Season 8 Episode 24

Day 8: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on FOX
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Chloe offers Jack a drastic alternative to his vengeful assassination scheme. As the treaty signing nears, President Taylor agonizes over the means she has used this day to bring this even about. Charles Logan takes one last bitter step against an old opponent.

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  • Uno dei finali pi toccanti nella storia dei telefilm.

    Un finale epico,devo dirlo,per mi dispiaciuto molto per Jack Bauer,che dovuto andare via dagli Stati Uniti,poi per continua con Live Another Day che inizia una nuova saga.
  • about this episode

    it had great music score.
  • End of a Great TV Series

    Despite my objections to the police state politics of "24" I must admit that artistically and dramatically it was a great TV series, among the best ever made. I'm actually sad that it's over.
  • Lamest episode ever!

    It was better that jack was killed or ended like a heroe, not like a criminal. It was the lamest episode i ever seen, seing jack saing goodbey to the cameras? What the heel was that? i looked like an ending of a cartoon sketch... If i tryed i could not arranged a worse ending, like this one! It seems like the show will continue in the next episode, so for a finally my note is 1!! not to say ZERO. . . What happends next? The president is arrested, the russian president is arrested, USA will have another terrorist atack, and guess who will show up?

    thats it, jack...

    And the president, that made mistakes one after another, and after all she gaves up, minutes ago she wanted to kill jack, that was so weak!!!!moreless
  • The most tense 24 finale since Season 1.

    Season 8 started off pretty bad, I admit that. Because of it's horrible first half it lost many viewers, forcing Fox to cancel the show. Realizing Season 8 is the final countdown, the writers went all out.

    After Dana was revealed as a mole the show didn't stop being amazing, matching the level of quality set by Season 5, Season 7, and the first four episodes of Season 6. Awesome plot twists, fight scenes, and emotional moments took Season 8 from a kiddy ride to a rolercoster.

    And the finale is special from other 24 finales. You know it's the last episode, so Jack has a possibility to actually die. And throughout the entire episode, Jack goes through hell. 24 finales usually end with a big fight scene and Jack is injured but the bad guys lose and there is a 15 minute celebration in the end followed by a sudden cliffhanger.

    In this episode, the final 15 minutes are anything but the resting period. The final 15 minutes are so tense and emotional that I nearly cried because of what happens, and I found myself literally squirming around in my seat, hanging on to my computer screen (Netflix) and praying Jack would survive.

    The actual ending, well, I won't spoil it, but let's put it this way: It's as good an ending as I can picture for 24. Not entirly happy, but not completely sad either. The writers did an amazing job, and turned Season 8 from a lackluster and mediocre story to awesomeness.

    Episodes 1-13 = Bad

    Episodes 14-19 = Amazing comeback

    Episodes 20-24 = Holy **** the best five episode of 24 ever

    24 gets a 10 and so does it's finale.moreless
Eriq La Salle

Eriq La Salle

UN Secretary General

Guest Star

Jamie Martz

Jamie Martz

Nate Burke

Guest Star

Alex Carter

Alex Carter


Guest Star

Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor

Kayla Hassan

Recurring Role

Reed Diamond

Reed Diamond

Jason Pillard

Recurring Role

Frank John Hughes

Frank John Hughes

Tim Woods

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When President Taylor put the card into her computer it started the video part way through. It skipped the part where he said that he always started conversations with saying he was sorry.

    • This episode does not have a "previously on...", it is the only non-premiere episode to do so besides the pilot episode.

    • When Jack makes his recorded speech, he says "This peace is fraudulent, and I cannot in good conscience allow the people that lost their lives today to go unspoken for. You reminded me of that earlier today. That's who I am." In the closed-captioning it says "Kim, you reminded me of that earlier today."

    • This is the only episode of 24 to end with a clock counting down to 00:00:00 instead of the hour the episode ends at.

    • Yuri Suvarov's signature is in Latin alphabet, not Russian one. Likewise, Dalia Hassan signs her name in also Latin, not Arabic despite her country's Middle Eastern background.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Chloe: Shut it down. (Last line of series)

    • Jack: Chloe?
      Chloe: What?
      Jack: When you first came to CTU I never thought it was going to be you that was going to cover my back all those years. And I know that everything that you did today was to try and protect me. I know that. (Looking at the drone, to Chloe) Thank you.
      Chloe: (crying) Good luck, Jack.

    • President Taylor: Jack?
      Jack: You should've let them kill me...'cause I'm not going to quit until this is over.
      President Taylor: It is over. I withdrew 15 minutes ago from the signing of the peace treaty. Within the hour, I will tell the world what happened today. I will tender my resignation and remand myself to the attorney general, and face the consequences of my actions. Unfortunately, you will have to do the same. I wanted this peace so badly, Jack. And for that, I have betrayed every principle that I have ever stood for. And I betrayed you. If I had listened to you, none of this would have happened.
      Jack: We've both made mistakes we're going to have to live with.
      President Taylor: I would give anything to take back the time. But all I can do is tell you to leave the country while you still have a chance. The Russians will be coming after you. And so will we. Jack, I am so sorry. I don't know what else to say.

    • Jack: (on the record) Lasting peace cannot simply be political. It has to be born out of trust and honesty and understanding and most importantly, a will on both sides to move forward. Currently, that will does not exist. This peace is fraudulent, and I cannot in good conscience allow the people that lost their lives today to go unspoken for. You reminded me of that earlier today. That's who I am.

    • Chloe: You're gonna start a war because you lost someone?
      Jack: This isn't about me.
      Chloe: Renee wouldn't want you to do this.
      Jack: I said shut up, Chloe!
      Chloe: You know she wouldn't. She would want you to use that data card to get justice. The last thing Renee would want is for you to start a war in her name. Jack, please, don't dishonor her memory like this.

    • Charles Logan: I hope I was convincing enough for you.
      Jack: You're a world-class liar; I would have expected nothing else.

  • NOTES (4)