb was in the car and Tarrin was still alive. So overall, this episode brought something fresh to the table.

    The action was suspenseful, the twists seemed smart and realistic, and the terrorists asking for "file 33" left me curious of what was about to come.

    Overall, this episode was amazing, the best so far this season. It seems all the stories are getting interesting and coming together. I hope the writers can keep it up for the rest of this season and leave us wanting more each week.

    Also, this is the first time this season that I am dying to see next week's episode!!!
  • After last week's truly abominable '2am - 3am', an episode virtually bereft of any redeeming features whatsoever, it's difficult to believe that this is even the same show, let alone the same season.

    Well. Can you say schizophrenic, much? After last week's truly abominable '2am - 3am', an episode virtually bereft of any redeeming features whatsoever, it's difficult to believe that this is even the same show, let alone the same season. To say that Chip Johannessen and Patrick Harbinson's script is an improvement is the equivalent of suggesting that it's 'a bit hot' at the equator. This is so much better, in every possible way, that you have to question how it is that dross like the previous instalment is able to make it past the storyboard stage without someone noticing that, you know, it's a right load of old cack. Of course, this being contemporary 24, '3am - 4am' certainly isn't without its problems. In fact, there are a considerable number of dubious narrative decisions and hokey extraneous incidents that impact upon the all-important dramatic drive of the episode, but at least they don't encompass the entire hour. Where last week, barely a beat went by without the viewer wanting to lobotomise themselves with an icepick, here, the bulk of the script is concerned with the furtherance of the central narrative, and thankfully, for the most part, it does a fairly good job of it. It's just a bit troublesome that the programme can oscillate so dramatically across both ends of the spectrum because, ultimately, it's this sort of inconsistency that begets frustration... and we all know where that leads, don't we boys and girls?

    Still, to the appraisal. '3am - 4am' succeeds largely as a result of the predominance of the terrorist threat. For the first time in one hell of a while, the script feels like it has focus and isn't scrambling around trying to fill time between dramatic developments. Johannessen and Harbinson channel the majority of the loose narrative strands into the kidnapping of Hassan's daughter, which has the dual effect of concentrating the viewer's attentions and amplifying the impact and importance of the IRK's actions. While the revelation that Tarin is actually a mole is distinctly disappointing, since it's probably the most predictable plot development this side of an episode of Days of our Lives, the script doesn't spend too much time dwelling on the issue and is able to disguise its regrettable nature to a certain extent through the injection of a substantial amount of tension. As soon as Tarin drops the act and begins marshaling his lover towards her fate, things become a whole heck of a lot more interesting. The car chase sequence is fairly well handled, with the use of multiple perspectives via the ever-reliable 'visual boxes' serving to intensify levels of suspense, and it's good to see everyone's emotional investment contribute to the scene. Naturally, Sutherland and Prinze are excellent as the driven, determined agents, but credit must certainly go to Kapoor and Zadagen, whose successful portrayal of a mother and father whose world is effectively falling down around them leads to a number of very strong sequences, the most notable of which are their confrontation with Bauer and Cole when they reveal that they failed in their mission, and everything that follows once Kaila is ransomed by the IRK. It is a bit disappointing that the outcome of the car chase is a foregone conclusion before it even begins (as soon as that underpass rolls around, everyone with a functioning frontal lobe knows that the good guys will lose them in it... gah, what a cliche!), and that CTU's efforts to rescue Kaila from the hotel are hampered by a ludicrously one-dimensional rogue police officer who seems to think that he knows better than the bloody uber-trained terrorism experts (talk about your one-dimensional ciphers, jeez... and did anyone else think his name was Sergeant Anus? No? Oh well), but on the whole, this is pretty entertaining stuff. Hell, I'll take it over The Dana Walsh Hour any day.

    Things only get better once the aforementioned ransoming begins. The visual orchestration of this sequence is expertly handled, first-time director Nelson McCormick doing a top notch job of marrying stark, harrowing verisimilitude with powerful emotional gravitas. It's encouraging that 24 refuses to shy away from the horror of the situation, presenting us with a rather bleak representation of Kaila's ordeal. The actress is very good here, conveying the character's desperation and turmoil with a degree of temperance so that things don't descend into the hyperbolic, while the simple decision to pop a balaclava over the head of the 'head goon' works wonders for the impact of the scene, magnifying its eeriness and making the threat seem all the more palpable. Hell, he even gets a plastic bag out and starts suffocating the poor gal which, while hardly likely to signify the end of her character, makes for a powerful moment nonetheless. Harbinson and Johannessen are particularly adept at manufacturing intrigue here, largely thanks to the addition of a number of either unexplained or unpredictable diversions. First, we have the incorporation of the rather ominous 'File 33' which, having never previously been a factor in the story, certainly piques the viewer's interest. Its ultimate purpose is also somewhat refreshing; I, for one, believed it would be some sort of proposal for a nuclear weapons programme (thereby tying this into the core motifs of the season) but surprisingly, the script actually avoids the predictable. Who would've thunk, eh?

    The same could be said for the trajectory of the kidnapping itself; the decision to allow Kaila and Tarin to escape initially comes across as a rather unusual one, especially given that other developments seem to point towards the intervention of CTU (more on that later) and that the 'File 33' strand could have led to a decidedly intriguing tangent of its own. It's different but plausible and is executed particularly well; it's just unfortunate that the writers choose to perform another U-turn and manufacture an ancillary twist that isn't as successful. The revelation that Tarin is still alive and that Kaila was set up is frankly groan-inducing, feeling far too artificial to be of any real value. It's another example of the kind of overboard oneupmanship that's plagued 24 since day one, wherein the impact of a twist is considered to be of more importance than the actual logic behind its implementation. Granted, yes, we can hardly have the good guys save the day with half of the season left to go, but at least have the decency to make these things feel like less of a cheat. And I'm reserving judgment on what they've used Kaila for: for all McCormick's orchestration of the CTU 'blackout' is highly effective and somewhat original (well, for this show at least), the viewer is certainly forgiven for feeling rather tired of the beat itself. Honestly, how many seasons has the Counter Terrorist Unit been subject to attack now? Do we really need to see it again? "Ah, but it's an EMP!", I hear you cry, "They've never done that before!" And sure, I'll give you that. Hell, I'll even acknowledge that such a development may have potential; if we can get rid of the magic technology that enables Chloe And The Gang to resolve every problem within minutes, we could have a rather refreshing show on our hands. But do you really hold out hope? Really? Is it not far likelier that Jack and his buds will just use all the even-more-hyper-advanced-super-tech housed at the NSA, thereby rendering this whole plotline utterly worthless? What do you think, gentle viewer?

    To be honest, however brief a stop-gap this technological impedance proves to be, it couldn't have come at a better time. The amount of patently unbelievable uses for the CTU systems in this episode is enough to give your average engineer a few brain hemorrhages. Once again, every security feed in the land proves to be subject to the whim of Chloe O'Brien, whose magical ability to 'tap into' just about anything (hospital cameras, traffic cams, your Fujifilm 200) is trotted out for the umpteenth infuriating time; the 'quick fix' drones are provided with their most prominent showcase to date, popping all over the place in an attempt to amplify the tension of the car chase sequence, but actually just serving to mildly distract the viewer with their eerie 'Jesus-eye' perspectives (credit, for the second week running, to the excellent 2guystalking podcast for that one); but perhaps the most offensive of the lot is the patently ridiculous load of garbage that flows freely from Arlo's mouth when he comes up with a way to locate Kaila and her kidnappers. He 'isolated a subway noise and is cross referencing with train positions'? Oh come on! 1. Is it even likely that there would be any cars running at 3.30 in the morning? 2. If there are are passenger services, couldn't it also be possible that a freight train/cleaning vehicle is being used while the place is shut? And if so, cross-referencing with timetables would be insufficient... a whole process of acquiring information would need to begin, and third and most important, how is he able to 'isolate a subway noise' anyway? How ludicrously vague is that? Why can't we have something more realistic and less half-baked? Is it too much to ask?

    Well, at least it isn't My Name is Dana, eh? To be fair to 24, we don't get a great deal of it this week but sadly, what we do get continues to significantly sub par. First, there's the continuation of the irritatingly irrelevant inter-office paradigm shift, wherein Arlo, quite logically actually, asks Chloe whom he is required to report to following Dana's demotion. Instead of simply giving him a straightforward answer, she puts her petulant head on, pouts and starts moaning about how 'we're in the middle of a crisis' and that Arlo effectively shouldn't be bothering her. The problem here, as with Cole's rebuke of Jenny in the lift last week, is that by referencing the fact that something is extraneous, the writers draw the viewer's attention to it and therefore amplify its impact. Yeah great, you should get on with it! And now! Stop harping on about it! Worse still, obviously, is the furtherance of the Kevin Wade plot. Yup, the parole officer arrives at CTU at 3.15 in the morning, desperate to find out what happened to the man he's been charged with, despite the fact that he has free will and can pretty much do what he wants. And okay, okay, so perhaps the Nick thing is a fairly logical way of explaining his presence but to be honest, no one actually gives a s**t. Stephen Root may be a solid actor, and his portrayal may actually be moderately enjoyable, but the whole strand is so categorically objectionable that it doesn't matter. Every time Dana's blonde locks cascade over the screen, the dramatic momentum grinds to an unforgivable halt, removing the viewer from his or her engagement with the narrative and negating our enjoyment of the episode. Kill. This. Story. Dead. Now. There's plenty decent story to go round.

    It's something of a relief that '3am - 4am' is a substantial improvement on Evan Katz and David Fury's preceding effort. Last week's hour was so unequivocally bad that it's unsurprising that 24 is losing viewers in droves, and any further slide down this slippery slope could have resulted in a truly sorry state of affairs for the show. Thankfully, Johannessen and Harbinson's script rectifies some of the problems that dogged '2am - 3am', concentrating squarely on the central terrorist threat and doing so with impressive gusto, providing a dramatic development that concentrates the focus of the story and provides a palpable and enjoyable level of tension and suspense. It isn't without its problems, of course; once again, we simply cannot get rid of The Dana Walsh Show, and every scene in which she appears seems to obliterate the episode's momentum, and some of the other dramatic decisions are distinctly questionable. Still, at least things appear to be on the up. Let's just hope that, as currently appears to be the trend, 24 doesn't pull a fast one on us and unleash its worst ever hour next week. Fingers crossed guys, fingers crossed.
  • a 4 are you kidding me? This episode was amazing

    Why have all the episodes of season 8 on this website got lower than a 9 in ratings. They may have not been all 10's but none are lower than 9.0 come on. This episode was amazing, from start to finish it was like a rollercoaster ride and that ending is just...words cannot describe and to 44fan why rate the episode a 4 it was not even close to being worth that low. What numbers are coming up on the lottery this Saturday, you are clearly psychic since you knew exactly what was going to happen at the end. I mean I watched it knowing all along that it was going to end with a surge of electromagnetic radiation knocking everybody in CTU to the ground, exploding the computer screens, making a defeaning sound as the building flashed blue, everybody screamed and the telephone lines went down. I mean it was so obvious that was going to happen all along. To all those that complain about Bill Prady's presence. Remember he was there for an hour when everybody was distracted by a crisis, if you have so much to think about at once you won't even notice he was there, its not like he was there for about seven or eight hours, it's just nitpicking, if you do not want to watch it don't watch it just watch something boring and slow like CSI instead. i just loved this episode.
  • 24 is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode of 24 was what i was waiting for till now. The EMP was a really smart move by the writers making CTU totally dysfunctional. Jack and Cole do remind me of Jack and Tony workin together. Speaking of which i wonder if they'll bring Tony back again this season. Though i was expecting more action from Rene coz she was brilliant in season 7 and now she's just waitin for Jack. Lets c what 24 has in store for us. I've bcome crazy again waitin a week for the next episode of 24 and watch new antics of Jack Bauer.
  • Shocking!!!

    This is the best episode of the season yet!.
    It remains me the best of the show!.

    The incredible tension is present in all the hour.
    Just in the beginning you are truly hook and so nerve cracking.

    The acting and the action are superb and the writers managed to give us a gold episode.

    Jack first enter in U.N. is so cool and so remarkable!.
    The meeting and the moments that he shares with President Hassan are so good.
    The Presindent daughter´s plot is truly amazing and so tense.

    But maybe the best thing of this episode is its perfect and surprising ending.
    A really shocking and unexpected ending that is one of the best twists of the show EVER!.
    You won´t believe how this hour ends and you won´t miss next episode too!.

    Best yet!.
  • Explosive!

    Brilliant episode. For sure, one of the best of the season. It starts with the high node and end with even higher. Brilliant.

    I loved the whole storyline with the daughter.. They brining her in front of the camera.. threatening to kill her, wanting that file and playing us all. That was just one really amazing storyline. They had brilliant plan and CTU just step into the trap. The moment, before they end, when they got it.. few seconds... what a tension.. what a pressure.. and that explosion.. all that glass on CTU just falling. That was really action packed sequence.. everyone running.. everyone just... I am only now scared to think what comes next..

    But I loved Dana Walsh storyline too.. The phonecall she made to Cole.. and then.. she going to give herself up and all that happens..
  • Tarin Faroush kidnaps President Hassan's daughter to a secluded location where he meets his cohorts to prepare their next move. Jack and Cole desparately try to locate them to save Hassan's daughter. Back at CTU Dana has yet another unwanted visitor.

    The best episode of the season to date. In this episode we see everything that makes "24" the great show it is. Terrific suspense, heartstopping action and one of the best climaxes ever seen on the show. Freddie Prinze, Jr. gives probably his best performance of the season in this episode. I hope he is able to sustain his momentum for the remainder of the season. Dana and her side story are still a liability. I still am having difficulty with the fact that she is allowed to come and go from her desk as she pleases. A great episode.
  • Now there's the 24 I remember.

    I'm never going to say that 24 is not good. I've never seen an episode that made me say, "That episode was bad." Never have I said that, nor will I ever say that. But something that I have noticed lately is the tendency to just have very predictable storylines. I totally saw Sergei shooting his son coming from a mile away. And I'm just not into the whole story with Dana and her past. I just wish they'd let it float down the river with the bodies of her compadres Kevin and Nick. It's just a dumb story used to fill in space.

    And Arlo, don't even get me started about him. He is absolutely ridiculous. I think I'd rather see Janis Gold back, and that scares even myself when I say that.

    But last night, I found that I forgot all about those horrible little story lines in exchange for something different: an intense, great story. I felt the way they did that episode last night was absolutely stupendous. I actually, for once in a very long time, did not see that coming. I really thought Taroun Farouch actually had a change of heart, and sacrified himself for his beloved...Wrong.

    But the next episode is sure to have some twists and turns now that CTU is not operational, and we're finally going to see some action on Jack Bauer's behalf.

    As I stated above, 24 has never been bad. I have never seen an episode where I said, "Boy, that was a waste." Never, and I never will. 24 has some of the best writers this nation could have, and great actors in Keifer Sutherland. I truly enjoy 24, and I hoping that everyone rethinks ending the show. I think it could last a little bit longer. They've sorta set it up to appear it's almost the end, but I say give it another chance. If you come up with a storyline similar to this one for next season, I would be happy to watch the show again.
  • CTU uncovers the leak within Hassan's security and tries to intercept him before he takes Hassan's daughter hostage.

    I think what I liked best about the episode is how the writers don't treat the villains as third rate goons who are too stupid for smart Jack and CTU.

    I didn't really see Tarin coming from the dead, and CTU being hit again is something that wasn't expected. At least the writers this time around haven't killed of any the members like they did a couple of seasons ago for shock value.

    The character development are needed before you have an episode like this which was more action oriented.
    If you don't set up the probable psychological developments of the characters, then the action stuff is ridiculous and unnecessary. So Hassan's infidelity needed to be put forth to viewers along with his family coming apart,Tarin and the daughter's affair, Jack's time away from CTU, and Hastings inability to offer compassion and leadership to his team all set up the scenarios we see now.

    With all that established, then an episode like this is all the more exciting to see and makes the season more unpredictable and fun.
  • A great episode to segueway into the second half of the season

    This is what 24 needs right now: an hour long episode filled with every element that has made the show successful for the past four years. Unfortunately, previous episodes this season have failed to deliver these elements, and Season 8 has suffered because of it. However, this episode was a breath of fresh air; a reminder that 24's writers and showrunners still know how to keep their fans on their toes.

    24 is certainly a show where one must suspend their idea of what is real and what isn't, or what is possible and what is impossible. The first season of the show was slightly more realistic than any of the seasons that followed it, and it appears we'll never have a season that is so simple in the way the plot is laid out before us. Season 8 so far has undergone at least four different regime changes in terms of villains; just as we grow used to the intricacies that are controlling these bad guys, they're killed off. The most disappointing death so far was Josef Bazhaev. They introduced him, hinted at his motives and than killed him off as if he were nothing more than a glorified extra. I was disappointed, especially since the villain who took his place, Samir, is so bland and two-dimensional (can a character be one-dimensional? Because Samir is really pushing it..) However, Taran has proven to be a clever, sneaky and complex character. When he showed up on CTU's cameras, I was completely shocked. I really expected him to be dead, but 24 is one of those shows where you can never be sure somebody is dead until you see their body being lowered into the ground (and I'm sure it's questionable even then).

    Stephen Root as Ben Prady, Kevin Wade's parole officer, has taken the increasingly irritating plot about Dana and her wrong-doings and raised the stakes a little bit. He plays his character pretty straightforward, but nobody can deny they get the chills just a little bit after seeing him widen his eyes and interrogate someone. He brings an intensity that I wasn't expecting from that character, and it'll be interesting to see whether or not he's going to make a return next week. However, I agree with what I've read from dozens of users on this website, as well as critics on other websites: the writers better have one incredible reason for focusing so heavily on this character, because right now, there's no excuse for taking so much time to focus on a brand new character and take away from scenes with older characters.

    The introduction of the mysterious and potentially game changing File 33 could turn out to be extremely important to the rest of the season. It's interesting to see that Hassan, behind all of his plans to unite with the United States government, is actually gathering intelligence on them, intelligence that is highly classified and revolves around nuclear defense systems, something I'm assuming President Taylor will not take lightly. Speaking of President Taylor.. where the hell is she? Am I the only person who's completely frustrated by the lack of her prescene the last few weeks? It's one thing when you go a week without Renee or a week without Chloe, but the President of the United States, a character who was lauded by critics and fans alike, won an Emmy for her performance and has brought intensity to each and every scene she's in? Unforgivable. Bring her back next week or I will go Jack Bauer all over the writers.

    The ending, as the previews last week hinted at, was a game-changer and will definitely give the show a lot to work with next week, but I sort of wish I didn't watch the preview. It was an interesting marketing technique, to say the least, but giving us the exact time in the episode when the shocking events will happen? It sort of takes away from the impact, and although I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, as soon as 3:52 rolled around, I was fully expecting something intense to happen. An intriguing marketing technique, but a huge spoiler at the same time.

    So far, halfway through the season, I wouldn't say this is the worst season of 24, but it's far from the show's best moments. It's right next to Season 6 as my least favorite season, but after this episode, I'm hoping to see some more great moments. This episode had the action, the twists, the great character moments and really made me latch onto Taran as a villain. He's clearly a complex guy, and it'll be interesting to see what his motives are as the show goes on.
  • Day 8. 12 hours. and the clock is still ticking...

    I agree with alot of the critics this year, 24 has been slower than usual. The stories have been a bit more about character development (Renee) than they have about the threat in New York. Not that I'm complaining, as the show is now begninning to make up for lost time, as with episode 12.

    The episode was full of action, ans suspence. Full of Jack Bauer & Chloe. Full of twists and turns, and a classic 'CTU infultrated' episode. This is the mid-point of the season, and I know that the next 12 episodes will be mindblowing and exciting. After what feels weeks of episodes which have been setting the scene, we are back with Jack and the action. This epsiode actually got me excited more than any other episode this season. A Classic 24 episode.

    But what annoys me is people criticing the show too much. 24 is still one of the greatest things on television to date. It's been going since 2001, its hard show to write and produce, give it some credit. If you don't like the show, stop watching it and moaning about it, nothing worse than people doing that. Especially when they seem to be thiking too much about "OMG That would never happen". I think all 24 seasons are not completly realistic (Jack Bauer stopping threats in One day? really?!) but it's called entertaining. Some things you've got to have reasonable doubt yeah, but dont look too much into it. If the EMP bomb didn't go off in CTU, but when she was still driving somewhere in NY, that wouldn't be as good. The terrorists obviously estimated how much time the bomb would need to get to CTU and they were lucky it went off just in time. Just give some things a break, else you might aswell look at the whole show, each season and be like "Jack Bauer, stopping things in one day? getting away with all of this? managing to get from one place to another in minuntes with all that traffic?- that wouldnt be very entertaining would it?)

    Sorry to have a bit of a rant. But like I said. 24 looks to be back from this episode, and from what the cast and crew have said about the second half of the season... it will be immense! :)
  • A better episode after weeks of suck.

    The last 10 minutes were just excellent - reminds me of what "24" is all about. The last time it was that exciting was years ago, back in season five. So for this alone, it is worth 7/10.

    As usual, however, there are plot holes - like how did the car get past CTU security with a bomb that obvious? Why did she have to goto CTU? How did Tarin gun down those cops, whom were wearing bullet-proof vests? Why is that parole officer there at 4AM? How did the terrorist go from looking for a denotator to acquiring a EMP?! How did they know when to set off the EMP (right when it is just inside CTU)?

    But my biggest problem is with Jack : he is just going through the motions, like it's all rountine to him. He "knows" how the terrorists think and always guesses right...it's actually annoying : "They must have...", "They must be planning to...", "Their next move is....". He seems bored at times.
  • OMG!! NO surprises here!!!!! So mad at the writers!!!

    I'm certainly NOT eating my words,even though I'd love to....when it come to my disspointment in the pathetic writing this season. Tonights episode was so completly unrealistic when it comes to the "probabtion" officer "wondering" around "ourside" the waiting area. He's standing right there when the crisis is happening, Hastings can see him and says nothing. So Damn silly! Come on writers....this just destroys the rest of the episode. LOL...my husbang even said, as the daughter is driving to CTU...do you think this is all a set up? I told him "Yes, I bet her boyfriend wasn't shot and there's a bomb in the car" Well...bingo, no surprise on that one. I told him there's no way they are going to cut her head off. The "OLD and realistic 24" would have gone through with the execution, not showing it of course, but it would havde been a shocker! No way now that 24 has gone Politcally Correct and doesn't want to rock the boat.
    I'll keep watching, no matter how painful it is.
    The acting is good....to bad they Don't have good writing!!!!!!!!!!!
  • As per tradition, 24 hits form for mid season.

    24 usually bring the A game for the mid season episode(s); last season we had the amazing white house siege, Day 6 we had the best episode of a weak season and it goes on. No exception for day 8 as we had the best episode of the season. A bit disappointed it was not a 2 hours event but that will come later.
    So the episode basically leads you to believe one thing before dropping the "bomb" (no punt intended) that changes the structure of the episode and as it is mid season, it also changes the complexity of the season. In fact at one point we were lead to believe that Tarin, after betraying Hassan and kidnapping his daughter suddenly decided to be a hero, saved the girl and got killed.Now that is just bad, cliche scripting. I like 3D characters but here it would just be too much zig zag. Clearly a jump the shark moment for me until it is later revealed that it was all a play. Smack in the face for me really because it was unexpected, shocking and brilliant writing. The attack on CTU was fantastic, well shot, well acted and even the special effects were pretty decent(well it`s no avatar tho). It is a great twist and was perfectly executed.
    But the weak point remain the same tho. Every time the show stop focusing on the main plot to make place to some side plot, it just feels dragged, repetitive and uninteresting. I am talking about Dana Walsh here of course. The actress is good, I liked her in battlestar galatica but the character is very unpopular(and rightfully so) among the fans. She just doesn`t make any sense; the very idea of someone with a fake identity working for the freaking CTU is just ridiculous. Screen time given for this storyline felt again dragged and I just hope they get over this quickly.
    The episode also re-used so old stuffs like impersonating of a police etc.. This has hurt the show before but here it was well done, so I don`t care as it was fun. Proof that there is no harm in using old plot devices IF it is done well.
    Overall, a fantastic episode with just the side plot as a hic. The ending changes everything and I personally cannot wait to see what happens next; it is basically chaos but Jack is here right :D.
  • Welcome back 24!

    I'll keep this review short. Episode 12 provides some real "classical" 24 scenes and twists. Beginning with intensity in the first part, it also generates some fantastic twists towards the end. Moreover, it sets the scene perfectly for the upcoming episodes. SPOILERS --> it will be really interesting to see how Jack handles things without the help of CTU, or Chloe! END SPOILERS

    I'm glad the writers have decided to keep a few slow episodes and build up on it later. It pays off so much more in the end, even though we, the viewers, might not appreciate the slower episodes much until the bigger ones come through. Although this episode will not make every person who was complaining about 24 rethink their views and take a moment to offer a brief apology, I think it will touch the hearts of most =) I had never lost my faith in 24, but I can assure you that this episode made sure my faith will remain with it!
  • Absolutely perfect.....

    This show is now making doubters and critics eat their words. This is what i've always said, This season is compared to season 3 which started slow but got better by the hours. From start to finish this episode was superb. TARREN was superb, the EMP was a major twist considering C.T.U is underground, Jack was awesome and there is still light at the tunnel for dana..... all the story lines are good enough now and the acting is fantastic. These terrorists are just so smart this season meanwhile Cole and Jack are making a pretty good team out there