Season 8 Episode 24

Day 8: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on FOX

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  • Uno dei finali pi toccanti nella storia dei telefilm.

    Un finale epico,devo dirlo,per mi dispiaciuto molto per Jack Bauer,che dovuto andare via dagli Stati Uniti,poi per continua con Live Another Day che inizia una nuova saga.
  • about this episode

    it had great music score.
  • End of a Great TV Series

    Despite my objections to the police state politics of "24" I must admit that artistically and dramatically it was a great TV series, among the best ever made. I'm actually sad that it's over.
  • Lamest episode ever!

    It was better that jack was killed or ended like a heroe, not like a criminal. It was the lamest episode i ever seen, seing jack saing goodbey to the cameras? What the heel was that? i looked like an ending of a cartoon sketch... If i tryed i could not arranged a worse ending, like this one! It seems like the show will continue in the next episode, so for a finally my note is 1!! not to say ZERO. . . What happends next? The president is arrested, the russian president is arrested, USA will have another terrorist atack, and guess who will show up?
    thats it, jack...

    And the president, that made mistakes one after another, and after all she gaves up, minutes ago she wanted to kill jack, that was so weak!!!!
  • The most tense 24 finale since Season 1.


    Season 8 started off pretty bad, I admit that. Because of it's horrible first half it lost many viewers, forcing Fox to cancel the show. Realizing Season 8 is the final countdown, the writers went all out.

    After Dana was revealed as a mole the show didn't stop being amazing, matching the level of quality set by Season 5, Season 7, and the first four episodes of Season 6. Awesome plot twists, fight scenes, and emotional moments took Season 8 from a kiddy ride to a rolercoster.

    And the finale is special from other 24 finales. You know it's the last episode, so Jack has a possibility to actually die. And throughout the entire episode, Jack goes through hell. 24 finales usually end with a big fight scene and Jack is injured but the bad guys lose and there is a 15 minute celebration in the end followed by a sudden cliffhanger.

    In this episode, the final 15 minutes are anything but the resting period. The final 15 minutes are so tense and emotional that I nearly cried because of what happens, and I found myself literally squirming around in my seat, hanging on to my computer screen (Netflix) and praying Jack would survive.

    The actual ending, well, I won't spoil it, but let's put it this way: It's as good an ending as I can picture for 24. Not entirly happy, but not completely sad either. The writers did an amazing job, and turned Season 8 from a lackluster and mediocre story to awesomeness.

    Episodes 1-13 = Bad

    Episodes 14-19 = Amazing comeback

    Episodes 20-24 = Holy **** the best five episode of 24 ever

    24 gets a 10 and so does it's finale.

  • Little disappointing as Series Finale, Perfect for Season Finale... at least: nicely superb! Thak you, 24!!

    Well... The final episode of 24!. The big problem of every finale is that almost every time, it leaves you wanting more... And this time, that is a reality again, but in a better way:
    It´s obvious that eight seasons of one of the most addictive and best shows of TV will have a difficult finale. And is truly hard that this finale like everyone. So, this last episode is a bit dissapointing and uncomplete as an ending to the whole series, but in the other hand is the right ending to the season eight.
    So, it´s the right ending. Also the only way to escape after built up the brutal last plot of the show!.
    Amazing and truly dramatic and emotional last scene between Jack, Taylor and Chloe!.

    Good Luck, Jack!.
  • A disappointing season ends on a disappointing note

    The series finale begins with a heartfelt message from Kiefer Sutherland, thanking the audience for being there for the past eight seasons. It's actually been nine years, which is hard to reconcile. "24" has been a staple of the post-9/11 television world, and it's hard to believe that Jack Bauer is now fading into legend. Frankly, the character and the franchise deserved a much better sendoff.

    Actually, Jack comes off a lot better in this episode than just about anyone else, save perhaps Chloe. But then, Chloe has been the only constant this season, and especially during this ill-advised final turn towards insanity. Considering that Chloe has been around since the third season, and Jack's most loyal ally, it makes sense that she would come through and help Jack in the end. (And to think: many fans hated Chloe with a passion when she was first introduced!)

    The writers did everything possible to bring Jack back towards the light, but frankly, it was too little, too late. Jack had already slaughtered people with needless brutality, and it's not enough for him to admit that he has to atone for his actions. Having him die at the end of the series wouldn't have worked; if that was going to happen, it would have needed to have happened after a string of heroic choices that led to a moment of cathartic, character-defining sacrifice. And that was no longer a possibility.

    Granted, Jack held back from killing Piller, and he listened to Chloe's pleas, when all his instincts told him to kill Suvarov and Logan. And Jack was willing to die for his sins, which would have been an even worse ending. But it's disappointing to realize that the resolution of the crisis and the end of the series wasn't tied to Jack's active participation.

    While it's been implicit thus far, Jack openly states that his actions were based on Renee's death, because she was someone that he cared for deeply. And as stated several times in previous reviews, this is the biggest problem with the rationale for Jack's descent. Jack is justifying his actions on an emotional attachment to someone he didn't bother checking on for over a year and a half. Had Jack not run into Renee at CTU at the beginning of the season, would he have even looked her up? It just doesn't hold water, and that's coming from someone who accepted the notion that they would fall into a relationship!

    As has been the case since the killing of Renee Walker, Jack is not the only one acting out of character based on questionable logic. President Taylor has inconsistently written since the moment Charles Logan reappeared on the scene. In the penultimate hour, Taylor actually threatens to level an ally's country to preserve a peace accord, just to protect her presidency. Taylor effectively becomes Charles Logan, and just one of them was enough of a blight on the series.

    Perhaps the best moments, as already more or less mentioned, came between Jack and Chloe. Their brief standoff was the one moment of true tension in the entire finale. It was a little convenient that Chloe, barely willing to shoot Jack to save his life, would be capable of aiming her shot with such precision to ensure his survival. But then, "24" has always been an exercise in accepting the convenient and ludicrous; it's often a matter of degree.

    It's been well reported that Kiefer Sutherland was fine with the direction of his character and the progression of the season. Frankly, as much as he has been perfect as Jack Bauer, his personal track record just might suggest that his judgment is flawed. But at least he was happy with his character's direction.

    I can't imagine how Cherry Jones must feel. After a wonderful turn in the seventh season, her character was sidelined for expositional purposes for most of the eighth season, only to climb back into the limelight long enough to have her principled character utterly eviscerated. She did her best with the material she was given, but there had to be some moments when she wondered why she wasted the past year of her career.

    The finale lacked actual resolution in a number of ways. The season arc was more or less concluded, but the writers seemed to be avoiding the final word on just about everything. Consider Logan's suicide: even there, he was probably going to survive, and he might have brain damage. While it's fitting that a slimeball like Logan would screw up his own suicide attempt, why not give him a definitive fate?

    But what about the Russians? What consequences did they incur? And what about the fallout from Taylor's threats against the IRK? Taylor mentions that she will resign over her role in the cover-up, but that doesn't exactly leave the world of "24" in the best of situations. If the writers really had taken the original plan for the season and revised it to serve as a conclusion to the series, why did it seem like the writers made the ending more vague, instead of more definitive?

    The final moments of the episode were frustrating. It was great to hear Jack make certain that Kim and her family understood what happened and were protected, and it was appropriate that the last two characters standing would have that moment. But does it really make sense to have Jack on the run, being hunted down by law enforcement around the world? Doesn't this effectively leave Jack in the same position he was in back at the end of the fourth season (and the sixth, for that matter)?

    A number of critics and fans have made the assumption that this was all setup for the eventual film franchise: that Jack's current situation will be resolved in the eventual film. Unfortunately, that ignores the admission from Howard Gordon and other producers that the film script does not, in any way, adhere to the continuity of the television series. In other words, unless the producers are lying about the intentions for the film (and why bother doing that?), "24" will end on this unresolved note.

    And frankly, Jack Bauer deserved better.

    Overall, this was the finale that the fans were given, not the finale that they (or the characters) deserved. While there is a film franchise to look forward to, the producers have already said that it will not be a direct continuation of the series, so it makes this ending even more frustrating and anti-climactic. This is not how the series should have ended.
  • A disappointing end to a captivating series.

    I think the writers of 24 just flat ran out of things to do, and it was apparent from the way they ended the TV run of this series. They're been rehashing plots for years now, just changing things up slightly each time to give it a premise of creativity. They basically gave the end of the show the same end they gave in season 4, with Jack having to go "on the lamb" from his own government and a foreign power who want him for what he did after defying the President and killing a ridiculous amount of people. Yes, they made Jack a little crazier this season and his kills were more brutal, but honestly, how many bad presidents, CTU moles (how god-awful can the screening process for government employees be that someone with a FAKE NAME can get a high-ranking job in an agency that handles our NATIONAL SECURITY?!?), terrorists planning to unleash a nuclear bomb/virus/whatever can there be? I gave this episode an 7 because I love 24, but it really was a disappointing way to end the run.
  • omg, they really did it.. they killed jack bauer!!

    ok, since this was the last episode of a show that once was so good, you couldn't wait for the next weeks episode, i will try not to be harsh, cos in the end you gotta love jack and 24, no matter how stupid and repetitive the script has become over the years.

    so, all in all the ending of 24 wasn't that great really - i expected a bit more. it was an ok ending to a mediocre season. it feels like the writers chose this ending, so they have the opportunity to bring 24 to the big screen.

    but the scene i really liked was, when jack had logan in the crosshairs. i believe it was an allusion to the movie 'phone booth', where kiefer was pretty much in the same position and said the same thing.

    well, farewell jack and see you on the big screen...
  • The eighth season (and the series) ends with Jack continuing on his quest for revenge. Chloe manages to talk Jack out of an act that could have sparked a war. Elsewhere, President Taylor prepares to sign the peace accord, but soon has second thoughts.

    "24" certainly ended on a high note. The finale to one of television's greatest shows was full of nail biting suspense, great action and high tense drama. Cherry Jones was once again in top form as President Taylor. After hours of out of character missteps, it was almost a relief to see her finally do the right thing. Nice to see the President Taylor we all know resurface. The ending left me wanting more. I would very much like to know how Jack manages to stay a free man. Maybe that will be explained in the movie. We shall see.
  • 24 & Jack ! ..

    I Remember when i saw it the first time on tv back in 2002 .
    and i never thought that show will be my favorite of all time . maybe the show loss some of his soul in season 7 and 8 but still better more than 100 of other shows .

    about this season it was ok in the first half till episode 12 then he become one of the greatest this year and i was hoping that it will end with a high note and it Did .

    what an amazing season , what an amazing cast , what an amazing acting and what an Amazing finale .

    the show should get a nomination at the emmys for the season and should get an emmy for Tayler , Logan and Jack .

    Jack really did an outstanding performance this season .

    i really cant believe two of my favorite shows are ending is the same year ( 24 , Lost ) .

    am going to miss 24 and the sound of the clock and especially Jack Bauer ! .

    10/10 Season and a Finale . Move on now .. :(
  • Fantastic end to an fantastic series....

    24 knows what it was doing with it's finale lost! After a ok start to season 8 the show really picked up. Several major twist (as usual) and it brings us to this very emotional,suspenseful (Jack pointing the sniper at Logan!) finale. I was honestly at the edge of my seat to see if Jack will make it (damn the news about the movie!). Great performance from Keifer Sutherland and Cherry Jones (President Taylor)..this is one of the series i will always miss and i looking forward to the season 8 dvd's and the movie shall be interesting,we will see when the time comes...
  • Season 8 finale/Series finale: An emotional, exciting, powerful and perfect finale to the season and the series.

    Once again: WOW!.
    I cried seeing 24 ending. A really dramatic, breathtaking, powerful and so emotional finale.
    Really perfect!.

    In the last hour ever, Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer stills being in the most remarkable level of performance.
    Also are so strong the performances from Gregory Itzin who showed us a Charles Logan who can cross any line in order to obtain his targets althought his end is not good, Cherry Jones who finally puts her President Taylor back to the rails and gives us one of the most emotional and exciting moments of the finale and of the whole season, and finally Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O´Brian whose final scene saying good luck to Jack in the big screen is one of the most emotive moments in series history.

    The plot of this last episode is really excellent, brutal and exciting. So exciting. You really feels every moment and tension surrounds you every second until the end.

    The resurrection of the good side of President Taylor, for example, made me jump from the seat, shout "YES!" repeatedly and start a long applause.
    And, the last seven minutes kept me watching closely the episode in a way that the show never hooked me: suffering, almost crying, jumping of the seat and feeling each moment.
    And also the final moment in which Jack talks to the President and after that say thanks to Chloe, she says to erase every evidence and to shut the screen down and we see the last seconds of image: Jack looking to the screen and starting to run made me cry and began another round of applauses.

    It´s true that this last season began so weak and with a dissapointing first half, but from episode 12 the show improved so much, touching the perfection and reaching a really perfect score in its final episodes.
    So, i have decided to add 0,2 to my mark of the season by two reasons:
    0,1 because is the final season and another 0,1 because this season has one of truly best final episodes EVER!.
    So, in my opinion, this final season of 24 has a superb 9,0 out 10.
    Overwall, it´s not one of the best seasons of the series, but is so remarkable.

    A really perfect ending!.
    At the same level that best season finale: one, four, five and seven.
    Thank you, Jack Bauer!.
    Thank you so much for this stunning ending and for all the great eight seasons!.
    You will be missed so, so much!.
    Good Luck!.
  • A brilliant end to a brilliant series of shows.

    In a nutshell this was possibly my favorite episode of 24. I thought the only way that they would be able to end the show was by killing Jack. They proved me wrong. So what if it was the everybody good lives scenario. The way it was executed and directed was brilliant. Although they have confirmed there won't be another 24. I think they could do it. Who says they couldn't start one up where ever Jack decides to run off to.
    I'm not suggesting that they do it. But it's always a possibility. Who says that the show (if resurrected) would have to be about a terrorist threat. I can't think of anything else it could be on. But that's why I'm not a TV Show writer.
    Chloe is amazing and could have a spin-off show (even if not in realtime. Again I'm not recommending it but it could work with the right writers.
    Now to the show. It was a brilliantly directed episode. Possibly the best directed one. I'll miss this show now it's gone but do hope that they somehow find a way to resurrect it. Too many good shows are ending. Lost, 24, hopefully some new ideas will shine. Only time will tell.
  • 24: The Final Episode

    Although there was little action, this episode was magnificent on its character interactions and how their morals affected them. It continued with the suspense and momentum of the previous episode, and slowly began to conclude the season and series as a whole. If Jack had killed President Suvarov, Jack Bauer would no longer be a "hero", and by doing so he would abandon all his moral values. Yes, in these last episodes, he has slightly turned from his morals and taken justice into his own hands, quite violently and savagely too. But as he said to Pillar in the previous episode, he felt obliged too; if President Taylor had done the right thing, he would have accepted punishment by law, but she wouldn't derail her peace process. And for that reason, Jack felt he had to be "judge and jury". And President Taylor was desperate; she had already lost her family to her presidency, she was not going to lose the most monumental part of it. She would go to any lengths to keep it on track, including the use of the threat of war. But in the moments before the signing, two things made her realize how far she had fallen. She looked at the gift which President Hassan had planned to give her before the signing. Also, after Taylor watches the video of Jack's emotional confession, she realizes she is wrong, and backs out of the peace agreement seconds before she signs it. And in a very dignified way, she accepts responsibility for her actions and is willing to be prosecuted by law, and thats the Taylor we know and love.

    Chloe sadly reminds Jack who he is, and tells him he is sullying Renee's death, not honoring it. Classic move, but it works, creating Jack to at the last second back away from killing President Suvarov. Jack than begins thinking up a new plan and is desperate to get he truth out, at any cost. In a tense scene, Jack gets Chloe to shoot him so everything looks legitimate, than Pillar enters the scene again. And Jack biting Pillars ear off was classic 24. Again, they are stopped, and are taken back to CTU. But President Taylor ends up finding her conscience and is ready to fix all her mistakes. She quickly goes after Logan, who kills Pillar and than attempts to kill himself, Bye Logan, its been fun. Than in a nail biting scene, Jack's execution is stopped by Presidential order.

    Before I continue, this scene was very important. Many say they knew Jack wasn't going to die because they are going to make a movie, true. But this scene again proves how much Jack has to suffer for his country and I actually thought he might be killed. Maybe just me, but I thought it was epic 24. Than the President tells Jack that she has come clean and will face the punishment for her actions, but Jack has to run. The United States and Russia will both want Jack, and he has no choice.

    And in the greatest scene of 24 ever, Jack says his goodbyes to Chloe. So emotional, so powerful, this scene really signified the end of the series, and we feel that Jack is back to being Jack: FREE, and on his own. Jack is always better when he has no attachments, he knows that and so does Chloe which is what makes his escape bitter sweet. And the last image of Jack Bauer looking at the satellite just as the screen shuts down, a tear came down my face. The finale was exceeded all my expectations and really surprised me. With little action, it was able to keep me intrigued, emotional and surprised the whole episode. Great job writer, actors and everybody involved in 24. It was one of the greatest shows on television and I know I will miss it deeply. Mondays will never be the same. But, 24 was worth every minute. Goodbye 24, it was one hell of a ride!
  • A perfect ending for a perfect serie!

    I really don't understand the reviews that says that the show didn't really conclude everything.
    We don't care to see what happens to the russian gouverment, we don't care to know what happens to President Taylor. The Russians are in the UN, and when President Taylor reveals the truth, I don't think they will be able to run very far! So we don't have to be the smartest to assume that they get arrested!
    And for President Taylor, okay then! We also can guess whant happens to her next!

    The plot wasn't about what is going to happen to them, but whether the truth would be revealed! And under what conditions.

    Ok the Renée/Jack relations was a bit weird : to see them fall in love so quickly after spending so much time away. But let the guy have some rests! I think I can let him fall in love quickly without beeing "shocked". I mean he lost his wife, he lost his daughther, then they were ok for a while, then mad, then ok, then mad, then ok... He tried to blend and live with a "normal" family, but then had to leave them... Maybe Renée's death was too much and he got rogue and everything because of that! I mean, I know I would go crazy wayyyyy before him!

    The show is a drama/cop, so I already knew that the end wasn't going to be a fairy tale for Jack. And the ending was perfect. So much emotions!

    I hope to see a little more of Jack Bauer with the "movie"!

    Live In Peace Jack, LIP!
  • Great Series ending.

    In the final two hours, Choices weighed heavily on political shoulders. and the only person sure of himself was Jack Bauer. nothing went right this whole season and even when Jack surrendered himself to play the plan out Chloe's way, it still didnt happen like it was supposed to, and yet, in a poetic way, it happened the way it should have 6 hours ago.

    It was great to see this show take a new turn from the normal format that they usually do, and it was even better to see this series end, not in a blaze of gunfire, explosions and hand to hand combat, but with political sacrifice and while the crisis ended, nothing that was set out to be accomplished in that day happened. which makes it a tragic ending, but a fitting one for Jack.
  • Great way to end the series. The final scene was excellent.

    I loved the episode. I know some people are upset over the lack of action, but I thought it was brilliant to end the series with character driven scenes. The final scene was perfect and I loved how Jack won and lost at the same time. Jack does not get his happy ending, but instead the character gets a fitting ending. He is a tragic hero who is doomed to isolation and solitude. Many people thought that the series should have ended after season 4 with Jack walking into the sunset. I find it ironic that the series ends in a similar fashion. Besides the character being killed of I thought this was the best way to end his story... until he returns in the movies.
  • Stellar send off for the TV "Jack"...

    ...and a nice set-up for the movie "Jack".

    It's fitting that even in a show as gritty as 24, the really greasy guys and gals get their come-uppance. Since it doesn't happen often enough in real life, we'll take it where we can get it.

    On the top of the grease ball list is, or, more hopefully was, President Charles Logan. Gregory Itzin succeeded in making me feel a shower was in order.

    President Taylor had her moments of "not much better than Logan", but pulled it off in the end. At first I thought that change of heart was groaner because you can bet politics wins over right in real time, but Cherry Jones did a very admirable job of conveying the depth of emotions someone with no other way out would go through. It will be interesting to see who the next prez is...

    I hope Freddie Prinze Jr is also in the movie. I wish there could have been more exploration with his character, but in one season, and the final one at that, its tough to accomplish that. Especially in a series with so many meaningful characters in it's history.

    So, I guess the movie will find Jack on the run and perhaps having to protect his family from afar?? Jack could do it too. After all, who else has had the bejeebers beat out of them as often as Jack Bauer, and still gets up every time!

    Sorry to see the series go, but glad it was on both a high and dramatic note, and also glad there is more to come. Not goodbye Jack, just au revoir!
  • The incredible finale to an incredible show. Cherry Jones may have just gotten herself on to the Golden Globe stage as well as the Emmy stage. What a performance. (Spoilers)

    The end of 24 featured very little action. Quite the contrary, this ending pulled at our emotions. And if you can let it do so, you'll find one of the more compelling finales of a show in recent memory. Sure, Jack didn't actually die, we knew he couldn't because of that movie they're making, and that big twist, the "biggest twist of them all" didn't really make an appearance, but it still felt like the perfect ending. The threads of this season were cut off, President Taylor walked away from the peace accord and the guilty parties are going to be punished. But the show, Jack, ultimately kept going. I am personally a big fan of open endings and this certainly was one. Once again Jack is running. The implication? He's never coming back. But he's alive and well. It did feel like just a season finale, but in my mind that's what a series finale should feel like. Just because the show is over, the lives of the characters isn't. Their lives continues. ER handled this well in their finale and 24 does as well here. Life will continue, perhaps not as normal, but it will continue. It was a very nostalgic ending in many ways.

    I can't conclude without mentioning the acting. This was probably some of the best ensemble acting I've seen in a while. Kiefer and Mary Lynn were fantastic. But the evening goes to Cherry Jones. When she first stepped in to play the role of President Taylor things were rocky to say the least. But she evolved, she continued to improve and tonight, in the final two hours, she hit her highest note. A truly remarkable performance. The finale got much of its power from her. The way she was shaking, the look in her eyes, her emotions, all wonderfully conveyed. Jones deserves another Emmy and a Golden Globe for these two hours alone.

    The show opened with Kiefer thanking the audience, so I would like to close by thanking Kiefer. This show was an incredible thrill ride. 24 lost its edge recently but it will be remembered for a long time for both its controversy and its innovation. Its politics were often far from perfect but there is no doubt in my mind that it changed television. Thank you Kiefer for giving us this remarkable show. History, for better and for worse, will never forget the name Jack Bauer.
  • I would much rather see a Day 9 of 24 than a 2 hour movie. Other than that, superb ending to a thrill ride of a show. Jack Bauer pulling a Mike Tyson move was classic!

    Props to the writers, Kieffer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, Gregory Itzin, and Freddie Prinze Jr. for superb acting in a wonderful series finale. The whole episode had me wondering if Jack was going to live to see another day or not, but seeing Logan off himself was enough satisfaction for me regardless of what Jack's fate would be. I really wanted to see Logan face justice for his scheming and cowardly moves, but applauded once Logan made the ultimate sacrifice in fear of facing punishment. Even though President Taylor finally did the right thing and admitted her wrongdoings, I still was extremely disappointed in her metamorphosis from a semi honorable David Palmer to a low down sneaky rat being brainwashed by Logan, stopping at nothing to keep the Peace Treaty signing in effect at whoever's expense. But at least she had the guts to stand tall and take blame for her actions unlike Logan.

    It would have been nice if Jack could have reunited with his family but that's not the ending we would have been satisfied with, lol, plus the less Kim Bauer I see, the better. The way the finale ended, there could still be another season but on the other hand it's good to end the show on a good note and not drag out the same rehashed plots, the mole at CTU, the damsel in distress, the arrogance and idiotic syndrome that befalls all bosses at CTU, Chloe and her computer skills saving the day (literally) while aiding Jack behind the bosses back, etc, etc. With all of these super feminine, suggestive, and emotional puppet string shows coming on, I am really going to miss 24. Despite it's unreal-ism and certain predictability, 24 is truly one of the best actions shows on tv in a long time. Fans of the show can now debate on their favorite / worst characters, seasons etc and relive the action for years to come. Any show that can keep people talking about different aspects of it, is a good show. The movie probably won't be as good as the show but the finale definitely did not disappoint. Maybe one of the writers might read this review and consider another season (wishful thinking) but I will definitely be collecting all seasons on dvd, even Day 6 which wasn't as bad as everyone claims it to be.
  • My first review for TV.com and certainly not my last! Waited until the very final episode to review the entire season!

    I had complete faith that this season was going to pick up in the end regardless of it's slow start and it did. I watched every single episode this season with full knowledge that this show was on the bubble. When I found out that it was officially canceled, my heart broke, but nonetheless, I had hopes that the series would end with a bang...and and did it ever!

    Amazingly awesome acting by all involved (give Cherry Jones her Golden Globe NOW!) I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end; there was an unrelenting feeling of dread from the beginning of the episode that I thought was going to culminate with the death of Jack, and I'll honestly say I thought he was a goner! I'm happy with the way the series ended, and I'll be one of the first in line to buy my ticket for the movie. I'm sorry that this review wasn't very in-depth, but I'm just a casual fan wanting to give my opinion on the final episode of this fantastic series. Read the other reviews if you want analysis, they're very well written! Final words? Goodbye, Jack Bauer. Nobody on television will ever be like you, and soon, nobody on film will ever be like you either. Onwards to 24: The Movie!
  • Powerful ending. Good bye 24: you will be missed. SPOILERS.

    The first thing I wanna say is that I was sorprised because, actually, there wasn't as much action as I expected in this last two episodes of 24. However, they were completely character drived, and that was more powerful than any amount of violence. Maybe Jack didn't redeemed himself, but at least Chloe made him think about the consequences of his actions. He was ready to kill Suvarov, but he didn't. Finally he trusted in his friend and in the justice. Maybe President Taylor didn't redeemed herself, but at least Jack made her see that the peace was meaningless. I don't think she just changed her mind: she was in a very deep negation of a lot of stuff, and it was really difficult for her to accept that the peace was over hours ago. The acting during this series finale was breathtaking, specially Cherry Jones, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn R. At the end, when the President talked to Jack, and then when he says good bye and thanks Chloe, I cried. Yeah, I cry for everything, but it was emotional and so powerful. They really transmited a lot of feelings, and it was sad but beautiful at the same time. Jack Bauer is now running and he has no place to go. It's his destiny (remember season 4 ending? This is kinda worst). He doesn't belong to any place. It's the way he's meant to be. So the ending was perfect. Nice touch having the final clock arriving to 00.00.00 instead of 04.00.00... I liked that detail, and also bringing the "Events occur in real time" at the beggining. Nice touch. I loved the ending of 24: it was perfect, powerful, emotive. But, in a way, every ending of every season is the ending of the show, bucause each day has its own plot and its own characters. So we don't have one show here, we have eight, and if you didn't like this finale then you have seven more to choose. Personally I feel that the ending of a season is a dish best served cold: now I come to appretiate and to like a lot more all the endings that when I first watched them. If I loved this one so much right now, it means it's one of the best of the series so far. If you didn't like it, take some distance and then come back: maybe you will see what I can see right now. Thank you, 24. I really love you. I hope we each other again soon.
  • Hey Lost, That's how you do a finale!!!

    Going into this episode, I was worried that the writers would cop out and let Jack walk into the sunset as an American hero. He would retire peacefully in LA with his daughter and granddaughter. Although this may have made everyone feel fuzzy inside, it would do Jack injustice and be an insult to the shows loyal followers. What instead happened is eerily similar to other season finales and the overall theme of the series . In the end, Jack successfully stopped the enemy but not without losing people very close to him and having to pay the price for doing the right thing. It seems like he has to pay for the sins of those around him. I see a Jesus reference somewhere. The acting in this season and particularly in the finale was outstanding. Gregory Itzen (Charles Logan) once again played a squirmy, manipulative, sinister character to perfection. It was hilarious when he was trying to think of a story to tell the Russian president after expecting him to be shot by Bauer. The scene between Cherry Jones and Necar Zadegan when the president reveals the conspiracy was powerful and emotional. Freddy Prinze Jr, I officially forgive you for Summer Catch and the Skooby Doo movies. You nailed the character of Cole as an agent with the potential to be the next Jack Bauer.

    Mary Lynn Rajskub, like always, was great as Jack's loyal follower who has the courage to risk her own career and life to help her friend and do what is right.

    Finally...... Keither Sutherland. You have to admire an actor when he can give a heartbreaking speech about world peace and then five minutes later bite a guy's ear off (he had to have been hungry), and neither of them surprise you. I was also glad they didn't turn Jack Bauer into someone motivated solely by revenge. It would have been easy for him to kill Logan, the Russian President, and that crony, but he didn't because that's just not him.

    All in all, an awesome finale and they left it open for a movie coming soon and I can't wait.
  • Awesome episode. That's one way to do a finale. SPOILER ALERT - read no further if you haven't seen the episode. So reader beware.

    So it's finally over.

    For starters, I liked how at the very end, after the "CTU" screen closes out, the timer counts down to all zeros, instead of ending at 4:00:00. Nice touch. I still think it's nice irony that this show ends on 5/24.

    Now it's just my opinion, but I don't like it so much how Jack basically went on a killing spree for justice. But this could go one of two ways, and the writers went in the direction that would have lead to more storyline in the future, rather than closure.

    1. Jack stays honorable, gets the justice he wants, end of story, end of show. No more 24.

    2. Jack kicks butt, killing important people, and being wanted by members of the government of two countries in the process. Therefore making him a fugitive. End of show, but BIG HOOK for a movie franchise.

    As a fan of the show, I'm all for a big screen version. But I also became a fan of the character that started this season as well and I'm sad that Jack is no longer that happy grandfather he was 24 hours ago.

    So I guess the video message he recorded, was it meant for Taylor? Or Kim and his family. And I thought Jack was a goner when he was taken, sensing cliffhanger at the end of this, making us wait for the big screen version to come out. Then Taylor gives into her conscious and backs out of the treaty, coming clean of all her misdeeds. So the question on everyone else'd mind?

    When's the film come out?
  • Awesome episode. That's one way to do a finale. SPOILER ALERT - read no further if you haven't seen the episode. So reader beware.

    So it's finally over.

    For starters, I liked how at the very end, after the "CTU" screen closes out, the timer counts down to all zeros, instead of ending at 4:00:00. Nice touch. I still think it's nice irony that this show ends on 5/24.

    Now it's just my opinion, but I don't like it so much how Jack basically went on a killing spree for justice. But this could go one of two ways, and the writers went in the direction that would have lead to more storyline in the future, rather than closure.

    1. Jack stays honorable, gets the justice he wants, end of story, end of show. No more 24.

    2. Jack kicks butt, killing important people, and being wanted by members of the government of two countries in the process. Therefore making him a fugitive. End of show, but BIG HOOK for a movie franchise.

    As a fan of the show, I'm all for a big screen version. But I also became a fan of the character that started this season as well and I'm sad that Jack is no longer that happy grandfather he was 24 hours ago.

    So I guess the video message he recorded, was it meant for Taylor? Or Kim and his family. And I thought Jack was a goner when he was taken, sensing cliffhanger at the end of this, making us wait for the big screen version to come out. Then Taylor gives into her conscious and backs out of the treaty, coming clean of all her misdeeds. So the question on everyone else's mind?

    When's the film come out?
  • Excellent ending for a great season and series!

    They pushed President Taylor as far as possible towards the dark side before she remembered she used to have principles. I kept waiting for her go-to guy to stand up to her, or resign, but he seemed more loyal to her than to the constitution, but at least not in a totally complicit, evil way like Logan's go-to guy.

    The scene where President Dalia confronted President Taylor was very powerful -- my stomach was clenched by the end of that scene! And when Jack forced Chloe to shoot him, OMG clenched again, and also when Jack tried to distract Logan's go-to guy by pulling a Mike Tyson, I'm sure my blood pressure was nearing dangerous levels haha.

    Of course I teared up when Jack was telling Chloe how much she meant to him as a friend during their goodbye.

    To the 24 writers: Usually when a long-running series gets in a slump, most don't recover -- you did pull out of the slump with this season, especially the finale! You closed out most storylines while also setting up for a movie or spin-off, which I'll watch for sure ^_^
  • Perfect ending to the season and the series.

    I won't lie: this was amazing. My expectations of the season had plummeted after Walker's death, but every moment that made me bang my head after her death was worth seeing these last two episodes.

    Okay, Taylor spilling the beans at the last possible moment felt kind of weak, plot-wise, but it was plausible. It was nice, though, to see her admit her fault and determine that she must accept the consequences of her actions. I can see a glimmer of hope for her character yet.

    Also loved Chloe's character. Though she went through a large lapse where I couldn't stand her, she quickly did a 180 and turned back into the recognizable, stuffish, caring Chloe O'Brien I know and love. If only President Taylot had found the guts to do the same several episodes earlier, eh?

    I've been on the fence for a few of Jack's actions this season, but any doubt I had in his character went out the window when he accepted what Chloe was telling him and agreed to do it her way. This episode showed, without a doubt, laid bare for all to see, the same Jack Bauer we've known since season 1 - the truth must come out, the guilty must be taken. Although for most of the season I've been hoping for a happy ending for Jack - going to California to be with his family, and all - but this was truly the most satisfying ending to a TV season (and series) that I've seen in a while. Jack, bleeding from multiple wounds, including no less than two gunshot wounds and two deep stab wounds to the abdomen, stumbles up, gives the saddest speech/talk to Chloe, hangs up the phone, and starts running. Where will he go? We don't know, but I'm dying to find out! It strikes me as so very sad that this is the last season of 24. This season finale left me eager for more - an effect that Bones failed to achieve. At this point, I think I'd trade Bones season 6 for a 24 season 9 - 24 just did it that much better than Bones did this year. The mystery is spread open widely before us - where will Jack go? What will he do? How can he still want to live, despite all he's lost, and continues to lose? Maybe we'll find out in a movie. Maybe we won't. In any case, the last five minutes of this episode were spectacular...just SO well-done. They personify the very element of Jack Bauer that's kept me intruiged all along: he just keeps going, no matter what.

    I've only really been a fan of this show for a few years - I came in during season 6, and didn't really love the show until season 7, and I caught up on seasons 1-5 in the last few months. However, whatever the length of my foray into 24, I have to say I will miss it.

    And one last thing: I demand a movie! (If not a season 9, which I doubt I'll get, so again: MOVIE!)