Season 8 Episode 13

Day 8: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on FOX
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Hastings has to deal with the aftermath of an EMP that took out all electronic systems of CTU. Jack and Cole are engaged by the terrorists and try to escape a shootout. NSA sends a support team to CTU in order to help restore aerial surveillance and communication, but Chloe seems to have a better idea.moreless

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  • about this episode

    It had great sound editing.
  • Dribble, Dribble, Dribble

    Even three years later this episode still emits a rancid stink that just won't dissipate. I agree with all of screenagedkicks reviews thus far for the season and I must say I rather enjoy reading his reviews, they are a freaking hoot and much better than the episodes themselves. HA!

    I am so glad this was the last season of the show and it definitely is in the writing. I mean come on what were the writers thinking?! The narrative is so effed up by this point that it seem pointless to even continue but the writers try to invoke feeling with the dribble, dribble, dribble that is Chloe pulling a gun on the NSA sap, who no one cares about, the cliche moment of the rookie breaking formation in the firefight and oh last but not least the'shocking' twist in the DanaJenny show she's a mole GASP!!!

    I seriously feel deep sympathy for Katee Sackhoff having to play this abysmal role after coming from such a magnificent role with Starbuck. Seriously if I was her I would have stormed off the set after this reveal hell even when the Dana/Kevin Show started all hell would have broken loose wasting a talented actress on this crap!!

    But oh no '4am-5am' is just the little pebble that starts this landslide of shit and propels us into the cespool that is the rest of Day 8.moreless
  • boring so far

    This season has been a letdown so far. i sure hope it gets better. anyone notice Jack called where he is working CTU? Its not CTU anymore right?
  • Even the twist, in its way, was predictable

    It wouldn't be the eighth season of "24" if there weren't several ridiculous plot points held together by a few classic moments. That has been the story for the season since the underwhelming premiere. With the reappearance of yet another classic "24" trope, it may be that the series has reached the end of its rope.

    For once, Jack's plot thread missed the mark, but it wasn't entirely his fault. The writers chose to make everyone other than Jack and Cole a complete and utter idiot. They also seemed to think that Jack and Cole would be unable to land even one shot until the end of the firefight. That left only the option of stripping down an armored vehicle and walking to an emergency callbox, which resulted in two characters making stupid, emotional decisions against Jack's advice. Because that always ends well.

    The problem was that it was predictable. It was inevitable that Jack and Cole would be the only ones to make it to the end, just as it was predictable that Renee would arrive just in time to save Jack from certain death. Not that Renee's return to the field is a bad thing; it could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Renee's short arc with Jack and Vladimir was the best part of the season thus far.

    Chloe has been snarky this season, but she hasn't had much of a chance to shine. This is clearly supposed to be her big moment, a long time in the coming, but it feels forced. It's hard to believe that NSA agents would allow Chloe to intimidate them, even taking the gun into account. And just as everything that happened with Jack was predictable, so was Chloe's success. Did anyone really doubt that she would manage to get the system running before the end of the episode?

    More surprising was Director Hastings and his support for Chloe, though it was in character. The writers certainly got the inter-agency sparring down right, even in this post-911 age, and Hastings rankled at the obvious barbs tossed in his direction. Given his established political concerns, scoring a victory over the NSA and getting back online faster had to be worth it. Besides, if anything went wrong, he could just blame Chloe to cover himself.

    So with all of the mediocrity throughout the rest of the episode, it seemed like Dana's plot thread would live up to its well-earned reputation throughout the first 12 episodes. Prady's ridiculous insistence on pursuing his agenda in the middle of a massive national security crisis was enough to earn him a painful death. Of course, killing a man in the middle of CTU doesn't seem like a sound strategy.

    That said, the revelation at the end of the episode does make sense of Dana's actions throughout the season to date. Well, at least to a degree. If the terrorists were banking on the assassination of President Hassan to smuggle nuclear fuel rods into their country, why would they need to have a mole in CTU? Just in case something went wrong, and they needed to execute this "Plan B", which was initially framed as a last-minute gamble? Or was this always the plan, and the writers just didn't make it clear that the terrorists were using Farhad to execute their true design?

    But it was predictable for CTU to be attacked, and it was equally predictable for someone to be a mole. It should help to give Katee Sackhoff a lot more to do, something more suited to her range, but it feels like something that the writers decided to do late in the game. This is the kind of shocking twist that they used to toss into the mix when they were making things up as they went along.

    Overall, this episode suffers from being all too predictable, even when it comes to aspects of the admittedly unforeseen twist at the end. Fans of "24" have seen it all before, and after eight seasons, the tropes are becoming more than tiresome. This season just can't seem to pull itself off the floor.moreless
  • Nothing new under the sun...

    Well...I really love 24 I fell it has always been one of the best shows on TV but...Is it me or we use to get a cliffhanger every episode in the previous seasons...I mean now i don't really care what happens next episode. We used to get this over the top crazy situations that made me wait to see how they get out of it next week but now...it's tired and almost boring to watch...I understand that there are limitations to the ideas but then way not just end the show with dignity...

    i have a crazy guess...after they stop the terrorists they will find out that there is an American group behind the...probably again the same grumpy bunch of old republicans who opposes the health care bill

    ...or whatever

    ...I mean...come on, again a sleeper agent in CTO...they have less of a screening process then Domino's Pizza...

    The firefight was boring...what's up with Jack...it looks like he needs some training or at least let him play Call of Duty 2 or something, 4 bad guys are a problem for him? I mean Rene is coming from a different angel and takes care of it? and how the hell did she get there is 10 minutes...I live in NY and it takes me half an hour to cross the street come on...

    The fact that they took CTU again...I mean I have more security for my mail box...come on people It seems like the writers are not sure what to do with Jack in order for him not to look like superman they make him irrelevant at a lot of the scenes which is annoying i mean this whole show is Jack. I'm afraid to say it but we need to end this soon...it's an OK show and 24 used to be the best show on TV, now it's OK which is no good for 24.moreless
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Stephen Root

Bill Prady

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Chris McGarry

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Matthew Yang King

Agent King

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Nazneen Contractor

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Samir Mehran

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Julian Morris

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